15 Photos Of Teen Moms Doing Things They Hope Their Kids Don't Do

"Do as I say, not as I do." The stars of the television series 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom are going to say that expression to their children so often, they may as well get it tattooed on their forehead. Because when it comes to making bad decisions, there may not be a more dysfunctional group of people than the teen moms who became celebrities.

Many of them are far too familiar with the inside of a jail cell, something they surely hope their kids won't be. Including one former Teen Mom who, prior to overdosing at 23, had an arrest for street walking on her rap sheet. Then there's Jenelle Evans who has been arrested 15 times.

Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham also have plenty of things they'd rather their kids' never experience. Such as Amber, who unwillingly showed the world her birthday suit, and Farrah, who seems to keep showing it off even though nobody is asking for it!


15 Nikkole Paulun Was Arrested For Shoplifting

Nikkole Paulun was pregnant with her 2nd child when she decides that shoplifting with her friend was an excellent thing to do. Turns out? Super not! Though given the smirk that she is wearing in her mugshot, you'd be hard-pressed to say she seems to be feeling too bad about it.

That being said, she later apologized for the situation, saying, "Listen regardless of what happened, I was in the wrong. I knew something happened and didn’t say anything about it and went along with it. I confessed and admitted everything before anyone else said a word. I feel awful that I let something like this happen to me but honestly, everyone’s negative sh*t is NOT helping me. The negative sh*t is not good for anyone, let alone a pregnant woman. I’m remaining as positive as I can for myself and my baby. If you’re gonna talk sh*t just please don’t even tag me in it."

14 Leah Messer Loves Her Phone More Than Her Daughters' Safety


One of the most dangerous things you can do is be a distracted driver. And one of the biggest ways to become a distracted driver is to seemingly pay more attention to the screen in your hands than the road in front of you.

This photo of Leah Messer, who appeared on Teen Mom 2, should be extra infuriating when you consider she has her twin daughters in the backseat. The book may read "All You Need Is Love" but you also need to be a responsible driver.

She literally knew the cameras were there for the show and still couldn't keep off her phone? Let's hope the public backlash was enough to make her smarten up.

13 Farrah Abraham Forgets How Old Her Daughter Is

Farrah Abraham has done plenty of things throughout her life that has earned her some haters. But mostly it's decisions that she chose to make with her own body, so at the end of the day, how much can you really judge her. Things become a lot worse when her young daughter starts getting involved though.

So it may not be stunning to hear that people were infuriated however when the over-sexualization that Farrah loves, seemed to be passed down to her 7-year-old daughter who Farrah decked out in makeup for a photo shoot. Don't expect Farrah to stop throwing makeup on her child anytime soon though, as she later fought the decision hard enough to allow her daughter to wear makeup to school.

12 What Danielle Cunningham Does While Her Kids Sleep


We're not going to show you the photo of Danielle Cunningham smoking up. We're sure if you think long and hard enough, you can get a pretty good idea of what that looks like.

Fans got to see exactly what it looked like after she uploaded a photo of her puffing away while her kids allegedly slept behind her. The hatred towards her Instagram account led Cunningham to respond, "It is people like you that make me want to just delete this insta and make a personal one strictly for my friends." Which she did eventually do.

11 The Physical Violence Between Jennifer Del Rio And Her Former Man

It is never acceptable to be in a relationship in which physical violence has taken place. But for Jennifer Del Rio and her former flame, Josh Smith, violence is apparently clearly the answer.

She was caught on camera pummelling Smith while yelling "Say goodbye to your kids, Josh. You will never see them again."

Josh has also been arrested after Del Rio claimed he threatened to have her sexually assaulted. The relationship is horribly toxic and we hope her future children are never going to find themselves in a similar situation. And if they do, that they have the strength and confidence needed to leave.

10 Valerie Fairman Was Arrested For Street Walking


Valerie Fairman passed away in 2016 after suffering from an apparent overdose. You can imagine that any photo of her engaging in partying or drugs is one she'd want her daughter to stay far away from.

But perhaps even more awkward to explain would be the fact that Fairman was arrested in 2013 for "street walking" and offering her services to someone who ended up being an undercover cop. It was not the only time she had been arrested, as she previously had a physical altercation with her adopted mother.

9 Farrah Kicked Out Of Lukens Institute Recovery Center And Posted Party Pics Right After

Farrah Abraham probably hopes that her daughter never finds herself in a situation where she is spending time in rehab. And if she does, you better believe Farrah wouldn't be hoping that within a few months of being released, she was partying it up again.

This was the case for Farrah, who hit up a nightclub in Miami back in September 2013, only 2 months removed from rehab. She later apologized for the videos she shot that night that included excessive cussing,

"Hey everyone, good morning, so the Vivid Club last night really got out of hand. And I watched those videos. Excuse the F-word, it kinda gets crazy when you're drunk. It's like, exciting. You know how it is! I don't need to explain."


