15 Photos Of Vanessa Hudgens That Are Hot AF

Vanessa Hudgens got her start as a Disney kid and has appeared in a number of Disney productions, including her most famous role as Gabriella Montez in the High School Musical franchise. Yet, she was able to escape the Disney kid curse when she successfully transitioned into other acting roles while she grew into a beautiful and talented young woman. Like many other young starlets, she was involved in a highly publicized romance early on in her career. While the world was rooting for her romance with Zac Efron to last, the demise of their relationship didn’t come with a series of scandals or tabloid headlines. Instead, it seemed like the breakup was pretty amicable and both stars went on to have successful careers in film.

Hudgens has been heralded for her ability to transition out of her Disney phase and has starred in some memorable films like Sucker Punch and Beastly. Yet, her talents as a singer and performer from her High School Musical days have seemed to come in handy for other roles she’s been chosen for in recent years. She starred on Broadway in Gigi and also landed the role of Rizzo in the TV production of Grease: Live. Executives were worried that Hudgens may not be able to perform well for her live TV role since it came during the untimely death of her father. Yet, she not only was able to perform in the production but she wowed everyone with her stellar performance. As it seems like her star is continuing to rise, let’s take a look back at the 15 sexiest photos of Vanessa Hudgens over the years.

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15 Ironing And Bubbles

via metro.co.uk

When Vanessa Hudgens landed the Candies endorsement deal, she appeared in a series of promotional photos for the brand. While Candies was once a thought of as a hugely popular brand, it has dropped in status in recent years and has been replaced by designer brands. When Candies was looking for a young starlet that would be able to bring a new audience to the brand, Vanessa Hudgens seemed like a great addition to the campaign. In this particular photo, the premise featured a bit of sexy mixed with domestic. Hudgens can be seen ironing while wearing a girly bra and panty set with ribbon details. She’s wearing a flirty faux fur vest but it doesn’t offer much coverage since it’s completely open. The necklace has a dark heart pendant, which hangs all the way towards her navel. To amp up the girly factor, Hudgens is blowing a massive pink bubble and her ombre locks have a bit of a curl to it.

14 Sexy And Lounging

As part of a 2011 pictorial spread for Details magazine, Vanessa Hudgens was asked to pose in a variety of photos as a promotion for her film, Sucker Punch. Since the nature of the film was a bit sexier than audiences were used to seeing, she obviously didn’t care that the pictorial spread was on the steamy side. In this particular photo, everything looks a bit disheveled. The water doesn’t look appealing in the background and the ground cover seems odd because it fades into the water like a beach. Even the lawn chair seems oddly placed in the photo since it puts her on display. However, the only thing that pulls the photo together is the fact that Hudgens looks just as disheveled in her own way. Her hair appears completely tousled and her entire body seems limp. Yet her exposed skin has a luminosity to it and there is an intensity in her eyes that draws the viewer in.

13 Sucker Punch Character

When Vanessa Hudgens began branching out into the world of film, no one had ever seen her in anything other than the Disney High School Musical franchise. When she appeared as Blondie in the 2011 film, Sucker Punch, people got to see a different side to Hudgens entirely. The film was shot in such a stylized way that even the fantasy portions of the film looked like a completely different movie than the rest. This type of thing had been done before and has sometimes been compared to other stylized films like, 300. Yet, the fantasy portions of the film had something 300 couldn’t compare with since it featured Hudgens in fishnet and corset lingerie. While the ensemble was sexy enough, she completed the look with a super sultry 1960s hairstyle that only made her look even more feminine. The long black curls and the matching sheer gloves only helped to create one of her sexiest looks to date.

12 Purple Two Piece

via usmagazine / gambarmemek

Vanessa Hudgens has posed in a variety of swimsuits over the years, with many far more skimpy than this purple two piece. Yet, there is something about the ruffled style in the bottom and the off-the-shoulder style of the top. The mix and match pattern in this two piece only helps to create an intriguing look in her suit and the purple tone is quite becoming on this young Hollywood starlet. Rather than appearing on a beach background or lounging by the pool, there is just a simple white backdrop that truly helped to showcase her sex appeal. Without any shoes or a cover-up, Hudgens lets her physique and flirty expression steal the show. Her midsection has always been quite muscular but this photo shows that it doesn’t need to be a defined six-pack to prove that she’s in shape. She looks super sexy and feminine in this retro styled look and the ombre red hair brings it into a modern look.

