15 Photos Of The Kardashian/Jenner Crew Before All The Plastic

America's most famous-for-no-reason (or for all the wrong reasons, according to some) family has fallen under much speculation for their use of plastic. Not as payment during shopping sprees but on their bodies. The Kardashian clan likes to deny these "outrageous" accusations but we'll let you be the judge with the before and after photos below.

Of course, when people age, their faces have a tendency to mature and change a bit over time. It's only natural. But as the Kardashians have grown in fame over time, so have their bank accounts. And as you know, plastic surgery costs a pretty penny so connecting the dots here isn't very difficult. Some of the changes below, as you'll see, seem to go beyond the forces of nature and time. Obviously, the plastic surgery rumors started with Kim – the most famous of the famous-for-no-reason family. But as time went on, fans and non-fans alike started to notice some not-so-subtle changes in other family members, too.

Kourtney and Khloe's faces started to look different, more contoured. Then Kylie's lips grew overnight and to be fair, she's about the only family member who doesn't deny the accusations... or at least, just that one. Kris has been seen in public more than a handful of times with a rather tightly drawn and swollen-looking face. There's no question that the ones on this list went under the knife and had a few (or a few too many) procedures done. Take a look at 15 photos of the Kardashians before all the plastic and see if you agree.

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15 More Than Just A Growth Spurt


We all go through an awkward phase to some degree in our tweenage or teenage years. But Kim's awkward phase (shown above) is much more than just an embarrassing pic she had hoped would never surface to see the light of day. It's Exhibit A. Evidence that the reality star paid for her famous face, the one that she claims she was born with. Plucking eyebrows is no big deal, neither is switching from glasses to contacts but younger Kim's nose definitely looks fuller and she's missing the contoured cheekbones that older Kim has suddenly seem to "grow into." Everyone takes a bad photo once in a while but as you can see, this is beyond a bad pose. This is before and after. Especially with evidence like this, why don't celebrities just fess up? We already know the big secret! It seems to be more embarrassing to keep denying the obvious.

14 She Takes After Her Younger Sister


Something's clearly up with oldest sis, Kourtney as seen in these photos. It's pretty hard to deny, wouldn't you say? Yet deny, she does. Despite her denials, Kourtney's face is looking more and more like younger sister, Kim's new(ish) plastic mug as time goes on. Her skin looks several shades lighter as well, much more than a "this photo was taken in winter" type of thing. Her 'after' photo almost looks like a different person compared to her 'before' photos. Her chin has been defined, her eyes look different, her face appears tightly-drawn and in general, her 'after' photo looks very similar to Kim's 'after' photo. Perhaps Kourtney got a taste of Kim's fame and thought that she better be quick to jump aboard that gravy train.

13 The Nose Knows


What you are not looking at is a photo of a woman taken close up next to a photo of the same woman taken from farther away. What you are looking at is a photo of a woman before she had rhinoplasty and other facial procedures next to a photo of the same woman after her plastic surgery. Those other procedures might include eyelid surgery, cheekbone restructuring, liposuction, a chin implant and lip injections. In her earlier days, Khloe looks natural with her full face, laughing eyes and chubby cheeks. Lately, Khloe looks positively chiseled. Every inch of her face looks defined. Her eyes look wide and open. And that nose. Come on. If every facial other feature can be explained away, the nose is the one that can not. No amount of weight loss or camera angle can explain away the difference in the shape and size of Khloe's nose. Sorry Khloe.

12 From Stick Lips To Lip Sticks


Who would have thought that the little gal with the teeny tiny Bart Simpson-esque lips would one day sell her own line of lip kits, named after herself naturally, as only a Kardashian/Jenner would feel entitled to do so? Not us. But Kylie's Lip Kits are fast selling beauty products. Is that because they are of the highest quality? Because of Kylie's years of expertise in the beauty business? Her life-long dedication to women's makeup? No, it is instead likely due to the fact that Kylie Jenner is from the Kardashian family and that factor alone makes any product with her name on it desirable. As mentioned earlier, Kylie is the only one (save for Caitlyn, obviously) that has admitted to lip injections. But to lip injections only! Then again, how could she possibly deny that accusation? She is so completely Jenner in her before photo and in her after, she almost looks identical to big sis Kim. And that's not genetics at work.

