15 Photos Of The Hottest Smallest Person In The World, Karina Lemos

So what makes a woman beautiful? Yeah, we can talk about strength and attitude, and those definitely play a part, but we’re talking about straight-out physical beauty. And is it possible for a dwarf to qualify as beautiful?

If you said no, there’s something wrong with you, or you've simply never seen photos of Karina Lemos, who's been labeled as the world’s most beautiful smallest person since 2015. Granted, there probably isn’t a ton of active competition for that title, but we can’t imagine anybody coming close to how good-looking this Brazilian singer, dancer, and actress manages to be.

She’s been causing quite a stir on the Internet in recent years and for good reason. When somebody who appears different turns around and blows it up into a huge positive, it’s reason to celebrate. When that person is as hot at Karina Lemos, it’s reason to throw parties and dance around in thongs in kiddie pools... but we’ll get to that.

But, as they say, a picture is worth 1,000 words, and although we’ve got way more than 1,000 words for you, we know you came here for the photographic proof. If you don’t discriminate, you’ll just see a smokin’ hot lady. If you do discriminate, hopefully, these pictures will change your mind. Here are 15 Photos of the Hottest Little Person in The World, Karina Lemos.

15 Keeping Her Clothes On

Since you’re wondering, if you haven’t already gone and performed a Google search, the answer is no -- Karina Lemos has never done a nude photoshoot or made nude videos. And if that’s your thing, no judging, because based on looking on the message boards of a lot of websites where guys talk about whom they would or would not do the deed with, most comment that they would get nasty with Karina. Some people still maintain they wouldn’t, but unless that’s because they're married, have a girlfriend, or are gay, we just don’t get it. In our eyes, she’s more beautiful than 97% of the women in the world, so to claim you’re not interested just because there are certain roller coasters at Six Flags she can’t ride, it seems ridiculous in our eyes.

14 Sorry Guys... This Beauty Is Taken

Karina's engaged and is happy to show off her boyfriend and her ring on her social media sites. He's of normal height. While it may be interesting to hypothesize about the bedroom setup, we were curious if there’s a 50% chance that she could have a baby that's a dwarf. As it turns out, the odds are 50% only if both parents have dwarfism, or as it’s scientifically known, achondroplasia. So that means she has a 25% chance of having a dwarf baby. So, can you immediately figure out what has a 1-in-65,536 chance of happening? Her having seven dwarfs. Could you imagine taking all of them to visit your co-workers because you’re worried their babysitter is turning tricks? How do you break the news? “Hi, ho. It’s off to work we go.”

13 Not the Beauty Pageant Contestant...But Could Be

Here’s an interesting tidbit to those of us in the English-speaking world: the name Karina Lemos might be exotic here, but it’s actually a fairly common name in Brazil. Do a search for the name on Facebook, and you’ll find just how many women have that name. There's even another famous Karina Lemos out there. She’s actually from Costa Rica and became that country’s top beauty queen when she won the Miss Costa Rica title in 2014. That gave her the right to move on to the Miss Universe contest in 2015, but she wasn’t able to get to the semifinals in the competition. We wonder if there's ever going to be a day when somebody who's a dwarf could be in a pageant like that. Time will tell, but we can think of another Karina Lemos that could represent Brazil.

12 Could a Dwarf Run the Free World?

In the last election, we saw a woman get the popular vote of most Americans. In the two elections before that, an African-American man was elected President of the United States. While Hillary Clinton didn’t win, she came so close that a woman being the President is no longer a strange thing to consider. So, now that race and gender barriers have been knocked down, what’s next? Is it possible that a person missing an arm could be elected? What about a burn victim? What about a dwarf? It’s well known that opinion polls proved John F. Kennedy defeated Richard Nixon back in the early 1960s because he looked good in TV debates. Those who listened on the radio thought Nixon did better. So if image matters, are we at a point where we can look beyond someone who's a little different from the mainstream? Only time will tell.

11 Bursting Onto the Scene

Karina made worldwide headlines when she appeared on a Brazilian variety show and danced in a kiddie pool to the song Gangnam Style several years ago. While the thong crammed up the crack of her butt got the attention of a lot of people, it was the fact that whoever was directing the show let a male dwarf hang out in the background and rub his genitals that caught a lot of attention. It reminded us of a Japanese game show in that there was a lot of graphics, use of green screen technology, people in crazy costumes, very catchy music... and we couldn’t understand anything that was going on. We can say she has a great butt. That transcends all language barriers.

10 Comfortable in Her Own Skin

One of the things we can appreciate about people who are good-looking is when they own it. There’s nothing more irritating than a thin girl who claims she’s fat or a beautiful woman who says that she’s not -- because in both cases, they know that it’s not the truth; they're just fishing for compliments. We also like when people have something that makes them different but they don’t run from it and instead own it. Karina gets high marks in both areas. She said in a 2015 interview, “I don’t have hang-ups about my size, quite the opposite. I put in a lot of hard work to stay in shape. I know that people find me attractive because they have told me many times.”

9 Still Looking for Work

Despite the fact that she’s been known as the world’s most beautiful dwarf for the last three years and probably is the most famous non-American little person since the dude from Fantasy Island who used to yell, “Da Plane, Da Plane,” there's a still a lack of regular paying jobs for this pint-sized beauty. That guy who was on Fantasy Island, Herve Villechaize, got super depressed when the work dried up, and he ended up committing suicide. Thankfully, Karina is proactive with her attempts to find work. She regularly posts and tweets the contact info for her management company, so if you’re in need of having the world’s sexiest dwarf show up at your event, it’s not too hard to make it happen, we’re guessing.

