15 Photos Of Taylor Swift That'll Destroy Her Good Girl Image

Having been in the spotlight since she was just a teenager, Taylor Swift is no stranger to having each and every one of her movements covered in the media. After breaking out as such a young star, she's continued to dominate the music industry, and she's nearly unrivaled by her contemporaries. Over the course of her career, she's released several albums that have gone on to sell millions of records each, and she, to this day, remains one of the biggest stars on the planet. Music aside, the talented performer has also had several forays into acting, giving her an extra dimension in her career. Given her status as an A-list celebrity, Taylor Swift is constantly followed around by floods of fans and cameras, and at a moment’s notice, everything she does is on display for the world to see.

Fortunately, most of us will never have to live a life where every mistake that we make is quickly put on the internet, but such is the price of fame. Since her career has lasted as long as it has, there have been tons of photos and videos of Taylor Swift that she wishes will never the light of day again -- and understandably so. These 15 pictures included here on this list are some of the worst of the bunch that have been captured of Taylor Swift over the years, and we're sure that she wishes they would never see the light of day again.

15 Possible Cocaine Use

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Celebrities getting caught doing mass amounts of drugs is nothing new in our society, but few expected that Taylor Swift would get caught up in a drug scandal. This squeaky-clean young adult represents the All-American girl, and her image is part of the reason why she appeals to such a broad audience. However, when photos of Taylor Swift surfaced of her possibly doing cocaine backstage, the internet quickly ran with the story, and it was one step closer to Swift completely shedding her good-girl image.

The photo in question looks rather incriminating, but we're willing to keep an open mind as to what Swift could've been doing. Regardless if she was abusing drugs or not, it's become abundantly clear as the years have gone on, that Swift cares increasingly less about maintaining a family-friendly image and is choosing to live life her own way, and we can’t say that we blame her.

14 Busted Cheating

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Normally, what a celebrity like Swift does in her own time is her business, and it truly shouldn't matter to other people what she's up to. Unfortunately, when you reach a certain level of fame, it's nearly impossible to live a life of privacy, and while she was dating Calvin Harris, it appeared to many that Taylor Swift was having an affair with actor Tom Hiddleston, who's best known for playing the character Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Whether or not she was actually cheating on Harris remains unconfirmed, but some of the photos that surfaced of Swift and Hiddleston were rather incriminating, and they added some fuel to the fire. Because of the nature of the photos, they quickly spread around the internet like wildfire, and media outlets had juicy new information to quickly put out to the masses. There's something to be said about a good girl cheating on her boyfriend, and these types of women usually hold the title "bad girl."

13 Getting Frisky With Emma Stone

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Emma Stone is one of the hottest actresses on the planet, and it only makes sense that many people would give just about anything to have a shot at her. Taylor Swift had an opportunity to crank up the heat at a film premiere, and she got awful close with her former friend. Photographers quickly snapped the duo getting up close and personal with each other, and waiting eyes were on standby to see if the pair was going to kiss.

Former friendships seem to be a recurring theme with Taylor Swift, and she has as much trouble maintaining friendships as she does maintaining relationships. Stone and Swift were incredibly close, but conflict between the two forced them apart. It's just another example of Swift not being the person that she leads the media to believe she is. Many celebrities have spoken candidly about the façade they put on in front of cameras, and it makes you wonder who this young lady truly is.

12 The Extensive List Of Lovers

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Man, oh man... Taylor Swift has had so many high-profile relationships that it's entirely possible some have completely gone by undetected. She’s been in the spotlight for years now, but my goodness... how is this even possible? Relationships come and go, but having this many in several years should clue you in on the fact that something here isn’t right. Much of her music catalog is comprised of songs stemming from her public breakups, and you have to wonder if she gets into relationships strictly for the impact that they'll have on her music sales.

The former country star has since become a pop-music sensation, and her turn to an edgier sound has been a long time coming. She's able to channel these failed relationships into radio-friendly jams that make her insanely rich. But, if we’re being honest, this girl should take it easy for a while. In all of these failed relationships, the only common factor is her.

