15 Photos That Prove Archie Should've Picked Veronica

The town of Riverdale clearly does not believe in monogamy. Over the decades that this beloved comic has been produced not only in comic form but also in other forms of media where we get to see our f

The town of Riverdale clearly does not believe in monogamy. Over the decades that this beloved comic has been produced not only in comic form but also in other forms of media where we get to see our favorite characters (i.e. in a cartoon paranormal show and now a new live action series). Archie Andrews, with his red hair, freckles, and the worst and best luck in town is apparently the number one stud. Over the years this high school student has dated nearly every attractive lady that makes hearts appear above his head. The most famous love triangle in this town and perhaps in pop culture in general is Archie Andrews, Veronica Lodge, and Betty Cooper. Betty Cooper is a nice girl. That’s about it. Veronica however is the clear choice. The first and most obvious point is in the class picture of the three of them sharing a milkshake, just who is the redhead staring at? Is it Betty? No. It’s the voluminous Veronica.

15 The Hottest Thing In A Woman Is Confidence

Veronica knows exactly who she is. She doesn’t pretend to be anything else because why would she? She knows she is a catch and she uses that to her advantage. A lot of men are automatically drawn to Veronica right on sight and it’s because she ties the whole package together with her confidence. That is how she stands out amongst the other girls, even though they all have the same face and body. Confidence in a woman is so rare in this town it seems. Since everyone dates everyone or tries to hit on someone else just because they can. Just because you have a partner doesn’t mean they are faithful, which can really hurt confidence in a relationship. But Veronica is ahead of the game, she can find someone else almost instantly, or use her fallback Reggie, and not give the new guy a second thought. This just drives Archie wild.

14 Travel In Style

This girl is cultured. She does what anyone who wishes they had crazy amount of money, or a rich daddy, who do. She traveled the world and she knows the culture. Over the decades of publication Veronica has visited almost every place that has a 5 star hotel, and then some. Mostly places in Europe, Japan, and Canada where she even brought Jughead along. She is extremely generous as well as she often invites her friends to come along. It’s never mentioned but I’m sure the more humble friends are not pitching in for their traveling fees. But she is very generous and will keep her friends closer. Or just to keep an eye on Archie. He sees himself as an adventurer and often gets into some sort of trouble. As much as they all love Riverdale they have a yearning to see more of the world. This is exactly what Veronica can provide.

13 Hard To Get

She does not make it easy for just anyone to get a date with her. She prizes herself as very valuable and she sells it well. She knows her worth, she knows exactly what she can offer to the men she dates and she keeps them jumping because she knows they will. Men love a challenge, they want to overcome something difficult and come out on top. It goes back to primitive instincts, the harder the challenge the sweeter the reward. That is why Archie never took Betty seriously and never will. She throws herself at him nearly daily and it shows how cheap and easy it is. In so many instances if Veronica was too busy to entertain Archie he would go straight to Betty knowing she will always say yes, even though he will be thinking about Veronica the entire time and what she is doing while Betty tries to get his attention still.

12 No Regrets

Archie is a player, and a miraculous one at that. Even the other men in town cannot believe the luck and natural attraction women have for him, and how much he can really clean up. Having relationships even with some of Veronica's friends, Valerie from Josie and the Pussycats for one. He is making sure that when his choice is made there will be no regrets, and Veronica is doing the same thing. She is meeting royalty and famous men all the time who would like to date her. She agrees for the experience but she is living her young life as is Archie. Not sitting at home pinning away for him wasting their youth. Once they are ready to settle down they will know they are meant for each other and they are completely ready. Plus with all the experience they both racked up there shouldn’t be any shy moments in the bedroom.

11 Dress To Impress

Veronica has style; she can sport any kind of look that the latest fashion trends throw her way and start her own trends as well. She takes care of herself, she dolls herself up every day in the most expensive wardrobe you can imagine. A lot of men in Riverdale would be proud to have her hanging off their arm walking around town. She has designers make clothes just for her to match her beauty. She is also skilled with a makeup brush and is known to have her makeup done perfectly every day. As she gets older you know she will be able to make the wrinkles work for her looks. Even without the makeup she takes care of herself. She makes sure that her body will retain its beauty for a long time. She thinks about the future and eats healthy, moisturizes her skin, and works out to keep herself looking as great as she does.

10 Financial Security

Something that attracts men to Veronica is her bank account, or her daddy’s bank account. But since she is an only child it is very likely the business empire will fall to her one day. She is set for life. Whatever she needs it is already taken care of. In an issue of Archie comics they explore the idea of Archie marrying Veronica and right off the bat he gets an excellent job with her father. With his connection to Veronica he will have all the money he needs and more. He can even pursue is creative dreams later while skipping the starving artist part that so many artist trudge through. They don’t have to worry about their future or their kid’s future. It is all bought and paid for. Any problem you can throw money at isn’t a problem. Plus he absolutely adores her; the money is just a really nice bonus on top of everything else.

9 He Obviously Loves Her More

Archie is not a subtle man, being a cartoon and a comic book character he wears his heart on his sleeve. He doesn’t have time to waste and at any opportunity to go somewhere with someone he thinks of Veronica first. She is always first on his mind, he is always the most concerned of letting her down and he puts all of her needs above his own. He adores her, and it is really obvious. A lot of characters will say she is just using him or it is just because she is “too sexy” but Cheryl is sexy as well and even though he has an interest in her as well he always goes back to Veronica. Even on the most iconic picture of the love triangle, which showcases Veronica, Archie and then Betty, sipping on a milkshake, Archie is looking directly at Veronica, craving her attention. Veronica just plays it cool because she knows that they work best together.

