15 Photos That Make J. Lo Look Older Than 48

Jennifer Lopez, a.k.a. J. Lo, is one of the hottest entertainers out there. She is an accomplished actress, singer, TV judge, dancer, entrepreneur, and much more. As a single mom of two, she is leading a life full of excitement and adventure that will teach her adorable young twins that a woman can, indeed, have it all (including an impressive roster of men).

Most of the time, the 40-something superstar looks impeccable. She is incredibly youthful, toned and fit, and undeniably sexy, and her fine taste in fashion and style makes her modern and relevant. She wows the crowds during her upbeat performances, and since she is “from the block,” J. Lo seems to remain down to Earth and approachable, despite her A-lister celeb status.

But every star has their less-than-flattering moments when they are not quite camera-ready. Since J. Lo’s not one to hide behind bulled curtains from the paparazzi, she has been caught looking less than stellar. So much so that fans have questioned if she is really as hot as we have been convinced she is. Makeup and good lighting can work wonders, so have we been duped?

Here are 15 shocking pics of J. Lo that have us somewhat concerned that she may not be the beautiful babe we always thought she was. Could it really be true? Is J. Lo as disappointing as Gigli? Have a look for yourself and see if you can squint your way into finding even a smidge of hotness lurking somewhere deep inside these 15 photos.

15 Close-Up Chaos

Without all the meticulous airbrushing and extensive Photoshop work, fans and foes can finally see that J. Lo looks her age… just like the rest of us “regular folks.” Sure, she is still a very attractive woman compared to the average 48-year-old, but she is not as flawless and perfect as we have been led to believe. We see plenty of fine lines and wrinkles, a few pockmarks, and a thick application of makeup. Plus, her odd facial expression is not doing her any favours. And when we see this unretouched photo next to one which has been through plenty of processing and post-production, the “flaws” really stand out. Looks like Jenny has been around the block a time or two! If only celebs could walk around with a real-time filter.

14 Barefaced VS Babe

When J. Lo is dressed to impress, has that Californian golden glow, and her makeup and hair are done to perfection, she looks like the superstar we are used to seeing and admiring. But without all the glitz and glam, J. Lo looks like an everyday average “Jane” with a blah complexion and a look that we would be unlikely to give a second thought to. She could head out to the grocery store or pick up the kids from school unnoticed and nobody would even realize that she is one of the most famous women in the world. Props to her talented makeup artist and hairstylist, not to mention the designer of that sexy, barely-there shirt. Without their hard work, J. Lo would look like your average soccer mom.

13 Casual With Coffee

That extra-large cup of Starbucks coffee sure looks plenty tasty, but a drab-looking J. Lo looks like she just rolled out of bed — the wrong side of it, no less. The java may be piping hot, but as for the A-lister? Luke-warm at best. She surely looks super-comfy in her grey sweats, but fans expect a good deal more from J. Lo. Where is the sexy outfit? What about the lip gloss and bronzer? And what’s with that sloppy hairdo? Let’s hope that J. Lo is dressed this way for a role or she is getting ready to go into hair and makeup on set. But if this is J. Lo’s new look as she approaches 50, we are all doomed. At least she is rocking a pair of super-cool shades. We need something to strive for.

12 Hairdo Is A Don’t Do 

What in the world is going on here? J. Lo surely looks as happy as a clam, but the rest of us are left scratching our heads — something the star is unable to do with this big-hair mess. Surely her hairstylist was going for something over the top and unique, but what they were left with was something that looks like an unfortunate electrical socket mishap. J. Lo’s pink satin dress is special, as is her pearl necklace and mega-watt smile, but all those things are hardly noticeable beneath that mop of wild hair. Hopefully, this hairstyle did not take too long to create, because if J. Lo had her head on straight that evening, she combed it out the moment she got home from her red-carpet event.

11 Washed Up

Most fans of J. Lo would just love to see her slip into a form-fitting rubbery wetsuit, but aside from her body looking fit and fierce as usual, she looks nothing like the billion-dollar star we are used to seeing on stage and screen. Yes, J. Lo still looks impressive for a 48-year-old, but she’s no head-turner — at least not in this pic. Without a stitch of makeup to be seen, J. Lo looks pale and plain. Her hair is obviously messed up from swimming and her eyes look quite tired. Not that we would expect anyone to get all dolled-up for any activity where a wetsuit is required, but this side of J. Lo shows that she pretty much looks like anyone you would know from your hometown. Perhaps Jenny is from your block!

10 Triple Threat — Troubled Chin

For a woman who always seems to find the best angles and poses, this unflattering double -chin shot of J. Lo is as surprising as it is unattractive. We all know that she does not have a permanent double chin, but this poor pic caught the star in a position that even she would cringe over. All she had to do was lift her head before the paparazzi shots fired, but they caught the stunner before she even had time to say “cheese.” Now, we will all be on double-chin alert when J. Lo is out and about. For a woman who claims to be “surgery-free,” this pic may have her rethinking the idea. She wouldn’t be the first woman in Hollywood to do so. ‘Till then, she could always invest in a good scarf.

9 Makeup-Free Mom

Without any makeup whatsoever, J. Lo looks like a completely different person. Her skin tone is totally altered thanks to the magic of makeup, and her entire face is transformed from plain to insane — in a good way. Without all that eyeliner, mascara, foundation, concealer, and lipstick, J. Lo does not even look like a celeb at all. She could be your kid’s grade-school teacher, a firefighter, or an accountant, but never a celebrity sensation. Seeing J. Lo looking so unremarkable makes the rest of us feel a lot better about ourselves. Even J. Lo needs a lot of help to look like a star. It must take a long time to go from pale to pretty, but for a celeb of her caliber, it is time well-spent.

