15 Photos That Prove Demi Lovato Has Always Been Hotter Than Selena Gomez

Demi Lovato is known for many things, but her hotness is what makes people truly obsessed with her. It's hard to pin down exactly why Demi Lovato is so appealing, and why she blows other pop singers like (her ex-best friend) Selena Gomez out of the water. But I think one of the main factors is that she's just a real woman. She's got thick curves, a wholesome face, and of course, an amazing booty. Compare that with Selena Gomez, and it's easier to see who's the hotter singer. But it's her attitude and mentality that makes her truly hot. She has this playful, goofy vibe that makes her really attractive. It's nice and refreshing to see a pop star that doesn't take herself too seriously.

But she's far from just a pretty face. Her talent is hard to deny, and she's also a real inspiration. Guys love her, and girls look up to her, because she shows everyone that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. She's also been recognized for her dedication in helping teens and young adults with mental health challenges. And if that wasn't enough, she's also been honored for her fight in the struggle for equal rights for the LGBT community. So in reality, the fact that she's got a banging body is only a part of what makes her hot - the rest is down to her warm, kind, and awesome personality.

Her hot body is still worth appreciating though, and that's why we've collected 15 of the hottest pictures ever taken of Demi Lovato. She's definitely a very confident young lady, and that means she's not afraid to show off every inch of her body. With every new sexy picture she takes, we get more and more addicted to her body, and she leaves us breathless and begging for more.

15 White Bikini


One of the best places to go for hot pictures of Demi Lovato is her Instagram page. It's littered with mouth-watering photos of this smoking hot pop star, and some of them are too naughty to even show here. Time and time again, Demi has proved that on Instagram, she's the queen of bikini selfies. She even has her own signature move when it comes to these types of selfies. She lies on her back, and snaps a selfie from above in order to fit her whole body in the photo. The end result is amazing. You get to see almost every inch of her tight, curvy body. And this particular bikini really flatters her figure. That tube top is just barely containing her boobs, and it's a truly wonderful sight. You'll see a lot more of these selfies on this list...

14 Transparent Dress


Like all pop stars, red carpet events are a big deal for Demi Lovato. With millions of people watching, and hordes of photographers snapping away, looking as sexy as possible is an absolute must. But Demi Lovato did not disappoint with this little number she wore to the most recent Grammy Awards. The web-like dress stretched all across her delicious frame, leaving very little to the imagination. A real highlight was the scandalous amount of cleavage this dress showed off, and I'm sure tons of guys had a very difficult time averting their eyes from that incredible sight. Demi Lovato was her usual bubbly, lovable self that year at the Grammys, joking that she hoped the Russians had rigged the vote in her favor. Once again, she proved that she was the total package - combining both sex appeal and personality.

13 Tribal Bikini


Here's another one of Demi's signature bikini selfies that she posted on Instagram. As you can see, Demi Lovato is enjoying the sun and we are enjoying her amazing body. And she's no stranger to sunny skies - Demi was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where's it's always hot. She probably spent much of her teen years growing up lounging around in the sunlight, wearing bikinis just as sexy as this one. The difference is now she has such a large following on Instagram that the entire world can enjoy her doing just that. In this particular photo, however, it looks as if she's on vacation in some tropical location, rather than in her hometown of New Mexico. One summer was not enjoyable for Demi, as her parents divorced in the summer of 1994. Demi Lovato was only 2 at the time though, so she probably doesn't even remember it.

12 MTV Music Video Awards


In 2014, Demi Lovato showed up to the MTV Video Music Awards in what was later described as a "heart-stopping" dress. It was a classic Jessica Rabbit style dress that still has people talking to this day. Once again, the sheer amount of cleavage that Demi was able to pull off was the main talking point, although the beautiful shade of red and its cut down the side were also highlights. Although the dress looked incredibly hot on her, Demi was the first to admit it wasn't very comfortable. The starlet posted on Twitter during the event: : "I haven't sat in a dress for this long in what feels like forever.. Where's my damn sweat pants..... #VMAs2014." Once again, Demi Lovato brought two things we love about her: A sharp fashion sense, but also an even sharper sense of humor that had us all laughing.

