15 Photos That Prove Cameron Diaz's Hottest Role Was In The Mask

When you think of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood, Cameron Diaz is among the many names that come to mind. Making her acting debut in 1994 in the critically acclaimed and box-office hit The Mask with co-star Jim Carrey, Diaz has since appeared in various films, music videos, magazines and don't forget her relationships with some big named stars as well. From being one-third of Charlie's Angels to marrying a rockstar (literally), we've seen Diaz's beauty on the big screen and in the pages of our favorite magazines for more than 20 years. It's no surprise that she started off her career as a model before making the move to the big screen. While we've seen Diaz transform and evolve since her days of playing Tina Carlyle in The Mask, we have to admit that this was indeed Diaz's hottest role.

Playing the girlfriend of mobster Dorian Tyrell, Tina is any guy's dream woman; she's extremely beautiful, talented, and loyal, well depending on what side you're on. Because of Tina's sex appeal and ability to lure any guy in with just a simple gaze from her icy blue eyes, she is one of Diaz's best roles. In honor of Tina and the great job Diaz did in playing the role, below are 15 photos that will prove our argument... in case you had any doubts.


15 Meet Tina Carlyle

The Mask is an American film that was released in 1994 by New Line Cinema. Starring Jim Carey, and introduced the world to Cameron Diaz. It has received much acclaim from critics and viewers grossing over $351.6 million with an approximate budget of $23 million. The plot focuses on a quiet bank teller who has his world turned upside because of this mysterious mask he finds and falling for the wrong girl, who also happens to be a bombshell. While the film was a box-office hit and proved to show business that Jim Carey was a talented, versatile actor, the film was also the world’s introduction to Cameron Diaz, who would later go on to star in numerous films and be one of Hollywood’s biggest celebrity philanthropists.

14 Tina Carlyle Was Diaz's First Role

Stanley Ipkiss, Jim Carrey’s character, and Tina Carlyle have an interesting love story. During a regular, typical day at the bank, Stanley’s life as he knows it changes when Tina comes in. On a mission to crack the security system for her mobster boyfriend Dorian Tyrell, something Stanley would later on learn, Tina gains more than just information about the bank. She gains a new admirer in Stanley. While Stanley didn’t know Tina’s real intentions nor her relationship with the mob, her beauty could make anyone stop in their tracks. Little did Diaz know how much this role would boost her credibility as an actress and worldwide bombshell. Can you blame Stanley for falling for her and experiencing love at first sight?

13 Both Stanley And Mask Had The Hots For Her

Although The Mask is a fun, goofy, family movie, there are some mature scenes involving Diaz as his love interest, can you blame him? There’s a scene in the movie where Stanley, in his masked form, pulls a condom out of his pocket and says, “Sorry, wrong pocket.” Did you know that that line was improvised? Carrey made up the line while filming, and to be honest it was a great addition to the film. Being a man who was completely infatuated with the beautiful Tina, we could see why this line would make sense as adults. As kids, you probably weren’t paying attention to the line and were in awe of either Diaz’s beauty or Carrey’s great impersonations.

12 Not Only Is Tina Hot, But She Can Dance Too

What made Diaz’s character a bombshell in The Mask besides her gorgeous looks, silky blonde hair, and icy blue eyes, is her dance moves— viewers eyes probably popped out and their tongues and jaws dropped... Transitioning from a model to an actress has to be hard work since you’re trying to prove to yourself (as well as the whole world) that you’re more than a pretty face. Adding dancing ability on to that job, also makes things a little more complicated. Although Tina is the girlfriend of a mobster, she was still an independent woman who worked; granted, she did work at the club her boyfriend managed, but she earned her place. Playing the role of a lounge singer, dancing was added to Diaz’s responsibilities for the role. During the film, both Carrey and Diaz did their own dancing in the "Hey! Pachuco!" scene that took place at the CoCo Bongos nightclub. Kudos to you, Diaz.

11 Diaz Auditioned 12 Times Before Getting The Role

How does a model land a role in a film that would go on to become critically acclaimed and a fan favorite? Great genes and being at the right place at the right time. Diaz was discovered outside of a modelling agency, which would eventually lead to the beginning of her career as an actress. What makes this role even more of a stand-out among Diaz’s long resume of films is the fact that she beat out bigger, more well-known actresses for the role including Anna Nicole Smith and Vanessa Williams. What makes the character of Tina Carlyle the best role Diaz has played is because it was her first role as an actress; and she made it look effortless, she's a natural. But it wasn't easy— she went through the audition process 12 times and was cast only a week before filming.

10 Diaz Took Acting Classes To Fully Nail Her Performance

Diaz was 21 when she auditioned and got the role of Tina in The Mask. Most 21-year-olds are celebrating their transition into adulthood, but not Diaz. Starring in a film and later going on to be seen as a sex symbol, at 21 Diaz had the world in the palm of her hand. Diaz was recommended for the role by an agent for Elite, a modelling agency, after he met with the film’s producers. With no acting experience, Diaz did take a few classes to improve her skill. When it came to the beauty department, it was clear Diaz had that area down as the leading lady in her breakout role. The Mask went on to become one of the top ten highest-grossing films of 1994. Not too bad for your first real acting gig, right?

