15 Photos Of The Girl From The Ring

In the early 2000s, a new trend hit Hollywood: remakes of Japanese horror movies. Some of these were rather bad, going for more CGI and such than the scares that made the originals worked. Other suffered from the cultural gap as Japan takes their horror seriously. But one stood above the rest. The Ring had a fantastic hook to it as a video tape was handed around showing a young girl named Samara undergoing a horrific fate. Anyone who watched the tape would end up meeting their own grisly end just a week later. The movie was a smash hit with the images of that girl in white dress and hair covering her face freaking moviegoers out.

The girl was Daveigh Chase and since then, she has grown up quite nicely. The actress may not be super A-list but well known for her talent and doing great voice work. She’s starred in the likes of the TV show Big Love, the cult movie Donnie Darko and her voice is well-known to fans of the Disney film Lilo & Stitch. She’s not as famous in some ways but it is astounding to see just how well she has grown up. Chase is quite popular on Instagram, showing off in pics of everything from trips to a salon to hanging with puppies and more. But some pics show a much hotter side to this woman and how she’s gotten quite hot. Here are 15 pics of Daveigh Chase that guarantee you’ll never watch The Ring the same way again.


15 Flower Power

Music festivals can be a mixed bag. Sure, the best ones have great music acts, you hanging out with friends and having a great time. But it takes just one bad performance or a sudden storm hitting the area to turn a rocking time into a total disaster. Luckily, Chase seems to be avoiding it for this outing. She is accompanied by long-time friend Lorraine Bedros, the two having a good time together. Chase really cuts loose, dying her hair a variety of colors, a nice rainbow wave that flaunts her face off and in a nice way. The flower crown is a good topper and the gem in the middle of her forehead is also fun to look at. The entire outfit is just nice and free, the loose dress the perfect match for her wild motif and she seems to be having a blast. It’s not often Chase really gets wild but this shows how she can enjoy a fun festival as much as anyone else.

14 Musical Nature


While it’s not as well publicized, Chase is into music as well. As a teen, she was given the chance to perform with country music legend Reba McEntire onstage and showed nicely with a good voice. She had a cameo as a child singer in A.I. Artificial Intelligence but her scenes were cut from the final film. She’s been doing some singing on and off and doing well with it and this pic shows how much she enjoys it. The guitar just adds a nice motif to an already good pic with Chase leaning on a tree, one leg bent up and just looking nice with her embracing her guitar. She has a fun side and shows a great nature for music. One can see Chase breaking out as much with music as with her acting and showing great drive in either way to be more than just “the Ring girl” her entire life.

13 Big Love

Besides The Ring, Chase’s biggest live-action role was on the popular HBO drama Big Love. She played Rhonda Volmer, the would-be child bride of the leader of a polygamous cult in Utah. While seemingly innocent, Rhonda was really a pathological liar, sneaky, duplicitous and desperate to be famous. Chase was terrific in the role, showcasing her sneaky side, some hotter scenes but her playing games got folks going. Chase grew nicely as she fit in with the cast and this pic is great of her at one of the show’s various premiere events. By the end of the series, Rhonda has scammed her way into several thousand dollars and ready to rise up more. The key to the character was to have people like her but completely unable to understand how to be nice. Chase, of course, has no problem getting folks to like her a lot, especially in that outfit.

12 Sultry Gaze


The Ring has Chase freaking people out with her looking at the camera in a dead-eyed expression. It was meant to convey their ultimate dark fate and scared folks a lot to help make the movie a horror classic. Today, that same gaze means something far hotter. This pic shows it, Chase in just a white t-shirt. The focus is on those eyes, smoldering and giving a look of “come hither” while also showing her deep feelings. It makes Chase look like a truly supernatural lady yet oddly down to Earth, a combination that’s done wonders for her career. The odd air of innocence just makes the pic look hotter, Chase clearly an old soul in a young body and this picture is a reminder of how grown up she can be in a hot way.

