15Jinder Mahal

Debuting with the company down in FCW back in 2010, Jinder Mahal had one strong attribute going for him and that was the fact that he was decently tall at a height of 6’5". Asides from that, physically, he was average at best. His initial run was nothing to write

home about and very few even noticed that he departed in 2014.

Well, he’d make an unlikely return in 2016 and the first thing many people noticed was the fact that his body was completely revamped, looking leaner and bigger than ever in just two years. On top of that, he’d end up getting pushed to the moon and back winning the WWE Title. Throughout his run, it seems like the dude is getting bigger and bigger while still managing to say ridiculously lean. Jinder doesn’t have a history of failed Wellness Exams, however, we do have reason to believe that some sketchy activity might have taken place while he was away from the company. What do you guys think?

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