15 Photos Of The Hotties From Grey's Anatomy

Well, there is certainly no shortage of pretty doctors and nurse staff on the somehow hit television show Grey's Anatomy.

Well, there is certainly no shortage of pretty doctors and nurse staff on the somehow hit television show Grey's Anatomy. The only issue is having them around long enough to actually enjoy the view. It is overwhelming, the incredible speed at which these members of hospital staff seem to kick off. One would think there might be a doctor around. As a patient, it would be frightening to see these doctors drop like flies, whilst hoping to receive some medical attention.

The ridiculousness of the show aside, there are some sweet and sexy members of staff at Seattle Grace Hospital (or Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, or Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital— depending on the season), and some of them are not afraid to bare it all for others to see. A typical medical episodic adventure, there is inter-doctor (and patient) romance all over the place, and some blessedly beautiful doctors, nurses, patients, family members and friends because of this fantastical fact.

So let's take a tour of the overbearingly silly Seattle Grace Hospital to take a look at fifteen Grey's Anatomy characters who may not have been cast just for their looks but... were mostly cast for their looks (any reader who has watched the show will know immediately the caliber of acting skill throughout).

15 Dr. Izzie Stevens

Surely everyone knows the illustrious rom-com star, Katherine Heigl. Well she has spent a great number of years padding the halls of Seattle Grace as "Dr. Model". It turns out, as comes to a boiling point in the above photo, that Dr. Izzie Stevens (Heigl), spent her late teen years modelling for lingerie company "Bethany Whisper" (is that a knock-off Victoria Secret?). This modelling gig ended up paying for her medical schooling (Which is several hundreds of thousands of dollars). A few patients having noticed this, and eventually a fellow doctor, posters of her in racy lingerie are plastered all about the hospital, which understandably drives Stevens mad. So mad as to walk out, in front of the staff, in naught but her underwear, and point out her bountiful breasts and booty, reminding everyone of their incredible debt, and how she has none at all, thanks to her... assets. This of course isn't the only time audiences get to gawk at Dr. Stevens' banging body. Holding true to those hospital drama romances, there are plenty of janitor-closet-sex scenes, and her skin is bared all over the place. Really the first big deal for Heigl, she should never be ashamed of having been Dr. Model.

14 Lizzie Shepherd

The incredibly beautiful Neve Campbell plays Lizzie Shepherd, the sister of the infamous Derek Shepherd (McDreamy). Though upon first appearing at the hospital it might not seem like it, this munificent mother and loving sister is also, in fact, a doctor. Of what practice, it is never revealed in the show. And now that McDreamy is dead, there is no real reason for her to appear again. But none of that story stuff matters. What matters here is that she is a very welcome, albeit too brief, addition to the surprisingly hot characters who walk through the doors of Seattle Grace. The porcelain skin, and deep doe eyes are more than enough to get one going, for sure. That aside, it certainly doesn't hurt that Neve Campbell is also a very well-trained dancer, and can push her body to incredible, physical limits. Now who wouldn't want a doctor to occasionally appear, seemingly out of nowhere, lend a helping hand, maybe hit upon a nerve or two, be unabashedly beautiful in the process, and then vanish until the next time she is needed. Sounds like this author's kind of doctor.

13 Lexie Grey

The far more attractive, half-sister of Meredith Grey, Lexie is (was, rather) a surgical resident at Seattle Grace Hospital. She also happens to be half of the reason for the hospital's name change from Seattle Grace, to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Meredith certainly did not take kindly to Lexie, for the longest time in the show (and one suspects that was due to Lexie getting far more attention, for damned good reason). However, the one person Lexie seemed to fall for at the hospital (because none of these doctors have lives beyond those walls), happened to be the unrequited love-slave of Meredith Grey, George. Then, of course, she hooked up with Alex, and moved on to Mark, telling him to "teach [her]" everything he knew. So she gets around as a bit of a slutty doctor, but hey, if one is looking for just a quick and easy, albeit slightly crazy bit of action, then perhaps Lexi Grey is where to be. Or was where to be, until she died in a plane crash, along with Mark. Less competition for Meredith this way, perhaps, though everyone knows who the better sister was.

