15 Photos Of Tiffany Thompson You Need To See

If you follow the NFL, then you've heard of Tiffany Thompson. She's known as the girl who got Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott in hot water with the league. There wasn't enough evidence for Elliott to be arrested, but apparently, the photos of Thompson's bruises were enough to hand Elliott a six-game suspension in the 2017-18 NFL season. Thompson also claimed that Elliott assaulted her on five separate occasions during their relationship.

Despite the suspension, Elliott played in Week 1 against the rival New York Giants after federal judge Amos Mazzant of the Eastern District of Texas granted him a motion for a preliminary injunction. According to the New York Daily News, Mazzant wrote, "The Court finds Elliott did not receive a fundamentally fair hearing, necessitating the Court grant the request for preliminary injunction." The NFL has yet to decide Elliott's fate, but he has reportedly denied all of Thompson's accusations, claiming that her injuries came from a bar fight that she got involved in.

It makes perfect sense that Thompson and Elliott met at Ohio State University. Thompson was born in Reynoldsburg, Ohio but now lives in Pickerington. Meanwhile, Elliott was born to an athletic family in Alton, Illinois and went against his parents' wishes to sign at their alma mater, University of Missouri, to sign with Ohio State. The entire situation, for the most part, is an investigation in process.

Whether or not Thompson is right, she's still a great catch, and you need to see these 15 photos of her.

15 Viral Snap

via Daily Mail

Thompson first entered the limelight after posting a Snapchat photo laying on the bed with Ezekiel sleeping next to her. She captioned the photo, saying, "Dallas Cowboys newest running back Ezekiel Elliott ???"

As you can see, Thompson is a fun-loving girl who is a self-proclaimed Instagram model. She seems to be another young lady trying to get her 15 minutes of fame. The photo looked old, but the extra attention didn't really seem to bother her. She tweeted, "Y'all don't gotta worry about me I'm just fine sitting here with you guys laughing."

There's no surprise that she didn't last long with Elliott. After all, he's a rookie running back who led the league in rushing last season. He's an amiable guy who plays for America's team. He has a bright future ahead of him. In addition, he bought a home for his parents after signing a four-year rookie contract approximately worth $24.9 million with a $16.3 million signing bonus.

14 Cincinnati Reds Fan

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Unlike the red-hot Cleveland Indians, the Cincinnati Reds aren't one of the hottest teams in baseball right now, but let's look at things from a different perspective. Thompson is an Ohio native, and she has the right to show her love to a local Major League Baseball team. Her fitted red, black, and white shirt makes her look young and innocent. Okay, she may not be totally innocent as she reportedly told Elliott that he was a black male athlete, she was a white girl, and that they weren't going to believe him. But you understand what we're saying.

Thompson certainly came up with a plan to ruin Elliott's career. When all is said and done, she appeared to react with a rush of emotion after being told that she couldn't attend Elliott's 21st birthday party, reportedly telling him that it was the worst decision he made in his life and she was going to ruin his life immediately.

13 Aqua Bra

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While an aqua bra isn't the ideal go-to choice, this shade of blue is just as dangerous as the reds and pinks in the lingerie industry.

In this photo, Thompson showed off her midriff with a lacy aqua bra. She paired the casual comfortable look with a pair of gray skinny jeans along with a pair of nude platform pumps. She looks kind of like a mermaid, but without the nostalgic Disney edge. She's a barely legal girl, not an imitation of the 16-year-old Ariel in the 1999 movie The Little Mermaid. She may not have the most original sense of style, but she looks good for her age. At least she's leaving some of her assets to our imagination and not just baring it all for a photo like Kim Kardashian would.

The only thing Thompson could change is her hair as it's half brown and half blonde. However, those lovely locks of her belong to her, so she can make her own decisions in the mane department.

12 Colorful Shorts

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Thompson appears to be living a fashion-forward life, very far from undated, when she gets ready for a night out on the town. The amateur model did what most girls would do—take a full-body photo with her phone. She looked at the home screen while wearing a mismatched outfit, which she was able to pull off. She rocked a simple low-cut black top with a pair of colorful patterned shorts. She finished off the obscure look with a pair of aqua platform pumps and a matching aqua wristlet.

