15 Photos Sofia Vergara Doesn't Want You To See

There’s no question about it– Sofia Vergara is absolutely gorgeous. Sure, she may not look like the typical size zero starlet with a figure so slim it’s almost boyish and bleached blonde hair, but honestly, that’s what the world loves about her. We love her larger than life personality, we love her ample curves, and we love the fact that she doesn’t try to go with the natural look– she loves getting all glammed up, so she does, and she brings full bombshell almost every day, whether on set or just running errands.

However, playing Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on Modern Family quickly took Vergara from a struggling actress to an A-List actress, and with fame of that level comes a lot of paparazzi attention. Suddenly, you’re getting your photograph taken when you’re grabbing something from the drug store, when you go out to dinner with your friends, when you’re heading to the gym. People dig up old photos from your past and try to figure out any dirt they possibly can. People are all up in your business, all the time, whenever you’re in public– and with that amount of cameras on you, it only makes sense that they’d manage to grab a few embarrassing shots over the years, even if you’re as sexy as Sofia Vergara.

While Vergara has a great sense of humour and would likely laugh off pictures that show her looking less than glamorous, let’s be honest– no one likes seeing bad pictures of themselves, so we’re betting she would rather people just not see these 15 photos in particular.

15 Nom, Nom, Nom!

via: dailymail.co.uk

Look, let’s be honest– no one looks cute when they eat. Sure, you might be able to pull off looking cute when you’re nibbling something delicately, but when you’re actually taking a big bite of something, you’re going to look a little less than glamorous in that one particular moment. That’s what’s happened to Sofia in this shot. She looks great– her hair looks silky, her jewellery is lovely, and the colour of her top is vibrant and super flattering. However, that weird face she’s making while attempting to take a bite of the sandwich in her hand is less than sexy. We get it, though, sometimes, when you have a busy schedule, you just need to sneak in a snack whenever you can. After all, there’s not always time to run to craft services when you’re busy being one of the leads in a wildly popular sitcom, brushing up on your lines and making sure all your jokes hit the mark.

14 Unsexy Storylines

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Okay, fans of Modern Family will know exactly what storyline this picture is from. In the sixth season of the show, Sofia Vergara’s character, Gloria, gets irritated with the fact that her husband, Jay, seems to be letting himself go– he’s no longer making an effort to dress up and look handsome for her. So, she decides to voice her displeasure by essentially going on a glamour strike– she doesn’t do her makeup the way she usually does, she lets her hair fly wild and free, she trades in her figure-hugging dresses and jeans for a baggy, wrinkled outfit, and basically just lets herself go entirely to prove a point. It was for a storyline, and fans will see her transformation from glam Gloria to scruffy Gloria back to glam Gloria again on the show. However, we can’t imagine that Sofia Vergara loves the idea of people looking at this picture of her– we’re sure she’d rather have an image of her looking glam on the red carpet circulated.

13 Grimace

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Everything that Vergara does is larger than life; when she talks, she doesn’t just talk, she performs and gesticulates and makes crazy facial expressions. That’s part of what makes her a fantastic performer; she’s fascinating to watch. However, there’s one potential downside to that style of delivery versus a very stoic actress who keeps a neutral facial expression– it means that there will always be the occasional photo of herself mid-expression where she looks a little funky. Take this photo for example. Her hair is absolutely flawless, her dress hugs her curves perfectly, and her makeup is expertly applied. Technically, she should look absolutely stunning– and she likely did. The photographer just managed to capture her at absolutely the worst moment, with her mouth pulled in a strange grimacing expression, chin slightly wrinkled, gaze blank. I mean, it’s just not fair to snap someone when they’re in the middle of talking.

12 Grimace, Part Two

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Ah, Sofia. Again, this photo proves that it only takes one photographer trained on you at all times to capture a less than flattering shot. We’re betting that every other photo of Vergara taken at this event has her looking absolutely stunning, like the bombshell she normally is. She seems to be dressed in a more casual outfit, not a figure-hugging ball gown, but she looks gorgeous. However, in the split second that this photo was taken, she was pulling a weird face, likely in response to something she was asked, or the way she was responding to someone’s statement. She can’t seem to help it– she’s always very expressive, whether she’s on a talk show chattering with the host or on the red carpet talking to the paparazzi, and that expressiveness can often lead to unfortunate photos. However, it’s also what makes her so hilarious on screen, so perhaps it’s kind of a trade off.

