15 Photos That Adele Doesn't Want You To See

“Hello.” Guess what, singer-songwriter Adele is rich, talented, and drop-dead gorgeous. And these 15 pics prove she does not give a rat’s ass about what you think of her. She has never been one to act pretentious or care one bit if the paparazzi snaps her with her hair looking like a bird’s nest or with baby barf on her blouse. She is always confident, cool, and as close to Earth as a famous performer can be. And that is why we freaking love her so much.

With hit song after hit song burning up the music charts, one would think a gal like Adele would travel in high style, wear the best of designer clothing just to step out the front door, and travel with an entourage of butt-kissing staff members 24/7. But not our amazing Adele. She may have wads of money, but she doesn’t stick her nose up at grabbing a $2 taco or running out to do a quick errand in mismatching socks. Fame hasn’t changed the British babe, at least not personality-wise.

These 15 photos prove that Adele may win award after award, but all the recognition and admiration hasn’t turned her into an A-hole who thinks she is holier than thou. She is 100% “Someone Like You” except she is far more talented and probably a hell of a lot cooler.

You go girl! Be the Adele you want to be and don’t you ever let the PR pros and stylists tell you otherwise.

15 Up In Smoke

Smoking cigarettes can’t possibly be good for a singer’s instrument - her voice, but even on her worst day, Adele sings far better than nearly anyone in the industry. Of course, nasty nicotine and tobacco can kill ya, but apparently the desire for a puff or two beats out the dangers of smoking when the singer is in the mood to give into her bad habit. She is certainly not hiding from the public with a big pair of sunglasses or a wide-brimmed hat, so she could give two craps if anyone sees her blowing smoke into the air and enjoying every last moment of it. Sure, she’s got her signature cat eye penned on, but aside from that, Adele looks super-casual and like the everyday gal – walking up the street and having a smoke. No “butts” about it, Adele isn’t helping the cause of getting young people to give up or never start smoking.

14 WTF? Face

It is obvious that Adele is at some sort of red carpet event in this pic since she’s all dolled up with a full face of makeup and a bedazzled gown, but she cannot hold in her emotions about whatever it is she has caught an eyeful of. Most people would be 100% sure they’ve got the perfect smile plastered on their face all night in case the paparazzi catches them on film, but not Adele. If she sees something odd or unseemly, she will have no issue with making a face that matches what she is feeling inside. Who cares if the cameras snap her with a twisted face? She’s not going to play make-believe just so she looks flawless in every picture. Who’s got time to stare into space with a blank expression when you can show how you really feel? Makes you wonder what she’s looking at, because it must be interesting!

13 Goofy Grin

Winning the Grammy is certainly something to smile broadly about, but Adele made sure that her post-win pic would be as memorable as her #1 hits - not by smiling normally, but by giving us a goofy girlish grin. She is giving the thumbs up to the cameras so she obviously knows she is being photographed, but she doesn’t care one stinkin’ bit if her pic comes out model-pretty. She is feeling fun and festive, as she should be, so why not give the masses a silly face for a few laughs? Adele never takes things too seriously, not even the coveted Grammy Awards statuette. She knows she has got the vocal chops to nail it every time, so this golden fella is just icing on the cake. Plus, even with that silly smile, Adele still looks drop dead divine. Grinning and winning… just like the Adele we will forever adore!

12 Mrs. Mouth

If Adele has got something to say, or shout, or whatever is happening here in this photos, she is not one to wait until the cameras stop flashing. Of course, she must know that her photo will turn out looking super-crazy, with the expression she’s showing, but who the F cares? At least she does not have any half-chewed food in her mouth or bright red lipstick on her teeth. After winning an award, surely Adele wants to scream from the rooftops, not make a fake cute and demure closed-lipped grin so she looks picture-perfect for the gossip and women’s magazines. Naturally, this pic makes for some fun memes, so at least there’s that. Needless to say, even though Adele doesn’t care a smidge how her photo turns out, we do, and despite her odd expression, she still looks pretty damn good. Hair? Check! Makeup? Check! Gown? Perfect! Can this singer ever do wrong?

