15British Girl Disrespects Holy Mountain With Her Hot Body

via: theguardian.com

British tourists have proved time and time again that they have a tendency to completely disrespect the local traditions of the countries they visit. Because of this, it should come as no surprise that British tourists are finding themselves unwelcome in many of the countries they visit. It's because of

this total level of disrespect that these tourists find their terrible reputation precedes them when they land at certain countries. A great example of this is a young British tourist who decided it would be a good idea to expose herself at the top of a holy mountain. Little did she know that this was seen as a hugely disrespectful move by the locals.

The young woman's name is Eleanor Hawkins, and this crime happened in Malaysia. The offence itself took place on the peak of a holy mountain called Mount Kinabalu, and in the words of a local spiritual leader: “According to local beliefs, the spirit of the mountain is very angry. This fine, called sogit in the native tongue, should be in the form of 10 male or female buffalo.”

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