11 Black Lingerie

via Flawless and Beautiful

It’s not a new concept for a celebrity starlet to pose atop a bed in lingerie, but there’s something extra unique about the rendition Vanessa Hudgens offered the world. She can be seen wearing a strappy black silk lingerie top with lace accents throughout. While lying on her stomach, one of the straps is hanging loosely past her shoulders and the bottom has crept up to reveal some of her back. She completed the ensemble with a pair of sheer bottoms that showed just enough to tempt the eye. With long brown locks, her tousled look and bedroom eyes beckon from within the photograph. While other bedroom photo shoots tend to make the bed look just as appealing as the person being photographed, the bed in this particular scene isn’t filled with fluffy down comforters and pillows. Instead, it’s just a bare mattress without any sheets at all. The mattress actually looks a bit cheap since it has a generic floral pattern on it. Yet, somehow it makes Hudgens stand out even more.

10 Wet And Wild

via popsugar

In the March 2011 issue of Details magazine, Vanessa Hudgens was featured in a pictorial spread that featured a wet and wild scene. In these photos, she can be seen posing poolside on a dark and rainy day. The fog in the background is heavy, the ground surface looks wet and dreary and even the tree cover looks ominous. This is a stark contrast to typical poolside photoshoots that show the sun glistening off a starlet’s skin with the pool looking nothing but inviting. Yet, it somehow works with this photoshoot. To keep with the dark and dreary motif, she is seen wearing a black ensemble that has just enough of a shear component to make the viewer take another glance. There is a string detail near the bust and the bottom portion of the top is pulled up slightly to reveal the matching black bottoms. Yet, the sexiest part of this pictorial spread is the fact that water droplets keep raining down on Hudgens to create even more intrigue around the photo.

9 Spring Breakers

via Sharenator

Vanessa Hudgens had already branched out from her Disney persona prior to being cast in the 2012 controversial film, Spring Breakers. Yet, nothing she did could prepare her fans for the Candy character she played in the film. While the world was used to seeing Hudgens with dark ebony hair, her new look for Spring Breakers involved a dirty blonde hairstyle with dark roots. While the squeaky clean version of Hudgens from her days with Disney was definitely appealing, her Spring Breakers look was the furthest she could go on the spectrum of sex appeal. She appeared in a bikini in all of the promotional photos for the film but there were some that stood out better than others. In this particular photo, Hudgens can be seen posing with Selena Gomez. Hudgens’ backside is turned to the camera while she looks over her shoulder with a smile and Selena Gomez can be seen with her hand on Hudgens. Gomez has a whimsical expression on her face and the whole photo is meant to be fun and sexy. It definitely fulfilled its purpose since Hudgens looks smoking hot in the picture.

8 High Glamour

via marieclaire.com

When Vanessa Hudgens became known to the world through Disney’s High School Musical franchise, there was no denying that she was an ultra-talented and beautiful young lady. Yet, it doesn’t seem like she received the credit she deserved when it came to her looks and physique. This particular photo came later on in her career and was shot in September 2013. It shows how Hudgens has grown into a beautiful young adult with a stellar look. Her entirely body looks incredibly fit, from her toned arms to her cinched waist. She’s wearing a chic jumpsuit-style ensemble and paired it with a black turban. Set in a contemporary background, this is a great way to showcase Hudgens in a way that shows off her form and unique look. While there are definitely different ensembles that could show off a bit more skin, sometimes leaving something to the imagination is the sexiest route a starlet can go.

7 Chic And Sophisticated

via marieclaire.com

For the October 2013 issue of Marie Claire magazine, Vanessa Hudgens was featured in a pictorial spread that showed her in a totally different way. As a former Disney star, Hudgens has typically been shot as a young and girly model whenever she’s been chosen for an ad campaign or magazine shoot. Yet, Marie Claire showed her as the young woman she’s grown up to be. As a member of young Hollywood royalty, she has the world at her fingers and it definitely shows in her Marie Claire spread. In this particular photo, Hudgens can be seen in a deep V-neck white bra with matching briefs in a retro style. She paired it up with a Louis Vuitton blazer, a bracelet worth almost $4,000 and a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps strewn in the background. Instead of her hair being portrayed flowing in the wind, it is in a sophisticated up-do that truly transforms her look. It’s such a stark contrast from her former look but it definitely works on her as a young and sexy starlet.

