15 Photos Of The Stallone Girls You Need To See

Who knew that Mr. Sylvester Stallone himself had three absolutely gorgeous women, well, four if we include his beautiful wife. Obviously there’s no need introduce to Mr. Stallone. Everyone knows the star, the legend; his daughters on the other hand... where have they been all our lives? Stallone and his third wife Jennifer Flavin have been married since 1997 (which is like an eternity in Hollywood) and have 3 adorable girls: Sophia Rose, 21 years old, Sistine Rose, 19 years old, and the youngest, Scarlet Rose who is 15 years old. All three girls came into the spotlight for most us of when they were named Miss Golden Globe 2017.

We can’t be that surprised that the girls are lovely young women. I mean, look at their momma. The girls clearly took after their parents. Unlike many young celebrity kids, the girls are definitely disciplined, have not been involved in any scandals. Even though he’s a star, Stallone is still a dad who enjoys bugging his daughters and you can see so much of that on his Instagram.

Move over Kardashians, the Stallone sisters are here and are taking over. If you didn’t even know that Sly had daughters, here are 15 pictures of them that will make you obsessed!

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15 Move Over Kardashians, Hello Stallones!

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From left to right, we have Sistine (the middle child), Scarlet (the youngest), and Sophia (the oldest). The picture of the beauties was taken at the Golden Globes 2017 hosted by the hilarious Jimmy Fallon. The girls created a lot of buzz at the event, and you could see that the parents were super proud. In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, the girls shared that they love their dad being on Instagram, but sometimes he does drive them crazy. In the same interview, all three girls basically revealed that their house is  a shrine of their dad with all the Rocky statues all over the house. “Everywhere you look you see dad,” one of the girls said. To everyone’s surprise, the girls revealed that dad is actually not that bad with the boys they have brought home, even though the boys are just terrified, but who wouldn’t be meeting Rambo!

14 Meet Sophia, The Oldest

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Meet the oldest daughter, Sophia Rose. Youngest sister Scarlet has a Youtube channel and in August 2017 she shared a video where the sisters played a fun game of “Which Sister?” In the game, the youngest asked a question and all three had to answer which one it was most pertinent to. Older sister Sophia was named most forgiving, the sister that cries the most, the most awkward, and the one who got in the most trouble when she was younger, but now apparently her sister Scarlet is taking over. The sisters are actually very friendly with the paparazzi, and will usually answer their questions and have a quick chat. Caught by TMZ’s camera, when asked if they would consider a reality show, the family was quick to say no! When asked which Kardashian sister they most consider themselves to be like, feisty Sofia exclaimed, “No, we’re the Stallones!”

13 Proud Papa Stallone

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No one can doubt that at 70, Sly looks freaking amazing, and you could totally tell that he is a doting father, always including his daughters in his Instagram videos and stories. In a recent Instagram video, Sylvester Stallone asks his youngest daughter if she would rather have Rambo or Rocky as a father, and she quickly responds with Rocky, because he seems less intense, which is good for when they bring boyfriends home. The typical dad seriously responds with, “I think Rambo is on his way,” while his daughter replied, "Oh my God.” One daughter is enough for a macho dad, but imagine having to deal with 3 gorgeous daughters and a hot model wife! Poor guy! The papa was so proud at the Golden Globes and the girls had candidly said in an interview that their parents were more nervous than they were for the Globes.

12 Meet Sistine, The Middle Child

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Sistine follows in her beautiful mother’s footsteps and is now a model. In an interview with Express, the second Stallone girl shared that she loves to listen to rap, especially Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, Tupac, Ice Cube. “For some reason, rap music on set gives me energy and if I keep dancing in between shots, it keeps me going,” she said. One of the sultriest photoshoots she has done has had to be her photoshoot with lace lingerie for LOVE. Word on the street is dad needed a lot of convincing.  Both sisters voted Sistine as the one to have the least friends, the one who takes the longest to get ready, the one with the most attitude in the morning, the one who snores in her sleep, and while she was described by her sisters as mean, Sistine said that her sense of humour is just dry. One thing you can tell for sure is that the sisters have beautiful bond together.