11 Healthy Snacks

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Okay, we’re going to say it again. Literally no one looks sexy when they’re in the middle of taking a big bite of something. Sure, some commercials try to make eating look sexy, but the actor or actress in the commercial is rarely legitimately eating– they’re just taking a sensual bite for one take. In this shot, we see Vergara in what looks like a totally Gloria outfit, having what appears to be some fresh fruit. It’s obvious from the fact that she’s eating standing up, with her phone clutched underneath the paper plate, that she likely just grabbed a quick snack from craft services when she had a moment in between takes. However, no one looks stunning with their mouth hanging open, ready to receive a spoonful of food, no matter how sexy they are normally. Honestly, they should have a 'no photography' rule anywhere near craft services– it’s just not fair to the stars.

10 Caught Stumbling

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At the end of the day, celebrities are just normal people like the rest of us, and they have their clumsy moments too– as this shot demonstrates. In this picture, Sofia Vergara was obviously a little bit distracted, or perhaps just got one of her heels caught on something, and ended up toppling as she was on her way in the doorway. It happens to the best of us, and all you can really do is get up and brush yourself off and hope you’re not too bright red from the humiliation. Unfortunately for Vergara, she’s a celebrity, which means a paparazzo was lurking and taking shots of her– and, if you see any other photos from this incident, you’ll see that he/she basically got shots of every stage of Vergara’s fall, from the clutching at the walls stage here to when she was fully on the ground. Look, no matter who you are, no one wants their stumbles captured on camera. It’s just embarrassing.

9 Post-Gym Refuel

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We said it once, we said it twice, we’ll say it again. No one looks cute when they’re eating, not even Sofia Vergara. You can tell by the star’s outfit that she was obviously coming from the gym, and her legs look phenomenal in the tight black leggings. She has a casual bag slung over her shoulder, likely holding some gym gear, and is refuelling with a quick snack on her way to her next destination to help replenish her energy after all the hard work she probably put in. It’s something many of us do post-workout, but since we’re not all celebrities, we usually don’t get captured mid-snack by the paparazzi. Given that so many celebrities are hyper-aware of the camera and often pose when they’re exiting the gym the same way they would when they’re on the red carpet, we’re betting that Sofia Vergara would rather people not see this particular photo of her.

8 Endlessly Expressive

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Sofia Vergara’s expressive features are part of what make her such a great actress– she’s able to convey a ton of comedy without even saying a word, simply by quirking her lips or popping an eyebrow. However, those expressive features, which look great on camera, can look a little strange when captured in isolation in a single photo. Since rising to stardom, Vergara has become an absolute pro on the red carpet– she knows exactly how to hold her smile, how to turn to showcase her curves and her gorgeous designer gowns, and how to make sure every single photo of her is a good one. When she’s just hanging around on set, however, she’s not as ‘on’ as she is when she’s walking the red carpet– that means sometimes getting captured by the paparazzi in a photo like this. Hey, unflattering photos happen to the best of us. She can take comfort in the fact that no one looks as good as she does on the red carpet.

7 Robot Bra

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Okay, this one isn’t even Sofia Vergara’s fault– it’s a shot taken from the zany action-comedy film Machete Kills that Sofia Vergara was in. Look, we get it, sometimes actresses have to dress up in something a little bit strange for certain roles, and you probably wouldn’t even remember the crazy outfit once you finished watching the film. Taken out of context in a single photo, though, this outfit is weird, even by Hollywood’s standards. We’re betting that Sofia Vergara wishes this shot of her in a weird robot bra with bullets over specific parts and a strange type of metal-clad underwear didn’t exist. Sure, her body looks absolutely incredible, but… there are other outfits that showcase her curves way better without looking quite so strange. Then again, every girl in this shot is rocking a weird outfit, so at least she’s not the only one. Strength in numbers, right?

6 Blonde Sofia In A Random Ad

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Most people who know anything about Sofia Vergara know a little bit about her story. She got her start back in her native Colombia and is originally a blonde. There are several shots of her in her younger days, modelling or starring in commercials with her trademark curves, rocking a full head of blonde hair. A bit later in life, she ended up moving to the United States, dying her hair darker to give more of the typical Latina look upon request, and eventually ended up landing the gig that made her truly famous– Modern Family. Though most people know she used to be a blonde, Sofia Vergara probably would prefer people not know she was in a weird 90s advertisement for some type of beauty product. It’s not exactly as prestigious as her Cover Girl gig, and she looks like she could be any blonde starlet– she doesn’t have her signature look that we’ve grown to love.