8 She Is Smart

Beautiful people unfortunately have a negative opinion against them that just because they are attractive or just because they take care of themselves they are not intelligent. For Veronica this is definitely not the case. Her intelligence is definitely not the first thing you think of when you hear her name but it is a factor as to why she is in the lead of winning over Archie. She knows what she is doing. She can play the game and she is excellent at it. Not any just bimbo can come up with the plans that she does, and with her level of execution average she could get a job with the government with how well she can twist things her way. She knows her opponent and does not underestimate her. Unlike Betty to Veronica, which is why Betty finds herself dateless so many Saturday nights. Veronica may not pay attention in school and her grades reflect that but she is set for life no matter what marks she achieves. She has major street smarts which subjectively is more valuable and will get you farther in life.

7 Family Values

If there is anyone who will defend their family to the end no matter what it is Veronica. She loves her family, clearly, and will trump anyone who tries to get between her and them, or anyone who tries to dishonor them in anyway. Veronica knows her name is full of power. It has pride, accomplishment and its something to really admire. Anyone who tries to say otherwise will get an ear full from Veronica and she will prove them wrong. That said, she defends ANY member of her family, no matter their past. They can be poor beggars, criminals and she will always find something great or glamorous to say about them. Whoever gets the honor of joining her family will be defended just the same, once you’re in you’re in. But it’s not just her. Veronica’s family will always take care of their own family; they will always stand up for each other. It doesn’t matter if you were born into the family or married in that family will protect you.

6 10/10

Veronica is without a doubt a ten out of ten. She has the looks that every woman in Riverdale, and other places in the world, envies. There is a reason why she sets the tone for fashion in that town. She has beautiful hair that is not only designed especially for her but it is taken care of by professionals. Because why not? She has a great face that she enhances her natural beauty by being an expert with makeup. She never looks like a slob in any regard. Veronica has beautiful clothes that make a guy feel lucky to be seen with her. She is the envy of the town because of her money and she knows how to use it, and have a great time. With her generosity her date is going to remember this outing for a long time. She is charming, talented, sexy and just a catch in general. Men want her and women want to be her. Even if you don’t “like” her you have to admit she is the full package.

5 Power Couple

If there was someone who could match Veronica in attractiveness in Riverdale it is Archie Andrews. For some reason, whether it be his clumsy charm, his unusual looks, or the fact that he plays guitar in a band. Archie Andrews is that little red head that every girl seems to fall in love with. With his quirkiness that stands out in their town and her force to be reckoned with, they complement each other and also challenge each other. He can be just as terrible as Veronica can to Betty. Betty being the needy one, the easy one, and wears her heart on her sleeve, she makes it easy for Archie to disregard her and just use her as a backup. He walks all over Better just like how Veronica can, but she still thinks of Betty as her best friend. Just like how Archie plays Betty and every other girl in town, Veronica plays all the men. Archie and Veronica are both in high demand and they are crazy for each other. They could date anyone else in town but they both want whatever is best in town, and that is each other.

4 She's Multi-Talented

If there is one thing to spend money on when you have large amounts that no one could ever take away from you it is skills, or talents. Veronica used her time and money wisely by investing in herself to make herself as skilled and as well learned as she could possibly be. Throughout the comic book years you see her take multiple music lessons for instruments like piano, cello, and even singing lessons. Even when she is shown in the Archie’s band she is on the piano keeping up with everyone else. She studies up on different languages for when she gets to meet all different kinds of people relating to her father’s business and is shown the non tourist way to enjoy the culture.

3 Fantasy Girl

In fantasies she is always being rescued. I mean good for Betty for pulling her weight in a team but ultimately Archie wants to be the man. He’s not interested in equality. Veronica is always the one shown kidnapped or in a dangerous situation that Archie (and the gang most of the time) has to go and save. There are moments when she is pulling her weight just as much as other members of the team, whatever fantasy story they are acting out, but she is usually the goal. It shows that Archie already sees her as his, she is something that he needs to protect. That is why this theme is mostly shown in fantasy type stories because in reality she takes care of herself or saves him.

2 A Great Friend

Veronica is more than fair to Betty. Although they are each other’s main competitors for the attention and adoration of Archie, or any cute new guy in town, Veronica adores Betty. Betty doesn’t have much, or not nearly as much as Veronica but if she asked for anything Veronica would give it to her in a heartbeat. Whether it is some new clothes, a travel opportunity or even if she needs to borrow money. Betty would never take anything from her unless Veronica was going to donate it or insist it as a gift. In a few instances Veronica even tries to help Betty be more appealing to Archie, since she is always fawning over him like a love-sick puppy. She tries to teach herself respect and cares genuinely cares about her feelings. Veronica is very good to those she cares about.

1 She Knows How To Have A Good Time

If there is anything you can say about Veronica and her character it is that she knows how to have a good time. She is not overly serious when she doesn’t need to be and she doesn’t stress out over the little things, she is living it up and making sure her friends are able to also. Veronica throws the most lavish parties and most often, if someone has a birthday or some kind of special event coming up, if you are on her good side then it’s going to be a bash. From decorations to food and everything in between Veronica has it covered, it will be remembered and talked about until the next party. Everywhere she goes; if she can, she will bring the party with her and make an adventure out of any ordinary thing.

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