15 Photos That Prove Charlize Theron's Still Smoking Hot

If you are not already enamored with the talented and stunning actress Charlize Theron, after seeing these 15 spectacular photos, you will never forgive yourself for having gone this long without worshipping the ground she walks on. Is there a word that is sexier than sexy?

We have loved watching Theron steal the scene in her catalogue of movies including Mad Max: Fury Road, Dark Places, Young Adult, Sweet November, The Devil’s Advocate, and Reindeer Games, and her raw and heartfelt talent is as mesmerizing as her model-like looks (except for her role in Monster, but that was a special circumstance).

Whether the glamorous gal is sporting a super-cute short pixie cut or has her hair wavy and flowing, Theron always looks picture perfect and can pull off nearly any style. Her beautiful face is like a porcelain doll, with enviable features, dazzling light blue eyes, and a captivating smile. And her body? She stands at a tall 5’ 10” and is long, lean, and always is in great physical shape. Her stylish clothing always fits her like a glove and any fashion designer would be lucky for the actress to be seen in their clothing.

At 41-years-old, Theron still has the whole “sex appeal” thing nailed down, and with each passing year, it seems she only gets better looking. Does this woman ever age? She could pass for someone years younger.

It is time for you to take a peek at 15 special pics of this gorgeous gal that prove she is still as stunning as ever. Get ready to fall in love with this A-list leading lady.

15 That “Come Hither” Look

Via funnyordie.com

Without doing much at all, the clearly captivating actress, Charlize Theron, manages to not only look impeccably flawless, but her smoldering eyes and luscious lips parted just so offer that “come hither” look that not many can achieve so elegantly and effortlessly. Her bright crystal blue eyes are so magical and her luminous skin looks like that of a woman half her age. Something about this photo makes it near impossible to stop staring back into Theron’s eyes hoping she can see us too. Hey, we can dream! Even with minimal makeup and barely styled hair, Theron is a timeless beauty who just keeps getting sexier and more alluring by the minute. Talented and tempting, Theron is a site for sore eyes or ones that are feeling just fine, for that matter. South Africa must miss their princess now that she’s a Hollywood hottie. The big screen is lucky to have Theron in high-def!

14 Amazing Angel

Via cargocollective.com

We already think Charlize Theron is a heaven-sent angel, but this ethereal photo actually proves it. Her breathtaking beauty simply jumps off the screen against the pure and innocent white backdrop, and her light and airy clothing barely touch her perfect body. Her baby blues have never stood out more and her creamy skin and perfect features are the sheer standout of this all-around gorgeous photo. Theron’s pale pink lips and dusty eye makeup are all she needs to look “done,” because her natural beauty is more stunning than any foundation or concealer could ever hope to change her to become. She looks relaxed, confident, and comfortable, as she should, because with raw and unmatched talent like hers, there is no reason to ever worry. Wouldn’t you just love to lie down beside this fabulous woman and get lost in the clouds too? She’s got a little room beside her.

13 Red Hot

Via stylebistro.com

This lovely lady in red is as hot as a blazing bonfire and her bold choice in evening wear is nothing short of sizzling. That deep plunging neckline and her firm physique make Theron look as perfect as the statues behind her. Her wavy hair is pulled back to reveal her strong and sexy shoulders and long neck, and her makeup looks natural and flawless. That low-hanging necklace is the world’s luckiest piece of jewelry and those bright and sparkly earrings illuminate Theron’s already glowing face. Theron’s light skin tone looks lovely against the bright shade of her red dress and those thin straps are all she needs to keep it from slipping to the ground. Not that anyone would mind. Her confident and radiant presence pairs perfectly with her overall elegant ensemble. She ought to win an award just for showing up to this awards show looking so gosh darn amazing. And the envelope please…

12 Hats Off to Charlize

Via twitter.com

Even covered up all the way to her chin, the impeccable Charlize Theron is still as sexy as it gets. Her hat frames her always beautiful face to pure perfection and that soft-looking turtleneck highlights her strong, yet feminine jawline. That deep and bold red lip shade shows off the sexy shape of Theron’s kissable lips and her neutral nails show that she’s hands-down a natural beauty at heart. Unlike most people, surely when Theron takes off that black hat, her hair underneath looks like she’s just come from a high-end salon. Her radiant skin is perfectly dewy and clear and her dazzling blue eyes always make her look wide awake and fresh. Who else could look so irresistibly ravishing in plain black? It goes to show ya that the fabulous Theron is utterly amazing no matter what she has on. Although most would love to see her dressed in something a bit more revealing.

