15 Photos Tara Reid's Parents Want To Forget

There are all sorts of photos of Tara Reid out there. A great many of them are unbelievably hot. She used to be one of the most gorgeous girls kicking around Hollywood. But that sadly could never last. But still, there are all sorts of photos out there. Many of which, Tara's parents would never want to see. Or would certainly wish to forget if they have.

And that's for all sorts of reasons. Of course there are so many of Tara getting absolutely hammered, or railed on coke. Fallen over, or the life of the party, or just really pissed off...Tara goes all out.

But there are other, less obvious shots. Like anything to do with Sharknado. Or a shot from that awful reality marriage show Reid was on when she talked about her parents' neglect of her. Surely, at this point, even photos with Tara eating must be heart breaking to her parents. Because she clearly has lost a dramatic amount of weight in recent years, and that surely doesn't happen from eating a healthy diet. So here are 15 photos Tara's parents want to forget all about.


15 Sharknado...

If there was ever a photograph that could remind Tara's parents of just how low their daughter has sunk as an actor...this has got to be it. Sharknado is perhaps one of the dumbest, and worst film franchises to have ever existed. I'm sure the only reason that more are being made is because people compete to see who can stand to watch the films for the longest amount of time. I cannot even fathom taking myself at all seriously with a film like that. And yet, here is Tara Reid smiling next to a really bad, and bloodied version of Jaws. But hey, you know what? At least Tara looks much healthier in this photo than she has in a long time. That being said, this was not a shot from the most recent Sharknado film (that's right, she's now been in more than one).

14 Firecracker...


Ok, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that sticking a small amount of explosives in your mouth is a pretty stupid idea. Of course Tara was likely ripped out of her mind when she did this. Thankfully I have never seen an after photo from this party, so I'm assuming that someone thought better of her sucking on a firecracker. Either way, I can just imagine the thoughts running through her parents' minds when looking at this photo. I know I would feel I had done something wrong as a parent that my child thinks (when she's an adult) that it's a good idea to shove explosive material in her mouth, so everyone can get a laugh. Again, I can't help but think this is some desperate attention-seeking to make up for a childhood of neglect.

13 Fallen Over

Oh no, don't worry, she's fine. Well no, she's not, but she won't hear anyone who tries to tell her that she's got issues. She has to see it everyday in the newsstand tabloids. Why would she want to hear it from anyone else. Especially not her parents. And since they apparently neglected her anyway, perhaps some of this acting out, partying hard, and falling over like a slob is all a ploy to get attention that she never did from her parents. But surely that doesn't mean her parents want to see her fallen over, despairingly drunk, with money hanging out of her purse, while she tries to work out just what the hell happened to her that caused her to fall. No one would want to relish the times that their daughter went out and get hardcore "white girl" waster. Though Tara might want to see the picture so maybe she can remember the night.

12 What Was And What Is


Before and after shots are probably one of the most tortuous things that could be dished out to Tara's know, aside from actually having to deal with how Tara is today. And what's crazy about this before and after shot is the after shot is actually still not quite where she is today. I think she's about 25 pounds lighter today than she is in that after photo. But that before! Tara Reid was perhaps one of the most stunning women in Hollywood when she was in her prime. I don't know everything that led to her downfall (she's probably the only one who does), but all I can say is that she was doing very well for herself, even if she wasn't hitting blockbuster films. Imagine being her mother, and having to be faced with a comparison of how Tara was...and how Tara turned out down the road.

11 Posing For Hef

As wonderful a photo as this is, it's actually quite removed from the Tara Reid that I think most people knew and loved. She's far more laden with makeup, and a bit more vacant than normal. That's for a very good reason. Her stint with Playboy didn't happen until after she cleaned up the first time. But she was still in good shape then, for sure. Which you can definitely see in the full spread of this photo shoot. But I'm willing to bed that her parents would like to have nothing to do with remembering their daughter as a Playboy bunny. Of course anyone who ever once found Tara Reid hot will never want to forget the fact that she did a shoot for Hef. But I seriously doubt that her parents will ever fully be proud of her for baring all in skin mag.

10 Rage Time


Tara got to a point where she was actually basically put back together. She had gone to meetings, done the rehab, was in a decent relationship, and things were starting to smooth out for her. Of course, this took a pretty devastating turn when her boyfriend broke it off with her. It's likely he was cheating on her with some other celebrity he hoped to nail. So, Tara lost the plot, and just started a tailspin. Very quick to anger, Tara went out on the town, told off anyone who tried to get in her way, and drank herself into a stupor...for several days. As far as falling off the wagon goes, Tara seemingly pole vaulted off of the wagon. And while a lot of that week's binge was full of smiles, in this moment, she is far from anything to do with happy.

9 Party Time

Well, it's no real surprise that Tara Reid has been the life of many a party. And sure, at least her parents can have deniability with regards to this photo, since you can't actually see her face. But rest assured that it is Tara in all her partying glory. Now take a quick look at the spread on the table in front of her. I think it's pretty safe to say that she got in to every single bit of what was there. And that's not including the lines of blow that aren't visible in this shot, but are very probably there. I've no idea who the guy she's leaning on is...and she probably doesn't either. And it does kind of looks like she's trying to get the attention of the girl behind her. So imagine just what her parents must think happened here. It's not often you see everyone enjoying themselves at a who knows just how much they were enjoying.