11 Mom's In On The Plastic Action, Too


This photo is much more than just an old photo from the 80s and a newish photo from the 00s or 10s. This is, much like the comparison photos of her many surgically altered daughters, proof of Kris' facial plastic surgeries. First point for discussion, the nose. Now back in the day, Kris' nose was rather nice. Small and perfectly straight... so what's the problem? We're not quite sure what the answer is for that except that maybe Kris, like her younger daughters, is seeing how much attention her daughters have been getting since their surgeries and she wants to glom onto as much fame as she can. If there's one thing we know about Kris, she loves fame almost as much as her son-in-law, Kanye, loves himself. Second point for discussion, her face shape is completely different. Her chin has a new shape. She also has new cheekbones.

10 Girl Next Door Turns Into Model With Super Fame


Kendall's old face is round and full, her old nose is bulbous and her old eyes are a bit squinty. Kendall's new face is thin, chiseled down to the sculpted chin, her new nose is shaped well and her new eyes are wide. How very convenient that these sudden and drastic facial changes happened soon after Kendall joined the famous for no (good) reason Kardashian/Jenner payroll. Hmm, it's all just a little too coincidental if you ask us. It also appears that Kendall had some liposuction done to her face just like the bigger girls did. That's not to say that Kendall was overweight in the least but apparently the Kardashian/Jenner women don't appreciate things like natural face shapes, preferring the sucked in look.

9 An Evil Comparison


Now this is just mean but currently, memes litter the internet comparing the old Kim to the villain from a popular Disney movie with the line, "Remember when Kim Kardashian looked like Jafar from Aladdin?" The answer is no, not really. And the reason for that is that the Kardashians have done a fair amount of covering their tracks when it comes to their old selves. You have to search for pre-plastic Kardashian/Jenner photos and we're willing to bet that if they had it their way and owned the Internet, they would permanently wipe the existence of any non-plastic image of them off the World Wide Web so that everyone would believe that they were born with super high cheekbones, beautiful complexions, perfect chins and noses. But it is not so, Kardashians. There is proof. And as such, memes will continue on.

8 Bumped Up To Fame


Kylie, what happened? One day, it's Pancake City in the behind department and the next, you're looking like Kim K. 2.0: Younger and now with more plastic! Any normal thinking person would believe that she cannot seriously deny enhancement rumors with a photo like this in existence! But as you've learned so far, like all of her other famous family members – she does! Except when it comes to her lips. Because that can't be denied. So unlike her increasingly famous rump... not. There isn't any special exercise or magical herb supplement on the face of the earth that someone can take to create this kind of drastic change. Our theory is that when the youngest sister saw her big sister's fame explode, she realized that her Jenner genes weren't going to take her to the same level (and oh yeah, Kim's beauty heavily relies on surgical enhancement) and she opted to get in on the game.

7 Face Shape Debate


As we were saying, denying claims of plastic surgery is pretty difficult to do with any success when you see a side by side photo like this. The mother of three's face shape is too exaggerated and defined in the after photo. Sis Kim has been accused of having lipo done to help contour her face and looking at this photo, we can't help but wonder if Kourtney had thought that was a great idea and had the same procedure done for herself. Her nose looks more refined and her face looks so much thinner, more than what weight loss could achieve alone. Kome klean, Kourt! Do you think it's high time this family fesses up and admits to having certain procedures done? After all, they owe all of their fame and fortune to the fans who faithfully watch their shows and appearances. You'd think that a little honesty wouldn't be too much to ask.

