15 Photos That Prove Bella Thorne Is Becoming The Next Lindsay Lohan

Is Bella Thorne becoming the next Lindsay Lohan? That’s what everyone can’t help but ask these days. After all, both women have had the same start in their careers. They were childhood stars who were bound for great success in the entertainment world. But both women ended up taking one wrong turn and unfortunately, things just haven’t been the same for them. I mean, we all know Lindsay Lohan’s story. She hasn’t been able to clean up her act for years and is now country-hopping in Europe doing who knows what!

Unfortunately, Bella seems like she is going down the same slippery slope. She doesn’t even look like the bright-eyed, smart, youthful girl that she used to look like while she was promoting her films on the red carpet just a few short years ago. As a matter of fact, Bella’s appearance has changed drastically in the last few years. And that’s what has her fans worried the most.

Here are 15 photos that prove Bella Thorne is coming dangerously close to being the next Lindsay Lohan. And as I’m sure you know, no one wants to see that happen. Take a look below and let us know what you think.

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15 Too Skinny?

via: hollywoodlife.com

While there’s no doubt that Bella Thorne has always been a very slim actress, some critics would argue that these days she is looking nothing like her former self. In fact, a lot of people even say that she looks too skinny for her frame. And to make things worse, they are also very worried about her health. She doesn’t look like the same girl who debuted on The Disney Channel not too long ago.

Now, we don’t want to make any assumptions, as we don’t know what Bella is eating on a daily basis, but a lot of critics have been saying that something must be going on. And hopefully, she’s still maintaining a healthy and balanced diet and lifestyle. Watch this space. We have a feeling that Bella might be changing even more in the coming months.

14 She’s Hanging Out With The Wrong Crowd

via: instagram.com

Bella Thorne shocked her fans when she started hanging out with Kourtney Kardashian’s ex, Scott Disick. It’s safe to say that no one saw that coming as Scott and Bella come from two different worlds. Plus, does Bella wants to be a Hollywood actress or an extra on a reality television show? Clearly, it’s doubtful that she would want to stoop that low in her career. Plus, who in their right mind wants to take a Kardashian leftover? Bella couldn’t be serious.

If that weren’t enough, Scott Disick recently admitted that he only dated Bella Thorne just so he could get back at his ex Kourtney Kardashian. Ouch. For Bella, that has to hurt in more ways than one. If you want to know our opinion, she can do way better.

13 She’s Not Focusing On Her Career

via: dailymail.co.uk

Bella is very active on social media but unfortunately, her IMDB page sees far less activity. Sure, she’s got a handful of movies that are in post-production and scheduled for release in 2018, but it’s doubtful that any of them will make it to the big screen. In fact, they all almost look like straight-to-the-DVD bin projects.

The last time Bella Thorne was in a somewhat decent movie was when she played Jennifer Garner’s daughter in Alexander and the Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Since then, all of her movies have been rather forgettable. Simply put, Bella could do better. If she would just start focusing on her career more, she could easily climb her way up the A-list ladder. Instead, she’s making the kind of decisions that have landed her on the D-list.

12 She’s Partying More Than Working

via: dailymail.co.uk

Just like Lindsay Lohan, Bella Thorne seems to be prioritizing her personal life over her career, and that’s not a good thing at all. Sure, she’s fun and she deserves to party just like any other gal her age, but at the same time all of the good roles are being taken by actresses who are taking the careers more seriously. Instead of being another Emma Stone or Emma Watson, she’s becoming a Lindsay Lohan. And trust us, that’s not a compliment at all.

As a matter of fact, Bella has made it her priority to hang out at the hot Hollywood clubs almost every other night. We can’t remember the last time we saw her on the set of a new film. With the way things are going, she might end up being another unemployed actress in the entertainment industry.

11 She’s Confusing Her Fans

via: instagram.com

Sure, Bella has had some high-profiled romances, including her fling with Scott Disick. She was also in a serous relationship with Gregg Sulkin. But for some reason or another, none of her relationships seem to be sticking. Either she’s not taking them very seriously, or she’s just playing the field.

If that weren’t enough, Bella also confused her fans even more by suggesting that she might be playing for the other team. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, her fans have made it pretty clear that they do want some kind of transparency from her. They think Bella hasn’t been very honest with them with her male and female dalliances and everything else in between. One moment she’s with her ex-boyfriend, the next moment she’s sharing photos of her kissing a girlfriend on Instagram.

10  Showing Off Lots Of Skin

via: gotceleb.com

There are so many actresses, reality television stars, models and celebrities that love to show off their skin on social media on a daily basis. We see it so much that honestly, it tends to get boring. It’s repetitive. It’s not interesting. The more you show, the less mysterious you become. And in Hollywood, that might end up hurting you more than helping you.

And yes, Bella Thorne is doing the exact same thing. I mean, we all remember how Lindsay Lohan was going through her Marilyn Monroe stage and posed in her birthday suit on the cover of New York magazine, right? She’s done it so many times that we’ve lost count. Bella is better off keeping her clothes on and showing us her acting skills rather than what she has beneath her clothes.

9 Looking For Attention

via: snapchat.com

It’s without a doubt that a lot of people will agree that there are two kinds of people on social media: those who truly want to keep up with their fans and those who are just looking for attention. And we get it – everyone wants the most likes, the most comments and the most engagement on their social media accounts. And certainly, Bella loves reading everything that her fans (and even her critics) have to say, but shouldn't she be concentrating on other things instead?