5 Childhood Sass

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While we know logically that all celebrities were once just children, it can be a little bit tough to believe– it seems like they just sprung from nowhere, fully glam and gorgeous. However, this image proves that even the sexiest stars have some embarrassing childhood photos they’d prefer the world not see. In this shot, we see that Sofia Vergara really is a natural blonde, and that her mother decided to give her some blunt bangs. She’s posed in front of some type of artwork or mural featuring sailboats, and her mouth is wide open– she’s likely performing already, putting on a bit of a show or speech for whoever is taking the photo. While she looks adorable, let’s be honest, Vergara hasn’t built her career on adorable, she’s built her career on sexy, so we’re betting she’d rather have people see shots from her youthful Pepsi commercial where she’s rocking a teeny bikini.

4 A Young And Less Than Stylish Bride

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Sofia Vergara is definitely not shy about her son– she talks about Manolo all the time, and he has been her date to various star-studded events countless times, and had a big role in her wedding to Joe Manganiello. However, some people might not know that she had been married before– to her childhood sweetheart, when she was just 18 years old (which is how she has a son that’s in his 20s, despite the fact that she’s still a youthful 44-year-old).

When she married her hunky Hollywood hubby Joe Manganiello, she looked absolutely flawless, from her statement gown to her hair and makeup. After all, she had gotten accustomed to pulling out all the stops for the red carpet, getting glammed up for her wedding was probably easy. In this photo, though, Vergara was a totally different kind of bride; totally covered up, hair pulled back instead of in her signature waves, with an old fashioned veil/tiara/headdress situation. She’d probably rather you see her more recent bridal photos than this one.

3 Beach Babe Off Duty

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Anyone who has seen Sofia Vergara in a swimsuit knows that she looks absolutely gorgeous in one. After all, she’s become famous for her curves, which swimwear showcases to perfection. She usually looks like an absolute bombshell on the beach, with a body that most 20-something starlets would be jealous of. However, in this shot, the paparazzi have managed to capture her when she’s lounging out in the sun, and in the particular position in which she’s sitting, there are some rolls of skin on her stomach. Everyone knows that’s a natural thing– when you’re sitting down, no matter how slim you are, your stomach gets those tiny little rolls because it needs to have enough skin to cover your abs and all that stuff when it’s stretched out when you’re standing up. Regardless, we’re betting she’d rather share one of her many other beach photos before this particular one.

2 A Not So Stylish Teenage Sofia

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It’s sort of tough to find embarrassing photos of Sofia Vergara when she was younger because, well, she’s pretty much always looked gorgeous. Sure, in her younger years, she didn’t rock as much makeup, and she had a far more natural hairstyle than she does nowadays. However, she was still absolutely beautiful. In this photo, while her face is lovely and her hair looks silky and flawless, there’s just no denying that those uniforms are less than ideal. We’re not sure exactly what Sofia was doing here. Some sort of sport, perhaps? Some type of club? We’re betting this isn’t a photo she would want everyone to see. Plus, honestly, when you have curves as killer as hers, you want to be photographed in outfits that show them off, not outfits that obscure all your curves and any sense of a body shape through unfortunate puffs of fabric and baggy sleeves.

1 Hubby’s Former Girl

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In Hollywood, you can’t exactly hide past romances. Chances are, if the relationship happened when you were already a celebrity, it’s been well documented by paparazzi. While Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello have both had relationships prior to getting together, and both have been linked to other gorgeous celebs, it still can’t be fun to see pictures of your current partner looking all cozy with their prior partners. Look, Sofia Vergara probably isn’t the type to feel too threatened– I mean, just look at her. She knows she’s got it going on, and she knows she can keep her hubby interested with those crazy curves. However, we would bet that she would rather people not see photos of her handsome hubby Joe Manganiello with a date at an event unless that date is her, looking super glamorous and sexy. Luckily, the two accompany one another to each other’s press events all the time now, so these types of photos will quickly be replaced with shots of the happy couple.

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