15 Photos Proving That Elizabeth Olsen Has Better Fashion Style Than The Twins

She's one of the most sought after actresses in Hollywood today. Thanks to her famous older twin sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Elizabeth Olsen is part of an acting dynasty. After taking a part in plenty of the twins’ early childhood adventures, such as How The West Was Fun, Olsen showcased big time dramatic chops right from the get-go at 22 years old in her first outing, Martha Marcy May Marlene.

From there, notable roles as Josh Radnor’s manic-pixie-dream-girl in Liberal Arts, and most recent turns as the Scarlet Witch in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have set Olsen up as a high in-demand actor. But it's her fashion sense that we're chatting up here.

While her sisters might be the ones with the fashion line, they both occasionally look like they dressed up in a paper bags, making Liz the up-and-coming fashion icon on the red carpet. Both go hand-in-hand, the more roles she lands, the more she gets to show off her fashion sense.

Check out 15 pics that show Elizabeth Olsen Has Better Fashion Sense Than The Twins.

15 Ms. Olsen Will See You Now


While you can't blame her sisters for not really worrying about how they look anymore (they're fricking gazillionaires who are more or less out of the public eye), Elizabeth is very much a rising star. In a 2014 article, just before her world was about to be forever altered by playing the reality-altering Scarlet Witch, Olsen did an interview with Flaunt magazine.

Flaunt what she had is exactly what Elizabeth did in some of these shots, and thanks to playing Wanda Maximoff actually helped the actress gain some self-confidence.

“I've noticed I've felt really confident recently,” she told the magazine. “And I think is because I get to be very confident physically all day. I get to be a kind of grounded bad ass." And if that's rubbing off, then that's fun.

14 Lady In White

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While she isn't even thirty yet, Lizzie as she'll often introduce herself, not only looks wise beyond her years, she looks fairer too. A stunner on all kinds of carpets, but especially red ones, Olsen has been crafting a pedigree that puts her right at home with a dearth of Hollywood elite and mega fans.

Similar to Jennifer Lawrence, Lizzie can go from working in a critically-acclaimed awards-type darling to big time popcorn flicks pretty deftly. Part of her initial charm was the “OMG” factor of Mary-Kate and Ashley having a younger, prettier sister.

But when the masses started realizing that there was more to Liz than just being the Olsen Twins’ kid sister, doors started to open wide as far as Hollywood is concerned, once it was realized that she is pretty easy on the eyes too.

13 The Classic Plunge


If there's one thing Hollywood ladies on the red carpet like to do is take some risks with their outfits. More often than not, a starlet will often take the plunge and show off a big portion of their top assets, no matter how much assets they have on top. It's just a matter of how deep a plunge the starlet decides to take.

From Julia-Louis Dreyfus at the Emmys way back when to J.Lo had a frilly plunge (that Trey Parker from South Park would rip on a few weeks later), from these two risqué pioneers to it becoming a trend these past few years.

A trend that Olsen would join as well in 2015, at fashionista Tom Ford’s big Fall 2015 party. All that confidence from playing a witch has helped to make Liz a pretty witchy woman.

12 Smoldering Scarlet Witch


While her sisters were thrust into the spotlight as newborns, Elizabeth Olsen got to live a quasi-normal life, out of the spotlight. Sure, she got to live a privileged life, but one where she wasn't scrutinized all of the time, like a certain set of twins playing little Michelle Tanner had to endure.

Watching her sisters carve out an empire before they were even 12 years old; which includes a clothing line named after Lizzie and their brother (Elizabeth and James) had to have had a profound effect on the young actress. So much so that as much fun as she has showing up to the parties and the red carpets, but she also seems to be a little guarded too.

But thanks to growing up with two fashionistas for older sisters, Olsen knows how to work a photo shoot as well. Here's another one taken from Flaunt, with Olsen looking ready to take on the world.

11 Icon In The Making


As evidenced here, when a fashion icon wants to just chill out, a girl like Elizabeth Olsen has to still do it with style and grace. Not all big-time photo-ops have to be filled with outlandish dresses and hairstyles that only the beautiful people can afford and can look right at home in. When your older sisters are fashion mavens who have named a clothing brand after you, there might be some style icon residing within you as well.