6 Pretty In Purple

via wheretogetit.com

Vanessa Hudgens is often portrayed with long flowing ebony locks. While she’s been known to play around with some ombre shades or even dirty blonde for a TV or movie role, she’s not usually known for a short bob hairstyle. Yet, this photo proves that she can pull off any look and still look sexy. She’s wearing a strapless royal purple dress with a petal detail in the front that gives it even more detail and a textural property. She completed the look with purple pumps with black accents. She can be seen leaning over a rustic wooden block with a scrolled map. Yet, it’s not the props that make the photo since the dress really highlights her legs. Hudgens has always been known for having a fabulous physique but her perfectly toned midsection has usually been the star of the show during pictorial spreads. In this particular photo, it’s her legs that really shine and beg the viewer to take a closer look.

5 Hot Sneakers

via Pinterest

Just like so many other celebrities, Vanessa Hudgens has made a side career out of all of her lucrative endorsement deals. When she was asked to participate in the ad campaign for Ecko, she seemed like the perfect young celebrity to promote a fun sneaker line. It helped to show that Ecko isn’t just for men and the pair she wore in this particular photo showed how colorful and stylish this sneaker line had to offer. She paired the sneakers up with a high-waisted navy skirt and a body hugging top with a deep V-neck. Her long ebony locks are tousled in a super sultry look and she has some sweeping bangs that add to the seductive allure of the photo. She has a knee up on a stylish blue leather chair with metal accents and it further helps to bring out the colors in the shoes. Hudgens appears young and vibrant and she even managed to make sneakers look sexy.

4 Bohemian And Lots Of Legs

via Zeman Celeb Legs

While there are a lot of photos that try and paint Vanessa Hudgens as the picture of sophistication and class, sometimes that route can age her unnecessarily. Instead, this photo hopes to play up the fact that she is still very young and can partake in a wide array of different trends while looking sexy and flirty. The ensemble she’s wearing in this particular photo is soft and girly with a Bohemian style. The super short white bottoms have a lace detail that only adds to the femininity of the ensemble. She completed the look with a pair of booties with a fringe detail. Showing that she can partake in the latest trends in fashion without looking like she’s trying too hard, she looks very natural and beautiful in a way that shows her youthful age. Her hair is styled in a long bob with bright red accents in an ombre shade. While the ensemble isn’t terribly revealing, it does show off her legs in a way that makes the viewer want to feel its smoothness.

3 Slim And Trim

In a world obsessed with extra large breasts and a gravity-defying derriere, it’s very refreshing to see that Vanessa Hudgens is able to convey her beauty without all of that extra fluff. In this particular photo, she’s wearing a hot pink two-piece swimsuit with a slight ruffled detail on the top. The strapless style really shows off her slim build and it proves that not every woman needs to be a DD in order to exude sex appeal. Her long ebony locks are flowing in the wind and she has a bright smile that shows off her girlish looks. While there are other photos that show off her perfectly defined abs, this photo shows that she has a trim and muscular build but not overly done. The way she is positioned in the photo shows the sexy bend in her back and the perfect proportions of her physique. She paired up her suit with a lime green cover-up and the colors complement her skin tone perfectly.

2 Shape Cover

via GotCeleb

For the April 2011 issue of Shape magazine, Vanessa Hudgens was chosen for the cover. With this still being early on in her career, Hudgens looked young and vibrant. Her long ebony locks are flowing in the wind and she appears to be in the best shape of her life. Who better to promote boosting your best body image than Vanessa Hudgens? She’s wearing a light pink two piece that perfectly accents her defined midsection and even a faint hint at a six pack doesn’t take away from her feminine look. She’s wearing a fishnet style cover-up to go with her suit but it doesn’t offer much coverage. She completed the look with an ultra-bright smile. While the skimpy pink bikini was sexy enough, the shine in her eyes and the full smile put the sex appeal factor through the roof. She looked confident in her ultra-toned physique and she had every reason to flaunt it for all to see.

1 Turban And Hotel Room

via marieclaire.com

In the 2013 issue of Marie Claire magazine, Vanessa Hudgens was portrayed in a much more sophisticated way than the majority of her former pictorial spreads. Instead of long flowing locks, she has her hair wrapped up in a black leather turban-style headdress. Not everyone can pull off this look but Hudgens didn’t seem to have a problem with it at all. She completed the look with a black lingerie-style ensemble and a pair of black lace-up stilettos. She can be seen strewn atop a bed with fluffy white sheets and there are newspapers and magazines all around. In the background, there is a stainless steel ice bucket that makes it look like a hotel room. There is nothing sexier than seeing this sophisticated Hudgens lounging around a hotel room waiting for that lucky person to come in to join her. She isn’t looking directly at the camera, which only adds to the allure of the overall photo.

Sources: DailyMail, Metro, Marie Claire

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