8 Janelle Evans Was Arrested 15 Times


Where do you even start with Jenelle Evans' history with the law? She's been arrested 15 times. Most of her charges stem from drug usage, possession, and failing drug tests, but she also has several charges centered around domestic violence.

Her last charge came in 2015 when she threw a glass at her ex-fiancé's new girlfriend. Which is far from the smartest thing in the world to do, but at least she's kept herself out of cuffs since then. It'll also be a nice long list for her three children to look at in order to learn from her mom's mistakes.

And with three kids, you can also hope that she'll be too busy trying to juggle them to engage in more illegal activities!

7 Felicia Cooke Hates That You Know Who She Is

Any photo of Felicia Cooke would fit in this entry, as the former 16 And Pregnant star has spoken out about her hatred for the impact the series has had on her life. "I really regret being on MTV worst mistake ever." She went on to talk about how her social media presence is constantly being judged or impersonated, “It's ridiculous that I can’t put one thing out there about my life without someone making a million fake accounts of me and letting the whole world know my news."

It's hard to feel too bad for her though. What did you expect from appearing on a reality show?

6 Amber Portwood Being High Around Her Daughter


Amber Portwood has several moments in her life that we're sure she wishes she had done differently. It's hard to say what her honest opinion on appearing on 16 & Pregnant is though when you learn that she was allegedly never sober during filming. A confession she made to Dr. Phil after she left prison, "I was using a drug called fentanyl ... it's patches. I opened up the patch and I would eat the patch. It's very dangerous. I was using that the whole time I was in (rehab) with a friend ... in drug court and on house arrest."

We're sure that knowledge makes going back and watching some of the earlier footage of Portwood even harder for herself and her fans to watch.

5 Amber Portwood's Tattoo Of Her Daughter

Amber's tattoo will briefly get mentioned in another entry on our list, but it really needs its own focal point. After all, there's just no way you can see that and ignore it.

The sentiment around the idea of getting a tattoo to commemorate your child is all well and good, but the execution probably leaves much to be desired as far as many people are concerned. Perhaps it'll be a lesson to her daughter about the importance of saving up and paying for a proper tattoo as opposed to her decision!

While Amber has recently said she will not be having any future children, if she does, maybe she'll just settle for getting a tattoo of their name instead.

4 Farrah Messes Up Her Lips


Farrah Abraham has been open in the past about the fact that her body is not natural. And while she may have no problem with her daughter doing the same, Abraham may wish that her daughter never has to appear on a show like Botched because the alterations went terribly.

Which was exactly what happened to Farrah, who badly messed up her lip implants. “Admitting that I messed up on something that I love to do was a little harsh for me to confront at first. But I think it was good to share my story because it was on national headlines and news, so I wanted to show others so they don’t have the same complications," said Farrah when talking about the incident to People.

3 Amber Portwood's Leaked Photos

Amber Portwood has shown the world all different sides of her during her time on Teen Mom. But she never intended to show the world every side of her. Something that happened when nude photos were allegedly stolen off of Portwood's phone and uploaded online.

Making the situation all the more awkward is the fact that Amber has a tattoo of Leah (her daughter) on her torso.

"I'm devastated that these pictures were stolen from my phone and sold by someone I trusted. It makes me sad that anyone would do this, and I'm horrified that something so private is being shared publicly," said Portwood.

2 Farrah Got Fired From The Show Because Of Her Video


Farrah Abraham has engaged in several activities away from the screen that is questionable. The most damaging move of her career, however, may be when she elected to participate in some adult videos.

A decision that later saw her getting reportedly "fired" from Teen Mom. Ranting about the show online, Farrah stated: "Sad such a phenomenal show will no longer have its biggest talent on the show because of women hating, sex shaming, hate crimes, selfish, Weinstein company power trip behavior against a professional hard working, honest mother."

Along with appearing in movies, Abraham recently hosted a webcam show that was Halloween themed. Viacom later denied being responsible for the firing, so Farrah now primarily blames executive producer Morgan J. Freeman for why she will not be on the show going forward.

1 Amber Portwood Was Sentenced To 5 Years In Jail

Amber Portwood had a serious issue with her addiction to drugs, more specifically pills. It got significant enough that she was eventually sentenced to 5 years in jail after being arrested for drugs and failing to attend the required drug tests and follow the terms of her prohibition. She did get the option to serve out her sentence without having to go behind bars, but she thought the experience in jail would be a positive one for her.

It turns out she was right. Portwood was released after 17 months on good behavior and now works with an organization to help keep kids off drugs. So while the initial behavior may not be something she is proud of, we're sure she's proud of the efforts she has made since then.


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