12 Dr. Meredith Grey

The relatively vacant star of the show, Dr. Meredith Grey, who yes, is quite attractive (though more so out of the context of the show), but still leaves much to be desired. Surely no man or woman would wish to deal with someone who cries... nay bawls as much as this character tends to. Beloved by so many other characters on the show, and a significant corner of the McDreamy Love Triangle, Meredith has got a lot to live up to... but it's pretty unclear as to whether or not she actually will, after so many seasons of the same old (romance, sex, death, rinse, repeat). It seems like everyone who falls in love with her manages to wind up dead at some point in the show, so one might not be inclined to fall for her, but that doesn't mean a little tryst in the janitor's closet could not be arranged. After all, she's no stranger to fantasy herself, nor disregarding hospital regulations, and having it off with her man wherever she damn well pleases. Seemingly she is in the show purely as a catalyst for sexual fantasy, but that's certainly not always a bad thing. Though one might appreciate a little more substance from a titular character.

11 Dr. Lucy Fields

Well have a guess as to who this beautiful, blue-eyed, and buxom babe made her way around with for a time? Of course, that's right, Alex. And much like the aforementioned Dr. Jo Wilson, Alex fell in love with Dr. Lucy Fields as well (though he didn't propose to her like he did with Wilson). Though her smile is rather subdued in the above photo, rest assured a quick Google search will produce a wonderful and shiny white smile. Hair up or down, with perfectly trimmed brow, and those blues that seem to pervade the entirety of the female cast, almost without exception, Dr. Fields is a sweetly, somewhat stoic doctor. Willing to put her career above Alex (which is certainly for the better) it is clear that Fields has her head on right, and what better kind of lover than one who knows what she wants, and works hard to get it. She is even not afraid to admit that she is wrong from time to time, and that is a keeping quality for anyone in a relationship, to be sure. With a significant lack of crazy, Dr. Lucy Fields may very well slip into that fantasy relationship column, rather than just the fantasy fun column.

10 Nurse Rose

Oh nurse Rose. Played by Lauren Stamile (also known as the smokin' hot teacher from Community), is a welcome diversion from the typical blonde-haired, blue-eyed, porcelain-skinned ladies who typically strut the hallways of Seattle Grace. Brunette, brown eyes, and a nice tan, Nurse Rose stands out from the crowd, and beautifully so. Of course she had to have had some romantic entanglement with someone on the doctoral staff, lest her character be too original. She was thusly nicknamed McRebound, for being the rebound plaything of Dr. Derek Shepherd (McDreamy). The brief dating experience from being away from Meredith, to getting back to Meredith, to this author, would have been a better experience to keep hold of. This woman, in comparison to Dr. Grey, should be held upon a pedestal. If not for simply being far more attractive, and seemingly attentive and caring of others, than additionally for her ability to stand out of the mass of blondes, and blues milling about the overwhelmingly stereotypically full drama hospital.

9 Dr. Arizona Robbins

Well here is the little sexcapade that Dr. Leah Murphy had... or rather Dr. Murphy is the little fling that Dr. Robbins had... while she was married to Callie. The first girl she cheated on Callie with though, was Dr. Lauren Boswell. Though this does not justify her actions in any way, it really must be said that both Dr. Leah Murphy, and Dr. Lauren Boswell are present on this list of hot Grey's Anatomy characters... but Callie did not quite make the cut. Maybe it's just that the show has something for blonde hair, and blue eyes (which Dr. Robbins, and both her flings have— ok, Boswell has green eyes, but still), that excludes Callie from really coming across as an attractive, standout doctor. That being said, it seems Dr. Arizona Robbins has a bit of a crippling beauty... an awful pun on the fact that character loses a leg after surviving a plane crash, which is also the excuse for the strain on her relationship with Callie (and eventually separation), and her cheating with the other two, slightly crazy, sexually deviant, blonde-haired, and blue-eyed doctors. It seems like it's the right time to get into a fantastical hospital bed with Arizona. She is nicknamed Dr. Sweetheart after all.