11 Pretty In Pink

Besides The Ring, another famous role for Chase was in the cult movie Donnie Darko. The film that’s so bizarre, it’s nearly impossible to describe, Chase played the younger sister of the title character who thinks the world is ending. She reprised it for the sequel, S. Darko which was just as strange and put Chase’s character in the starring role. Both movies are truly odd but at least Chase looked better growing into the second film. She does seem to be much brighter in person, a hotter style and looking terrific in many ways. That includes this shot of her at the beach in a pink swimsuit, flaunting a much better figure than most would believe. Chase has showed a unique choice in her roles but this pic showcases she can be much sexier than you think she is and while the Darko movies are nearly impossible to follow, Chase is much clearer here.

10 An Amazing View


Like any starlet, Chase enjoys a nice vacation. She also takes to showing off on Instagram for her social network followers. She has a good following who enjoy her style and down to Earth, connecting to some celebrity pals and training herself. This comes from a trip to show a lovely shot of her. The hat on her long hair is nice and her eyes as bright as the ocean behind her. The wind is obviously kicking up a bit but she looks lovely in her blue shirt and pants and the car next to her throwing a motif on things. Chase really seems to be enjoying herself, a much brighter figure than the woman most associate with one of the most terrifying movie characters ever, a normal hot lady just wanting to cut loose. Looking at Samara means death but this is a view of Chase most can never get enough of.

9 Bar Tab

As she’s grown up, Chase seems to be embracing how she’ll always be known for one role. Indeed, she even asked fans on Instagram if she should dress as a “sl*tty Samara” for Halloween. She didn’t but did showcase how she’s come to fame with that part. But Chase is proving she’s growing up, including hitting the bars. She jokes that she actually took a bit to look mature so had to be carded a lot even after she hit 20. And she has put up with the inevitable cracks about her acting past with the occasional wild fan coming up to her. But this pic looks great, Chase leaning on a bar, a drink before her but giving a look indicating she’s looking for a good time. It showcases her nice drive and appeal and this pic shows Chase growing up faster than believed. She jokes about being seen as a kid but this image shows Chase can party as well as anyone.


8 Laid Back


Her roles have included a horror icon, a twisted schemer, a girl involved in an end-of-the world mess and even voicing a little kid befriending an alien. But at her heart, Chase is just a laid-back gal. She enjoys just cutting loose and prefers a nice day reading or riding to attending fashion shows or major premieres. This pic shows that, lying back in a car, her t-shirt and shorts not too revealing. It shows off her nice long legs pointed up and even seems to be testing how she can reach the car’s roof with her feet. The look is terrific, a fine expression of “yeah, so?” that speaks volumes, eyes hidden behind sunglasses. She’s just a nice teen here but with a bit of an aura vixen and that’s served her well in her acting career. It also shows how nicely Chase has grown up into a woman who enjoys flaunting it at times but not overtly so and the less she shows just makes her look sexier.

7 Sheer Outing

Chase has avoided the “show off everything as an adult” thing other child actresses have done. Sure, she was on an HBO show but hasn’t shown skin, the most being bra and panties for a few movies. Her Instagram page has he nicely dressed in outfits and shows a down to Earth style. That’s why this dress is so eye-catching. It looks like an oversize sweater for the most part, covering her well, flowing downward, a bit of bare shoulder but normal. The bag fits the ensemble and she seems okay wearing it. But then there’s that long streak of sheer material to the point you can quite clearly tell she’s not wearing a bra underneath. Moved the wrong way and that top could show a lot more than Chase intended but it’s pretty throwing nonetheless. If anything shows the former Ring horror has become a sexy woman, it’s an outfit sheer in its daring.