11 Right Back at Ya

Most female celebs would never dare turn their neck in such a way as to expose unflattering folds and extra chins while posing for the masses of paparazzi. But the self-assured Adele is super-confident and simply gorgeous from any angle, so she doesn’t give a honkin’ hoot if she isn’t posing to perfection in each and every shot. Why be stiff and uncomfortable and look completely unnatural when you can flaunt what you’ve got and look effortlessly elegant and fabulously fun-loving? Adele looks better than ever before and she embraces her body, curves and all. She’s got a genuinely happy smile and a natural stance that shows off her lovable personality and delightful demeanor. So what if this pic doesn’t expose a swan-like neck and the perfect positioning? Adele doesn’t mind and neither do we. She’s got the perfect over-the-shoulder pose and a gorgeous gown to go with it. That’s all she needs to make a photo pop.

10 Flip ‘Em Off

If this pic does not prove that Adele doesn’t give an F, than what in the world ever will? Flipping the bird in public is certainly not the way to greet your fans politely. But Adele must have been peeved about something, so giving whatever or whoever it was the questionable middle finger is the only reaction she could have. Ladylike? Not really, but who’s to say what a woman should or shouldn’t do? It’s her stage so she can stick up as many fingers as she’d like. Plus, with those fabulous well-manicured nails, her finger looks all dressed up and ready to be the star of the show. If a gal can’t express herself on stage then where else can she do it? Surely Adele’s fans were cheering her on, so it looks like she can flip off whenever the mood strikes. Don’t get on the singer’s bad side or her finger will be directed at you next!

9 Lady Who Lunches

Why get all done up to the nines just to go out to eat? Adele keeps it real with a fresh-faced no makeup look and a comfortable knit sweater as she enjoys a meal out with good wine and good company. She does not care one bit if the cameras capture her looking “plain,” and she is even willing to give a friendly wave hello and a slight grin to let them know she sees them snapping away. Other A-list celebs would not dare to even think to go out to eat at a public place without their hair and makeup done and in a figure-flattering designer outfit. But Adele doesn’t have the time or the inclination to waste her day getting primped and pampered just for a glass of chardonnay and a sandwich. She’s got far better things to do. Enjoy that meal and keep it real, as always, Adele.

8 Lucky Dog

What a lucky little pampered pooch. He’s got one of the world’s most famous singers as his “human” and she seems to simply adore him. Adele is not one to have someone else care for her pet; she’ll take that mutt out herself and even carry him around like a baby. Plus, she does not feel the need to get all made up to go out with the dog. Her hair is thrown up into a messy ponytail and her oversized coat isn’t exactly fashion-forward. But Adele is down-to-Earth enough to realize that dog walking does not require an hour’s worth of preparation in order to step outside and basically scoop up poop. It is not like we can’t recognize Adele past those dark sunglasses, so she’s obviously not trying to hide from the paps. She just wants to take her little furry fella outdoors without the aid of an assistant. Is that so “ruff” to understand?

7 Supermarket Star

It is not every day that a world-class A-list celeb does her own grocery shopping, in public, no less, for the whole town to see what she’s piling up in her grocery cart. But Adele does not feel the desire to have a personal assistant or intern pick up her favorite foods and drinks for her. She wants what she wants and doesn’t want someone else choosing her breakfast cereal, juices, pastas, and veggies. Adele isn’t all dressed up as though she’s headed for a night on the town either, even though she knows she’ll be spotted by adoring fans immediately. Her dress is quite nice, but certainly not a show-stopper. Plus, she is totally makeup-free and doesn’t care who sees her barefaced complexion and plain hairdo. When the pantry is empty and the fridge is low on goodies and other grub, Adele just goes out like everyone else and stocks up.