8 Dr. Jo Wilson

"I can't keep feeling like everyone's second choice, especially not yours." Of course this was said to Alex, because of course this smoking hot, young lady hit it off with him at one point (like almost every other woman in the hospital). Alex even went so far as to propose to this bit of crazy, which just goes to show what she can do to a man (and what she hinted at doing to Callie— if only to be able to scrub into a surgery). More than a little off her rocker, she doesn't take shit from anybody, and after being hit by her boyfriend Jason (of whom Alex was jealous— especially when it transpired that Jason nailed Jo in the hospital bathroom), Jo proceeded to beat the piss out of him. This is understandable though as she was in a very abusive marriage before running away to Seattle. All the same, there is nothing wrong with a significant amount of crazy, who has the ability to use one like a rag doll if she so chooses. The notion sounds rather refreshing in its reversal of gender roles, and hey, who doesn't like to be the one not doing the work every once in a while? Quickly set off emotionally though, Dr. Wilson is better off as a fantastical fiction.

7 Dr. Amelia Shepherd

The youngest sister of McDreamy, Dr. Amelia Shepherd spent a good portion of her life in a rather dark place (and no, this isn't a suggestion of any sort of BDSM). Struggling with drug abuse (seeing her father getting murdered in front of her might have something to do with this), Dr. Shepherd still manages to become a rather successful doctor in her own right. She did have a boyfriend for a time, but he accidentally overdosed not long after he knocked her up (though the baby had no brain— literally— and was donated to save other infants). She was then engaged to a guy named James, then dated both Mark Sloan, and Owen Hunt (two men who had already seen their fair share of action from other staff members as well). So she's certainly a little off the rails (especially after falling of a bar in a drunken stupor), but she is also dangerously fun, and apparently keen. So ultimately, the fantasy is one hell of a ride, but one could only imagine the reality to be frightening beyond belief.

6 Dr. Teddy Altman

"When you feel like you love someone more than they love you, it can make you a little crazy." Well, a little crazy seems to be the bare minimum for the staff at Seattle Grace, so Dr. Altman seems already at home (though she is eventually fired from Grace, so that she can pursue the medical career she truly wants). Scarred by tragedy, Dr. Altman has certainly found her way around the hospital. Having a brief fling with Mark Sloan, marrying a patient so he could use her medical insurance, falling in love with Andrew Perkins, and always shaving a thing for, but never going for Owen Hunt. It certainly didn't help her cause when she actually fell for her husband in their marriage of convenience, as he very shortly after died... basically not even a day after. So there's certainly some damage there, but there is also a lack of fear for trying something, or someone new. Her high cheekbones, sharp jaw, and those seemingly requisite blues don't particularly set her apart from many of the other characters wandering about the hospital, but her attitude and manner do.

5 Dr. Lauren Boswell

"You are allowed to lose a little bit of control," that sounds like a fun girl to be around. Certainly Dr. Arizona Robbins thought so, when she first cheated on Callie. And what a striking doctor to sleep around with (and what fantasies many readers are now devising, assuredly). Yes, she's got the blonde hair, the porcelain skin, the groomed brow, and the angular, and sculpted facial structure. But those green eyes, in spite of how simple it may seem, really do make a difference here. She could just be another pearly white smile in a sea of blonde and blue, at Seattle Grace, but instead, there's a whole sea of green in those eyes. Surprisingly, Arizona is Dr. Boswell's only fling in the show, though surely many now fantasize about Dr. Robbins, Boswell, and Murphy all together, all at once. Regardless of that notion though, on her own, Dr. Boswell is charming, funny, flirty, and fun in all the right ways. She's even a control freak, and what's more? She knows it, and considers it a very good thing... as surely many men and women must also consider.

