15 Photos Of Shipping Wars Babe Robbie Welsh

Over the years, A&E has changed from a network that offered really “arty” pieces into a reality TV show haven. Most of them are “true crime” type of series but a special note is for the various shows involving odd jobs most would never think of. Shipping Wars is one of the most notable of those. The series revolves around a group of folks who are given the task of driving around items that are too large for regular transport. Fridges, giant props, statues and more; it’s fun seeing how they find these items and figure out how to take them across roads. The “wars” part comes from how they receive bids and then see who can get the item with the lowest cost for the trip. Over 100 episodes, viewers saw the contestants grapple with various items, hardships of the road and their own egos to make it a sizeable success.

One contestant soon caught the eye of viewers nicely. Robbie Welsh Hanna joined in the second season with husband Christopher as “the Hotshot Couple.” They were soon a popular one, going about their various jobs, handling some wild antics and getting some good wins in terms of money. The duo has continued to work as the show ended with Robbie also doing a business as a caterer. She’s also become very popular in social media, showing off a lot although not as risqué but still a great beauty. The show may be over but Robbie is still a lady worth remembering and here are 15 pics that showcase why her tenure made Wars a truly fun thing.


15 Junk In the Trunk

One of the nuttier ideas of Chris and Robbie was redoing their truck to run on cooking oil. However, they vastly underestimated how many restaurants on the road were willing to let them use their grease traps to fuel up their truck and thus they nearly lost a $400 bet with their customer. It took calling ahead to get permission to get the traps in order for them to make their deadline. It shows the inventive ideas the two had that got them good jobs and success and made them rather popular. It also helped they looked great, especially Robbie as even with the hardships of the road, she could be a breakout and look terrific. The lady had a fun humor and sassy style and naturally did her best to flaunt it a bit for the cameras. This pic shows that with her featuring her best asset as she climbs into a truck and that fun style was what made her a god breakout on the show.

14 Leopard Print


It’s ignored often that Robbie is a mother of two. That’s impressive given how well she shows off her great body a lot on Instagram and Twitter. This pic features her body in a great leopard-print bikini. The multiple towels indicate this is a pool or beach trip with the family yet Robbie looks like she’s coming out of a sauna trip and a bright smile to match the look. It’s far sexier than she got to show on the series but it fits her. A few times on the show, live animals were involved yet Robbie preferred not to work with them often, thinking she and animals didn’t mix. But this pic shows she can look great mixing with wildlife in another way and one can only wonder just how wild a lady like her can get for her husband.

13 Big Truck Attack

One of the other contestants on the show was Mark, well known for his massive truck that looks amazing. It’s an impressive sight and does help with huge items that regular trucks can’t handle. However, it’s noted that when it comes to smaller loads, it’s not that adequate and its size slows him down on smaller roads so it actually comes off a bad idea. Robbie and Chris, like most of the others, prefer to simply hitch a trailer to their truck and haul stuff around and it works much better. Still, it’s fun to see Robbie hanging around a big truck like this, flaunting herself in a nice dress and pushed well. The lady clearly can handle the wheel (although she does more real navigation work) and while she and Chris prefer the smaller trucks, this shows her by a bigger one can be a great sight well worth checking out.

12 Hat Shade


Robbie’s style when driving was simple, just jeans, shirt and sunglasses, nothing major. Indeed, she even avoided hats or caps, unlike other contestants who seemed to have them on constantly. But this pic shows Robbie can rock a great hat majorly. It shows her with a large brimmed hat on, her ponytail flowing back and the fact her eyes are hidden gives it a nice exotic edge. The sarong also fits her well with just a hint of the bikini underneath while her mid-riff is showcased to let her great shape stand out. Sure, it’s before a slightly dirty shower yet somehow, Robbie manages to make it look like she stepped off a runway to model it off. Usually, Robbie “throwing shade” means she got off one of her one-liners but in this case, she does it in a sexy way that makes you wish she’d worn more hats on the road.