Plus, the ever-changing appearance and the changes in her style just show that she’s focusing more on her looks than her roles. Even her fans have been saying that she should be hitting the casting calls more frequently than she does the clubs.

8 Taking The Wrong Kind Of Risks

via: snapchat.com

Bella Thorne puts herself out there on social media on a daily basis. She doesn’t hold anything back. She loves to tease her fans with barely-there ensembles and her ever-changing appearance. And while fashion and style risks are fun, it’s really not going to take her to many places. Simply put, she’s taking the wrong kind of risks.

And while there’s no doubt that she’s just another young twenty-something who wants to have fun and take things one day at a time, you really can’t do that in her business. It’s too cut-throat. Instead of dying her hair a different color every couple of weeks, she should think about taking riskier, meatier roles. Bella has got the talent, she just needs more motivation, and a better team of publicists behind her, too.

7 Good Girl Gone Bad Image

via: eonline.com

It’s safe to say that a lot of Bella Thorne’s fans are just frustrated with her "good girl gone bad" image. Why? Because we’ve seen this all too many time before. We get it. She wants to show the world that she’s not a little girl anymore. Bella wants everyone to know that she’s in control and that she has got matters in her own hands. The only problem is that we’ve seen this all before too many times.

If Bella doesn’t change gears soon, unfortunately, the media will start calling her the next Lindsay Lohan. Hopefully she won’t go that route. What’s more, hopefully she’ll start focusing more on her movies than on her Instagram account. She’s a beautiful gal who has a lot going for herself but she just needs to realize that she’s got to work hard and play less.

6 No One Is Taking Her Seriously

via: radaronline.com

Yes, there are plenty of actresses that have said odd and bizarre things to the press before. Sometimes we really don’t know how to decipher what they are saying or what they want to say for that matter. And unfortunately, Bella Thorne is one of those people and that’s why a lot of people don’t take her very seriously (and in case you are wondering, fellow rambler Lindsay Lohan is in that same category, too).

Plus, Bella doesn’t really give any concrete statements or answers. She once said, “I think everything about my life is magical. I've struggled, and against most odds, I'm truly having the experience of living my dreams.” Um, okay... We’re not sure how she’s struggled or how she’s living her dreams, but whatever you say, Bella!

5 D-List Actress?

via: youtube.com

Just like many Disney Channel fans, Bella Thorne had a very promising career a few years ago. After all, many actors and actresses who start off with the Disney Channel end up becoming household names. Sadly, Bella hasn’t been able to do much to prove to the world that she has what it takes to become an A-lister, even though the potential is there.

Yet, at the same time it does seem like Bella Thorne knows that her career isn’t going in the right direction. She’s struggling, just like so many actresses in Hollywood everyday. She once said, “We have disappointments all the time in the business, and I've lost way more projects than I've booked. I've learned from every opportunity and have been chosen for some really great projects!”

4 Plastic Surgery Rumors?

via: dailymail.co.uk/justjared.com

It seems like almost every actress has before and after pictures in the entertainment industry. And while no one really likes to admit to it, almost no actress looks like her original headshot from so many years ago! And yes, the same can be said about our dear Bella Thorne here.

And while Lindsay Lohan didn’t have any work done (allegedly, that is) while she was still a star, her appearance did begin to change after her downfall in Hollywood. We can only hope and cross our fingers that the same won’t happen to Bella. But sadly, the transformation has begun. She doesn’t look like the same girl we were first introduced to on Shake it Up. I mean, the writing is on the wall. Do you see it?

3 More Of A Celebrity Than An Actress

via: pagesix.com

There are two different categories of actresses these days: those who are focused on making good movie after good movie and then there are those who are social media and brand ambassador celebrities. I’m sure you know who fits into which pot here. There are some gals out there who would never, ever have an Instagram account, while others are obsessed with it.

Unfortunately, actresses like Bella Thorne and Lindsay Lohan belong to the latter group. It’s not one that you really want to be a part of. Plus, she’s also made it no secret that she wants to help her fans out there. She once said, “I'd like to help other kids with dyslexia, because I'm dyslexic. It was very hard, and I know that what I went through, other kids are going through.”

2 She Can Be Doing Better Things

via: instagram.com

Bella Thorne can be so many different things: an actress, a humanitarian, a singer, a dancer, and so much more. Yet she’s only tapped into her talents a little here and there. We really haven’t seen her dance since Shake It Up and quite honestly, haven’t heard much of her singing since none of her albums have gone mainstream. And just to think, she was once an author, too. This girl is the full package. And that’s why we don’t want to see her become another Lindsay.

Bella once even said, “I want people to look at my films and say 'Wow, she's a good actress,' and I know I'll have to work hard for that. Acting isn’t a side thing. You have to live and breathe it.” Okay, girl, but keep going. Don’t give in and definitely don’t give up. Bella’s fans are rooting for her to do bigger and much better things. It’s only a matter of time before she realizes this.

1 Bizarre Interviews

via: instagram.com

Bella made headlines last summer when she conducted an interview with a Scott Disick mask. Yes, that happened. And no, we have no idea why she would do something so strange, so bizarre, and so out there.

And while Bella has insisted that she’s never been with Scott physically, she definitely used him to put her name in the headlines. But is that something a girl like Bella needs to do? Girlfriend went on several dates with Scott and even went on a trip to the south of France with him, too. Bella, put the mask down and block Scott’s phone number from your phone. You don’t want to become a Kardashian. In fact, there are very few people out there who’ll admit that they want to be a Kardashian. Moving on!

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