15 Photos Of WWE Divas Revealing Too Much Outside Of The Ring

For those wrestling fans who loved the edgier days which featured women revealing a little more, you’re probably unhappy with the current state of the on-screen product. Today, the company has changed their label to PG, catering to their sponsors and to the fact that they’re a publicly traded company.

With the bad comes some good, as today, more so than ever before, women in wrestling expose their personal lives to us whether it be on social media or through the WWE with reality shows like Total Divas. Unlike the past days, we now get to see the women outside of the WWE and it's led to some awesome moments featuring the Superstars looking quite fine in some revealing outfits. Looking at it truthfully, the product is much more tame, but the amount of social media coverage makes up for it, as we’ve seen the current crop of women reveal a decent amount outside of the squared circle.

In this article, we pay homage to this with 15 pictures of current divas revealing a little too much outside of the ring. Pictures come from everywhere, whether it be outside of the ring in a photoshoot, or via their social media accounts on Instagram. Enjoy the photos and like always, be sure to share the link with a friend!


15 Sasha Banks

When you think of the words 'Divas' and 'Revolution', the name Sasha Banks instantly comes to mind. Her contributions to the overhaul are massive and some can even argue she was the biggest catalyst for the change. The proof is certainly in the pudding with Sasha not only main eventing NXT shows but following the same pattern on the main roster. Banks was bestowed with the honor of main eventing a PPV in 2016, the first time that women ever main evented a WWE PPV. Her popularity continues to be on the upswing and we still haven’t even seen her at her best, as she currently portrays the role of a babyface.

Fans love Sasha cause she’s not only ultra talented in the ring, a huge fan of the industry, but she’s also quite stunning too look at. Outside of the ring, she rocks some smoking hot outfits which have been well documented on her social media accounts. The picture you see above is a rare shot of Sasha revealing a little bit more than usual while rocking a mesmerizing bikini top.

14 Maryse


Before we dive into discussion about Maryse, let us take a moment to admire the Superstar in all her beauty as she rocks a stunning, revealing dress that compliments her in all the right places. Miz is certainly one lucky dude to have the beautiful Quebec native by his side not only on-screen, but behind the scenes as well.

Revealing a little more has been common for Maryse, especially outside of the WWE. She came from a background in modelling before heading to the company. Back in the day, a past in modelling was a blueprint for a future career in the industry. Maryse however, not only brought it with her stunning good looks but she also thrived in the ring as a greatly under-appreciated performer. She’s now set to finally return inside of the squared circle as she takes on the couple of John Cena and Nikki Bella, alongside her husband.

13 Lana

When the WWE Universe thinks of Lana, we immediately associate the beauty with those fantastic curves in the tightest skirts along with those long legs. This picture however, sheds a light on another part of Lana’s body, and that’s her puppies. The photo reveals a serious amount of cleavage which is quite the norm on Lana’s Instagram account. You can get caught up for hours looking at her darn page and how stunning she truly is.

The Ravishing Russian is a rare example of a performer finding success despite the fact that she had no wrestling ability whatsoever. In the midst of a women’s revolution that highlights in-ring skills, it’s certainly quite the accomplishment to receive such a reaction. She’s currently watching from the sidelines as Rusev heals up his injury, and it remains to be seen how the company will book her moving forward. What do you guys think, will Lana be a part of the WWE two years from now?

12 Eva Marie


Similar to Lana, Eva hasn’t showed all that much inside of the squared circle, leading many to believe she’s only still employed based on her unique looks. The downfall of Eva however, has been the fact that she was thrust inside of the ring early on with minimal experience. That led to disastrous results, and she hasn’t been able to recover from the early blows. The wise booking decision would have been to protect Eva like the company did with Lana, making her connect with the crowd in a managerial type of role, but it’s far too late for that now. The damage has been done.

With nearly four million Instagram followers, Eva certainly has her fair share of fans despite her WWE shortcomings. She has some breathtaking pictures where she reveals quite a bit, whether she’s rocking red or black hair, she’s always looking quite stunning. Putting her good looks aside, it’s hard to slot Eva into anything at this point. It remains to be seen what the future holds for the talent.