11 Mega Cleavage


If you thought the cleavage on the last picture was incredible, check out this one. This is probably one of her hottest selfies of all time, and it's posted for all to see on her Instagram page. How her boobs are even staying inside that top is beyond me. They look ready to burst out at any second. This picture clearly shows why Demi Lovato is so much more popular than a lot of other pop stars right now; her body is jaw-dropping. Those boobs aren't the biggest, but they're unbelievably perky and form a perfect handful-sized shape. It's features like these that made That 70's Show star Wilmer Valderrama fall head over heels for this sultry starlet, although unfortunately that relationship ended last year in June. I bet he's going to miss these two amazing features on Demi Lovato's beyond hot body...

10 Blue Dress


Demi Lovato was always hot, and always will be. Case in point: The Time 100 Gala in April 2017. This is Demi Lovato just a few weeks ago, and she looks as hot as ever. Once again, she's showing off her impressive cleavage with a beautiful blue dress that's classy and sexy at the same time. And she wasn't just attending this event as merely eye candy. She has been honored as one of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People this year. And there's no denying that she really deserves this honor. She was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but chose not to hide it. Instead, she's partnering with Be Vocal, an organization that encourages people to speak up about mental illness in order to destroy the stigma that surrounds it.

9 Body Suit


When Demi takes to the stage for a concert, you never know what kind of sexy outfit she's going to wear. But you can count on it being very revealing and extremely arousing. Fans at one concert certainly got their money's worth when they witnessed Demi Lovato step onto the stage wearing this mouth-watering body suit. It's tight, it's transparent, and it shows off miles and miles of cleavage. The great thing about Demi Lovato is that she's totally comfortable with her own body, and she's not scared to show it off at all. That means the world has seen almost every inch of this star's hot body. While other stars like Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande certainly show off their sexy sides too, can they even compete with a girl like this? Many people, including myself, would rather see Demi perform than any other artist. Yes, she's a great musician, but the real selling point is seeing her in one of these outfits...

8 Happy Halloween


It was a very happy Halloween indeed for all of Demi Lovato's fans on Instagram when she released these pictures of her own sexy costume that year. Can you guess who she's dressed up as? That's right, she's Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. She totally captures the innocence of the classic character, but also brings an undeniably sexy element to the mix. Once again, this hot singer makes sure her cleavage is on display, but she also adds a scandalously short dress that shows off miles of her thick, juicy legs. And to top it all off, she stretches some sexy stockings over those sultry legs. If she knocked on my door and asked me for a trick or treat, I'd definitely choose a trick, if you know what I mean... However, those juicy red lips would look totally hot licking a lollipop. It's a hard choice...

7 Bed Time


As you can see, Demi Lovato has no problem at all with posing nude. Once again, this was posted on her Instagram, where her fans are sometimes overwhelmed with sexy, hot pictures like these. Although this photo shows off her delicious curves, you can also appreciate her many tattoos as well. They tell a story about her life, and it's a life that hasn't always been easy. When she was 18, she punched a female dancer at her concert, and checked herself in to rehab as a result. She admitted that she was bulimic, and was engaging in self-harm. She also recognized that she had a drug problem, specifically with cocaine. It was during her time in rehab that she was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. At such a young age, this star has been through a lot. Because of this, she's a lot more mature than her age might suggest mentally. With all of these added experiences, she's definitely got a lot to sing about.

6 Bath Time


This beyond hot picture of Demi Lovato getting wet in the bathtub is another gem taken from her Instagram. But while a lot of you might associate wetness with arousal, it also symbolizes rebirth. And after Demi Lovato's rehab, she definitely was starting fresh. When she came out of rehab, she started writing about her personal struggles in Seventeen magazine, and became more vocal about mental health. She was also the subject of a special MTV documentary called Demi Lovato: Stay Strong, which followed her life during and after her rehab process. She lived in a sober living facility to stay sober and avoid slipping back into eating disorders. All that hard work definitely paid off though, as a few weeks ago on March 15, 2017, she celebrated her fifth year of sobriety. A struggle like that takes great personal strength, and it's worth a lot of respect in my book.