8 Where'd She Go?


I forget just what event this photo was taken at...but my goodness, where the hell did Tara Reid go? There is every reason why her parents should never want to recall this photo. She looks completely emaciated. Those are not abdominal muscles you're seeing. That's actually just the contour of her skin stretched across her skeleton and organs. She has all but withered away to nothing, and apparently seems hellbent on showing it off. Her outfit leaves very little to the imagination. And let's be totally honest: in this state, it is best to stop imagining any further than what she actually has put on display. And she certainly doesn't look happy to be where she is. Or maybe that's a sort of "f*ck you" look; a way of showing everyone that she can look and act however she wants.

7 Time For A Drink

This is an interesting time from before she really let herself go...but during her torrid time not very long after the shooting of the American Pie films. She seemed to notice that her star was falling, and rather than really buckle up to relaunch out into space, she came crashing straight down to Earth, one bottle at a time. It must be noted that she's holding a bottle Dom Perignon that she can't quite seem to get open. But rest assured she drank most of that bottle once it was opened. And that bottle is about the size of her torso, even then. It's not like Tara Reid was ever a large person. And what better way for parents to be reminded of just how their little angel started her downward spiral than with a photo of her carrying a champagne bottle that's the size of her?

6 Let Her Eat Cake


Ok, at least this time she's simply sucking on a sparkler. Happy birthday to her. It certainly beats shoving fireworks in your mouth. It seems like she's got a black forest cake to chow down on. Now why would her parents be bothered by their daughter celebrating something with cake? Isn't that a good thing? Well yes and no. It's wonderful to see her at least eating the icing off the sparkler...but it must be horrible to remember back to a time when their daughter actually ate food. And that's not to be cruel either. Tara Reid clearly has some issues with weight, and I'm convinced that these issues stem from some sort of need for attention, as well as a desire to be a certain body type that she needn't be. She was one of the hottest of her time, and has had at least one comeback. But if she keeps down this's not likely that she'll ever really find her way home.

5 Forced Entry

Ok, not really. This was part of a film after all. But suffice it to say that I couldn't source a proper photo from the actual scene, given how graphic it is. And it's the perfect time, because it's from an era when Tara Reid was still hot. Body Shots was a very...interesting film. Anyway, why would the above photo be one that Tara's parents would like to forget? Well, in the ensuing scene Tara and her scene partner Gerry O'Connell, get into some rather intense sexual activity. At first all seems fun and amicable. But there's a certain point where Reid is clearly uncomfortable, and clearly being used in a way she doesn't like. She tries to flee, but is held fast. Essentially, the scene following this shot is a rape scene. I think there's every good-natured reason why Tara's parents don't need to be reminded of that.

4 Jedward...


On Celebrity Big Brother, Tara Reid made a couple of very interesting friends. The Jedward twins. Both John, and Edward are Irish pop stars, known best from their time on The X Factor. At any rate, these three became very close friends after their time in the celebrity death house. Tara swore that none of the people in the house would have survived were it not for Jedward. It is often confusing to think about just who it is that Tara had been dating the whole time through...they are identical twins...and she did seem to spend all of her time with both of them...but the truth was she was dating their older brother. Though those days have faded quite a bit, it seems. I'm not fully sure that mom and dad would have approved of her new Irish boy toys. And surely they don't want to be reminded of Tara's ridiculous stint on Big Brother. Haven't they been through enough.

3 Josie And The Pussycats

This might have been the beginning of the end for Tara Reid. In some sense at least. She may have already been on the way out shortly after American Pie 2, but once she wrapped Josie And The Pussycats, there was pretty well no turning back. The film didn't even fetch half of the production budget back at the box office. It was a huge flop. And it didn't help Tara that her character was the most absent-minded, vacant drummer anyone has ever seen...and that's saying a lot given the history of rock and roll. But to be very fair to Tara, she did a very good job at playing that character. I guess I only wish that she didn't continue to play that character in real life as things starting going south, and she became the completely absent-minded drunk at Hollywood parties.

2 A Very Merry Halloween Costume


Ok, it's not even so much that she's wearing a Christmas outfit for Halloween. I mean, if she were in Canada, or any northern state, there is no way she would even consider wearing such an outfit for either Halloween or Christmas. But that's besides the point. This shot, and the reason Reid's parents will soon want to forget it, has a whole lot more to do with the size of Tara here. Look at her legs! Look at her stomach! It may very well be wrong to compare Reid to any sufferer from Auschwitz (after all she's done this to herself), but her body is certainly going the way of that starved, emaciated look. It is either a sign of starvation, or an eating disorder of some sort, for sure. But people don't like to focus on helping her. They like to focus on how crazy her life seems to be...and they never quite wonder why.

1 Childhood Neglect

On an episode of Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars (which is not a show I ever knew existed until the writing of this piece), Tara Reid opened up about a few interesting things. One of those things, her parents definitely don't want to have to remember (if it's at all true anyway). Apparently Tara's parents were actually quite neglectful when she was a kid. To the point that, after being dropped off home from school, she would be met with a locked door, and no family around. In the middle of Winter, I might add. So she was essentially alone, and freezing on top of it. For some reason, the hosts of the show weren't interested in the fact that she was neglected though. They wanted to know all about the tabloid bullsh*t that plagues Tara's celebrity life. So she had an understandable fit over that.


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