11 A Serious Wardrobe Malfunction

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Imagine being on stage in front of 30,000 fans screaming all of the words to your songs. These people just paid tons of money just to watch you perform on stage, and in the heat of the moment, your skirt gets blown up by an air vent, exposing your ass for the world to see. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to Taylor Swift, and those in attendance got a lot more than they paid for. Because of the sheer number of people who attend each and every one of her concerts, there were a ton of people with their cameras readily available for the wardrobe malfunction, and as soon as this picture made its way around the internet, people had a lot to say about it, and none of it was nice.

Every one of us has experienced plenty of embarrassing moments, but I'm willing to wager that almost none of us have been completely embarrassed in front of about 30,000 people. But, can you really feel bad for Swift? After all, it's her choice to dress in a sexy way on stage, and many of her outfits have been incredibly revealing already.

10 You Might Want To Fix Yourself

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We've all encountered plenty of times in our lives where we got caught with our clothes looking out of sorts, but when a woman gets caught with something like this, it's usually pretty embarrassing. Electing to step out of the house in some yoga pants and comfortable clothes, it looks like Taylor Swift was just trying to make her way down the street to enjoy a nice day outside. But because she's such a huge celebrity, this girl can't even go get a slice of pizza without being hounded by 35 cameramen.

What was captured here is a moment of Swift rocking a wicked cameltoe, and one of her friends probably should've let her know that something was going on downstairs. Swift didn’t even bother to fix her downstairs mix up before she left the house, and she let it all hang out for the media to feast their eyes on.

9 Roasted On Social Media

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In an attempt to raise funds, be it for an art project or a relief effort, the internet has become a place where people are able to band together for a common cause. However, people have also made light of the medium and have chosen to start pages to fund comedic matters. Taylor Swift has been the subject of several accounts that have attempted to raise money to pay for plastic surgery in order to get her a booty.

As we mentioned earlier, A-list stars are at the forefront of scrutiny, and given their status, they're constantly subjected to the nastiness of others. Sure, seeing someone actually start a page to raise money for Taylor Swift to get a booty is hilarious, but I seriously doubt that she was laughing when she saw this. It seems, however, that she took these jabs to heart, and the next series of photos will clue you in on the rumor that Taylor Swift bought a booty.

8 Before: Flat As A Pancake Without The Butt Implant

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In a world where beauty standards are at an all-time high, celebrities who are constantly in the spotlight are subject to some of the harshest scrutiny that anyone will deal with. After all, they're at the forefront of media, fashion, and entertainment, and a great number of people look up to them to inspire the latest and greatest trends. While plastic surgery has long been a part of Hollywood, some stars have chosen to stick to a more natural look.

Unfortunately, the internet is a ruthless place, and given the fact that she isn't as busty as some of her contemporaries, Taylor Swift is often the subject of a number of jokes regarding how flat she is. She's had an impressive resolve in the face of it all, but the next photo on our list shows the star inch ever closer to becoming a full-fledged bad girl.

7 After: With The Butt Implant

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Okay, so we documented Taylor Swift being as flat as a pancake, and truth be told, it is what it is. Some women aren't blessed with gorgeous curves, and it's important to just love yourself for who you are. Now, we've never heard of a case where a grown woman suddenly grew a booty, and Swift popping up at an awards show sporting a noticeably larger butt is suspicious, to say the least.

After being publicly called out and made fun of for having no curves and no booty, Swift apparently decided that enough was enough, and her noticeably larger back side made headlines everywhere. It's important to note that while Swift may have gotten butt implants, the difference in size is not on par with the likes of Kim Kardashian or her less-famous little sister. Those women changed the game when it comes to getting gigantic butt implants, and it looks like Taylor Swift followed suit.

6 Trying To Be A Bad Girl

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What in the world was this girl thinking? Of course, music videos are simply a medium for artists to add a new facet to their music, and many choose to just have some fun with it. Despite her attempts to have a blast doing this, we cannot help but laugh at this attempt to twerk or whatever it was she was trying to do in this video. She didn't really achieve what she was trying to pull off, and most of us spent plenty of time laughing at the video, which, in all fairness, is what she was going for.