11 Golden Goddess

Via pinterest.com

If this photo does not make you go weak in the knees, then you have no soul. This glowing golden goddess of a woman is in fresh form with her “come at me” expression and into-the-distance stare. Theron’s golden blonde hair, bronzed skin, and flawless complexion all make her more beautiful than any model. Her plump pout makes anything she says sound wonderful as long as we get to stare. With a simple white tank top and earrings, this photo proves that Theron needs very little to make her look like a stunning star. Make this pic into a poster, and every teenage boy will be sure to hang it in their bedroom and inside their school locker. Fellas love her, women want to be her, and everyone is in awe of how one human being could possess so much beauty. It may not be fair, but she’s the fairest of them all.

10 Right Back at Ya

Via pinterest.com

Oh Charlize, why must you turn your sexy back on us? Luckily we get to see your pretty face giving us the sleek side-eye, so at least we know you care a smidge. That tight body-skimming black bodysuit hugs Theron in all the right places, and her wavy blonde hair is a lovely contrast to the dark clothing. Her arms are toned as always, and her luminous skin is as flawless as can be. That perfect profile is like a work of art and her subtle makeup enhances the beauty that already exists. She may seem like she’s giving us the cold shoulder, but surely Theron loves her fans as much as we adore her. No matter the angle, Theron is always looking hot and fit. Age ain’t nothin’ but a number, because this stunner gets better and better every year. Now turn around and let’s see all of you!

9 Bedroom Beauty

Via pinterest.com

Doesn’t everyone wear sequined lingerie to bed? And shimmery smoky eye shadow to go with it? Maybe not the average gal, but a special star like the mesmerizing Charlize Theron surely does. What could be more alluring than that “bedroom” hair, bronzed and glowing skin, and a sweetly seductive slight smile? Any woman would appear to be just as content as Theron if they, too, had an evening wear ensemble as sexy as this one. Talk about sweet dreams! While we can only catch a glimpse of this stunning lacy number, surely the rest is as beautiful as the top portion. Just let your imagination do the dirty work and you can figure out how the rest of this beauty is dressed. When you are alone late at night, picture the breathtaking Theron in bed right beside you. You will no doubt fall asleep with a great big smile and wake up thinking you are still dreaming.

8 Sheer Perfection

Via hollybollygossip.wordpress.com

Leaving very little to the imagination, this revealing lacy black shirt is the perfect choice for Theron to show off the silhouette of her amazing figure. Edgy, yet tasteful, this beautiful and intricate design looks like it was made especially for the star to model. Those chunky wrist bangles give some hardware to the lacy feel of her top, and her smoky eye makeup shows off Theron’s wild side. Her golden hair shines against the background and her facial features always tell a story. While the lace is positioned just so, we can still see all the best parts of Theron’s killer body. She’s a sexy siren who knows how to work it for the camera and we’ll gladly review any photos she’s in. Hopefully it isn’t too cold outside because that shirt must not keep our favorite celeb very warm. But she’s so hot, the warmth comes through from the inside.

7 Smarty Pants

Via stocklandmartelblog.com

What could be sweeter than our beloved Hollywood sweetheart with some candy between her perfectly pearly white teeth? Those Smarties are the luckiest darn candies in the entire world to be so close to Charlize Theron’s pretty pink pout. With a body like hers, it is doubtful that the actress eats many sweets, if any at all, but a little taste of sugar every now and again is not so terrible. She’d be hot at any size. Theron’s super-cute expression, curled hair, and pink-toned makeup make this photo not only super-adorable, but sweetly sexy as well. Wouldn’t you just love for the stunning Theron to feed you some candy? Just when we thought Theron was as tasty as she could get, along comes a little extra sugar as the “icing on the cake.” Next Halloween, be sure to go to Theron’s house for a treat! She would never trick us, right?