11 Follows In Her Mama's Footsteps

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One thing for sure is that the family doesn’t take any of it for granted. In a Golden Globe interview, Sly expressed that it was “pretty extraordinary that this has happened and [they] don’t take it lightly." Sly adds, "I looked at that sign and it said Stallone Girls: Sistine, Sophia, Scarlet, and I went, 'whoa!' Can you imagine how fast time is?” It can’t be easy for Stallone to know that guys everywhere are googling his daughters, especially Ms. Sistine with her recent LOVE advent shoot. In an interview with InStyle UK, mom admitted that dad can be strict with what the girls wear. “When my girls wear something too short or their stomach is showing, my husband is like, you’re not going out like that, you need to go back upstairs and put some clothes on.” Jennifer stated that she is much more easygoing with the girls with what they wear. She says, “I’m much more forgiving, I understand fashion more than he does. He looks at them strictly, like put more clothes on, that's all he cares about.” Understandable, Sly!

10 Elegant Beauty

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For the first time ever, there were not one, not two, but three Golden Globe Girls: the Stallone Girls. The girls gushed that they were both excited to meet the two Ryans: Gosling and Reynolds. When asked in an interview with ET if any of the girls would follow in dad’s footsteps, Sophia said, “Let’s just say none of us got the acting gene.” Young Scarlet said she tried and completely messed up: “In fourth grade I did a movie and let’s just say I didn’t know my line. It was literally four words, they had to cut it so I wouldn’t mess up.” We have to respect that the girls. Even with the fame of their dad and fortune, they have not been involved in any scandals or any other sorts of trouble. Overall, Stallone and Jennifer did an amazing job raising their daughters to be elegant beauties.

9 Meet The Stallones

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Before his wife Jennifer, Sly was married to Sasha Czack from 1974 to 1985 and they actually had two kids together: Sage, who was his first born and passed away at 36 years old from atherosclerosis, and Seargeoh, who suffers from autism. Sage appeared with his dad in Rocky V in 1990. Stallone was then married for a second time shortly after to Brigitte Nielsen, and the marriage only lasted for two years and they had no children. He then married third wife and model Jennifer Flavin in 1997. Many don’t know that the actress actually appeared in Rocky V in 1990 as a delivery girl. Google the hot mama and you’ll see that it’s no surprise those children are that lovely. Sly shared with Stephen Colbert that he wrote Rocky but then had a problem being casted as the main character. As a struggling actor, he was offered $300,000 for the script on the condition that he couldn't play the leading role; luckily, he refused.

8 Red Carpet Princess

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The princess has signed with IMG Models and has done so much work with them. The model who followed in her mother’s footsteps was featured in Vogue Italia, Vogue Korea, Smashbox Cosmetics, and more. As if she wasn't talented enough, the beauty also competes in horseback riding and is pretty sporty. She enjoys playing volleyball, as well. You can tell that dad raised them well, because instead of being a spoiled princess, Sistine is founder of Silver Student’s Society, a charitable organization dedicated to fostering companionship between millennials and senior citizens. The photo above was taken on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival 2016. The beauty is definitely very comfortable on the red carpet. After all, she was raised in that environment. Papa Sly credits the girls’ mom for raising the girls and jokingly adds in the interview, “I’m outnumbered; even the dogs at the house are female. I’m a lonely guy, that’s why I do Rambo. It’s the only time I get to let out my inner guy!” Every man who is outnumbered by women at home knows exactly how the movie star feels.

7 Double Trouble

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Stallone loves his daughters but knows the pressure of being a dad to not one, not two, but three gorgeous daughters; in an interview at the Golden Globes in 2016, he jokingly said, “God must hate me. He gave me three daughters. No question about it!” Sly continued with “It’s impossible [having three daughters]. Every boyfriend they bring over is the size of Dolph Lundgren.” In an interview with E! Live, the girls were asked if bringing dates to the Golden Globes was a difficult conversation to have with dad and Sistine shared, “You would think that he is so against it, like he’s Rambo showing up with a Bazooka at the door, but he’s really nice!” While the girls are humble, they are definitely not shy about showing it off, and wouldn’t we all if we had beauty and a body like that?

