15 Photos That Prove Brits Are The Dirtiest Vacationers

Across the world, popular vacation destinations everywhere are starting to change their stance when it comes to tourism. Locals are beginning to understand that being a tourist resort town isn't all it's cracked up to be. Sure, there are lots of tourists who pour in with tons of money, but at what expense? Is it worth the influx of money if you lose your self-respect and your traditional culture? This is what many locals are contemplating right now, and it's hardly surprising which conclusions they're coming to. Many towns, previously known for being tourist hotspots, are now banning tourists outright from entering their area.

While tourists of all nationalities are guilty of being insensitive or disrespectful towards local people and property, one nationality seems to outdo all the others in this area. That's right, I'm talking about British tourists. These people are disproportionately responsible for so many offences and embarrassing stories when it comes to vacations. It should come as no surprise that they've started to gain a terrible reputation across the world. Although this isn't always the case, British tourists clearly love to be too wild. If it weren't for this factor, these sorts of offences would probably never happen. Here are some of the most dirty, shameful, and horrific stories which prove Brits are the worst of all tourists.

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15 British Girl Disrespects Holy Mountain With Her Hot Body

via: theguardian.com

British tourists have proved time and time again that they have a tendency to completely disrespect the local traditions of the countries they visit. Because of this, it should come as no surprise that British tourists are finding themselves unwelcome in many of the countries they visit. It's because of this total level of disrespect that these tourists find their terrible reputation precedes them when they land at certain countries. A great example of this is a young British tourist who decided it would be a good idea to expose herself at the top of a holy mountain. Little did she know that this was seen as a hugely disrespectful move by the locals.

The young woman's name is Eleanor Hawkins, and this crime happened in Malaysia. The offence itself took place on the peak of a holy mountain called Mount Kinabalu, and in the words of a local spiritual leader: “According to local beliefs, the spirit of the mountain is very angry. This fine, called sogit in the native tongue, should be in the form of 10 male or female buffalo.”

14 Exposed Brit Runs Across The Roofs Of Thai Homes

via: dailymail.co.uk

Another painfully disrespectful British tourist didn't make a good name for himself or his country when he took a trip to Thailand. Thailand is a popular tourist destination for all kinds of different nationalities, although it seems the local people are growing tired of the constant shenanigans these foreigners bring, even though they also bring hefty sums of money into the country to spend. This particular British tourist thought it would be a good idea to treat a group of villagers' roofs as his personal playground, hopping from one to the other as if they were stepping stones. Obviously, this man had a bit too much to drink.

The man, who was never publicly identified, was seized upon by furious locals. They tied him up and waited for the police to arrive. The authorities say he got lost after partying too hard. One irate local asked: "Why are the foreigners so crazy? We see them a lot, doing the strangest things. I want to know, are they like this in their own country? Nobody knows who this man was or what he was doing here. He doesn't live here. He was ranting and not in the correct state of mind. The police put water on him to make him relax but he was still shouting."

13 Partying British Tourists Try To Steal A Penguin

via: dailymail.co.uk

British tourists seem to think it's hilarious to play pranks on people when they go out partying, and sometimes these go way too far. Such was the case when a group of British tourists in Australia had a little bit too much to drink and decided to do something completely insane – steal a Penguin from the local zoo. While this may seem funny at first thought, one has to remember that these are rare animals and their safety is important. Stealing a penguin endangers an innocent animal, and this is yet another act which soiled the reputation of British tourists abroad.

Rhys Owen Jones and Keri Mules, both in their twenties, could not remember much about what happened the previous night when they woke up to find a small penguin named Dirk in their apartment. Worried, they released the animal into a nearby water stream, but little did they know there was a shark nearby that could have eaten the bird. Luckily, the penguin was located and safely returned to the zoo.

12 Insensitive British Tourists Being Inappropriate At 9/11 Memorial

via: dailymail.co.uk

When we think of British tourists being disrespectful to the locals, we often assume that these events take place in far away, traditional regions such as South East Asia or the Middle East. But one incident reminded us all that British tourists are sometimes insensitive no matter where they go, even if it's in New York City. The terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center were some of the most traumatic events in America's history, and most people remember it with sorrow and respect. But a group of British tourists who were out for a stag party showed zero respect when they visited a 9/11 memorial.

These belligerent Brits brought a blow-up doll to the 9/11 Ground Zero memorial, and took jovial selfies in front of the site. People who lost loved ones at the attack responded by saying: "We hear things like this and I honestly think it's disgraceful to take selfies of anybody there laughing and smiling when they haven't lived the life we've lived for 15 years and the people we've lost. Even though it's been 15 years every year is difficult and seeing things like this is heartbreaking. If I came face to face with these people I would say 'Shame on you. You have no clue to what those families have gone through and to be that disrespectful'. They should be fined. They shouldn't be allowed to get away with that."