6 Breezy Beauty

Via 123hdwallpapers.com

What’s a little wild wind through your hair when it makes you look even more beautiful than before? Theron’s perfect pose, messy hair, and fine features make this jaw-dropping photo ready to be hung in a museum of art. Her simple black shirt sets off her clear skin with balance, and the grey background allows the actress to be the center of attention. Not that she isn’t all the time anyway. While it seems like Theron is staring off into nowhere, she’s probably thinking about her next big role or how amazing her life is. But she always looks cool and collected, so maybe she’s 100% in the moment. It isn’t hard for a photographer to snap the perfect shot of Theron, so they are lucky to have her as their subject. No matter the situation, Theron always looks like a true model with talent that’s unstoppable. Could this woman be any more amazing!?

5 Cap-tivating

Via eonline.com

Even in a sporty baseball cap, the stunning Theron looks as great as she would if she were wearing a ball gown. It’s nice to see her downplaying her style and giving us a taste of her everyday way of dressing. Her effortlessly cool leather jacket, simple T-shirt, and edgy necklaces allow Theron to come off as the everyday woman, although we are all well aware that she is anything but basic. Here her hair is a light brown hue, but any shade looks terrific with her skin tone and coloring. Even with no makeup, Theron’s natural beauty is so amazing that she looks like she never needs to put on a dab of rouge or foundation ever again. She may think that baseball cap will prevent fans from noticing who she is on the street, but we can spot the stellar Theron from a mile away. Blending in is not Theron’s biggest talent. She’s always a standout.

4 An Ocean View

Via mirror.co.uk

Oh, look what has washed ashore! It is no beached whale… that is for certain. It is the beachy beauty Charlize Theron splashing with sex appeal in the blue waters making us want to jump right in with her. That sexy outfit she has on paired with her sun-kissed body is so breathtaking, even the fish are swimming by for a chance to hook her in! Theron’s beachy blonde hair and perfect pose rivals any you will see in a Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. She looks totally at ease in the ocean water and stays cool as the sun shines down to warm her skin. Lifeguards must be having a hard time making sure the other swimmers are safe when they can’t take their eyes off Theron. Who needs a bathing suit when you can splash around in whatever you’ve got on? It may be beach weather, but Theron’s causing the real heat wave.

3 Sunny and Sexy

Via ehiyoanu.com

Look at that breathtaking natural beauty. No, not the plants and trees, silly! The captivating darling, Charlize Theron, looking lightly dewy, luminous, and fresh-faced while posing perfectly in the great outdoors. There is not a cloud in the sky and the bright sunshine brings out Theron’s perfect clear complexion and bounces off her sparkling blue eyes. Her gorgeous gaze just reels you in and it feels like a staring contest that you hope will go on forever. Theron looks amazing no matter where she is photographed, so taking things out into the fresh air makes perfect sense. Nature is always beautiful, but pair the lush foliage with a fantastic female and it is a match made in heaven. Wherever she is, we want to join her. Not only does the weather look picture perfect, but we can get to know Theron a little better. Surely she would love to have us.

2 Red Carpet Ready

Via closerweekly.com

Charlize Theron looks amazing no matter what she is wearing, but when she goes all out for a big star-studded A-list Hollywood event, she never takes any shortcuts. Theron’s makeup is flawless, her hair looks timeless, and that exquisite dress could not look better on anyone. Her bright red lipstick draws your eyes to her plump and pretty lips and those dazzling earrings are all she needs to finish up her red carpet look. The unique neckline of Theron’s dress plays up her swan-like neck and strong sexy shoulders, and she knows she looks amazing. She’ll never get caught by the Fashion Police! Her only crime is being arrestingly beautiful. She is always camera-ready and primed to shine. Whether a presenter at an awards show, a recipient of an honor, or just there to take in the show, Theron never fails to impress. Dressed to the nines, this chick is a standout.

1 Blazing Blazer

Via theapricity.com

At first glance, it appears that the glamorous Theron has nothing on under that chic black blazer, but it is actually a sheer top that leaves (very) little to the imagination. Even so, this modern look is sexy, sophisticated, and slightly sinful. The A-list actress looks like she means business, but she’s got a bit of a wild side too. Is this the ideal work-to-dinner ensemble? Seems like the perfect look. Theron’s style when it comes to clothing is amazing enough, but her hair looks terrific with this outfit too, as does her soft makeup and minimal jewelry. Perhaps she is on set of a blockbuster movie, so it must be hard for the cameramen, co-stars, and director to stick to the script when such beauty is in their presence. Whatever this movie is, buy your tickets now, because it’s bound to be sold out in minutes. This blazing hot look is definitely worth the audience’s applause!

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