15 Photos Of The Barden Bellas Like You've Never Seen Before

The third Pitch Perfect movie is being released this week, just before Christmas, and fans could not be more excited. It has only been two years since Pitch Perfect 2 came out in 2015 (and three years prior to that, the original movie debuted in 2012). But it feels like a lifetime to those of us who love the crazy, quirky Barden Bellas so much. They are cute, they are talented, they are funny, they are all-around adorable, so what's not to love?

In this third and final Pitch Perfect movie, the Bellas have disbanded, but get back together one last time for an international competition being held overseas. There will be new songs, new performances, and even new cast members! Of course, the beloved original cast members will be a part of this movie, because it just would not be Pitch Perfect without those "pitches." Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, and several more of the ladies will be returning.

One thing all of these young women have in common besides their amazing singing voices is, of course, their gorgeous looks. Yes, the Barden Bellas are very attractive ladies, so why not put them all together in a list like this that highlights their beauty, just in time for the release of Pitch Perfect 3? So here it is, folks:, 15 hot photos of the Barden Bellas like you've never seen them before!

15 Hailee Steinfeld Plays Emily Junk

Let's start with one of the newest members of the Pitch Perfect cast, actress and singer Hailee Steinfeld. Hailee was not in the first movie, but she was a huge part of the second movie as one of the newest Bellas. Her character, Emily Junk (yes, that was really what they named her), was very talented, sweet, and endearingly dorky. Emily is the daughter of a former Barden Bella, and as a freshman, hopes to join the singing group to keep the family tradition alive. She truly wants to be a Bella, and not just for her mother's sake. Her dedication to and appreciation of the a cappella group is shown throughout the movie, starting when she auditions. She also writes her own lyrics and turns them into songs. She is a great addition to the Bellas.

14 It's Always The Quiet Ones

Can you believe this hottie is actually the uber-weirdo who barely speaks from Pitch Perfect? This is actress Hana Mae Lee, who plays Lilly Onakuramura in the Pitch Perfect trilogy. Since she barely speaks above a whisper and comes across as shy and quiet and innocent. But surprisingly, she is the beatboxer of the group! She is known for doing some very odd things, such as licking Beca's nose when Beca is upset during the retreat in Pitch Perfect 2. She also sleeps upside-down like a bat, has some ninja moves, wants to travel through time, is somewhat of an amateur arsonist, makes a "puke angel" out of Aubrey's projectile vomit, confesses that she ate her twin in the womb, and she likes to whisper lots of creepy things. Lilly is quite possibly the quirkiest character of the whole bunch, which is definitely saying something!

13 The Girl Who Started It All!

Next up we have the main star of all three Pitch Perfect movies, Anna Kendrick. Anna plays the snarky, cool Barden Bella, Beca Mitchell. In real life, Anna, herself, is a cute, petite, cool, edgy, brunette with a killer voice (did you hear her as the voice of Anna in Frozen?!). So it was not too much of a stretch for her to play a character like Beca, who is quite close to her real-life personality. The whole Pitch Perfect story began when Beca stumbled upon the Barden Bellas in the first movie on her college campus. She was reluctant to join at first, but as we know, she made the excellent choice to go for it and gave us three awesome singing movies because of it!

12 The New Girl

Orange Is The New Black actress Ruby Rose is the newest addition to the Pitch Perfect cast, but she is not a Barden Bella. Fans can't wait to find out just how she will fit into it all, but we are excited that she is now a part of the Pitch Perfect family! Ruby Rose brings something just a little bit different to the table, and it should be interesting to watch. According to sources, Ruby will play a girl named Calamity (it seems so rebellious and fitting!) who is in a rival band to the Bellas. Their rock band, called Evermoist, is an all -irl band, and not only do they sing, but they use instruments (we are a little confused how that is allowed at an a cappella show, but we shall see). The other band members' names are Serenity, Charity, and Veracity, but it seems like it's Calamity who will be the main one featured from the quartet.

11 "Snow"-y Chloe

Blonde bombshell Brittany Snow is another major character in all three Pitch Perfect movies. Her character, Chloe Beale, was a junior at Barden when the first movie came out. Along with another character named Aubrey, she was one of the a cappella group's leaders. By the second movie, she was still able to be a Bella because she had purposely failed Russian Literature three years in a row. She and Aubrey recruit people for the Bellas, although there is not much interest (or talent) because they are not that good at the start of the first movie. But Chloe sees something in Beca, and pushes her to join, even surprising her in the shower where they sing "Titanium" together while nude. It is an awkward (but strangely sweet) scene, and the beginning of the friendship between the two girls. According to the director's commentary, Chloe is in love with Beca.

10 These Two Are Too Cute!

Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow are totally #friendshipgoals, both on the set of Pitch Perfect and off. Clearly, these photos were not part of any of the movies, but rather from times the two women were hanging out just because they love each other and want to spend time together. And because one of the Snaps from the ocean came from Rebel Wilson, we can also assume that these two were not alone on that beach in Mexico. The top photo came from Twitter, and was something both Anna and Brittany had posted after getting drunk together one night in 2013. Now it's almost 2018, and the friendship between the Bellas is still going strong, and probably always will. These two are too cute!