4 Dr. Leah Murphy

With a sly and sarcastic smile like that, who could say no? It at least seems apparent that Dr. Leah Murphy could not say no (like every intern before her) to the resident player Alex. Another doctor that audiences get to see have a bit of a torrid time in the janitor's closet, Murphy is apparently a bit of a cowgirl (at least on Halloween— and who knows where else?). Having had her little love affair with Alex, her next obsession was to be set on Dr. Arizona Robbins... well this obviously had guys who cared nothing about the show, watching just to see what might transpire between these two lookers. Murphy may not have been the brightest of doctors, and was eventually fired from Seattle Grace (though she did come back to help with some serious situations), but she certainly has the looks to play the part of soap-opera-doctor. The cute cut to her cheek bones, and the sarcastically raised brow are enough to really make her eyes pop, and in a wonderfully devious, and sexual way. Jesus Murphy.

3 Dr. April Kepner

Having been nicknamed Dr. Ugly Duckling, one might be inclined to say that Dr. April Kepner has already become a swan. Perhaps not so readily, and stunningly attractive as say nurse Olivia Harper, but Kepner is certainly no ugly duckling. A little bit of a religious nut (which is often a person's favourite nut to crack), Dr. Kepner flirted with fantasies of McDreamy, and of Robert Stark, but neither ever came to fruition. She did, however, begin a relationship with Dr. Jackson Avery, to whom she lost her virginity. They split for a time however, and she became engaged to one Matthew Taylor. This lasted all the way up to the altar, and then Jackson piped up, and Kepner married Jackson instead. If nothing else, this surely shows that Dr. April Kepner is one passionate physician. Yeah, she may be a bit of a Bible-thumper, but surely hearing "Oh God!" pass from those luscious lips is by no means a bad thing.

2 Nurse Olivia Harper

Hellooooooo Nurse! Perhaps one of the most gorgeous cast members to have ever graced Seattle Grace (stupid pun, but intended), Sarah Utterback plays the sometimes naive, but sexually charged Olivia Harper. Those beautiful blues, thin lips, sculpted brow, chiseled face, and cascading hair are more than enough to get anyone to at least watch a scene of Grey's Anatomy. Another partner of Alex's, Harper got the unfortunate nicknames: 'Syph Nurse' and 'Typhoid Mary', thanks to having contracted syphilis from Alex... and then giving it to George who, for some ungodly reason, would rather Meredith Grey, than Olivia Harper. Regardless of her sexual proclivities, Harper only ever seems to be a shoddy nurse when the main cast of doctors give her the wrong orders for patients. So at least she's also smart in her own right, and a bit of a naughty nurse. Who could ask for more? A nurse who's not afraid to get naughty, who is absolutely, and adorably stunning, and is intelligent enough to cure what ails (and a few prescriptions and treatments come to this author's mind).

1 Dr. Addison Montgomery

"Doctor, ain't there nothin' I can take?" Who would not love to take Dr. Addison Montgomery? She, like many others on staff (no pun intended) are far more attractive, both physically and mentally, than Meredith Grey, but of course the show would not be called Grey's Anatomy if she wasn't the main focus of romance. Though Montgomery was a neglected corner of a love triangle between "McDreamy", and Grey for a time. Having once been married to the former, Montgomery cheated on him after ten years of an awful marriage that he seemed not to care about. She even attempted a relationship with the sleaze of Seattle Grace, Alex. Wanting so badly to have a family, she was devastated to discover that her chances were slim to none. That being said, one imagines there are few who would turn down the chance to help her out in this regard... especially since it would likely have to be a very consistent practise. There's not a better practise that this author could think of, than working very hard (pun intended) at helping Dr. Addison Montgomery conceive.


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