15 Photos That Prove Cosplayer Elise Laurenne Is Hotter Than Jessica Nigri

Cosplay, for those of you who are unfamiliar with it, is essentially the act of dressing up as a character from popular culture, usually a superhero, although the past couple of years have seen a rise in comic book buffs cosplaying as supervillains. The most successful cosplayers often spend days and nights at a time working on one costume, with the most skilled and dedicated creating their outfits from scratch. Perhaps the only people more interested in cosplaying than the cosplayers themselves are their fans. Those who use social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with the exploits of popular cosplayers are almost like soccer hooligans in their dedication. They choose their favorite cosplayer and refuse to waver in their support of them.

Reno native Jessica Nigri is one of the most beloved cosplayers in the world today and is a frequent recipient of expensive gifts from her millions of fans. In the eyes of many, she is the single greatest cosplayer in the game, owing, in large part, to her jaw-dropping good looks. While I will admit that Nigri is both incredibly skilled and frustratingly beautiful, I remain a staunch supporter of Elise Laurenne, a somewhat lesser-known cosplayer who is sure to attain superstardom within the nerd community. Laurenne poses a very real threat to Jessica Nigri’s reign as the Queen of Cosplay, and I’m going to prove it today.

Here are 15 pictures which prove Elise Laurenne is hotter than Jessica Nigri (and everybody else, for that matter).


15 Pro Anti-Gwenom

This image is not just a testament to the beauty of Elise Laurenne, but to her creativity as well. Here, we see a shot of Laurenne as Anti-Gwenom, a character you are unlikely to see portrayed by any other cosplayer in the world today. Why? Because Anti-Gwenom doesn’t technically exist (not that any comic book characters actually exist).

Anti-Gwenom is a combination of the Spider-Verse character Spider-Gwen and Anti-Venom, an extension of the Spider-Man character/cancer patient Eddie Brock. It is certainly an interesting choice for any cosplayer and is indisputably daring, especially when you consider the backstories of the included characters. Only Elise Laurenne could think of merging two relatively obscure comic book creations into one incredibly detailed cosplay and only Elise Laurenne could make it work.

14 Total D.Va


There are certain video games which I have, for whatever reason, just never been able to get into. Overwatch is one of them. I don’t know why, but it has never appealed to me. There is something about it that stops me from sitting through a whole gaming session. However, Elise Laurenne’s cosplay as the Overwatch character D.Va makes me want to give the video game one more try.

Laurenne’s costume in this image is as detailed as it is figure-hugging, with even her face paint flawlessly placed just above her cheeks. Her resemblance to D.Va in this image is almost baffling and speaks volumes about her dedication to the art of cosplay.

13 Starring Elise Laurenne As Herself

Given that Elise Laurenne makes her living dressing up as characters from the various outlets of popular culture, we are used to seeing her clad in wacky, yet alluring outfits inspired by our favorite movies, video games, and television shows. In this picture, however, we see Laurenne appearing as herself (or an extremely obscure character that I have never heard of).

That being said, even plain old Elise isn’t plain. As this image proves, Elise Laurenne looks drop dead gorgeous whether she is decked out in a multi-colored latex catsuit or a relatively modest grey dress. Of course, Elise is so used to portraying other life-forms that she felt the need to don a pair of cat ears before taking this picture, just to remind us all that she eats, sleeps, and breathes cosplay.

12 Anti-Gwenom: The Sequel


Elise Laurenne’s creation and subsequent portrayal of the Anti-Gwenom character was so impressive that it is more than deserving of the hundreds of thousands of shares it received web-wide (though I’m not certain the creepy comments from guys proposing to her were necessary).

This image gives us a better view of Laurenne’s body in her Anti-Gwenom outfit. We can see the incredible attention to detail paid during the design process, from the seamless merging of the iconic Spider-Man plaid with the Anti-Venom white right up to the dark lines tactically placed to create the illusion of muscle (although I’m sure she doesn’t need to pretend to be in good shape). Laurenne has referred to her Anti-Gwenom outfit as the cosplay that “broke the internet”, and I’m willing to bet it broke a heart or two as well.

11 Send Noods

If I were asked to explain Elise Laurenne in one picture, this is the picture I would choose. It sums her up perfectly. Here we see this absolutely stunning brunette, clad in a white top so form-fitting we can almost see through it and a pair of denim shorts that could qualify as a thong, posing seductively in front of a framed edition of The Amazing Spider-Man. It is this constant juxtaposition of the supermodel and the total geek that has made Elise Laurenne so appealing to so many people for so long. Although Laurenne isn’t dressed as any particular character in this picture, it could be said that she is cosplaying as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

10 Cosplaymate Of The Month


Elise Laurenne is one of the few cosplayers who has the ability to cosplay as a character on multiple occasions and make it consistently interesting, a fact which this picture serves to prove beyond all reasonable doubt. In it, we see one of Laurenne’s many D.Va cosplays, though this one is a little bit more risqué than the traditional D.Va portrayal.

Laurenne’s initial D.Va outfit featured a skintight catsuit, while this cosplay sees her clad in a skimpy, Playboy Bunny-esque leotard with white satin gloves and a pair of high heels that are just out of shot. This picture is the perfect example of Laurenne’s ability to innovate and take cosplay to a whole new level. Much like an actor, Laurenne assumes the role of a character and makes it her own.

9 Armed And Dangerous

In this image, we are granted a full-frontal view of Elise Laurenne in the catsuit which has gone down as the defining feature of one of her greatest cosplays to date. Appearing as Overwatch’s D.Va, the model - I know she isn’t technically a model, but it is a title she is more than deserving of - flashes a smile and a peace sign towards the camera, both of which are contradicted by the pink and black pistol she is holding in her right hand.