6 Whoa!

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We don’t think Stallone gets enough credit for being a cool dad. You would think Rambo would keep three beautiful daughters locked up in a tower like Rapunzel, but instead he loves showing them off to the world. Sly’s daughter’s shared that their dad’s presence on Instagram drives them crazy because he puts the camera in their face at the worst time possible. Well, someone on YouTube combined all of the amazing actor’s 2016 Instagram videos and we totally understand where the girls are coming from. In one video, the hilarious dad points the camera at Sophia’s face who has a towel wrapped around her hair. Sly jokingly says, “Excuse me, with that thing upon your head, you look like a fortune teller. Would you happen to know what’s in the very near future for, let’s say, someone like me?” His eldest daughter, who immediately covers her face and looks super annoyed, sassily responds with, “I see someone punching you in the face, a girl, with a towel wrapped around her head, sitting on the couch, not wanting to be recorded.” Do yourself a favour and follow this guy on Instagram; he's hilarious!

5 Beach Babe

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Yes, Stallone turned 70 recently and the whole family was photographed on a yacht in the Mediterranean. It’s unreal how gorgeous the entire family is! We can definitely see that Sophia and Sistine take care of themselves, work out, and eat well, but then again, some people might be hateful and claim they have these bodies because they’re young, but have you see Mama Stallone too? Yowza! At 47, the former model looked absolutely stunning, like one of the girls, actually. We can see that the good looks run in the family. Let’s take a moment to also appreciate how amazing the actor looks at 70. While most men will start looking more pregnant than their wives at some point, the actor still keeps it lean and mean with the funniest dad sense of humour! In a 2016 Instagram video, Sly is filmed with his youngest daughter. “Did you notice something unusual? he asks his younger daughter. She replies, “That you almost got hit by a car taking a selfie?”

4 Those Abs Tho

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Like daughter like father, but also very much like mother! Even though the actor looks amazing now, he did admit to enjoying letting himself ago a little bit, and when was asked how he got himself back into shape, the actor responded like any of us would. He said that he thought about being on film and that footage would be around forever, and that pretty much scared him into going to the gym. We can tell that between mom and dad, Sistine definitely has amazing genes (I mean, she’s super tall and lean), but we also have to give the model credit for keeping up her diet and working hard to keep her body in check.

3 Owning The Catwalk

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The girls have talent, but they also work hard. They come from a wealthy family but are definitely disciplined. Earlier this summer, the two oldest sisters were asked to walk in the Dolce & Gabbana show and boy, did they make jaws drop. We can’t say that famous dad isn’t helping them get to where they are. Let’s face it, if any of us can get ahead because of our name, we would definitely take it! The girls definitely have the height and beauty to become successful models. Sistine's look in the show was described as an 80s Madonna with a modern twist, while Sophia’s fiercely strutted on the runway with a sexy secretary look. In an interview with The Daily Edited, Sistine described her style as chic, comfortable, and different, while older sister Sophia described hers as mature, simple and chic. The girls are pretty different; when asked about their shoe preference, Sophia says she prefers heels, while Sistine quickly said she loves sneakers!

2 We Rest Our Case

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While the girls are still building their portfolios, and the Stallone name is definitely helping, along with the amazing genes from both mom and dad, we have to admit that the girls definitely have a gift of their own. If you’ve been loving the pictures of these girls, don’t worry, it looks like they’re Hollywood's new it girls! In an interview with Access Hollywood Live, the girls describe how they found out they were named Miss Golden Globe and how they were screaming and super excited when their dad broke the news to them. Sophia exclaimed that this was the girls’ moment, since they’re always on the sideline to their dad’s spotlight. Eldest daughter also explains that even though they are used to the red carpet because they grew up in that environment, they are older now so they really understand it. Like typical daughters, when asked about their dad being on Instagram, model Sistine says, “Everyone seems to like it but us. I don’t want a phone in my face when I wake up first thing in the morning.” All in all, we can't what to see what the sisters do next!

1 Sassy Sophia

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In an interview with InStyle UK, the oldest sister, Sophia, credits Sistine with having the better sense of style and being a fashionista. The oldest Stallone also shared that she only felt how big her family was (especially her dad) when they went as a family to the Golden Globes and saw their dad win and saw how many people loved and appreciated his work. Sophia admitted to helping dad prep his award speeches and mom added that he has a house full of critics, so it’s a little difficult for him! “He has no word in it, no say, it’s all us,” the sassy daughter adds. It's always interesting to see how Rambo himself, the man who terrified many, is a doting and helpless dad.

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