6 A More Polished Khloe


And by more, we mean oh so much more. The 'before' Khloe is a far cry from the Khloe that we see prancing around today. Before Khloe looks like a natural person with a nose that seems appropriate for her face, full cheeks and a roundish face. After Khloe has the "family look" – the family look that was created by a team of Beverly Hills plastic surgeons, that is. She's now sporting high cheekbones, a defined pout and a slim and straightened nose. I'm sure that a professional could take a look at this comparison and easily note all of the differences but speaking for all laymen, she looks like she's had plenty of work done. Although she looks like her sisters now, it would seem that she's just keeping up with the family tradition of going under the knife.

5 They Could Be Cousins... Maybe?


Looking at the girls in this side by side picture, you might be able to be convinced that they were cousins or maybe distant cousins, if you didn't already know that this is a before and after comparison of Kim Kardashian. It's much more than just her Jersey Shore skin tone compared to drastically lighter coloring, which by the way, she's been accused of getting her skin bleached. It's her nose which used to curve downwards a bit and her cheekbones which suddenly popped up. Her chin also looks much softer. Some may say (ahem, Kim) that the side by side looks so dramatic because of the difference in hair color and skin tone and some/she may try to say that the skin tone change is a seasonal thing but we aren't buying it. Too many changes, too many differences. Distant cousins? Maybe but that might even be a reach.

4 From A Freckle-Faced Kid To A Chic-Looking Model


In Kendall's 'before' photo, she looks to be a total Jenner through and through. In her 'after' photo, she's showing off wider eyes, a slim and straight nose and a defined chin... hmm, sound familiar? She looks so much like her older half-sisters' 'after' photos and very much unlike her old self. Before, Kendall had the cute freckle-faced little girl look, taking after Bruce's old face on a box of Wheaties. Now she's ready to hit the runway and lucky for her, there's no such thing as a silicone detector when she heads to the airport bound for Paris for Fashion Week or we're sure there would be some issues. It definitely looks like Kendall has had some facial work done.

3 Booty Nowhere, Booty Everywhere


It's completely understandable why Kim K. would not want this photo to see the light of day. Her big asset, the one that propelled her into reality fame after her attempt at leaking her video reminiscent of the "other industry", is somehow missing in this photo of Kim's pre-plastic days. Someone, quick! Call the police! The Behind Burglar has been at it again! But somehow Kim got it returned. Or maybe it's more like The Behind Fairy paid her a visit. Or also possibly, she had a procedure done. Which scenario do you think is the most likely? It's funny that she's in this particular pose in the old days, isn't it? They say, if you've got it, flaunt it. And Kim certainly seems to agree with that sentiment but if she had even thought about getting a big boost in the bum, why would she flaunt her less than bountiful fanny?

2 Being Nosy


We are starting to wonder if the Kardashian/Jenner family's plastic surgeon offers a loyalty card. If they do, someone is going to be due for a free facelift any day now. And we can assume that the K/J fam sees the same plastic surgeon since they are beginning to all look like Kim's newly created face. Kris' nose looks fine in the early days but is now starting to look a little "worked on." It's quite smaller and seems to have a little indent of some sort right near the bridge. We will go ahead and assume that small indentation mark was not caused by an accident of any kind, since of course that would have been splashed across every magazine and online news forum known to mankind since this family likes the world to know every minute detail of their lives. However, they don't seem keen on the world seeing their before photos and to question them accordingly.

1 A Whole New Body


Of course, this is an obvious before and after but one does not simply put together an article on "Kardashians Before All The Plastic" without including Caitlyn Jenner on that list. People everywhere gasped in shock when they saw the unveiling of the history-making Vanity Fair cover of Caitlyn Jenner. It was the first time the general public heard the newly chosen female name, too. Many were surprised that the name wasn't spelled with a 'K'. But maybe there was a good reason for that. Caitlyn with a 'C' seems to have made her own way in the world, with her new face and new body. Although Caitlyn maintains relationships with her family members, she is forging ahead on a new life and it's hard to look at her now and see the freckle-faced, squinty-eyed husband and father of several that she used to be.

Sources: cosmopolitan.com

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