8 Frizzy And Fried

If you have been wondering why your pharmacy is always out of hairspray, blame J. Lo. By the looks of this photo, it seems like the star has been using far too much of it resulting in hair that looks crispy and brittle. A look like this may have worked to her advantage in the '80s, but for a modern woman, J. Lo should know better. Who could run their fingers through this sticky web? Not that they’d want to. Let’s hope that the only reason J. Lo is sporting this look is for a television or movie roll and not because she thinks it looks good. Frizzy hair is never in fashion, even if an A-lister is trying to pull it off. J. Lo’s hairstylist better go back to beauty school pronto.

7 Tremendous Transformation

Here we see three looks of J. Lo, starting from scratch and landing with success. The first photo shows J. Lo with a bare face that gives us no indication that she is a famous person. We would see a woman like this at the local Walmart shopping for a 12-pack of discount tube socks. The middle pic gives us self-tanner overload — another unflattering vibe that is outdated and overrated. The last photo proves that the third time’s a charm, where J. Lo looks sexy, sophisticated, and sleek. A far cry from what we see in photo number one. When it comes to transformation from ho-hum to holy cow, J. Lo knows how to take it up a notch. Too bad we need to see the “before” to fully appreciate the “after.”

6 Not-So-Sweet Treat

Now that J. Lo has a new man in A-Rod, she seems content and at peace. The two lovebirds here are out for delicious ice cream cones as they take a pleasant stroll on a sunny day. They may be over-the-moon with romantic vibes for one another, but to those looking in, J. Lo has definitely looked better. No, she is not a hot mess, but she looks like the everyday woman out for an afternoon snack with her main squeeze. The best-looking thing in this photo is the ice cream. The pair probably thinks nobody will recognize them since they are hiding their eyes behind dark shades, but they were caught and snapped by the always-ready paparazzi. Hopefully the couple got to finish their cones before they were swarmed by fans.

5  Frumpy And Dumpy

When we are accustomed to seeing J. Lo in form-fitting, slinky clothing, seeing her in a loose-fitting cotton jumpsuit is alarming. And paired with a no-makeup face, J. Lo looks more “frumpy” than she does famous. When it comes to sweat suits, this one is actually rather stylish, but still, it is by no means up to J. Lo standards. She has a great figure, so why hide it under a billowy outfit? Perhaps the star is on set and waiting to get into costume, but shouldn’t she be hiding out in a trailer? She seems to be unaware that her photo is being taken, so it is possible she wasn’t planning on being seen in this dumpy ensemble. Too late, J. Lo. We see you and we’re not impressed.

4 Busting Blueberry

It is unclear what the background of this all-blue photo is, but all we can tell is that J. Lo does not look hot as a giant monstrous blueberry. One would think that if anyone could still look good while covered in head-to-toe blue it would be J. Lo, but even she has been out-Smurfed by the Blue Lagoon. While blueberries are delicious, particularly in pie form, J. Lo looks far from appetizing in this weird photo. In fact, it is making us feel blue! If this is for a movie role, like another remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it's doubtful that people will be running out to buy tickets. And if this is just a Photoshop prank, whoever created this monster ought to have their computer confiscated. An ample booty is one thing, but this over-stuffed version of the star is a blue blooper.

3 Gloppy Gloss

A lip mishap like this is nothing to gloss over. It looks like J. Lo’s makeup artist was attempting to make her pout look more pronounced, but all she was left with was a “milk mustache” made of apricot-colored lip gloss. From a distance, the makeup job looks nice, but if you zoom in closely, the gloss above the upper lip is nothing to smile about. The sticky and gooey appearance makes J. Lo’s lips less-than-kissable, which is a miracle, since most of the time, gents would be lined up 'round the block for the chance for even a tiny peck. We all know that lots of gals these days are seeking plumper lips (just ask Kylie Jenner), but there has got to be a less icky way to achieve the sexy look.

2 Lackluster Leg

We have all heard of the “nip slip,” but is there a leg version of the clothing malfunction? Because J. Lo is having a thigh situation that even she cannot pull off with grace. We can see her undergarment as well as a patch of unflattering cellulite. Of course, women of all shapes and sizes can be burdened with the unsightly dimpling, but J. Lo seems like she would be the one exception to the rule. From the waist up, she’s perfection, but thanks to a mean gust of wind, we can all see what lurks beneath her billowy dress. Leave it to the sneaky paparazzi to release such a photo, but then again, that’s what they are paid to do. Does J. Lo care? Probably not, but surely, she wishes this pic was never snapped.

1 Topknot’s A “Not”

The topknot seems to be the go-to hairdo these days for a quick and easy way to get the hair off one’s face. Men and women are embracing the trend and lots of people look cute and breezy when they pull their hair up and back into this knot. But J. Lo’s version of the 'do is more of a “don’t.” It looks super-messy and unflattering. Plus, with her no-makeup look, she seems like she is about to wash her face in the bathroom before going to bed, not hit the town and be seen in public. J. Lo surely has a hairstylist on speed dial, so why not get a quick blowout before walking the streets? She could afford it in more ways than one. This topknot should be at the bottom of the barrel.

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