15 Photos Of Taylor Swift's Squad No One Was Meant To See

There’s no doubt about it – Taylor Swift’s entire squad is insanely photogenic. I mean, it makes sense – her squad includes primarily models or women so gorgeous they could easily be models, if they weren’t too busy being super successful actresses or musicians. They’re tall, they’re toned, they always look perfect – and it’s nearly impossible to find a bad photo of any one of them.

Note how we said nearly impossible.

Even though they have no bad sides and the camera absolutely loves them, even Taylor Swift’s gorgeous squad members can get caught looking less than their best every now and then. And, when you’re so famous that the paparazzi are constantly following you, it means your less than glamorous moments will always be caught on film. Because if there’s one thing the public loves more than a photo of a celebrity looking gorgeous, it’s a photo of a celebrity looking awful – I mean, there’s a reason that tabloids and paparazzi exist.

So, next time you’re feeling like T-Swift’s squad is just too perfectly intimidating, check out these 15 photos that her squad definitely would not want you seeing. Sure, you might be too terrified to approach them when they’re looking full glamazon, but when they’re looking like they do in these pictures? They just seem like regular girls you could easily approach.

15 Get In Ma Belly!

Okay, real talk – basically no one looks cute when they’re eating. Sure, if you’re just nibbling a breadstick or munching on a few handfuls of almonds, you might be able to pull it off, but if you’re legitimately taking a big bite of something, you probably look less than glamorous. Even Gigi Hadid isn’t immune. One of the things the public loves about her is that, despite her slim figure, she loves food and has absolutely no trouble hitting up McDonald's after a fashion show. However, in this shot, the paparazzi caught her enjoying what seems like some type of burger or wrap – and that wide open mouthed look just isn’t flattering on anyone. Pictures taken a few minutes later probably have her looking like her gorgeous self, but this one probably isn’t a shot she’d want everyone seeing.

14 Mid-Stretch Chic

When it comes to showing off her true self in front of the cameras, Lena Dunham is fearless. She regularly steps out without makeup, she definitely doesn’t feel the need to get all dolled up for every event, and she shows off her curves on camera all the time. However, even Dunham probably would prefer the world not see this photo of her in a strange split pose with one leg up on a fence. I mean, given that she’s wearing a loose shirt, leggings, and running shoes, she’s probably either gearing up to work out or just stretching after a tough work out, but still – that’s a pretty weird pose. She also has a paper in her hand, so… maybe that’s just how she likes to position herself when she’s reading and thinking about new material?

13 Ummm... Why Is There A Lamp On Stage?

Uh, okay – we’re not even sure what’s going on here. There’s no doubt that Lorde isn’t like your average pop star when it comes to performing live – you’ll probably never see her with pounds of makeup and false lashes and a skin-tight, rhinestone-embellished bodysuit. She has her own aesthetic, and that’s one of the reasons the world loves her so much. However, this photo is just plain bizarre. First of all, the face is definitely not flattering – she’s been caught mid-holler. Second of all, the weird contorted pose isn’t the most flattering. And third… why does she have a broken lamp on stage? We’re not really sure what she’s trying to accomplish, but either way, this definitely wasn’t the best moment for a camera to freeze frame.

12 That Awkward Teen Phase Everyone Wants To Forget

When you think of Hailee Steinfeld, you probably think of the gorgeous singer and actress that you spotted in flicks like Pitch Perfect 2, and heard on the radio singing hits like “Starving.” However, though she really only started blowing up in popularity recently, Steinfeld has actually been in the entertainment industry for quite a while – she got her start young! Given that she’s trying to cultivate a certain image, as a rising starlet and member of T-Swift’s infamous squad, we bet she would really rather her fans not see this photo of her starring in a commercial, complete with an embarrassingly retro outfit and headband. Hey, everyone’s got to start somewhere – but she probably wishes this commercial just remained in the early 2000s where it belonged.

11 Hellurrr!

One of the reasons that Cara Delevingne is such a good model is that she has an incredible expressive face. She’s able to tweak all her facial features, bit by bit, in order to create interesting looks for the cameras. That’s why they pay her the big bucks and keep offering her gigs. However, that level of facial expression comes with a downside – while the camera will capture you looking gorgeous in all types of poses and with all types of expressions, it can also capture you looking a little bit strange. Just take this picture for example. She’s all dolled up for a red carpet event and looking super sexy, but the cameras have captured her at exactly the wrong moment – she has a strange expression and, despite the fact that she’s super slim, has a weird quadruple-chin thing going on because of how her head is positioned.

10 Beachy Adjustments

Gigi Hadid doesn’t really need makeup to look gorgeous – most models don’t. Sure, she can be made up to look absolutely stunning, but her facial structure is still beautiful without makeup. However, this photo is just a bad moment for her. While the thought of Gigi Hadid in a bikini with slicked-back hair might immediately make you assume the photo is unbelievably sexy, in this particular instance, the paparazzi have captured her awkwardly holding her bikini top with a weird facial expression. We get it – it’s probably not fun to be captured by the paparazzi when you just want to have fun in the ocean. Still, though – out of the many, many bikini photoshoots Hadid has done, this is probably one of the very few where she looks strange rather than sexy.

9 Is That On Purpose?

Ah, Cara, back again with the strange facial expressions. There’s one thing we love about this model-turned-actress, she has absolutely no issue with letting you know exactly what she thinks. The paparazzi have captured her leaving someplace, and she’s not pasting on a fake, bright smile and waving to them – she’s straight up rolling her eyes and giving them a face that shows she’s had just about enough. Unfortunately, the paparazzi have managed to capture her mid eye-roll and make it look like she should be an extra in a zombie flick. Hey, who knows though? Maybe she can use this shot to audition for undead roles. Her starring role in Paper Towns has proven she can lead a teen flick, so perhaps a new young adult franchise with zombies instead of vampires?

