15 Photos That Prove Britney Has Always Been Hotter Than X-Tina

As far as rivalries go, the competition between Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera is some of the fiercest in the entire history of the music industry. The two ladies are absolute giants, both incredibly successful in their own right. Both have their own armies of loyal fans who argue that their favorite singer is the best. And it's not just about musical talent. Both are incredibly gorgeous and sexy women, and constantly show that they're more than willing to use their bodies to promote themselves and their image. Both have strutted out onto the stage wearing scandalously sexy outfits to the roaring crowds at their concerts. Both have posed near-nude in various undeniably hot photoshoots. And the paparazzi loves to snap photos of them in the most compromising and revealing of situations.

But out of both these hot singers, there is one clear winner: Britney Spears. Although X-Tina does put up a good fight, she never really had a chance against Britney's scorching body. There are so many reasons why Britney blows X-Tina out of the water. She's curvier, her face is prettier, and has tons more sex appeal. There's just this undefinable quality that you can't quite put your finger on when it comes to Britney. Looking at pictures of her gets your blood pumping and your heart racing. And the thing that really makes Britney hotter than X-Tina is consistency. She has always been hotter than X-Tina. She was hotter when she was a young girl just starting out in the music business, and she's still hotter to this day, where she's reached undeniable MILF status. These pictures will convince even the biggest Christina Aguilera fans that Britney will always be better.

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15 Booty Shorts


Britney is the queen of booty shorts. Daisy Dukes just seem to agree with her body type, and she can pull them off in a way that not many women can. Part of her image throughout her career has taken strong cues from the "sexy schoolgirl" cliché. Britney has used booty shorts to sell her image since day one, and it does a great job of showing off her hot, tight body. She's also wearing some sexy knee high boots and a tiny white shirt that stops just below her boobs. Her flat, gorgeous stomach is on prominent display and it's easy to see here why Britney is so much hotter than Christina Aguilera in pretty much every way imaginable. She was just a teen when she came out into the spotlight in 1998, but even then it was clear that Britney would be both a talented singer and someone who would make people drool over her hot body.

14 Splits


We all know that Britney has been making a major comeback recently. Once again, she's back in the spotlight, doing concerts and hopping back on the horse. Britney is showing everyone she's still got what it takes to be a major star, and she's now enjoying great success and lots of publicity. But she's also showing us is that she still has a very, very sexy body. The images of her these days are just as hot as ever, and it's pretty impressive that a woman who has had multiple babies can look this good. What's really tantalizing everyone these days are Britney's pictures that show off her jaw-dropping flexibility. These images just ooze sex appeal, and it's breathtaking to see her do the splits like this. She has shown the world that she's taking really good care of her body these days, and boy are we glad...

13 Flexible


Just when you thought Britney Spears couldn't get any hotter, she comes out with images like this. This looks like something you'd see in a strip club rather than on the social media page of a star like Britney. But no one is complaining about how sexy these images look. If anything, it just makes people want to see even more of Britney's stunning flexibility and agility. So keep them coming Britney! Images like this make the imagination run wild, and I'm sure what a lot of guys are imagining is what kind of positions she can get herself into in bed when they see Britney showing off like this. Her body looks tight, toned, and extremely muscular. Is Britney the hottest mom in the world right now? Is there anyone who even comes close? I'm waiting... You might get to see and judge for yourself, as Britney just announced her first major tour since 2011, which will go to Israel, Japan, The Philippines, and many more countries still to be announced.

12 Gymnastics


Britney has always been a smart woman when it comes to promoting herself. So when it was obvious that everyone loved her flexible pictures, she did the right thing: She gave us even more. This is just another example of how Britney's image is so well-thought out. In the beginning, she appeared in her music videos wearing sexy schoolgirl outfits and tiny skirts. That was a great decision and immediately got a lot of people's attention. But now she's showing that she can evolve, changing her image to once again grab people's attention. Now she's really focusing on showing off her strength and flexibility in the gym, and it's proven to be a very intelligent move. You can really see her body working hard as she arches her back, supporting her entire weight with just her arms. Those tiny shorts don't hide much, but Britney doesn't care. She wants you to look.

11 Short Dress


Ever since day one, Britney Spears has been using her body to her advantage. And why shouldn't she? With a body like that, she'd be crazy not to. And ever since she first hit the scene, she's been showing off as much of her body she can get away with. Photoshoots like these where she shows off lots of skin were instrumental in getting her name out there. Could she have been as popular without her amazing body? You know what they say, image is everything.

This scandalously short dress shows off miles and miles of skin on those amazingly sexy legs of hers. And she tops it all off with some knee-high boots that just scream sex appeal. The knee-high boots are somewhat of a trademark of Britney Spears, if you examine all her hottest pictures. It was obvious that she was going to be hot with her singing career as well, as she was named the best selling teenage artist of all time in the late 90s.

10 More Yoga


Britney Spears has always been a firm believer in the power of yoga. Maybe that's why she's able to keep her body in such unbelievable shape. Whatever she's doing, it's working. You can see from this image that she's curvy, muscular, and lean all at the same time. And the best part about her yoga addiction is that she has no problem with giving the world a very intimate look at her routine. This is probably one of the hottest yoga poses of all time, and it's made even hotter with a girl like Britney Spears doing it. You can really get a sense of how nicely curved her booty is by looking at this image. Not only is it beautifully round, but it also looks extremely tight, and her gluteus muscles are obviously working very hard indeed. But she's not just working on her body these days - she's also putting the hours in at the sound booth, working on a new album Glory which was released in 2016.