Here she is, rocking a look that only a cali-girl could. Her blond hair nice and tussled while she wears a very relaxing looking outfit that could double as business casual or going to club. Olsen wore this outfit when she joined not just the Olsen Twins, but all of her sisters at the opening of their Elizabeth And James clothing boutique at the Grove in LA back in 2016.

10 That Cannes Dress


Every now and again, an actress steps out of her house and out of her shell to go to some fancy Hollywood party or film festival, and absolutely wows everyone with her choice of outfit. Lizzie pulled this fete off at last year’s Cannes Film Festival. The beauty took a break from filming the new Avengers: Infinity War movie in Scotland to head to France for not just the prestigious film festival, but the posh Filmmakers Dinner that takes place during the festivities.

When Olsen showed up, she came ready for jaws to hit the floor in her braless see-through little diddy. Her outfit, while flowing in most spots, also hugged along all the right contours while also hiding and revealing Liz’s most personal features all the same time.

The outside was the very definition of daring, and a reminder that Elizabeth Olsen is far, far removed from the shadow of the Olsen Twins.

9 Red Carpet Bombshell

Her sisters might have invented the whole “hippie-meets-bohemian-meets-homeless” style of fashion that has somehow caught on, with all kinds of stars opting for big baggy clothes instead of looks that compliment a woman’s figure, but when you've been looked at since you were a baby, it stands to reason her sisters created the iconic look to shield themselves from prying eyes.

Conversely, at least and especially on the red carpet, Elizabeth has seemingly zero trouble with prying eyes. In interviews, she has taken the Twins’ advice of not revealing too much about her personal life, but on the red carpet as big premieres, the Wind River actress is able to let loose during these moments, wearing eye-popping outfits, because all eyes are on her.

This va-va-voom number was worn attending the premiere of Captain America: Winter Soldier, where Liz’s cameo was also her introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As you can see from this photo, Chris Evans is getting a serious kick out of the beauty in her stunning dress.

8 Vanity Fair


While is isn’t the world’s oldest magazine, (that honor belongs to The Scots Magazine), Vogue has been the standard bearer for upper-class, posh New York elite since way back in 1892. Anyone who was ever anyone in fashion, or lately, especially under domineering editor Anna Wintour, celebrities have been showcased looking very demure in all kinds of photo shoots.

But it's counterpart, Vanity Fair is no slouch either in the fashion and glamour game, which Ms. Liz adorned the pages of this past year in a stunning pictorial. In the article that comes with the alluring pics features Lizzie doing what she does best, remaining as cool as a cucumber.

That secret is apparently just being low-key and when people happen to ask if you're the girl from the Avengers just laughs it off and claims, “I've never even seen a superhero movie.” Olsen has a rare gift - to be a fairly successful actress and somehow remain relatively unnoticed at the same time.

7 Throwback


Only our grandparents will be able to tell us if the clothes were this good looking back in the initial post-war era, or if designers are just very nostalgic for the throwback look. One thing is for sure, today's beauties make all of these vintage looking numbers look amazing. Elizabeth Olsen is no different, wearing this simple but sexy summer time outfit.

Her sisters might like to be fully covered from head to toe at all times, but Ms. Liz certainly has no problem shedding layers and giving a fetching smile for this photo shoot for Vanity Fair back in 2011 by photographer Miguel Reveriego.

Shortly after, Olsen starred in the film, Kill Your Darlings, where the casting director was no doubt inspired by seeing Olsen look like a beatnik, when she was cast to play Edie Parker, the first wife of the most famous Beatnik of all, Jack Kerouac.

6 More Cannes Fun

The plunging neckline is a site to behold when an actress is rocking a black dress. But when you add some colors and some sequins, that is a bold fashion statement. Perhaps there's something in the air in France, or maybe Liz just likes to show off some skin. Whatever the case, this dress was another moment at the Cannes Film Festival where the young actress again turned heads.

When you're a young and upcoming actress who at the very least is subconsciously trying to not be in the shadow of her famous sisters, it stands to reason that you would go the complete opposite route fashion wise. Mary Kate and Ashley always seem to be covered in layers from head-to-toe, like fancy bag ladies you'd see on Rodeo Drive instead of Skid Row.

