15 Photos That Prove 30 Is Just A Number For These Hotties

There are so many beautiful female celebrities in the world that it’s really hard to narrow down just 15 that make the cut. These days it seems that the celebrities in their 20’s are getting all the hype and we need to remember that once you turn thirty it doesn’t mean you’re dead. In fact, there are times, more often than not, that celebrities get hotter as they get older. Look at Jennifer Aniston for example, she is in her 50s, and she looks just as hot as she did when she was in her 30s. These girls are groundbreakers in Hollywood , and they have made a name for themselves from just their looks.

There are some pretty powerful ladies in the industry these days and although there are many to choose from we think that you will absolutely love the short list we have compiled for you. There is no order of excellence for these ladies; they have been chosen at random for the list. These are the women that are not only excelling at their career, but they are doing good things around them too. They are strong and work hard; the beauty is just a bonus for these ladies. They are smart and fearless ladies that are making some strong movements in the world and in their careers. These women are amazing for more than one reason. Check out these 15 photos that prove that 30 is just a number.

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15 Britney Spears

Britney has been up and down with her career and life for many years and for awhile there we thought we lost her as she derailed her career when she shaved her head. It was around the time that she started walking into truck stop bathrooms in her bare feet that we thought she was lost to us forever. What we can do however is blame it all on her ex-husband Kevin Federline who never deserved her in the first place. But we love nothing more than a comeback story, and Britney certainly deserves that. She has not only got her firm figure back, but she is killing it career-wise as well. She knew what she wanted from her life, and she went out and grabbed it. Judging by this picture and that new body of hers, she has no problem with the fact that she is in her 30s and killing it.

14 Ashley Tisdale

Talk about a sexy picture, you don’t get much better than this bikini shot, and it shows a more grown up version of the star. Ashley has grown up a lot more since her High School Musical days. Throughout the years Ashley has proven that she is a multi-talented celebrity. Not only did she become an actress but she has dabbled in singing as well. If that wasn’t enough, she had taken on producing films as well under her production company Blondie Girl Productions. She has had a long career for such a young actress, and it all started out with national commercials. After her career had skyrocketed due to the High School Musical franchise, she started making albums. She released two albums, “Headstrong” and “Guilty Pleasure” which were hits. It looks like nothing can stop this thirty-something, she’s got the world in her hands.

13 Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis has been a busy bee lately. She married her long-time love that she met on That 70’s Show, Ashton Kutcher and the two immediately started making babies. Not that it stopped her from having a career, she’s been in and out of movies for years. I love this picture of her because it shows her strength as well as her insane beauty. It’s a picture of her from the upcoming movie Tangled set to be release in December 2017. Her parents emigrated to Los Angeles when Mila was only seven. They probably wouldn’t have been able to do so if they hadn’t won a green card lottery. It was a rough move for Mila however because she couldn’t speak English very well. "I cried every day," she said. "I didn't understand the culture. I didn't understand the people."

12 Kaley Cuoco

This woman has been taking Hollywood by storm with her starring role in the ever-popular TV series The Big Bang Theory. She and her co-stars made the news recently with the news that she was going to take a pay cut so that the other female stars could get a raise. She’s truly been a woman that thinks of others before herself. She’s also been in the news recently for her divorce from tennis player Ryan Sweeting who she was married to for three years. The two are separating because Kaley claims that her hubby is addicted to painkillers that he started taking after an accident in 2014. “She supported him, but she said he couldn't make the commitment to get sober. He'd tell her he was working on it and instead go get wasted.” This picture shows how fit the actress has stayed throughout her career and how well she can handle any problem that comes her way.

11 Jenna Dewan-Tatum

That hair, those eyes, and that insane dancer's body, how could we not appreciate how good she looks in her 30s. She’s absolutely stunning in this black and silver gown. We love it. As a dancer, she has worked with other artists such as Missy Elliot, Christina Aguilera, and PINK. She started her career off as a backup dancer for Janet Jackson. She starred in the movie Step Up where she met her husband, Channing Tatum. She’s been in a ton of TV shows such as the Playboy Club, Supergirl, American Horror Story: Asylum, Witches of East End and No Tomorrow. She has constantly continued to do dance performances which must be how she keeps that insane body.

10 Lily Aldridge

Talk about gorgeous! Lily Aldridge is one girl that never seems to age. Considering how great she looks now she probably doesn’t have to worry about her 40s and 50s either. She has a slim figure, the kind of figure you need to have to be a model. We are just in love with her look. She is a famous supermodel that works with Sports Illustrated as well as Victoria’s Secret. She married the Kings of Leon frontman Colin Followill in 2011. They share a daughter together. She has a ton of print contracts with Tommy Hilfiger, GAP, Bobbi Brown, Levi’s, Coach and Charles David. She has also been featured in music videos for heavy hitters such as Snoop Dogg, Dre, and Eminem.

9 Lana Del Rey

Not only is she absolutely stunning in this photo but she is the ultimate badass when it comes to her singing career. This is a pretty casual picture that shows off the true beauty of the singer. She is a newbie to the 30’s, but she is already rocking it. She has that husky voice that makes listening to music insanely sensual. She is definitely one girl that was raised with a silver spoon in her mouth. She comes from a wealthy family, so she spent a lot of time in Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. She was one lucky person that got to travel around the world while growing up. Before she became famous, she used to sing in her church choir. Lana Del Rey isn’t her real name either; this sexy songstress’s real name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant.