8 She Keeps a Lot of Cats at Home

If you’re ever thinking about trying to woo Karina off her feet and you’re allergic to cats, you might as well forget it and go pick on someone your own size. (See what we did there?) If you take a trip over to her Instagram page where she has 134,000 followers, you’ll be met with plenty of great plunging neckline and lingerie photos of the world’s hottest dwarf. But for every one of those photos, you’re going to see three photos of her cats. From what we can gather, she has four cats, but there are so many pictures of so many combinations of felines that we can’t say for sure. On the days she gets cat-photo happy, scrolling through her feed looks more like looking at your local animal shelter’s page than that of a tiny supermodel.

7 Does Being a Dwarf Mean You’re Disabled?

If you’re into stats, Karina is four feet, three inches tall. At 51 inches, she’s a few inches taller than the average dwarf, although they can range in height from right around two feet up to almost five feet tall. Here’s a question for you: Is she disabled? Even among the dwarf community, there are a lot of differing opinions on whether the condition qualifies. Legally, they're covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act since a lot of basic things, like pay phones and ATM machines, don’t cater to people of reduced stature. Unfortunately, dwarfism is often accompanied by other conditions that leave no doubt the person in disabled, but we’d advise not calling a dwarf disabled unless you hear them use the word first.

6 Let’s Address the Word Nobody Wants to Say

There’s a word we’re trying to avoid in creating this list about the beautiful Karina Lemos. It starts with the letter ‘M’ and rhymes with Fidget. Yeah... you know what word we’re talking about. While it doesn’t yet have the notoriety of the N-word, it’s quickly becoming a major faux pas to refer to a dwarf by the M-word. Up until recently, the use of the word simply meant "proportionate dwarf." Not all dwarfs were that word, but all people who were that word were dwarfs. The negative term dates back to the freak show and side show era, when dwarfs were displayed alongside “the bearded lady” and other carnival acts, often against their will. Acceptable terms these days according to Little People of America are Dwarf, Little Person, LP and Person of Short Stature. We’d suggest just calling them by their name.

5 For Those Who Like Feet

While there are plenty of guys (and probably some ladies, too) who think that Karina is absolutely beautiful simply because of the way she looks, there are obviously also a lot of people who think she’s something extra special because of her height. Karina is treated like a God in this particular fetish community. Another community that really seems to like her is the foot fetish community. Karina’s feet rank 4.25 out of five stars of wikifeet.com, and the site has many photos of her little piggies. Truthfully, if we saw the above picture quickly, we wouldn’t realize she’s a dwarf, but if you look closer, her feet and toes are a little shorter and stubbier than those of most women. But hey, whatever floats your boat, as long as it’s neither dangerous nor illegal.

4 Never Spent Time on American Television

If the name Karina Lemos is new to you, don’t feel too bad. She really hasn’t appeared much on television in North America or Europe. In fact, her only credit on American television is appearing on a 2015 episode of Inside Edition, and it was only to point out what everybody else was pointing out that week -- Lemos did a Gangnam Style dance in a video that went crazy viral around the world. She wasn’t even the top story. While she occasionally tries to write something in English on her social media pages, we seriously doubt she can communicate in English at all. If you’re an international star and want to make it in America, pretty much every hot woman that came before her proved you need to know a few lines of English. Something tells us her accent would be muy sexy.

3 Remember Google+?

As we mentioned earlier, Karina Lemos has done well for herself on Instagram, with over 134,000 followers. If you want to somehow interact with her on there, the odds are long that she’ll ever see your comment, much less respond to you. However, she, like many of us, has a Google+ social media account, and like most of us with those accounts, she hasn’t touched it in years. In fact, she’s only got 71 followers on that social media platform. Remember that one week when people thought Google had a shot at competing against Facebook? That initiative was a giant, rare bellyflop for Google, which stopped actively promoting the service back in 2015. It still technically exists, but of 2.2 billion accounts (which is crazy when you consider the world population is 7.5 billion as of June 2017) less than 2 million are being used. That means less than one out of 1,000 people who signed up for an account still uses it. Those sound like MySpace numbers for sure.

2 Claiming a Title Few Others Can Compete For

One of the things that we admire about Karina is that she's taken what some people would see as a physical condition that could hold her back and actually made it the thing that's making her pockets full of money, and she’s doing it without being any more exploitive than a model of average height. Instead of seeing her short stature as an obstacle that she has to overcome, Karina proves that you can always take what makes you different from the mainstream and turn it around to your advantage. Naomi Campbell, Kate UptonKendall Jenner -- they’re all hot models over the last 20 years, but none of them can claim to be the world’s sexiest dwarf. In fact, they can’t claim to be the world’s sexiest anything because they’re not particularly unique. Kudos to Karina for using her height to her advantage.

1 Who's a More Famous Female Dwarf?

So, we’ve easily established that Karina is the world’s sexiest dwarf, and we’d even go as far to say that she’s the sexiest little person of all time. Sure, there were some cute Wizard of Oz munchkins but none who looked like Karina. A better question would be, is she the most famous female dwarf of all time? That’s a really tough question. She’s not the most famous dwarf because there are probably 5 or 6 male dwarfs who could easily claim that title like Peter Dinklage, Warwick Davis, Verne Troyer, or even Billy Barty. Who are the famous female dwarfs, though? The only one who had major mainstream success was Zelda Rubinstein, who's most well known as the spiritual medium from the original Poltergeist movie. She died in 2010, so we’re willing to give Karina the title of most famous female dwarf alive today.

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