9 Tina Carlyle Earned Diaz A $500,000 Pay Day

When considering an entry-level job or even when you first start any new job, your wage is always a toss up. While experience and expertise can help gain you more money, depending on the job and company things aren’t guaranteed. For Diaz, starring in The Mask got her less than $500,000. The amount is small compared to the earnings of other actors in Hollywood including her acting counterpart Jim Carrey who made $10 million for his previous film Dumb & Dumber, but took a pay cut to star in The Mask. While their paycheques are small compared to what they would later go on to earn for other roles, as a model turned actor with no experience this is a pretty good price tag for your first film that would solidify you as an actress in Hollywood allowing you to star in other popular films.


8 What About A Sequel?

Have you ever wondered what happened to Stanley and Tina? Did they go on to have masked children? These questions and more are probably racing through the minds of all fans of the movie. After seeing the success of The Mask, Carrey was offered $10 million to create a sequel. While he turned down the offer and the money, later on he did announce he would be open to talking about a sequel. More than 20 years after the film, there still has not been an official sequel although the film Son of the Mask is supposed to be a follow-up to the 1994 hit film. No Diaz? No, thank you.

7 Diaz's Role Was Almost Dark, Possibly Less Sexy

Did you know The Mask is based off of Dark Horse Comics and was originally meant to be a dark, drama film? The comic did include a different feeling than the movie, but Carrey was able to add his own take and perspective into the film making it a funnier, light-hearted film that focuses on courage, bravery, and an underlying love story. The film did become goofy and fun due to Carrey’s humor, which makes the film, and even Diaz’s character, more enjoyable. Who wants to see a movie with Diaz portraying a dark, gloomy character? No one. This was the beginning of Diaz showing a playful side to her beauty with other playful, goofy movies like There’s Something About Mary and Charlie’s Angels.

6 Diaz Convinced Us All She Was A Lounge Singer

While Carrey and Diaz had the dancing part down for the movie, the actors’ roles also included singing. Even though Carrey did his own singing, Diaz didn't. Diaz’s voice was dubbed by Susan Boyd, an actress who has lent her voice for The Mask and others including The Little Mermaid and Mulan. As a newbie in show business and already committing to acting classes and dancing for the film, who cares that Diaz didn’t do her own singing. What can be said is that she looks great in the scene with her gorgeous sequins gown and her sultry look. It could’ve been written in the script that Tina was a terrible singer and we’re sure no one would care because everyone would be wondering who this new actress is and where she came from.

5 Diaz Did Her Own Dancing

Getting back to Tina’s dancing, who knew Diaz could move like that! Diaz did do her own dancing during the scene at the nightclub, which is one of the most memorable parts of the movie. A fun fact about Tina’s dancing is the moves included in her nightclub act are taken from the cartoon Red Hot Riding Hood. The Tex Avery cartoon includes dancing acts during nightclub scenes, very similar to the scenes from The Mask. While the dance moves were taken from a cartoon, we are positive Diaz did more justice to the moves than fictional, animated characters. We see a lot of comparisons of this movie to cartoons we’ve all loved including the gorgeous heroine you always root for, and a villain who has something (bad) in store for him.

4 Tina Had Great Fashion Sense

Tina’s fashion is one of the many reasons why people love her so much. The form-fitting outfits. The way she looks in the color red. Everything about her fashion and taste in clothes makes Tina all the more eye-catching. While Tina’s fashion is applauded, Stanley’s clothing choices are quite questionable. The notorious bright yellow suit may have surprised viewers, but there is a method to the madness, and in this case the bright, vivid suit was apparently the method. The zoot suit was included in the film as a thank you to Carrey’s mom. For his first performance as a stand-up comedian, Carrey’s mother made him a bright yellow suit to wear on stage. What a sweet son to do that for his mom, and to be honest, the suit fits with Mask’s larger-than-life personality perfectly.

3 Tina Was The Damsel In Distress Everyone Wants To Save

What does Tina have in common with Penelope Pussycat and Lola Bunny? All three ladies have made the men that fall for them go head over heels. Tina and Stanley’s relationship is no different than Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny’s relationship and there’s a reason behind this. From a shy banker to a lively character, Carrey taps into different personalities. One thing that drew Carrey to the role was that he would be able to portray some of his favorite cartoons. Throughout the film, Carrey takes on the personality of a few famous cartoon characters including Tasmanian Devil, Pepe Le Pew, and Bugs Bunny. Even at the end of the movie, Stanley swallows dynamite to save his lovely lady in true cartoon-hero and damsel-in-distress form.

2 This Was Diaz's First Role AND Her Big Break (Duh)

The Mask was a huge success for Diaz, Carrey, and the production company behind the film. While Diaz was the breakout star of the film, Carry was nominated for a Golden Globe for his role. The movie was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Visual. Aside from its nominations, the film made critics see Carrey in a different light and also began to make a name for Diaz. Prior to his role in the film, Carrey was referred to as a “hyper goon” by Roger Ebert, one of Hollywood’s most coveted critics, but the film made Ebert change his mind. Ebert changed his opinion of Carrey from a goon with too much energy to a “joyful performance” in The Mask. Great job to the entire cast.

1 20 Years Later, Tina Is Still Her Hottest Role

The Mask is hands down the hottest role Diaz has done in her acting career. While it stands out as one of Diaz’s most popular films, she has gone on to do many films since her debut in 1994. From staring in There’s Something About Mary, another classic comedy film, Charlie’s Angels, and My Best Friend’s Wedding, The Mask gets all the credit for exposing the world to Diaz and her amazingly great looks. Playing the role of Tina, we’ve seen Diaz be funny, beautiful, charismatic, enchanting, just to name a few things. While there isn’t a sequel to The Mask to fawn over Tina some more, there’s always the option to watch the film again and revel in Tina’s beauty and sex appeal over and over again.

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