11 Bright Smile

Robbie isn’t a stranger to controversy and she and Christopher have gotten into it a bit. They support some right-wing causes, are advocates for gun use and while not blatant, they do seem to support Donald Trump. At the same time, they promote understanding and take part in charity events to help out people who lost their families in a fire and some of their fellow A&E show folks. The fact Robbie comes off so nice and friendly in person helps soothe any dislike of her political leanings and can win folks over. This pic shows her in a great dress and that dazzling smile and why she’s so popular. She doesn’t get too political in her postings so she’s not as disliked as other reality show stars. Still, this great look is a key reason Robbie can win you over with any views and why her time on the show was a success.

10 Sister Bond


One episode of Wars has Christopher and Robbie hired to try and transport a houseboat. However, they find that the thing is just too big for their transport and the owner never considered buying the items needed to properly secure and transport it so they have to call the whole thing off. It wasn’t helped by how Robbie was doing the driving while Chris just hung around the customer’s yacht. It shows how tricky this sort of thing is, ironic given how Robbie herself loves a boating life. She enjoys showing off as she and Christopher take to the waterways a lot and enjoy a good time. This shows her with her sister and a bright smile on her face as they hang out together. Robbie truly enjoys a beach life and an affinity for boats as much as trucks to show off well. Her bikini is terrific and she and her sister make an intriguing pair to say the least. The lady may be known for hauling some boat stuff now and then but clearly loves taking a ride in them even more and looks great doing it.

9 Sweet Dreams

One of the funnier episodes of the series was a nightmare for Chris. He and Robbie were hired to drive four hours back and forth to deliver a chandelier for a client’s wedding. But the bride to be insisted on traveling with them for the ride, meaning Chris had to spend eight hours stuck in the car as Robbie and the other woman discussed wedding plans and details. It’s a fun episode and great to see Chris going through this mess. But the two have gotten hitched since and a good showcase for them. This pic by Robbie was captioned “sweet dreams,” from a Vegas trip with her husband and showing off a knockout dress. The lady looks terrific and looks like Chris truly hit the jackpot with this partnership. So the guy may have had to put up with a nightmare trip but more than enough dreams to enjoy with her later.


8 Cooling Off


One of the better challenges of the series was when the teams had to haul something in a frozen cooler. It led to a time limit and a need to rush the delivery. The items could be anything from some live fish to frozen meat and given the show often involved driving in the South, getting it fast before the heat set in was a challenge. So it’s fun to see Robbie enjoying a cooler in a different way. The blue bikini fits her well, not too showy and such so it doesn’t come off too obtrusive but shows her nice form off. Some can complain product placement with the Yeti label clear on the cooler but it shows how smart she is to feature her fame alongside a little work and making it a great photo. Altogether, it shows how a hot lady like Robbie needs a unique way of cooling off now and then.

7 Back In Black

Robbie has long described herself as a “tomboy at heart.” But like many a self-professed tomboy, she’s turned into a real knockout when she tries. She showed that as the show continued, evolving her style from just jeans and ragged shirts to more stylish outfits and even showing off a bit more. Since the series ended, she’d been more in demand as a promotional face and thus showing off more. This pic comes from a “mom’s night out,” one she has to admit to needing now and then. It’s understandable as every mom wants to cut loose now and then with some gal pals and enjoy a nice time free of responsibilities. In her case, Robbie does so well, flaunting a killer dress in the mirror and knowing the effect it has. Her style on the show was just regular gal but this shows the tomboy has grown up nicely.