Meanwhile, with plenty of the outfits on this list and elsewhere on the internet, it's clear Lizzie likes to show off and then, show off some more.

5 Rocking The Row At Comicon


For many stars, Comicon is a coming out party of sorts, especially when it's your first time being a part of any and all things geek culture. Elizabeth Olsen was no different when she entered the fabled Hall H in San Diego a few years ago, to promote Avengers: Age Of Ultron, and the rest of Marvel Cinematic Universe entries for the next 85 years seemingly.

When playing a character so intertwined in Avengers history like the Scarlet Witch, Elizabeth certainly had to have known or been smartened up to the notion that the crowd at Comicon will be on her like a swarm of bees if she isn't respectful of the source material. So she did what any young hot starlet would do amongst the throngs of men and women salivating to catch a glimpse of you.

She charmed them. Just as she did in just about every interview and public appearance, she's ever had. And while she charming them, she was wearing a slinky, black leather dress from The Olsen Twins’ high end store, The Row.

4 Accidentally Channeling An Icon


Yet again, Lizzie is in France here, but not for some swanky film festival. Here she showed up for the launch of the Miu Miu brand’s first ever fragrance. The actress and the fragrance were in Paris to kick off the 2015/2016 Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. Of course, Lizzie forgot to account for the Parisian winds.

When she arrived at the Palais d’lena venue, the stylish actress got to channel another fashion icon and actress from history, the universally beloved Marilyn Monroe and her own iconic wardrobe malfunction. Albeit, an accident for Liz, she deftly handled the breeze as she posed for pictures, making silly “who me” type of faces in the process. Of course once the wind stopped, she was able to vogue for the cameras and instantly give a normal pose.

But thanks to the breeze that day, we got one more iconic shot to channel another.

3 Godzilla Shoot


By 2014, Elizabeth had already seen a decent amount of critical success with her turn in Martha, Marcy, May, Marlene and Liberal Arts, and after being cast as the Scarlet Witch was about to experience becoming a global treasure. But in between, she wound up starring in a monster movie, a big budget Hollywood reimagining of Godzilla.

Around the same time, Lizzie also partnered up with British fashion designer-to-the-stars, Cher Coulter and photographer, Lorenzo Aguis for a stunning set of promo pictures for the flick. In this series, Olsen looks her most phenomenal here in a series of floral patterns, and revealing pantsuits.

This shot and outfit though, makes the fresh-faced cutie look absolutely angelic here with the way the light shines on her face and outfit. Not all shots are meant to be admired for the person in them and not all are meant to be admired for the composition. Some, like this one are meant to be admired for both.

2 Super Legs


While it is an awards show, and it is a red-carpet event, the ESPYS are an award show similar to the MTV Movie Awards, they've become an important event to show up at over time. There is no strict dress code, stars can dress up or dress down as much or as little as they want.

So when Olsen showed up at the 2017 event, alongside her Avengers and Wind River co-star, Jeremy Renner to present an award, she did so dressed for success, despite not twirling around in a fabulous gown.

In a Saint Laurent business type outfit, Olsen was still able to wow, not just by hinting at how little she was wearing under the coat, but also legs that are usually covered, were actually out for all to see, and despite not being very tall, actually had statuesque legs, only accented by her crystal stilettos by Sophia Webster.

1 She Doesn't Look A Fancy Bag Lady


Why does Elizabeth Olsen have a better fashion sense than her older sisters, The Olsen Twins? Why does she look like and is one of the prettiest actresses in Hollywood? Because she chooses to not look like a friggin bag lady, that's why. For some reason, wearing giant baggy clothes that already look big on you but are actually two to three sizes too big on you became a thing during the grungy nineties.

The look was co-opted and re-crafted by the Olsen Twins as their own personal styles. Thankfully, their brand isn't as brazenly “homeless-chic,” which might sound derogatory, but that's the name the style!

Meanwhile, their younger sister has opted for a more traditional approach to Hollywood fashion, which of course includes eye-popping gowns and form-fitting outfits. Thankfully for old fans of the Olsen Twins, there's still at least one Olsen sister to root for!

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