Some girls might look like they got dressed in the dark, but Thompson can certainly make clashing colors, insane pattern combinations, and mismatched shoes look cohesive. Although she's not a popular celebrity, she possesses great looks from her good DNA, which was probably the reason why she has worked as a "doll" at the Sway Columbus night club in Columbus, Ohio.

11 Business Casual

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What exactly defines business casual attire? That's a very good question. Trying to make sense of this attire can be a tad difficult in today's work place and can vary depending on a person's job. Yet, the easiest way to think of it is a blend of professional and casual clothing in neutral colors such as black, brown, beige, navy blue, and white.

We obviously don't have much information on Thompson as she's not a public figure, so it's unclear where she was working at the time this photo was taken. But, she looks great in her business casual outfit. Her gray off-the-shoulder sweater and solid black skirt flatter her body in a modest way. Also, her black heels add height to her young professional look as her legs look longer and her calves are slimmer. She could definitely pass as a news anchor working for a small-market broadcast TV station.

10 Selfie

Yes, Oxford Dictionaries has named "selfie" as the word of the year in 2013. The word came from a social media hashtag into a conventional word to describe a self-taken photo. It has been reported that the usage of this word has increased by 17,000% since 2012.

It's not surprising that Thompson takes (and shares) a lot of selfies. While she might be a narcissist who enjoys having others check out her photos, at least she hit the jackpot in the genetic lottery. She looks fairly casual in this photo–like she's getting ready for a day at the beach–with her dark hair in a ponytail, a hot pink top, a beige tote bag on one shoulder, and a gold watch on the other wrist. You may not adore pouty faces on girls, but her edition of it is acceptable because she didn't overdo her makeup like a Kardashian or Jenner.

9 Pierced Tongue

Does it really matter if a female goes out to get her tongue pierced? The hypothetical answer is "no," but some people will obviously disagree when they should've just ignored it and moved on with their own life.

We don't know how long Thompson had this tongue piercing, but she gives off the appearance of a freaky chick in this photo. She apparently tried to downplay the piercing with a classic v-neck t-shirt and long multi-colored tresses, but she can't change the way that people perceive her, especially if they're nothing more than keyboard warriors.

Whether or not you agree with tongue piercings on the ladies, you have to admit that Thompson actually looks pretty darn good in this particular photo. Sure, she's sticking her tongue out, but at least she tried her best to keep it PG-13 and avoided the questionable "Miley Cyrus twerking on Robin Thicke" moment at the 2013 MTV VMAs.

8 Lady By The Lake

via wagsr.com

As you can see here, Thompson was photographed while standing by a crisp blue lake. Since she can't always be fun and playful, she got all dolled up and flashed her pearly white smile for the camera. She's dressed in a cutesy black tank top and blue denim jeans. She completed the chic ensemble with a large neutral Michael Kors purse along with a girly aqua necklace.

It seems like the weather is getting hotter and so is Thompson. The brunette beauty surely ramped up her outdoor portrait game by getting the best light possible before the sun sets, guaranteeing a great smile and dressing the part. She didn't take home the top prize of Elliott, but there aren't a whole lot of college relationships that turn out to be worthy of a long-term commitment. Still, she's a winner in our book with her stunning looks and a modern sense of style.

7 Alleged Injuries

via Potential horse

This isn't the most flattering photo of Thompson, but let's begin the list with what she's best known for—accusing Elliott of being physically violent towards her. In the summer of 2016, Thompson took to Instagram to share photos of bumps and bruises all over her body.

In the first set of photos, she wrote, "Just for every woman out there getting abused it's time to put a stop to it. This has been happening to me for months and it finally got out of control to where I was picked up and thrown across the room by my arms. Thrown into walls. Being choked to where I have to gasp for breath. Bruised everywhere, mentally and physically abused. It's not okay. So I want each and every one of you girls to step away now from domestic violence. You're worth so much more. I got told it was called "tough love" I'm sorry if you love someone you don't touch your loved ones."

In the second set of photos, she tagged Elliott in the comments section.

6 Look At That Booty

via Heavy.com

No list would be complete without a booty picture. Here, you can see one photo where Thompson takes a butt selfie—better known as a belfie—to show off her God-given assets. While she may not be able to see her own back side for the most part, she can't complain about her derriere either. And just look at her booty on the upper right photo. She's a total babe who looks beautiful with the fierce little black dress and leather knee-high boots.

