15 Photos Proving Christina Aguilera Is Still As Hot As Ever

Christina Aguilera is a pop star that has been able to stay on top of her game, while others have fallen by the wayside. Britney Spears has struggled with her mental health and even Madonna has gone through her fair share of controversial moments in the tabloids. While there have been rumors about Aguilera’s diva antics behind-the-scenes, no one has ever doubted her ability as a music artist. She has continued to release new music ever since her first album was released in 1999 and has collaborated with some of the hottest music stars in the industry.

During the early part of her career, Aguilera was known for her over-the-top ensembles and style choices. While many of her looks weren’t exactly helping her to get on the “Best Dressed” lists, they did serve their purpose for making her look like one of the hottest pop stars in the world. The ultra revealing chaps from her “Dirrty” video weren’t exactly flying off the shelves to make it into a full-on trend but it definitely showed off her derriere and ultra toned abs. Yet, a lot has changed since her “Dirrty” days. She got married (and divorced), had children and matured in age. The media has often criticized her for her drastic fluctuations in weight but she’s never apologized for being a woman with an ever-changing body. Instead, she’s flaunted her curves and has always remained confident about the way she looked. Check out our list of the 15 photos proving Christina Aguilera is still as hot as ever and see how she has embraced her body in recent years.


15 Simple White Shirt

For the October 2013 cover of Maxim magazine, Christina Aguilera opted to wear a simple white button-up shirt but there was nothing simple about her overall look. She left the shirt completely open to reveal the sexy black bra underneath and she held the shirt together at the bottom. It looked like a sexy take on a men’s white work shirt, which is a favorite style for celebrities. Maxim is often known for their sexy covers but this was a nice twist on a celebrity look. This particular photo wasn’t the one chosen for the cover but sometimes, the outtakes are sexier than the cover. Aguilera has a seductive facial expression and she’s standing in a side pose to help show off her profile. The back of the shirt is lifted a bit to show her a glimpse of her derriere and it may have been a bit too sexy for the cover.

14 Looking Like A Sexy Diva


When Christina Aguilera starred on the very first season of The Voice, there were a number of reports about her diva antics behind-the-scenes. There was even whispers of a feud between her and her co-star, Adam Levine, and it left people wondering whether or not her behavior would wind up causing her appearance on The Voice to come to an end. However, she was able to mend her relationship with Levine and now she’s thought of as one of the most beloved judges on the series. This particular photo was taken as a promo for Season 10 of the show and may have been poking fun at all of the claims of her diva antics. From the star’s chair to the boa accent, Aguilera looks like an Old Hollywood beauty that definitely brings on the sex appeal factor to the show.

13 Sexy And Edgy On The Voice

At the age of 36-years-old, Christina Aguilera is still just as trendy as she was when she first premiered “Genie In A Bottle.” She’s always been known for being a bit flashy and she hasn’t seen the need to tone it down once she’s matured a bit and had children. This look shows that she can implement the same flashy and trendy style, even when she’s sitting in the swiveling red chair on The Voice. This 2016 look mixes in a red carpet-worthy gown with a modern twist. The mirrored sequence gives it a bit of glitz and the black leather jacket keeps it looking young and fresh. She showed off her great hourglass figure and kept her hair swept away from her face to complete this ultra-sexy look.

12 Bright And Lounging


For the March 2016 issue of Women’s Health magazine, Christina Aguilera was featured in a number of different photos to show off her physique. In one of the photos, she can be seen in a yoga-like pose while holding onto a Buddha statue and in another, she’s indulging in a super sexy stretch to show off her flexibility. Yet, it’s this photo that really shows off the fact that she is still comparable to women much younger. Wearing a deep V-neck dress with bright tones, Aguilera can be seen indulging in a little outdoor lounge time. She’s all propped up on an outdoor lounge chair without any shoes. She looks super casual but with an effortless beauty that is only accentuated by her hands running through her signature blonde tresses.

11 Posing In The Grass

Oftentimes, celebrity photos are filled with odd situations that wouldn’t exactly make for the best time in regular life but make for a great photo. This particular photo shows Christina Aguilera in a full-on gown that’s worthy of being photographed on the red carpet. The lace detail makes it extra sexy and the low cut ensures the perfect view of her ample cleavage. The side detail helps to give a more flattering take on her physique but it’s clear that she’s not the size zero she once was during the early part of her career. Regardless, she still looks beautiful in her new body shape and has a much more Jessica Rabbit look than any of the other stick figure models that walk the runway. While she’s not exactly dressed to take a romp in the grass, it still makes for a sexy look that helps to show off her beauty.

10 2013 American Music Awards


When Christina Aguilera arrived at the 2013 American Music Awards, people couldn’t get over how much weight she had lost. She wore a white gown with a simplistic design but the true show piece were the cutouts and deep V-neck. Aguilera looked like she finally got back into the fighting form from her 2002 “Dirrty” days and people began speculating on her dramatic weight loss. Some even accused her of undergoing plastic surgery to have liposuction because it was so unbelievable that she was able to slim down so quickly without any help. Yet, Aguilera insisted that it was just a strict diet and a new workout routine that helped her get back to her ultra-slim shape. From the form-fitting design to the cutout portions to show off her hourglass figure, this was a look that really showed off the fact that she still had major sex appeal on the red carpet.

9 Red And Strappy

For the October 2013 issue of Maxim magazine, Christina Aguilera posed in a pictorial spread that really showed off her sexual side. She gave a quote in the spread that read, “The one place I don’t need to be in control is the bedroom.” This coincided perfectly with her red lingerie ensemble and her tousled blonde locks. This particular photo showed Aguilera looking far less glamorous than fans are used to seeing her but it totally worked for her. Rather than having bright red lips and a perfectly pinned hairstyle, she let her natural beauty shine through and really accentuated her womanly curves. One strap is dropped down over her shoulder and it appears that she’s starting to remove the other strap. The result is a super sensual look that truly beckons the reader.