8 Whoooops!

When you’re a model, you kind of have to get comfortable with showing off your body – after all, you’re supposed to showcase a designer’s garments. If the designer decides to put you in a teeny tiny outfit that leaves little to the imagination, you still need to strut your stuff on the runway and rock that outfit. So, when Hadid stepped out at a gala in an extremely risqué red gown, she just rocked it – even when things started to go haywire. While she was descending a set of stairs, the gown with the insanely high slit slipped to the side a little bit and exposed a teeny, tiny red undergarment that she was wearing underneath. Given that she’s a model, Hadid probably wasn’t as bothered as most women would be, but still – no one wants to show off their bits to the public.

7 This Color Eye Shadow Should Be Discontinued. Now.

Sometimes, a bad makeup choice can be overlooked in a photo. After all, celebrities often take risks with their red carpet attire. However, sometimes a makeup choice is so bad that it just can’t be ignored – which is the truth in this case. Lena Dunham is a crazy talented lady who has accomplished a ton at a young age, but… who on earth thought that pink shadow and pink mascara was a good idea? Her ponytail is cute, her outfit is even a little sexier than she generally wears, but the eye makeup kind of makes it look like she’s sick and decided to come to the event anyway. There are plenty of photos of Dunham where she’s looking glamorous and gorgeous, so we’re betting she would prefer that the public not remember this particular choice.

6 Award For Funny Face Of The Decade Goes To...

Selena Gomez didn’t get to be the most followed person on Instagram by posting bad photos. One of the reasons she has so many followers is because she’s absolutely stunning. However, that doesn’t mean she’s incapable of taking a bad photo. She stopped during an appearance for a red carpet event to chat with the media, and we’re not sure what the topic of conversation was that prompted this eye roll, but it happened – and someone screenshot the moment so it could live on forever. Listen, her hair looks gorgeous, her makeup is obviously well done, and she’s rocking an outfit that leaves plenty of skin exposed. It should be an amazing shot, but somehow, the camera just captured her at the wrong moment. It happens to the best of us.

5 I Woke Up Like This

While Kendall Jenner isn’t as makeup obsessed as sisters Kim and Kylie are, she usually is fairly put together when she steps out. After all, she knows that the paparazzi are likely going to be following her, wherever she decides to go. However, on an outing with a few friends, Kendall just didn’t care – she tossed on an oversized hoodie, threw her hair in a bun, and headed out without a stitch of makeup. Hey, sometimes a girl’s got to do what a girls’ got to do. However, it definitely isn’t her most glamorous moment, and the lighting isn’t ideal – it’s really just the paparazzi trying to get another shot to sell to the press. Considering how amazing she looks in many of her other photos, she probably just wants this one erased forever.

4 Scandal At Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

We’re just going to say it – Karlie Kloss is gorgeous in literally every photo. Sure, she may make silly faces every now and then, and the paparazzi may capture her in weird moments, but she’s somehow so insanely hot that she looks good regardless. However, there are still moments she probably wishes the public wouldn’t remember – like this one. Now, Kloss wasn’t responsible for crafting the outfits she wore at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, but there was a huge amount of backlash when she strutted out in a Native American outfit that many felt was extremely disrespectful. She doesn’t have much of a reputation for scandal and controversy, so the event quickly blew over, but for a week or so, all everyone could talk about was Kloss’ heinous outfit on the catwalk – and she probably wishes everyone would just forget all about it.

3 Oh, Cara...

Cara, back at it again with those weird faces. One of the reasons that Delevingne has become such a massive supermodel is because she has very strong facial features – particularly those famous brows. However, that also means that she can easily be captured in a moment where she’s making a weird face – such as this one. We’re not sure who she’s talking to or what event she’s at or what has happened to provoke that kind of a reaction, but… that doesn’t really seem like the face of a supermodel, let’s just say. Delevingne is pretty easy-going, especially when compared to some of the other supermodels out there, but we’re betting she would rather the public share one of her many photoshoots where she’s looking gorgeous rather than this weird moment.

2 Annnnd Kick!

No matter how attractive you are, there are two activities that people look strange doing when they’re caught in a freeze frame moment: 1) eating and 2) working out. Sure, a gorgeous, fit woman looks super hot when she’s getting her sweat on. However, if you capture just one second of that work-out, frozen in a photograph, chances are things get a little bit weird. Just take this picture of Karlie Kloss, for example. She’s working out with her personal trainer, rocking a pair of teeny shorts, but the angle that the paparazzi has caught her in makes her limbs look way too long, her stance look awkward, and just doesn’t make her look like the gorgeous supermodel she is in real life. Moments like this are why so many celebs opt to work out in private gyms.

1 Just Some Cotton Candy

The Kardashian-Jenner family is a little bit of an exception when it comes to the public seeing their private moments. While some celebrities hate the paparazzi, the Kardashian-Jenners essentially grew up with the cameras on them – the youngest two in particular, Kylie and Kendall. Kendall Jenner probably doesn’t even notice the cameras at this point, which means she has no trouble chowing down on some cotton candy when she’s out enjoying herself. Unfortunately, the eating rule still applies to her the same way it applies to all celebrities – no matter what you’re eating, if the paparazzi manages to catch you mid-bite, that just isn’t going to be a cute photo. Not even if you’re a super gorgeous model like Kendall. Although, who knows – the family is so savvy that a bad photo might be the opportunity to craft a new enterprise. Kendall’s Kotton Kandy anyone?

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