15 Photos That Prove Demi Lovato Is Hotter Than Ever

You probably already know who Demi Lovato is, but did you also know that 2017 is actually The Year of Demi Lovato? Well, it’s not official or anything, but Demi Lovato has been killin’ 2017, all while looking hotter than ever. The 24-year-old singer seems to have finally grown into her own skin and the world couldn’t be more in love with her.

Of course, Demi Lovato has always been a beautiful girl, but when she first got recognition, she was a little too young for anyone to think she was super hot. Well, I'm sure people may have thought she was super hot, but they were all probably creepers who are on neighbor watch lists. During her years in the spotlight, not only has Demi grown into her skin, but she’s also released five studio albums, become a spokesperson for mental health, and even landed on Time’s 100 Most Influential People of 2017 list. The accomplished Demi Lovato is also now hotter than ever. She's like a walking flames emoji. Don’t believe us? That’s fine because we have the pictures to prove Demi Lovato has never been hotter than she is right now.

Below are 15 smokin' hot photos of Demi Lovato. You’ll see photos of her on vacation, on the red carpet, and even without makeup on. Oh, and if you don't follow her on Instagram and Snapchat, you may want to start. I'm just sayin'...

Demi, We All Want To Vacation With You

Who said one-piece swimsuits aren’t hot? Demi Lovato looks hotter in this one-piece swimsuit than most people look in teeny tiny bikinis. The fact that this orange number is extremely plunging helps elevate the hot factor, for sure. I mean, it may be a one-piece swimsuit but it’s not your mom’s type of one-piece swimsuit… unless your mom looks like Demi Lovato, then she might rock this swimsuit too.

You can also clearly see Demi’s tattoo on her forearm. The flock of birds was done by celebrity tattoo artists Kat Von D. In an interview with iHeartRadio, Demi talked about the tattoos: “I love the freedom that birds represent and I didn’t specifically have a huge reason why I got 12 of them. But one day, one of my friends that I was at Sober Living [with], I was living in her Sober Living house, and they asked, ‘So why’d you get … How many did you get?’ And I was like, ‘I don’t know. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve,’ and I was like, ‘Whoa, I didn’t mean to do that.’ But it’s like, it was kind of like a God thing, like I worked the 12 steps, so as I got that while I was in Sober Living, apparently it was really meant to be.”


14 But Seriously, Take Us On Your Next Vacation

Girlfriend doesn’t play favorites. She’ll rock a hot one-piece swimsuit and she’ll rock a hot bikini. And seriously, why wouldn’t she just wear whatever she wants when literally everything looks good on her?

It’s great to see Demi looking so fit and so comfortable in her body, especially because she had made her personal issues with her body very public. Whenever someone is in the spotlight at a young age, it can have a negative effect on their mental health (a la Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan) but Demi handled her issues with grace and strength. Yes, she was in a dark place, but she came out on the other side. Now, she even promotes healthy body image to girls all around the world. In social media posts, she even talks about not having a thigh gap and why she doesn't care.

While Demi may be a positive role model for many young girls, she has come under fire recently for promoting a detox tea. Detox teas are promoted by almost every B-list celebrity, reality television star, and lifestyle blogger on Instagram, but Demi – who is definitely A-list – joined the ranks of people pushing detox tea. The tea contains senna leaf, which is a laxative that can irritate the colon and remove important nutrients from the stomach. Many of Demi’s fans are a little put off by her pushing the detox tea, especially with her healthy body image brand.

13 In A Dress That Sparkles


Now, we have a more clothed version of Demi Lovato, but she still looks smokin’ hot. Demi’s dress makes her look like she’s dripping in diamonds, and she looks HOT dripping in diamonds. This dress is another plunging look and (spoiler alert) Demi Lovato loves herself some plunging dresses. Plunging neck lines are sexy as hell, but the one real disadvantage to them is the risk of a good old fashioned nip slip. This can be avoided by using double-sided tape to everything in check, which is a hack we're betting Demi knows about.

Demi’s body is also tighter than ever. She reportedly works out for four-hours almost every day. Four hours... almost every day? (SLAY, Demi!) Instead of Pilates, yoga, or cardio, Demi likes to work out by beating things up. Yep, her favorite workout is training with martial arts, which makes her maybe the coolest celebrity of all.

12 In A Dress That Sparkles (Part Two)

Speaking of dresses that make Demi Lovato look like she’s dripping in diamonds, here’s another one. While the neckline of this dress is much higher, some perfectly placed cut-outs still make the dress very daring and very revealing. It also hugs her hourglass figure, showing off all of her curves. Basically, she looks flawless.

Demi posted this photo while prepping for the 2017 Grammys, at which she performed a tribute for the Bee Gees. The 2017 Grammys also marked the first time Demi Lovato was nominated for a Grammy, as Confident was up for Best Pop Vocal Album. Demi was thrilled to even be nominated, as she reportedly told her manager to “shut the f*** up” when she was informed of the nomination. In the end, Demi lost to Adele’s 25, which she should be totally fine with. I mean, if you’re going to lose to someone, lose to Adele.

