14Exposed Brit Runs Across The Roofs Of Thai Homes

via: dailymail.co.uk

Another painfully disrespectful British tourist didn't make a good name for himself or his country when he took a trip to Thailand. Thailand is a popular tourist destination for all kinds of different nationalities, although it seems the local people are growing tired of the constant shenanigans these foreigners bring,

even though they also bring hefty sums of money into the country to spend. This particular British tourist thought it would be a good idea to treat a group of villagers' roofs as his personal playground, hopping from one to the other as if they were stepping stones. Obviously, this man had a bit too much to drink.

The man, who was never publicly identified, was seized upon by furious locals. They tied him up and waited for the police to arrive. The authorities say he got lost after partying too hard. One irate local asked: "Why are the foreigners so crazy? We see them a lot, doing the strangest things. I want to know, are they like this in their own country? Nobody knows who this man was or what he was doing here. He doesn't live here. He was ranting and not in the correct state of mind. The police put water on him to make him relax but he was still shouting."

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