6 Don’t F With My Kid

Adele isn’t playing coy with the perturbing paparazzi. With her precious cargo in tow, she’s not letting her kiddo out of her arms or her sight for even a second. She doesn’t want that poor child’s face splashed across the pages of countless magazines, so she’s not going to give in to the photographer’s requests to reveal him. Not to mention, notice how the singer is far from dolled up in this airport pic. She needs to be totally comfortable on her flight, especially when her kid will need her to keep him occupied while mid-air. She’s certainly giving the paps her “mama bear” warning stare. No one is going to mess with Adele or her offspring. Hopefully her flight is boarding soon so she can get away from those pesky photographers and into her first class seating assignment. At least the flight attendants will bring her a drink and a few nibbles to calm her down.

5 Mom Mode

Adele is gorgeous no matter what, but this pic shows that she just doesn’t care about looking star-worthy while walking in public with her little one. New moms are tired and crabby half the time, so this pic is the perfect example of how stars are just like us regular folk. She looks comfortable, but a freshening shower and a brush through her hair may do her some good. But this is Adele, and she knows she can get her look together when need be and just be the “average Jane” when she’s not on the red carpet or performing on stage. She knows the paparazzi will find her, or a fan will catch her on the move and sell their pics, but Adele could care less if she’s seen at her worst. She’s a star, and stars can turn up the shine whenever the mood strikes them. This, apparently, is not one of those moods.

4 Mu Mu Matriarch

OK Adele, we get it, you are a new mom with new mom responsibilities. But do you have to trade in your fancy clothing for unflattering “mu mus?” This enormous black tent-like number is not doing your curvaceous body any favors and makes you look far larger than your voluptuous figure really is. But does Adele give a crap? Nope, not a morsel. She will walk the public streets with her man and her kid by her side and wear whatever the heck she feels like throwing over her body. The weather in this pic looks pretty crappy anyway, so why waste something nice just to have it ruined? Her fella loves her just the way she is, so if it is a mu mu she wants to wear, so be it. He has obviously seen what’s underneath the big black blanket and likes what he sees… hence the baby.

3 Masked Musician

Adele is always up for making fun of herself. She even posted this hilarious pic of herself on Instagram with a beauty facial mask covering up her porcelain skin. She looks frightening, but she’s not one to pretend that she looks naturally perfect. Even stars need to correct skin conditions and blemishes and fight acne away. So why not give her fans a look at life at home and show them one of her beauty rituals? The hair in curlers is a fun touch to prove that no star just “wakes up like this.” It takes a whole lot of primping and pampering for a star to look like a million bucks! Adele wants people to know that she’s not jaded by the industry and she knows it is ridiculous what she needs to go through in order to be camera-ready. You’ve gotta give it to Adele for keeping it real.

2 No Fs Given

The brassy body language alone in this photo shows that our girl Adele just does not give an F about all the nonsense that surrounds the industry she’s in. Her silly and quirky smile and hand gestures show she is who she is and will never pretend to be something she is not. Her makeup looks impeccably stunning, but that big and bulky black sweater brings Adele back down to Earth, as she likes to be comfortable and free. It looks like she is in a garage in this photo, so she obviously doesn’t need the red carpet treatment to prove she’s a real star. Adele is no-nonsense and is always the real deal. She is talented and cool, fun-loving and super-chill. She may need her security guard to protect her, but that won’t ever stop her from doing her thing and being herself at all times. We get it Adele, you just don’t give an F!

1 Hats Off to Adele

When you go out in a hat such as this, your F-giving level is a 0. Or would it be a 10? Whatever scale you use to asses a celeb’s Fs given, Adele evidently doesn’t care one iota whether or not anyone likes her funny looking fuzzy hat. She is keeping warm and toasty and obviously loves it. She is also out and about makeup-free, again proving that Adele is totally comfortable in her own bare skin and does not need to wear layers of foundation, blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick in order to leave the house. Whoever’s on the other end of that phone call must be hearing Adele rant about the annoying paparazzi taking her photo from every angle. At least she can say her hat is one-of-a-kind, or at least won’t be spotted on any other celeb. They wouldn’t dare steal her look or be bold enough to go out with a stuffed animal on their head anyway.

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