8 Keira Knightley

This stunner looks amazing in this photo, and she proves for sure that 30 is just a number. Keira has been in the business since she was a kid and she has made a solid career for herself in Hollywood. She seems to be more attracted to period pieces than anything else but that’s certainly an area where she shines. There are rumors that the actress will be reprising her role in the latest Pirates of the Caribbean, the role that made her famous in the first place. She had once said she would never go back to that role, but people are definitely talking about it. “Keira was really excited to reprise the character that made her famous and get into her wigs and costume again. Her role will only be a small return during the end credits to deliver killer lines, hinting at a possible bigger part in the sixth movie.”

7 Miranda Lambert

Despite the breakup of her marriage to Blake Shelton, Miranda is looking as hot as ever and taking over her 30’s. Why shouldn’t she? She is an amazing singer with a great career, and she’s already moved on from Blake. We all know that cheaters never prosper either. These days, things are going great for the beauty who looks great in the deep V-neck yellow dress she wore to the ACM Awards. She’s doing so well that she even has Keith Urban covering her hits. “I’m gonna play you a snippet of a song that I love at the moment. I’ve never played this, so Miranda, bear with me. But this is a great song, even if it is weird that the guy is holding shoes in his hand at 7 a.m.” Now that must make a girl blush. She has been a country music superstar for years, and she doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

6  6. Rachel McAdams

We love Rachel McAdams; she’s not only an amazing actress but a genuinely good human as well. This Canadian-born actress is one that hasn’t let anything get in her way when it comes to getting whatever she wants out of life. She’s considered a leading lady that can hold her own in the industry. She has a serious theater background thanks to her degree from York University. Her most recent movies were Spotlight and Doctor Strange as has also starred in the HBO TV series True Detective. She has three films in post-production for this year including a third installment of the Sherlock Holmes franchise. She will act once again alongside Robert Downey Jr. She’s come a long way from the girl we saw in The Notebook.

5 Carey Mulligan

Carey Mulligan got her big break when she played the role of Kitty in Pride & Prejudice. Since then she has been making her mark in Hollywood getting cast in roles such as Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. She also received huge acclaim for her portrayal of Jenny Mellor in An Education. It was based on Jenny Mellor’s memoir. Because of that film she won a Golden Globe, an Oscar as well as a Screen Actors Guild Award. These days she’s been on the TV series The Walker as well as Celebrity Conversations. This year she is in the movie Mudbound and she will be starring in a movie called The Wildlife, which is in post-production at this point. She definitely has a strong presence in the film industry and we will be seeing much more of the girl.

4 Doutzen Kroes

Doutzen is a supermodel and a stunning one at that; man look at those abs. She has been modeling for some time now but did not get her big break the traditional way. Usually, a model gets her big break because a scouting agency saw them at a McDonalds or something. But that wasn’t the case for Doutzen at all. Paparazzi Model Management signed her after she sent them her holiday pictures. It wasn’t hard for them to see that she was worth a chance. She has been working with Victoria’s Secret and is also a spokesperson for L’Oréal Paris for the past five years. She reportedly makes well over five million a year for her modeling efforts.

3 Willa Ford

Willa Ford seems to have done it all in Hollywood. She is known as a singer/songwriter, singer, model, dancer, actress and TV personality. In 2001, she debuted her first album “Willa Was Here” and since then has the reputation of a “bad girl” in the pop music industry. She has been in numerous movies and on TV shows throughout her career and even posed for Playboy at one point. You might be surprised to learn that she studied opera for four years and has a degree as a professional opera singer. Talk about crazy. This girl really is a Jack-of-All-Trades. She’s been in the following movies over the past two years as she makes a name for herself as an actress: A Father’s Secret, Submerged, I Checkmate, Any Day, Friday The 13th and The Nurse. She has even competed on ABC’s Dancing with The Stars. Is there anything this girl can’t do?

2 Anna Kournikova

Anna Kournikova was the beauty that at times was more noticed for her looks than her career which was stellar when she was at the top of her game. Her career ended early however when she started to develop back issues and spinal problems due to a herniated disk. She is retired now, although she will continue to play tennis for charity events. After her tennis career ended, she went into television where she became one of the trainers on The Biggest Loser, replacing Jillian Michaels in season 12. She only stayed for the one season however. She's been romantically involved with singer Enrique Iglesias. The two share a $20 million home on a private island in Miami.

1 Michelle Trachtenberg

Her most memorable roles in TV have been Georgina from Gossip Girl and Summer from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Michelle has been in Hollywood for quite some time. She began her career in Adventures of Pete & Pete and moved on from there. She was an awkward looking child, but it wasn’t long before she grew up into the full-blown stunner that she is today. Recently she has starred in the TV series Guidance and SuperMansion. Her most recent movie was a production called Sister Cities. She hasn’t done anything as big as Gossip Girl lately, but she certainly has had steady work over the years. She did have a lot of recurring roles on Weeds and Robot Chicken.

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