11 Becky Lynch

The dark horse of the Four Horsewomen, Becky Lynch is arguably the most beloved out of the four. The WWE had enough confidence in Becky to give her a shot in growing the SmackDown Women’s Division pretty much on her own, as the other three members of the stable stayed over on the Raw side of things. She’s thrived as the first ever SmackDown Live Women’s Champion along with being one of the biggest fan favorites on the show, and that’s including the men.

Rarely do we ever see Becky reveal a little too much. Her Instagram is quite tame, so we had to dig a little deeper to find a revealing photo of the Superstar. This picture comes from a bikini shoot that never made the website, however, to our advantage, it was added to a miscellaneous photo album. The picture clearly shows that Becky not only brings it in the ring, but can also rock the hell out of a bathing suit.

10 JoJo


Only 23 years of age, JoJo Offerman continues to steal the hearts of WWE fans, whether it be at a live event reciting a wrestler’s name or via social media with some of the more stunning dress pictures you’ll ever see. This picture is just a snippet of the shots on her Instagram account as she rocks the tightly fitted dress that exposes her back area. JoJo has a variety of shots as she poses with tightly fitted dresses before a show. Let’s just say a lot of people out there had to pick up their jaws off the ground after seeing the shots.

As we said, she’s only 23 and already the voice of Raw. With Lillian Garcia retiring and Brandi Rhodes parting ways with the company, the young announcer was given an abrupt call-up from NXT. Judging by her fan interaction at live events, Offerman seems like a natural and somebody the WWE will employ for a very long time.

9 Alicia Fox

In order to get the full benefit of this bikini shot, we decided to go a step further by including a GIF of the beautiful Alicia Fox. Quite remarkable to think about her journey with the company; the Foxy One has been employed by the WWE since 2006. What’s even more remarkable is the fact that she’s been with the company for over a decade, yet she’s still only 30. We wouldn’t be all that surprised to see Alicia make one more run at the title before she rides off into the sunset.

For now, her talents are being utilized for the Cruiserweight Division as she’s the first woman to be involved in storylines with the weight class. It’s quite obvious the company holds her in such a high regard. Nowadays, you can find Foxy on either 205 Live, or even Total Divas which has highlighted her great personality outside of the squared circle.


8 Dana Brooke


Seeing Dana reveal a little bit more outside of the ring is quite the norm if you follow her on social media. Brooke has been spotted in some eye-popping outfits and this is just a snippet of her wardrobe choices as the picture clearly demonstrates she isn’t afraid to show her goods, or as the great Jerry Lawler calls them, her puppies.

Showing off her body is something normal for Dana who was recruited by the WWE in her prior profession as a bodybuilder. Brooke has quite the resume in the field as she received a pro card, which is a pretty huge deal in the sport. She’s now translating her skills onto the main roster. Although the start has been quite bumpy, it’s said that the WWE thinks quite highly of her given Dana’s work ethic and professionalism inside of the company. It remains to be seen what the future holds for Dana, for now however, let’s look on at this picture in utter amazement. The cleavage Gods are smiling somewhere.

7 Emma

We’ve seen the WWE make a mess of several things in the past, whether it was storylines or even Superstars. One of the worst recent blunders came with the WWE absolutely dropping the ball with Emma. After weeks and weeks of hyping up her return as Emmulation, the character took a disturbing twist when Emma came out and claimed she’d be resorting back to her old gimmick as just Emma. Fans were very confused and it was later revealed that the company pulled the plug on the idea due to the fact that they didn’t believe Emma could portray the character... ouch.

Whatever the thought process was, there’s simply no denying Emma’s stunning beauty. Just take a look at her Instagram account which features a plethora of revealing photos. For this one, we took the casual selfie which isn’t anything but causal when looking at the cleavage Emma is displaying while rocking her bathing suit.

6 Nia Jax


Here’s a name you probably didn’t expect to see in this article, but yes indeed, Nia Jax does have a history of revealing a little too much outside of the ring and that stems from her prior career. Before she made the breakthrough as a pro wrestler, Nia was a plus-sized model rocking several photoshoots while embracing her look. Without a doubt, Nia’s photos helped to give confidence to the bigger women out there who can still be portrayed as beautiful despite their size.