It's interesting to note the comic book fans in the background, all of whom are standing with their backs to the camera, presumably unaware that the finest (in all senses of the word) cosplayer in the world is standing directly behind them.


8 Five Raised Hands


Elise Laurenne’s D.Va costume has become almost synonymous with her, so much so that I’m sure a lot of Overwatch fans have difficulty playing the video game without imagining her smiling face (which I wouldn’t classify as a bad thing). It is the defining costume of her career as a cosplayer; or, perhaps, the joint defining costume, if you take Anti-Gwenom into account. Either way, it is impossible to deny that Elise Laurenne pulls off the traditional D.Va cosplay perfectly and looks absolutely incredible while doing so. In fact, I would go so far as to say Elise Laurenne as D.Va trumps any past cosplay offering from the supposed cosplay goddess Jessica Nigri. When it comes to both beauty and accuracy, our Elise Laurenne is the perpetual victor.

7 Little Red Gwenom Hood

There has been a lot of talk about Elise Laurenne’s Anti-Gwenom cosplay, and rightfully so, but equally deserving of attention is her all too under-appreciated portrayal of regular old Gwenom. The outfit worn by Laurenne during her Gwenom cosplay is, like all outfits she has worn throughout her time as a social media influencer, expertly designed. It fits both her and the character perfectly and conveys the danger and unpredictability of Gwenom without compromising Laurenne’s natural good looks. There is also a tinge of innocence to this costume which isn’t present in the Gwenom cosplays of Laurenne’s competitors. It’s difficult to say exactly where this innocence stems from, but I’m willing to bet it could be traced back to the hood, which perfectly frames Laurenne’s painted face and gives her something of a Little Red Riding Hood quality.

6 At The End Of The Day


As fans of cosplay, we’re used to seeing certain characters portrayed with a tad more sexuality than they would normally be presented, but I don’t think any of us have ever seen D.Va like this. Here, we are granted the almost astonishing sight of a semi-nude Laurenne, something which could convince even the most staunch atheist of the existence of God. Laurenne, gripping tightly to her smartphone, proudly flaunts her body, presumably after a long day of cosplaying as D.Va from the Overwatch video game series. While her legs are covered by those now familiar D.Va tights, her torso is guarded by nothing but a bra, which reveals a navel piercing of which many of her fans were unaware. It is a testament to Laurenne’s will and beauty that she could go through an entire day meeting with fans at a convention and still look this incredible upon returning home.

5 Iron Spider

Elise Laurenne is always changing things up. No matter how many times she appears as a particular character, she always gives us something new to drool over. Take, for example, this D.Va cosplay, which the internet sensation recently introduced to much acclaim from her dedicated fans.

While we are used to seeing D.Va presented in her traditional blue catsuit, Laurenne has cast it aside for a bold orange alternative that gives her cosplay something of an Iron Spider feel, which I’m sure you Spider-Man fans will appreciate. Deviating so drastically from the conventional D.Va cosplay was something which could have blown up in her face, but Laurenne managed to pull it off, proving once again that she is the rightful leader of the cosplay world.

4 Janna’s Mana


Of all the cosplays she has been a part of, it seems that this is the one (or at least one of the ones) of which Elise Laurenne is the proudest. She has used it for countless promotional posters and social media avatars, which isn’t all that surprising considering the fact it is just obscure enough to confirm her status as a major geek and just revealing enough to assure all those who see it that she is an incredibly beautiful woman.

This cosplay is centered around Janna, who is a character from the League of Legends video game series. While a lot of female cosplayers focus more on making their outfit appeal to dumb guys willing to send them money, Laurenne, who made sure not a single noticeable feature was absent from her Janna costume, should be commended for her attention to detail.

3 The Best Kind Of Spam

When Elise Laurenne began sharing images of her D.Va cosplay with her social media followers, she did so with the following warning: “I'm just going to spam D.Va all day long cause I don't care.” I’m going to take a page out of her book and continue spamming you all with images of my favorite cosplayer as D.Va, such as this one. I’m doing this for two reasons, the first being that I really, really love Elise Laurenne’s D.Va cosplay and think it deserves all the attention in the world. The second reason is that I believe every picture of Elise Laurenne in a skintight catsuit further strengthens my claim that she is far more attractive (and far more skilled in the art of cosplay) than Jessica Nigri.

2 World Of Cosplay


Warcraft has been a cornerstone of the geek community for decades and likely will remain so for decades to come. The World of Warcraft game, which is synonymous with the series, has been used to mock those perceived to be nerds for almost as long as the concept of nerds has existed, although I don’t think anybody would dare mock Elise Laurenne for this Warcraft inspired cosplay.

Here, the cosplayer proudly poses as Tyrande Whisperwind, a character from the Warcraft video game series whom Laurenne has described as “bae”. This picture is another classic example of Laurenne’s dedication to her cosplays. Not only has she acquired an accurate replica of Tyrande’s armor, she has gone so far as to paint her entire body purple and it suits her perfectly.

1 Samus Aran

If there was one photo which could conclusively prove that Elise Laurenne is hotter than Jessica Nigri - and by quite a large margin, at that - it is this one. Here we see everybody’s soon-to-be favorite cosplayer decked out in the blue catsuit she wore during her Samus Aran cosplay.

Samus Aran, for those who are unfamiliar with the name, is the main character of Nintendo’s action-adventure classic Metroid. Although the vast majority of people think of that giant armor suit when they think of Samus Aran, there is actually a very beautiful woman (by cartoon character standards) beneath all that gold, and Elise Laurenne captures her perfectly. Laurenne’s outfit serves as the perfect explanation as to why Metroid has been and remains so popular, and I’m sure it has left many of you feeling the urge to dig out your old GameBoy.

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