5 Neon Bikini


Yet another signature bikini pic from Demi Lovato's Instagram page, and we're very grateful for it. She looks like she's really enjoying the sun in this picture! Her bikini features a stunning neon green, which definitely fits in with Demi Lovato's style these days. Synthpop became Demi's style of choice back in 2013, and it was a change that was met with generally positive reviews. Although some critics said that this new sound made her appear less mature, most people loved the new techno vibes she was bringing to her music. The album that brought about this change was entitled simply Demi. When it was released, it quickly became the best-selling debut week of any album in Lovato's career. One of her songs was called "Neon Lights" and it quickly became one of the most popular dance hits at that time. So as you can see, Demi Lovato is a big fan of all things neon!

4 No Pants


Demi is no stranger to risque photo shoots, and this is a prime example of one that ticked all the right boxes. A pantsless Demi Lovato looks hungrily into the camera as the photographer captured every inch of Demi's thick, juicy legs. This picture really sums up what Demi's personality is all about: She's really confident. And the word "Confident" is one of Demi's favorite words, as this is what she chose to call her 2015 album. Confident is her most recent album to date, and definitely one of her most successful. Speaking about the article, Demi said: "I've never been so sure of myself as an artist when it comes down to confidence, but not only personal things, but exactly what I want my sound to be and what I know I'm capable of and this album will give me the opportunity to show people what I can really do."

3 Flexible


As you can see, Demi Lovato loves to work out. Although she's comfortable in her own body, that doesn't mean she neglects it. Quite the opposite. She might not have the same struggles with eating disorders any more, but she still wants to look good, and that's why she trains a lot. She posts little videos of her doing martial arts training on her Instagram page, and you can tell that she works her body very hard. Although she does focus a lot on strength and building muscle, she also evidently works hard to keep her muscles flexible. You can tell by this picture that she's capable of getting into all kinds of positions. It really makes your imagination run wild... As a dancer, it's important that she stay strong and it doesn't look like Demi is slacking at all... Let's hope she keeps this up and continues to show us more of these hot pictures of her working out.

2 Black Bikini


I just couldn't resist sneaking one last bikini selfie into this list, and I'm sure you don't mind too much. In this picture, Demi Lovato looks hot for the summer... Or should I say cool for the summer? If you didn't quite catch on to that little pun, "Cool For The Summer" is the name of one of her most recent singles, one that you've probably heard on the radio. It's the type of song that people just can't get out of their heads when they hear it, and it's incredibly catchy. Once again, Demi Lovato incorporates fun, futuristic dance music into this song in a seamless fashion. The song quickly became an anthem for beach goers and partiers that summer, and it continued into the next summer as well. And this summer, in 2017, we will no doubt hear that song being played once again. Or who knows, maybe Demi Lovato will surprise us with an even better anthem for this summer?

1 Yoga Pants


Of all the pictures on this list, I think this one sums up Demi Lovato the most. Sure, it's not a magazine cover, or a hot outfit she wore on stage, or even one of her nude Instagram pictures. It wasn't taken with an expensive camera, it wasn't planned out, and it wasn't touched up with software. But that's what makes this picture so amazingly awesome and hot. It's totally spontaneous, and that's totally in line with Demi's personality and style. She rocks these yoga pants like few girls can, and this side profile view of her booty is tantalizing. For those of you who didn't believe me when I said that Demi Lovato was curvy, here's the evidence. That booty looks positively spankable in those tight pants, and Demi's body language seems to be inviting someone to reach out and slap that thing. If only I could touch it... Demi Lovato is such a tease! And maybe that's why I love her.

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