11 No Makeup Necessary


We’ve seen Demi glammed up in the past few photos, but she’s just as gorgeous without the glam too. Demi posts a ton of photos that are free of makeup, with either #FFF (Fresh Faced Friday) or #NMM (No Makeup Monday) as the hashtag. In fact, Demi Lovato is so cool with being free of makeup, I could do a whole article on photos without makeup. That's how many #NMM or #FFF photos Demi has posted. But, instead, I’ll just include this one no makeup photo that Demi posted recently.

Of course, celebrities' "no makeup" photos are always a little different than real people’s no makeup photos. Demi’s eyebrows are probably done by the best eyebrow waxer in country. Demi probably gets amazing facials that use the blood of lambs or something fancy that us normal people can’t afford. Demi also clearly has eyelash extensions. But still, she is natural and beautiful. She doesn’t need to be glammed up to look hot, and that alone is really hot.

10 Demi Is Red Hot

From no makeup to a bright red lip, Demi Lovato slays this look. With her skin tone and hair color, having a pop of color on her lips looks red hot. It brightens up her whole face and really makes her features pop.

The reason Demi Lovato looks so good in 2017 may be because she just got out of a looooong relationship. She had been dating Wilmer Valderrama since 2010, and the two finally split in 2016. If you don’t know who Wilmer Valderrama is, he played FEZ on That ‘70s Show. FEZ, you guys! FEZ (!!!) somehow got a girl as hot as Demi Lovato. FEZ! I really just can’t get over it. Of course, Valderrama does look much more attractive when he’s not being Fez… but still Fez somehow went out with Demi Lovato for six long years. What is this world?

9 Demi's Vanity Fair Oscar Party Look


Is it just me or does Demi Lovato have serious Catherine Zeta-Jones vibes in this picture? I don’t think Demi looks like Catherine Zeta-Jones’ daughter, but maybe a niece, right? The long dark hair and the smoky eye are definitely playing up Demi’s features too look like a young CZJ, and we're totally into it. Though, I can’t say much for the lilac dress. It’s, like... a lot. But, this was the Vanity Fair Oscars party so girlfriend had to wear a dress that was a lot.

You can spot a cross tattoo on Demi’s one hand. Girlfriend loves tattoos. She’s a practicing Christian, who prays with her band before every performance. However, Demi is still very liberal in her beliefs. She supported gay rights when they fought hard for the right to be married. She’s also declared she’s a feminist and spoke at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Demi doesn’t think her liberal views effect her religious practices and has stated, “I'm the closest I've ever been with God. I have my own relationship with God and that's all that matters.”

8 By The Way, She Can Really Sing

Obviously, this outfit is hot. It’s kind of see-through and revealing and there are tassels everywhere. We’re super into it. But, the hottest part about this photo is Demi’s talent. At only 24 years old, Demi is super talented, with her first ever Grammy nomination to show for it.

Demi has listed both Christina Aguilera and Kelly Clarkson as her two biggest influences in terms of music. This makes sense, as both Aguilera and Clarkson have major voices too and show off their range in their songs. Demi’s other influences include Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, and Mariah Carey. Demi is not only inspired by Kelly Clarkson’s singing, but her whole persona. In an interview, Demi explained, “I just thought she was a great role model. She was never publicly seen drinking and driving or wearing really scandalous clothes or anything like that. I feel like she set a really great example and she was extremely talented.”

The way Kelly Clarkson has been a positive influence for young girls is obviously something Demi Lovato tries to achieve as well.


7 Time's 100 Most Influential People


This photo is hot for the obvious reason - the plunging neckline. I mean, Demi Lovato just loves plunging necklines and the world loves seeing her in them, so it's really a win-win. But, the other reason this photo is so hot is because Demi Lovato was attending the gala for Time’s 100 Most Influential People list... a list she was on.

Being called one of the most influential people in the world is certainly flattering, but what is even more flattering is the company Demi was in. Under the artists category, Demi was next to 2017 Oscar-winner Emma Stone, Atlanta creator Donald Glover, and DC’s Harley Quinn Margot Robbie. Also on the list were names like Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin, and Pope Francis. While all of the people included on the list are certainly influential, it’s hard to say if some of the names on the list are having a positive or negative influence on the world. Demi Lovato, though, for her talent and willingness to speak out about mental health, certainly falls into the positive influence category.

6 Demi's Naked Dress

The gold dress in the earlier photo we included (#12) was snapped by Demi while rehearsing for the Bee Gee’s tribute at the Grammy Awards. However, Demi didn’t end up walking the red carpet in that dress. Instead, Demi rocked this number on the red carpet for the 2017 Grammy Awards. And, as you can see, it's basically a "naked dress." We’ve seen plenty of naked dresses before, from Beyonce’s 2015 Met Gala dress (I'm pretty sure the whole world stopped spinning when Bey wore that dress, right?) to Kim Kardashian almost all the time. But, Demi Lovato was not someone we had seen rock a naked dress yet so this was a fun surprise. Oh, and it kept getting more surprising. While wearing their naked dresses, Kim K is accompanied by Kanye and Beyonce by Jay Z, but Demi Lovato had a rather odd date to the 2017 Grammy Awards: her father. Was it awkward... wearing a naked dress with your father right there? Demi revealed, "I was actually on the red carpet with my dad and that was awkward. Someone was like, 'tell us a secret about your dress' and I was like 'hehe, it's completely see-through…'"

Well, Demi makes awkward look hot. That’s for sure.