8 Retake On Rolling Stone Cover


For the November cover of Rolling Stone magazine in 2002, Christina Aguilera posed completely nude while holding a blue guitar. She was sporting the same black and blonde locks from her “Dirrty” music video and was unapologetic about her physique. Yet, a lot of time has passed since she was young, single and untethered. To show off that she still had the body to show off a full-length shot like that, Aguilera again posed on top of a cushy bed but this time it was for Maxim magazine. This 2013 photo shoot was a bit more modest since she wasn’t completely nude. Yet, she didn’t leave much to the imagination since she wore a strappy lingerie ensemble that really helped to show off her curves. Her hair was a bit more subtle and she had a little bit more cover but she proved that she still had the goods to pull off a shot like one from her glory days.

7 Pink And Pretty

When it was revealed that Christina Aguilera would be a judge on The Voice, it was obvious that she would be a great choice for being a judge. The first three seasons of the show were a standout amongst all the other reality singing competitions. When Aguilera went on the Television Critics Association press tour for 2013, she posed with her co-stars from the series and looked fabulous in a pretty pink dress. While the outfit was a bit simple, sometimes that can be the best thing for someone as over-the-top as Aguilera. Fans are used to seeing her with crazy hairstyles and costume-like clothing so this was a nice change that showed off her natural beauty. The knit dress had a flare detail to give it a more girlish look and her blonde tresses were the perfect accentuation to complete the look.

6 High Ponytail And Covered Up


Oftentimes, celebrities are criticized for showing way too much skin on the red carpet in an effort to exude a bit of sex appeal. While a few cutouts and a high slit can be seen as alluring, there are far too many times when a starlet can just take it too far. When Christina Aguilera arrived at the 2015 Vanity Fair Oscar Party at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, people were stunned at how beautiful and sexy she looked without really showing off much skin. Her white gown featured an illusion design to give it a bit of intrigue. Yet, the long sleeves and high neckline made sure to keep it more demure. The high ponytail made many people think about her days from “Genie In A Bottle” but with a sophisticated twist.

5 Casual At Work

In January of 2016, Christina Aguilera sparked some intrigue over whether or not she was going to be releasing a new album. She took to her social media page and posted a photo of herself in the studio to Instagram. While the world has become accustomed to seeing her in those infamous flashy ensembles on the red carpet, it was refreshing to see her during a behind-the-scenes moment. Wearing a casual blue flannel top and looking hard at work, Aguilera reminded the world that she is first and foremost an artist in the music industry. Showing that she can still look sexy and beautiful without all the fluff and sequins, Aguilera is even beautiful when she’s just working on her craft. With a side profile, it was the perfect look at those plump pink lips and statuesque facial features.

4 Lavender And Sexy


Christina Aguilera has been known to dabble into some crazy hairstyles over the years, from the afro curls to the jet black highlights. So, there has always been a tendency to branch out into looks that don’t always fit neatly into one category of style. Instead, she’s marched to the beat of her own drummer and her fans love her for it. This particular look might not be something every celebrity would want to try but it definitely worked for Aguilera. She put a lavender huge to her signature platinum blonde locks and put in hoop accents in the braided portions of her hair. This never turned into a full-on trend since not everyone wants to put hair jewelry in this over-the-top style but it went perfectly with her ultra sexy black ensemble. Showing that she can still show off an edgy look, this is the Christina Aguilera that fans have always adored.

3 Getting Ready To Perform On Stage

The aspect of The Voice that makes it stand out from all the other singing reality shows is the fact that the judges aren’t just record executives that only know the behind-the-scenes of the music industry. The Voice judges are truly superstars in the music industry and implement their own performances on the stage throughout the season. This helps to give legitimacy to their expertise and it also helps the artist to promote their new music. This particular photo was taken before one of Christina Aguilera’s many performances on The Voice stage and showed off her ample cleavage and snatched waist. She paired it up with her signature big hair and flowing curls. This was just another way for Aguilera to show that she was a force to be reckoned with on the series and was a reason why so many viewers continued to tune in.

2 Red Head For Hillary


Christina Aguilera has always been known for having fun with her hairstyles and not being afraid to dabble in different colors. From bold highlights to pastel tones, she hasn’t ever been tethered to the same old blonde look. In her music video for “Candyman,” Aguilera gave a sneak peek at what she would look like as a redhead but that was in 2006. Proving that she could still pull off the Jessica Rabbit look, Aguilera dyed her blonde tresses to a beautiful red shade for a fundraising event for Hillary Clinton. She posted the first look of her red hair to her social media page for the #ShesWithUs concert. While she would have really stunned fans if she were to pair her red hair with a long red gown to complete her Jessica Rabbit look, the black ensemble was good enough. From the extra sparkles to the glamorous makeup, Aguilera seems to look good no matter what her hair color.

1 Eccentric In The Red Chair

There’s always been a bit of eccentricity involved with music artists and The Voice is a show that fully embraces all of their quirks. This was never made more evident than when Cee Lo Green appeared as a judge, from the white cat to over-the-top style choices. Yet, Christina Aguilera isn’t exactly free of eccentricities herself. In this particular photo, she shows that she likes to have fun with her style as well. The black leather finger gloves have an edgy look but also reminds people of a different era when women wouldn’t dare to leave the house without their gloves. The red tone to her top meshes into the bright red chair and pairs perfectly with her signature red lips. She completed the look with a fan that had a music note motif. Although it was a little costume-like as an overall look, it definitely worked to show off her sex appeal and stunning look as a music artist and beloved television personality.

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