9 Hot Latex


Britney loves to mix it up with all kinds of different sexy outfits, and she always keeps her fans guessing. This is one of the hottest things about Britney, and this outfit is an example of this. Britney shows that she has no issue with showing off lots of skin and wears knee-high boots once again. But now she mixes it up with some very sexy latex, which hugs her tight body like a set of second skin. This tactic of mixing it up obviously works wonders, not only in her appearance but in her singing career. She's actually the 8th most successful female artists of all time. The amount of records she has sold will blow you away. She has sold a whopping 100 million singles and a further 100 million albums worldwide. This makes her a whole lot more than just a pretty face and a hot body!

8 Tiny Skirt


Ever since the beginning, Britney has hypnotized her fans with the shortest skirts imaginable. This was quite a shock back in the 90s, when we saw her appear in a music video wearing skimpy school uniforms, tight latex bodysuits, and much more. She was willing to push the boundaries further than anyone ever had before her, at least for such a young star. Not only that, but she did it in new and interesting ways. You could even say that she paved the way for future artists such as Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga, who go way over the top in terms of their sexiness. And as far as Christina Aguilera, that whole generation of female singers were just following Britney's lead when it came to being both sexy and talented. And in the end, Britney did it first, and she did it better.

7 Cute Bikini


Why is Britney Spears so damn hot? It's hard to pin down exactly. To me though, it's probably the fact that she looks so amazingly cute. At first glance, she looks like that perfect, innocent girl from high school who does her homework, never gets in trouble, and is nice to everyone. So to see her in the sexiest clothing possible dancing like a stripper is really surprising. It's like watching a cheerleader get corrupted and release her naughty, sexual side. And I think it's this juxtaposition that makes her such an intriguing and interesting girl to watch. Did the music industry force her to sexualize herself in a certain way? Maybe. Perhaps being this overtly sexual was totally against her personality... Maybe that's why she had such a massive mental breakdown in her later career.

6 Silver Top


Once again, Britney looks utterly perfect and undeniably hot in this picture. She's wearing some kind of silver top that looks a little bit like it's made out of metal. A slight glimpse of glorious side boob is shown, making this a picture that's hard to forget. And it's pictures like these that make it hardly surprising that Billboard named her the Sexiest Woman In Music in 2012. And it seems that hotness goes hand in hand with financial success, because Forbes reported that she was the highest paid female musician in the same year. But what does that say about the music industry? Do you have to be beautiful and sexy to succeed? It definitely doesn't hurt, that's for sure. And one has to wonder: Would Britney Spears be as successful as she is now if she was ugly? We probably wouldn't even know who she was...

5 On Her Knees


Britney's pictures from her youth are admittedly some of the hottest photos of her that exist. And again, it's that innocence and naivety that make her so appealing at such a young age. She's perfection personified. Little did we know back then that she would unleash a much more unrestrained sexuality in the coming years. And not only that, but she would unleash something more disturbing - a growing sense of mental instability. It wouldn't take long before Britney's cute, innocent exterior began to deteriorate into something much more erratic, vulnerable, and unpredictable. But the cuteness was great while it lasted. This picture of Britney smiling up at you from her knees was actually an album cover.

4 Blonde Bombshell


This is another of Britney's younger photos, and as you can see, the evolution towards wearing less and less clothes is starting to take place. The crazy thing is that she's pretty much still a child in these pictures. Sure, she has the body of a woman, but she was barely past her teen years, and her mind was definitely not mature. You can really see the innocence of youth in her eyes. This was something that would quickly vanish, as it does from all adults eventually. Can you see the child deep down inside her? The child that began her singing career while she was still in kindergarten? Yes, that's right, her first live performance was at her kindergarten graduation. Apparently Britney knew from a very young age that she wanted to be a singer, and she followed that dream all the way to fruition.

3 Tight Leather

As you can see, over the years Britney's outfits keep getting sexier and sexier. Once again, she's wearing her signature knee-high boots, and a very tight body suit that looks like it's made of some kind of leather. Her zipper is pulled down to show off maximum cleavage. This is a girl who knows how to sell records. She's still got that cute, innocent look in her eyes, but it's a lot harder to believe that she actually is innocent while she's wearing an outfit like that. And that's probably why her single "Oops... I Did It Again" was so popular, and became such an iconic song that summed up what Britney was all about. The lyrics to this song include the words, "I'm not that innocent." You got that right, Britney... In fact I'd say you're far from innocent. This was her coming out song, her choice to reveal to the world that she was unleashing her inner sex kitten for everyone to see.

2 More Stretching


There's been a lot of drama associated with Britney Spears over the course of her career, but today she's really calmed down as a person. She has not, however, become any less hot. But today, she's hot in a different way. She seems more chilled out these days, more at ease with herself and more comfortable in her own skin. This photo caught her in the midst of relaxing and getting some sun on a sunny beach. She's taking a nice big stretch, and she looks totally satisfied. That's a real joy to see, considering all of the struggles she's been through over the years with her mental health. She now has two sons and a happy family. And perhaps the most impressive thing is that she finally seems to have matured, not just taking the body of a smoking hot woman, but also the mind of one as well.

1 Naughty Dress

Our last picture shows very clearly why X-Tina will never be able to compete with the goddess that is Britney Spears. She's wearing a dress that just barely covers her amazingly hot booty, and somehow she makes it look cute and classy. If you saw a girl wearing this on the street, you'd probably assume she was a prostitute. But Britney somehow makes it work. Truth be told, she's worn things a lot more revealing to her concerts, even the more recent ones. Just a few months ago, she had a major nip slip during a concert in Las Vegas. It took her a full 30 seconds to realize her breast was completely exposed. Or maybe she wanted people to see. Whatever the case, she didn't let it affect her performance, and carried on singing as if nothing had happened. It's this nonchalant approach to her sexiness that makes Britney so inescapably hot.

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