6 Standing Up


The lady has two kids but you wouldn’t know it to look at her in some pics. She’s in fantastic shape, clearly working out a lot and enjoys flaunting her body more on her Instagram page. Indeed, it’s amazing how the series never presented her as overtly sexy or revealing which is understandable given how she was on the road almost non-stop while hauling often huge items. So you can get why she wants to cut loose more and show how hot she really is. That includes some great fun as in this pic doing a full headstand on a wakeboard in a pool. It’s funnier considering how many times on the show she and Chris had to handle a huge balancing act with their items and figuring out how to keep stuff from flying off on the road. The bikini is great flaunting her curves but it’s more impressive how she’s able to keep her balance and showing she’s skilled in more ways than one.

5 Selfie Style

On the TV show, Robbie was stuck in outfits of jeans and t-shirts a lot. She’s shown off more since as she enjoys cutting loose. You can understand it given how on the series, she and Chris had to handle a variety of crazy missions. One of the wilder was discovering a deactivated 1960s missile roughly the size of a full tractor trailer and trying to figure out a way to get it moved onto their flatbed. Robbie herself likes to crack about a “flatbed’ of her own when it comes to her workouts. She seems terrific in her style and quite obviously loves flaunting her body a lot in her various selfies. Here’s a prime example, Robbie posing in a hotel room showing off a new bikini. It’s a fantastic sight, flaunting her full curves and this is before the dragon-shaped tattoo on her side so her skin is flawless. For a lady who claims to be a “tomboy,” Robbie sure has one rocking body many will ship for.

4 Fun In the Sun


For a lady who spent so much time on the road for the show, Robbie sure does love the beach. She flaunts it several times, including in this terrific pic. She’s hanging with a friend, showing the dragon tattoo on her left side she got a bit back (making it easier to figure out when some of these photos were) and clearly loving it. The woman’s body is great and showcases her fun-loving side, a regular lady just wanting to cut loose a bit more. The lady enjoys hanging out with her family but sometimes, even a mom needs a good day to enjoy herself. Robbie has a good body to show off and this bikini does to reveal that while her time on the road was good, she fits into the beach setting well and whether on her own or with a pal, a day at the beach is needed and free of the shipping conflicts.

3 Hood Ornament

One of the biggest questions of fans of the show was “where do they get those wonderful toys?” In other words, how exactly Robbie and Christopher could get such an impressive fleet of trucks and transport for their jobs. Some speculate they were supplied by the network to boost the show up but still impressive they could get all these trucks out there. It helped the two become famous with Robbie especially getting a good boost thanks to her looks. This pic truly showcases her nice style, lounging on the hood of a car with a very nice shirt more over her shorts and a sultry look on her face. Robbie didn’t show off too much on the series but has more in social media and this pic in particular focuses on how hot a lady she truly is to help make many a fan want to hire her for shipping just to meet in person.

2 Ninja Turtle


Sometimes, you just want to have fun with the kids. Welsh has been a bit less visible over the years as she and Christopher are raising their family but clearly loving it. As many times as she posts a hot pic of herself on her Instagram page, she also shows images of her family, proving herself a good mom. That includes going out for trick or treating and she dons the costume of Michelangelo of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It’s a goofy bit but somehow, she manages to make it work well, standing out in the outfit, not overtly sexy but still rather attractive. It shows how much she cares for her family to go to such lengths and looking great. She’s gotten some wilder stuff (like a “sexy zombie Joker” bit with her husband) but this seems better for her to showcase how the lady is a good mom.

1 Sunny Gal

It’s true that, like various reality TV shows, Shipping Wars was manipulated. More than a few fans complained there were obvious cuts and shortcuts taken by the contestants and the lack of traffic for many of these drives was cited as unrealistic. Plus, it’s no surprise many conflicts were scripted for drama and going out of their way to pick up the weirdest objects. Yet Robbie is a real gearhead in many ways, often posting about various tips and tricks truckers can use for their cargo. The woman really did enjoy her time on the show and has used it for a good career doing promotions, often showing up at auto shows and revealing her knowledge of the road. This pic shows her as a nice gal in a bright dress and the sunny personality that got fans going. The fact she can back it up with real knowledge of trucks helps and thus backing her smarts with her beauty.


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