11 Brits Arrested In Greece For Dressing As "Naughty Nuns"

via: thetelegraph.co.uk

There are some countries in the world that take religion very seriously, and while British people may be able to get away with making fun of religious officials in their own nation, other countries might not be so forgiving of these offenses. This is the lesson several British tourists found out the hard way after they dressed up as "naughty nuns" in the small Greek resort town of Hania. This town is trying to maintain its cultural heritage, but is finding it to be an uphill battle with the ever-growing tide of disrespectful British tourists who come to their town to party.

17 British nationals were arrested for disrespecting the Catholic Church in this incident. The town's official statement on their traditional culture is quite clear: "There is an ongoing struggle in Hania to preserve heritage and to adapt it to our contemporary life preventing it from fading and becoming extinct. The journey ahead is long and arduous but the strength and the perseverance of the Cretan seems capable of overcoming any obstacle."

10 British Tourist Parties Too Hard And Tries To Fight Shark

via: thesun.co.uk

One of the most dangerous things about consuming too much alcohol is the fact that it can make you feel like you're invincible. This is what one British tourist experienced when he decided to fight a shark after a few too many. People with this mindset often find themselves in incredibly stupid and dangerous situations, and this is yet another example of a British tourist who gave himself and his nation a very bad name while on vacation. At the end of the day, this man was lucky to escape with his life, and people everywhere are shaking their head at this story.

The man responsible for this act of stupidity was Adrian Gregory Griffiths, and the waters in which he tried to test fate were off the coast of the Philippines. A local police officer described the scene: "This station received a phone call by tourism officer Mary Rose A. Buscas requesting a police assistance in the whale shark watching area for a foreign tourist Adrian Gregory Griffiths, 56 years old, a British National. He directly swam towards the interaction area without any authority and orientation from any tourism officer."

9 Brit Has Too Many, Fights Thai Transgender Person

via: dailymail.co.uk

Sometimes there are incidents which really make you look at people with the utmost disgust. British people are somewhat famous for having a terrible relationship with alcohol, and the worst examples of their reliance on this substance are ones in which people get seriously hurt. Alcohol can make people do crazy things, and when British tourists start drinking, locals have learned to be on guard for the most insane things to start happening in their nations. One example of this was when a British tourist had too much to drink and decided to fight a Thai s*x worker.

In situations like these, it's hard to make heads or tails of what actually happened. It's clear that alcohol was a factor, and that the man had paid for the services of this transgender Thai woman before becoming violent. After being told to leave, he apparently injured himself somehow, and was then found bleeding on the ground, too out of it to even give authorities his name.

8 British Tourist Leaves 8-Year-Old At Home Alone So He Can Party

via: huffingtonpost.com

We've already seen how disrespectful and wild British tourists have endangered vulnerable animals, but there is something that is perhaps even more delicate and important to respect – children. Well, even these members of society are not safe from the crazed antics of some British tourists, even when these British tourists are the parents of said children. One father somehow thought it was okay to bring his 8-year-old daughter along with him to a resort island in Spain, and then leave her alone in a hotel room for hours while he went out and partied.

Not only that, but this completely irresponsible father went out and had way too much to drink, returning to the hotel completely out of his head. The little girl did the right thing and informed the hotel staff that her father was upstairs "causing damage," and she was promptly taken into protective services in Spain. This is one of the more depressing examples of British tourists gone bad.

7 British Tourists Are Falling Off Balconies Worldwide

via: allswalls.com

Some would say that wild British tourists causing damage to themselves is preferable to them causing damage to local animals, children, or personal property of locals. But what if this self-damage happens on an unprecedented level? Well that's exactly what's happening all across the globe, although one area in particular seems to be more dangerous than any other when it comes to British tourists: balconies. That's right, balconies are injuring a frightening amount of British tourists each year, and that has caused several organizations to spring up who want to do something about it.

A representative of the British Foreign Office reported in 2012: "This year there's been a particular spike early on in the holiday season with figures already matching last years. Some people have fallen whilst climbing to a friend's apartment, others have simply lost their footing after a few too many drinks and a few have deliberately jumped off aiming for the pool below. It should go without saying these practices are extremely dangerous and can cost them their life or leave them permanently disabled."

6 British Man Hospitalized After A Ridiculous Amount Of Drinks

via: dailymail.co.uk

We've already learned that too much partying is a factor in many of these embarrassing tales of British tourists. But sometimes it's not about what you do when you've had a few too many, but how much you decide to drink. Alcohol can cause you to act irrationally (such as trying to fight a shark), or it can severely damage you because of the toxic nature of the drinks themselves. That was what one British tourist found out when he drank a whopping 75 shots while partying on vacation... And he did it as a dare.