5 Power Suit Realness


Guys, Demi Lovato in this power suit, right? Let us not forget that Demi Lovato isn’t just a singer, but she’s also a businesswoman. Also, all famous singers are essentially businesswomen, and their business is just themselves. Britney, Madonna, Katy Perry – all businesswomen. (You, hopefully, already realized this, though.)

Demi’s "business" is her brand that promotes self-love and acceptance because of her past struggles. In 2010, Demi entered a treatment facility for her substance abuse, eating disorder, and self-harm. At just 17 years old, Demi was battling with some very heavy issues. She even admitted to doing cocaine every day as well as smuggling it onto planes. Because she was in the public eye, she had no choice but to be vocal about her struggles. Her struggles, however, have become part of her brand and her business. It's a part of who she is and what the public know about her.

Demi just celebrated 5 years of sobriety, and sobriety looks really good on her... and so does that white power suit.

4 A Wet Demi Lovato

One more of Demi Lovato in a swimsuit, because why not? Demi clearly just got done having a swim, which is pretty obvious because she’s all wet. It’s also pretty obvious that this is another no makeup picture, because if she had makeup on it would be smeared. Demi’s no makeup pictures are perhaps so cute because of all her freckles. I mean, what is cuter than the few freckles sprinkled on Demi Lovato’s nose? Just about nothing.

If this very wet and very hot photo doesn’t make you want to follow Demi Lovato on social media, I don’t know what will. With 57 million followers, it’s safe to say that plenty of people enjoy following Demi. With a following like that, though, she still only clocks in at the 21st most followed person on Instagram. She’s more followed than Adele, Lady Gaga, and Kourtney Kardashian, but she trails her peers Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Taylor Swift who are all followed by over 100 million followers. By the way, I’m not jealous of their followers of anything. I’m totally cool with my 700 followers.

3 No-Makeup Selfies For The Win


I’m hoping that everyone else is as obsessed with Demi Lovato’s no makeup pictures as I am. And if you aren’t, what is wrong with you? It’s beautiful and liberating to see a celebrity present themselves to the world with no makeup on. I mean, I’ll wear makeup just to walk my dog and I’m not someone the paparazzi even cares about. I can't even imagine being one of the most famous women in the world. Your face is scrutinized to no end. Your body is critiqued. You’re told you’re never pretty enough or thin enough. But, Demi Lovato ain’t got time for none of that. No one will tell Demi that she's not pretty enough, and she’ll even post no makeup selfies to prove it.

Of course, Demi Lovato is far from the only celebrity to post no-makeup selfies. The Kardashians, the Jenners, Miley Cyrus, and basically everyone in Hollywood also posts no makeup selfies. But, we have to give it up to Demi who posts no-makeup selfies almost weekly. She’s trying to change our perception of beauty and that is truly beautiful.

2 Demi's White Hot

In this photo, Demi slays with just the right amount of makeup on. It’s not a makeup free selfie, but she’s also not being her full-on goddess self on the red carpet either. It’s the perfect amount of makeup that highlights her best features, like her bold brows, her cute nose, and her full lips.

Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato aren’t friends anymore and will probably never be as close as they were in their youth, which is a bummer because they would be the hottest bestie duo since Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. What happened between Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato? Well, they were BFF until 2010. At this point, Selena Gomez was spotted often hanging out with Taylor Swift, who supposedly doesn’t like Demi Lovato. (DRAMA!) When a random fan asked Demi how Selena was, Demi reportedly answered, “Ask Taylor.” AND THE WORLD STOPPED. The two have unfollowed each other on social media and refollowed each other on social media. It’s like a will they/won’t they of besties. Will the hotties every make up? We don't know, but we do know that they are both beauties.

1 Beautiful Inside And Out


We thought we’d end it with a photo of Demi looking fresh and natural. With all of her no makeup photos, it’s clear that Demi Lovato is true natural beauty. She doesn’t need makeup to look hot, but she also looks great when she’s glammed up. She looks hot in a bikini and hot in a ball gown. Basically, Demi Lovato is just always looking hot. The hottest thing about Demi, though, is her talent and her connection to her fans. She is an inspiring young artist, who promotes positive body image message to the young girls who look up to her. In a world of photoshop and filters and Kylie Jenner (no offense, Kylie), young girls need a positive role model who will tell them it’s okay to just be whoever it is they are. Having faced such dark times publicly, Demi Lovato is now a constant source of light, and there is nothing hotter than that. Shine on, Demi. And also, keep posting hot photos to your Instagram because we all love it.


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