Thompson is far from a household name, but she has a sensational look, and we can't deny that. Whether you like it or not, the concept of Instagram fame is real. An Instagram celebrity can post a typical photo of their meal and get thousands of likes for no apparent reason. She unquestionably fits the job description of an Instagram celebrity. After all, she seems to have enough money and time to do all the finer things in life like dine out, don up-to-date outfits, and travel to places on our bucket lists.

5 Another Selfie

Selfies may seem cocky and shallow, but there's actually a lot more to this modern trend than just people taking pictures of themselves. Once again, we have to show you another one of Thompson's likable selfies. Like the previous selfie on this list, she is dressed in a rather informal way in a black halter top. But, she continues to look hot. The pouty lips are really pretty as the dark lipstick gives off a mysterious sultry look that's perfect for a night out.

People need to understand the motivations behind the art of taking selfies. It seems like Thompson enjoys documenting her entire life in pictures, and there's nothing wrong with that. She likely just wants to present herself in a positive light, which is alright. She's a beautiful young lady who was blessed with captivating eyes and a nice body. She has every right to flaunt the affirmative traits about herself.

4 Animal Print

via Daily Mail

Animal print is the new neutral shade! It's a classy and sassy trend that's not trashy at all.

In this photo, Thompson let her inner animal out as she wore an animal-print bra and panty set in what appears to be a dressing room. The room is well-painted with black and white flower walls along with a hot pink door. Anyways, let's focus our attention on the main part of the picture, which is the brunette stunner. She looks absolutely relaxed as she's posing for her smartphone camera with her other hand in her hair.

If you take a closer look, you'll also see that she has a pierced belly button. Many people would immediately assume that girls who have gotten their belly buttons pierced are party animals or wh*res, but that's not always the case. We don't know much about Thompson's personal and social life, but does it really matter? She's a brunette bombshell!

3 Revealing Swimsuit

via Heavy.com

Swimsuits have always been a sought-after trend among girls and women, but Thompson took this trend to a whole new level. While she wasn't the first female to show off her goods in a one piece, she heated things up for the viewing pleasure of her Twitter and Instagram followers.

The animal print re-appeared in the background in this photo. This time, the leopard print comforter set on the bed. The black pillows aren't too shabby either. Anyways, Thompson apparently tried her best to take a mirror selfie in a revealing black lace swimsuit drawing attention to her chest, hips and thighs. Whether or not she's a legitimate beach girl, she treated her followers to a risqué selfie in a plunging one piece and made us all realize why these styles were popular in the first place. If there's anything the world needs more of, it's lovely brunettes that walk around in revealing swimsuits.

2 Blowing Kisses

via Twitter

Move over, Victoria's Secret Angels! There's a new girl who just came on the scene. Her first name happens to be Tiffany, which is a plus because Tiffany & Co. is an ironic brand that's best known for its diamonds. According to Urban Dictionary, the unofficial meaning of the first name describes a girl who's smart, kind and possesses a cute smile. Thus, she has it all!

These side-by-side photos of Thompson show exactly why she deserves to land a modeling gig if she hasn't already. The photo on the left is more heavenly as she's wearing a white bra and panty set with black wings while blowing a kiss with one hand and holding a drink in the other. The photo on the right is more gloomy as she's wearing a dark bodysuit with the same black wings and seemingly getting ready to blow a kiss. These photos are fairly different, but she's a hottie nonetheless.

1 Natural Beauty

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Let's face it, girls can't always be applying pounds of makeup on a daily basis. Makeup has a tendency to halt the skin from its normal ability to function. In the age of Botox, cosmetic surgery, and weaves, it may seem like the concept of natural beauty has been long gone. But in this low-key photo of Thompson, she's not chained to the stereotypical beauty routine. Her hair is all one shade (dirty blonde). She's wearing a super simple makeup look. She's wearing a plain white top. Simply put, she could serve as an example of the American look that Almay has been promoting in its Simply American campaign.

There are guys who love it when a girl doesn't wear makeup, so consider this as an ode to natural beauty because it's not every day that you see a female trying to be down-to-earth and comfortable in her own skin.

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