6 Easy Rider


In early 2017, Chase got into the papers in a bad way. She was arrested for a traffic violation and rumors she’d left a dying man outside a hospital. It turned out to be less savory as the man had suffered an overdose and Chase was trying to get him to help. The investigation is still ongoing although it doesn’t sound like Chase really did anything wrong and this was the tabloids trying to make a big story out of nothing. It does give a different view of this pic of Chase by a car. She looks great in a white t-shirt and very short jean shorts, nice legs on display. The car looks covered with leaves but still nice and Chase seems ready to get her groove on with a hot drive. True, her real-life circumstances shade it a bit but it still shows Chase growing up nicely.

5 Fabulous

It happens to everyone. Looking great is one thing but beauty can come with a tiny bit of pain. That’s true for celebrities as well as many a famous lady has laughed of how painful some red carpet outfits can be. For this party, Daveigh shows off nicely in a purple dress that gets to showcase her very nice legs. The bare shoulders look sexy but in a classy way and her hair nicely done up to fame her face. She seems amused at her pose, knowing how it looks to be fixing her high heels like this. Those things can be very painful at any time, especially handling them hours at a party. So it’s no surprise Chase needs a quick break to either adjust them or even kick them off and let her feet air out a bit. It shows that as “high class” as she can be, Chase remains more down to Earth which just makes her look hotter.

4 Beautiful Blonde


Everyone needs a makeover now and then. While Chase is known for her natural light brown hair, she’s taken to dying it blonde more lately. It looks terrific, making her look even hotter and at times, looking a totally different woman. But it shows her natural sexuality off, flashing a bit more attitude and this pic is a fine showcase. Taken at a public event, her hair matches her nice outfit, a bit more of a punk motif but it works for her. It seems to bring out her deep eyes and even without a smile, she’s very bright in the shot. This showcases how Chase can be pretty fun in the right way and this new hair color brings a hotter streak to her by far. Sure, it’s hard to imagine Samara with a lighter hair color but this pic proves the real life Chase can be hotter by going brighter big time.

3 Bikini Bod

Besides The Ring, Chase broke out in 2002 in another way. She voiced one half of the title characters in Lilo & Stitch, the hit Disney animated movie. She played Lilo, the little girl in Hawaii who befriends a mischievous alien through a variety of adventures. It was a good success and Chase later voiced the role for an animated series based on the movie that was also a hit. Chase did a great job showing the young girl who loved this stuff and believable as a Hawaiian gal. Pics would show her at promo events in a Lilo outfit meeting Disney characters and fun to see her there. As time has gone on, Chase has grown nicely to show off a nice bikini body of her own. She does so on this trip, clearly enjoying the Hawaiian life for real. Chase has grown up very well and this bikini does a great job showing she’s more into thrilling folks than scaring them nowadays.

2 Rocking Out


Rings was an attempt to reboot the franchise with the idea of the VHS tape now changing to a viral video. Fans were naturally hopeful of Chase making a cameo but she didn’t. Her Samara only showed up on old footage with a new actress in the part. It was too bad as Chase was identified so much with the original movie and it sequel that having her on board would help out. But Chase herself seems okay with it, still concentrating on acting and even music. This shows she enjoys a good guitar tune, an electric one flashing nicely with her outfit. It seems to match her clothing well, the tank top looking great with dark pants and giving her a wilder edge as she really seems to be getting into grinding that tune out. It’s a shame Chase couldn’t get back to her main part but she shows she can easily rock any view well.

1 Packing Heat

One of Chase’s most recent parts was in 2016’s American Romance. It clearly plays to her old roles, a horror movie about a notorious serial killer and it seems he’s a truck driver who enjoys murdering women with cardboard cutout displays showing the body. Chase played one half of a newlywed couple who join the man and look like his next victims. But as things go on, it soon becomes a mystery who is hunting whom. Chase showed a much more mature look here, very sexy in various outfits, flaunting more in love scenes with her on-screen husband and packing a gun for the big finale. This loose pink top flaunting her mid-section adds to her look with the sexy smile as if knowing a dark secret joke she’s laughing at. The gun is aimed to make her look dangerous but if this is the last sight one has before being killed, at least it’s a good one.

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