9 The Girl We Love To Hate!

And then we have Aubrey Posen, played by actress Anna Camp. There is not really a villain in the Pitch Perfect movies, per se, but she might be the closest thing to a villain, at least in the first movie. Even though she is one of the co-leaders of the Barden Bellas in the original Pitch Perfect, she is quite high-strung, bossy, and all around unlikeable. By the time the second movie rolls around, she has redeemed herself, but is only a supporting character, since by this time, Aubrey has graduated. In Pitch Perfect 2, she works at the Lodge at Fallen Leaves, which is a retreat camp where the Bellas visit for some group-bonding activities. She will also be in the third Pitch Perfect movie, thank goodness — it just wouldn't be the same without her!

8 Everyone Loves Them Some Fat Amy!

You may not have expected to find Rebel Wilson on this list, but just because she is a curvy woman does not mean she isn't hot — and hot she is! In all three Pitch Perfect movies, Rebel plays the character of Fat Amy, but before you go feeling too bad for her, just know that she gave herself the nickname. She is from Tasmania, and was the best singer there that had teeth (quite the accomplishment). Some other fun facts about Fat Amy are that she's wrestled crocodiles, is possibly Jewish, is the first one of the Bellas to meet Emily Junk, and besides being the best singer in Tasmania with teeth, she is also the best beatboxer in Tasmania with hair. Another impressive accomplishment for Fat Amy, who also just so happens to be the best character in Pitch Perfect — with teeth, hair, or anything else.

7 Ryan Phillippe's Other Baby Mama

She may not be the most famous Barden Bella there ever was, but we are willing to bet that even if you don't recognize her by name, you will recognize Alexis Knapp as one of the original Bellas. In all three Pitch Perfect movies, Alexis plays a Bella named Stacie Conrad, whom you may remember as the overs*xed Mezzo-Soprano who is into "cuticle care and E! Network". In real life, Alexis shares a baby daddy with Reese Witherspoon; her six-year-old daughter Kailani's father is Witherspoon's ex-husband, actor Ryan Phillippe (Reese and Ryan have two children, Ava and Deacon).  Alexis was just 21 when she became a mom in the midst of her high-profile relationship with Phillippe, but now she is 28 and is focusing on her child and her career.

6 Instagram Queen

Here we have Hailee Steinfeld again, who not only plays Emily Junk in Pitch Perfect, but who in real life is a total queen of Instagram. By this I mean that she posts a lot on her social media, and she always looks amazing in her selfies and other photos. It seems that she has especially perfected the pouty, kissy, fish lips. Some people cannot pull it off, but Hailee most definitely can. She just looks so naturally beautiful in photos, but when she is very heavily made-up, she looks beautiful in an exotic kind of way. Basically, she can pull off any look whatsoever. This girl has got it going on!

5 Anna's Little Black Dress

Here is another gorgeous photo of Pitch Perfect's main protagonist, Anna Kendrick, a.k.a. Beca Mitchell. When you search for pretty or hot photos of Anna online, there are countless options, and it was hard to choose just a few since she is one of those people who is just naturally photogenic and looks great in pretty much anything. She also oozes this kind of cool confidence and sass in all of her pictures. Somehow, her personality comes across no matter what. In the above photos, she wows in a tiny, lacy black dress that is form-fitting and shows off all the right things. One of Anna's first big roles was as the ditzy sidekick Jessica in the Twilight movies alongside Kristen Stewart. Since then, she has really blossomed as an actress in movies like Up In The Air, Cake, Into The Woods, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, and so many more. She has also lent her voice to many big animated films such as Frozen and Trolls.

4 "Rebel"lious and Sassy

3 Lilly, All Grown Up!

This is Hana Mae Lee once more, the young woman who plays the weirdest (but one of the coolest) chicks in the Barden Bellas, Lilly. In this photo, she most definitely does not look like the same quirky, innocent-looking girl we came to know and love in all of the Pitch Perfect movies. Before these Pitch Perfect movies came along, Hana Mae had been doing commercials and modelling since the age of 16 (now she is 29). Some of her other credits include Super Fun Night (which also stars her Pitch Perfect co-star, Rebel Wilson), Jem and the Holograms, Patriot, Those Who Can't, and several more in which she had smaller roles. But she has yet to have a leading or breakout role.

2 A Versatile Actress

Up again now is Brittany Snow. Even though she plays a young woman just out of college in Pitch Perfect, Brittany is really in her early 30s. Of course, like so many of her Pitch Perfect co-stars and fellow Hollywood ladies, she looks much younger than her actual age. She got her start on the soap opera Guiding Light when she was 13 years old, and went on to make countless more movies and television shows, including John Tucker Must Die, Hairspray, Prom Night, The Viscous Kind, Would You Rather, Full Circle, The Late Bloomer, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and this year's Hangman. In all of these movies and shows, Brittany has played many different kinds of characters, an experience of which she says, "After I play every character, I always feel a little different. I've experienced something that's not my life. It's never easy. But you want to do these challenging things all the time."

1 Sailor Girls

Ok, there is just no denying that curvy or not, Rebel Wilson looks good in this photo, as do the other ladies. It is a picture that was snapped behind the scenes of Pitch Perfect 3, so none of us has gotten to see the performance where the Bellas are all wearing their cute, matching sailor gear yet, but we will. Rebel almost looks like she has lost weight in this photo, but even if she hasn't, the outfit is quite flattering, and the bright colors look good on all of them. Pitch Perfect 3 is Rebel's only movie coming out this year, but she has a few more on deck for the coming two years, such as Nasty Women (starring Anne Hathaway) and Isn't It Romantic (starring Priyanka Chopra, Adam DeVine, and Liam Hemsworth). Hilarious Rebel says, "I love talking in an American accent. Even though it hurts my face after a few hours."

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