18-year-old Cameron Relf described what happened to him that night: "Some of the bar staff were cheering me on and we had made friends with some of the other British tourists out there too. I tried to get back to the room, but had to be helped by the bar staff and other tourists – that's when I went to hospital. When I woke up, the doctors were pretty short with me and only took my insurance details before sending me on my way."

5  Teenage British Tourist Steals Ambulance And Crashes It

via: dailymail.co.uk

Drinking and driving is one of the most dangerous and irresponsible things you can do, but trust British tourists to take this horrific act to the next level of stupidity. What's worse than driving while inebriated, you ask? How about hijacking a local ambulance, and then driving that under the influence? That's exactly what one British teen did in a Greek resort town one night, and this insane act has no doubt irrevocably damaged the reputation of British tourists in this small town. Police are probably going to step up their security and aggressiveness towards future British tourists, and it's all because of idiots like this.

So what actually happened that night? According to the official police reports, an 18-year-old British tourists was under the influence when he pushed an ambulance driver out of the vehicle, and then took it on a joyride. He crashed into several parked cars, a motorbike, and then crashed it outside of a nightclub. But the worst part is that this boy wasn't even able to be charged, since he was technically a minor. Now the local cops definitely have a grudge against British tourists...

4 British Tourists Plan To Fake Their Own Abduction To Spice Up Their Vacation

via: testvalleyriverkeeper.blogspot.ca

While hijacking an ambulance and crashing it might seem like it set the bar pretty high in terms of wasting the local taxpayers' money, trust the Brits to come up with a way to top even that. What could be worse? How about faking your own abduction, thereby wasting the time of countless local police officers and sending them on a wild goose chase? Well that's exactly what two women did on their 40th birthday while traveling abroad, in a desperate and idiotic attempt to "spice up" their birthday celebrations.

But before you blame the women, you might want to hear the details. As it turns out, the women had no idea that they were going to be "fake kidnapped," and it was their friends who organized the whole thing. According to the police report: "Two English women decided to organize a holiday to Lisbon with nine female friends to celebrate their 40th birthdays. They contacted a Portuguese events organizer to hire their services. It was agreed that the firm would arrange for a fake kidnap to be staged in a public street. Around 3: 30 pm on Sunday, a white van stopped by Restauradores Square and two men, one of whom was wearing a mask, got out and grabbed the two tourists and forced them into the vehicle."

3 England Soccer Fans During Euro 2016

via: theindependent.co.uk

While some of these stories seem pretty terrible, you haven't heard anything until you've heard the antics of the English soccer supporters. This bunch is known for drinking far too much, and causing havoc on whatever town is unfortunate enough to be hosting the local Soccer championship that year. The English fans have gained such a reputation that many countries have taken measures to simply ban these men from even attending the games in which their team plays.

One of the worst examples of this was during the Euro 2016 championships. This saw a number of British hooligans take to the street, doing harm to themselves, supporters of other teams, the locals, and private property. Their clashes with the Russian supporters were especially well-documented. In addition, and more recently, the FA just banned several England supporters for life after offences such as giving Nazi salutes and threatening others.

2 England Soccer Fans During World Cup 1998

via: timeline.com

Although hooliganism has arguably gotten worse over the years in soccer, this is hardly the first time things like this have happened involving England supporters. Go back almost ten years and you have yet another example of the kinds of idiocy and terrifying displays the England supporters have been doing for years and years. This was of course during the World Cup 1998 in France. This championship was supposed to be a fun time for all, but trust the British hooligans to ruin it for everyone. These animals completely ruined the event, causing untold damage and setting fire to cafes at one point.

The local police were given a handful as tear gas canisters were deposited liberally throughout the streets, although this did nothing to deter the British hooligans. They were violent towards pretty much everyone they came into contact with, and many British tourists were arrested during the competition. Many other nations, who were behaving in a respectable manner, could only look on with utter bewilderment as these people behaved like animals.

1 British Man Commits Horrible Act In Spain

via: telegraph.co.uk

One of the most shameful things you can do, especially when you're in someone else's country, is drive while intoxicated. But what's even more shameful is driving while intoxicated and hurting innocent people while you're at it. Sadly, this was exactly what two British tourists did in a Spanish resort town this year, and the community is still reeling from the event. Obviously, this does not help British people's reputation around the world, and the locals will probably look at any British national with a sense of disgust after this incident.

This case of reckless driving happened after a fight at a nightclub, after which the two British men were ejected from the establishment. They proceeded to drive away through a pedestrian area, lethally injuring three people. They then embarked on a two mile police chase, ending in a collision with several vehicles, which resulted in a pile-up. Many people were injured.

Sources: dailymail.co.uk

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