Due to her lack of ability to dance as well as, say... Beyonce, many people had a field day with this when it came out, and it has inspired tons of memes and parodies. If you ask us, Swift was trying something new and failed miserably. The bad girl image just doesn’t work for her, as she's about as All-American as apple pie and 4th of July fireworks. But hey... she tried.

5 The Video That Started It All

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Kanye West is easily one of the most controversial figures in the music industry, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that when he released the video for his song “Famous,” trouble was right around the corner. What few could've predicted, however, was that Taylor Swift would have an absolute meltdown due to her portrayal in the music video. She quickly went and spoke out against Kanye West, condemning his use of her in the video.

What few people realized, however, was that she had, in fact, consented to being a part of the process. Outside of West interrupting her awards show acceptance speech, this could also be the moment that Swift decided to toughen up and finally stop being a good girl to please the media. This image here no doubt fueled the fire that would see Swift become an entirely different person or publicly be the person she always was, depending on how you feel about her.

4 Exposed To The World

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Talk about making enemies with the wrong person. Of course, the relationship between Taylor Swift, Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian has been well documented by media outlets all over the world, and when it was discovered that Taylor Swift was trying to put up a front to the world, Kim Kardashian was quick to strike her down. Kim's decision to publicly release the information that Taylor Swift had consented to Kanye West talking about her in a song made Swift look both pathetic and terrible.

Taylor Swift came out and said that she had a problem with the video and that she hadn't consented to being parodied by West, but this, as we found out, turned out to be nothing more than a lie. Much like her photo with Katy Perry, this photo, we sincerely doubt, evokes a positive response from either party. Swift set out to make Kanye look bad, and Kim ultimately got the last laugh.

3 Kanye West Raining On Her Parade

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In the last 10 years, this moment easily stands out as one of the most famous incidents to occur at an award show. Taylor Swift had won the Video of the Year award and was on stage giving her acceptance speech when Kanye West decided to take things into his own hands just to rain on her parade. Kanye gave an impassioned speech about how Beyonce should've taken home the award before giving Swift the microphone back to finish up her speech. The moment, which was captured live, quickly went viral, and Kanye West was made out to be a villain for his antics during that evening.

Of course, Kanye West is no stranger to controversy, and any moment he has to speak his mind, he'll gladly take advantage of. Shortly after the event transpired, the world truly felt bad for Taylor Swift, and they spent a great deal of time hating on Kanye West. When you look back at it, this moment could've been the catalyst for Swift to stop putting on a good-girl front to the media. West humiliated her, and while she kept her composure, you can see her blood boiling from the incident.

2 Caught In A Love Triangle

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Hollywood relationships are often fickle things, and over the years, we've seen so many people get into a number of different heated rivalries with one another. Now, we've heard plenty of stories about people on the sets of films getting into huge blow-ups and even rival musicians having a go at each other, but seeing a friendship dissolve like what happened between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry has been truly interesting to watch unfold. Each woman has had a very impressive career in the pop music scene so far, and it seemed as though the two were going to remain friends for a very long time.

This, of course, wasn't to be the case, as eventually, Swift and Perry became bitter enemies involved in quite a nasty feud that allegedly stems from a love triangle. Given their past friendship, there are still tons of photos on the internet of the two stars looking happy and playful together. Maybe, one day, things will be repaired between the two, but as it stands now, these two young ladies cannot stomach each other, and photos like this have to be a painful reminder of the divide that was caused between the two former friends.

1 That Had To Hurt

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When you've made a laundry list of enemies, it’s important to have some thick skin. Swift has slowly turned into a bad girl, and her resolve has grown stronger because of it. This, my friends, is easily the most embarrassing photo of Taylor Swift that's making its way around the internet. As you can see, our dear friend was trying to work up a nice sweat in the gym by hitting the treadmill. She expected to get herself in shape and get a nice little sweat going. What she didn't expect, however, was to get a face full of treadmill after taking a nasty tumble.

Sure, this was filmed in a comedic manner and was in no way, shape, or form her actually falling on her face in front of a gym full of people, but it was still hysterical to see. If you haven't done so already, we highly recommend that you head over to YouTube to go find the video of Swift falling on the treadmill. Whether you like her or not, you'll still laugh hysterically watching this ridiculous clip.

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