Nowadays, Jax is a long way away from her former self, as she rocks heel-like attire covered from head to toe. She plays the role of a scary heel imposing her size on the other women. Her future is no doubt bright, not only did the WWE call her up quickly from NXT but she’s even slotted in the high profile Women’s Championship match for WrestleMania. She’s unlikely to win, but just the fact that she’s involved in such a match proves how highly the company thinks of Nia so early into her career.

5 Natalya

Wrestling since 2000, Natalya was destined to make it in the industry. Looking at the current Divas Revolution, Nattie personified it a long time ago. She had nearly seven years of experience before finally signing her first WWE deal. Since coming over, she’s had great success both in and out of the ring. Outside of the ring, she’s helped multiple females including the Bella Twins with in-ring work. Nattie is even regarded as a great ambassador for the company.

What’s interesting is the older Natalya becomes, the better looking she seems to be getting. Since she started to appear on Total Divas, Nattie has improved her look, looking younger and younger as the years role on by. This throwback picture shows the Canadian rocking the hell out of a bikini with the puppies on full display. The Hart family probably aren’t too thrilled with the revealing picture, but hoards of fans would state otherwise.

4 Paige


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re well aware of what’s been going on in Paige’s life. When it comes to revealing pictures outside of the ring, a recent leak provided fans with a plethora of photos. Although many welcomed the sighting, it invaded Paige’s personal privacy and it clearly should have never happened. Many feel sorry for Paige and the terrible leak that exposed her personal privacy from years ago.

In this picture, we show a recent revealing picture of Paige showing some side boob action. We’re most certainly not showing any of her leaked photos, as we don’t want to encourage the invasion of such content. It remains to be seen what her future holds and if she’ll ever be included in another WWE event moving forward. For now, it's best she lays low and recovers from the disturbing leak. The optimists believe she’ll be back in a WWE ring at some point.

3 Charlotte

Unbelievable to think that Charlotte has only been wrestling for the last five years; making her debut with NXT in 2012, with wrestling in her blood as a Flair, Charlotte was instantly pushed as a top performer.

Despite the fact that she is indeed Ric’s daughter, Charlotte has thrived on her own becoming one of the very best in the company and perhaps, one of the greatest of all-time. Charlotte can bring it in the ring as a classic heel along with cutting fantastic promos as she speaks easily on the microphone. Along with that, she just has that certain “it” factor. Closing in on her fifth Women’s Title reign, it seems like Charlotte is destined for greatness.

Putting all that in-ring talk aside, we happened to find a rare photo of Charlotte rocking a bikini and revealing a little more than usual. Like Becky, this picture was issued in a WWE photoshoot that never made it to the website.

2 Stephanie McMahon


We’ve seen Stephanie transform in the front of our very eyes over the last couple of decades. During the Attitude Era, Stephanie fit in with the times wearing some revealing outfits exposing those lovely puppies at times. She continued with the trend during her days as the SmackDown General Manager, but it would eventually change once she had her three kids and grew higher in the business. Today, Stephanie rarely reveals too much.

This is a rare and kind of recent shot of Steph finally showing a little bit more. The shoot took place alongside her trainer Joe DeFranco and husband Triple H. She pays homage to The Game in this picture as she uses the sledgehammer on that poor tier. Her face is quite intense as her body is simply glistening outdoors. We don’t expect Stephanie to rock a similar outfit anytime soon, but if she does, there'll be a couple of views that’s for damn sure. Sorry, Paul...

1 Nikki Bella

Oh Nikki, how you continue to steal our hearts away. The Bella empire continues to expand outside of the ring as not only is she a reality star on television, but she’s now added to her resume, a YouTube channel documenting her everyday life. The channel has gotten rave reviews with a plethora of fans already subscribed. If she keeps up with the “revealing” type of content, she’ll surely continue to muster up lots of views.

As for this revealing photo outside of the ring, we flash back to a recent incident that saw Nikki at Brie and Daniel’s house. While playing with the family dog, Nikki bent down only to see one of her puppies breakout from her revealing outfit. She wisely brushed her arm onto it, leaving the viewers' eyes glued onto the screen hoping something further would be revealed. It remains to be seen what the future holds for Bella but we can guarantee, we’ll be seeing a lot of her one way or another, even if it’s not on WWE television.

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