15 Photos Of Shakira's Most Valuable Asset (It's Not Her Voice)

Shakira is one of those singers who has managed to achieve a real dream: she is famous both in the English-speaking world and the Spanish-speaking one, because she sings her songs in both languages. N

Shakira is one of those singers who has managed to achieve a real dream: she is famous both in the English-speaking world and the Spanish-speaking one, because she sings her songs in both languages. Not many people have managed to bridge this gap, but it is perhaps the cunning way that she releases the same song in both languages that makes her such a hit.

Then again, it might be the fact that not every singer who tries to "make it" looks like Shakira. She is instantly recognizable thanks to her mane of golden, crazy hair, which is often left to its own devices. More than that, she also has a body that you are never going to forget. In particular, she has one asset that is a favourite of many. It has adorned posters on many teenage bedroom walls, and is also one of the most searched things about this singer.

If you haven’t figured out what we’re talking about by now, then you might have been living under a rock for the past 17 years. That’s how long it has been since Shakira first thought about doing an English crossover album, which eventually resulted in the huge hit that was “Whenever, Wherever”. In order to help you understand, and to jog the memory of those who already know, we have assembled 15 photos here that you are going to love.

These 15 photographs showcase Shakira’s most valuable asset. It’s not her singing voice. It’s not even her crazy trademark hair. Look on, enjoy, and be amazed!

15 All Black Everything

via ShakiraFan

Let’s start with this shot of Shakira dressed all in black. It starts with little black armlets and gloves and then goes into a black lacy vest. The front is a little more filled, but the back is sheer and you can see a lot of skin. Then we head down to those black leather trousers. This outfit is pretty much perfection, and it shows off Shakira’s body in a spot-on way. What more could you ask? We also love the fact that this photograph was clearly taken while she was performing. She looks pretty happy and excited to be singing her song, as she is the kind of person who loves being on stage. That makes it all the better as far as we are concerned. And what luck for us that she enjoys performing in these kinds of outfits, too! This is certainly not the last you will see of her on-stage looks.

14 Up Against The Wall

via 60secondlist

This is one of the more famous shots of Shakira, and you definitely can’t get far in an image search without spotting it. You can immediately see why this might be the case. After all, it’s one of the best shots we’ve seen of any female singer, let alone of Shakira herself. She is positioned up against a wall, practically crawling up it with the stance she is holding. Her back is perfectly curved to show off her biggest asset, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that she has chosen to wear a skin-toned dress. The small areas of red sequins and tassels don’t do much to cover her body, which means all the more for us to enjoy. Her seductive look just adds to the whole ensemble. We couldn’t get a better shot than this if we directed it ourselves. That’s the beauty of having experts do it for us.

13 Do These Pants Make Me Look Big?

via TelemundoDenver

In this shot, Shakira is doing her thing on stage. Unfortunately, this has lined things up for a bit of a mishap with her facial expression– although she is midway through a word, it ends up looking like she is scared or straining in some way. But still, we can ignore that. Her lacy top really doesn’t help us to focus on her face, especially since it is so flimsy that you can see straight through to her bra under it. In fact, we’re not really sure why she bothered to wear it, to be honest. But the best part of it is how the dance move she is currently undertaking positions her in just the perfect way. This is the kind of freeze-frame that we would like to see her holding for a very long time. You can see the reason why people are always focusing on her hips– and they definitely don’t lie!

12 Shaking It Like A Polaroid Picture

via Blogspot

Well, we did say that there would be lots of pictures of her performing! This is another shot where Shakira just looks sensational even while she is dancing around. In fact, we’re beginning to think that dancing is when she looks her best. After all, her body was really made for it– those Latin curves are perfect for swinging and swaying. Here you can really get an idea for how athletic she is with those abs peeking out from under her top. You can even see that she looks a lot hotter and more interesting than her backing dancers, who train for their whole lives to look good doing this. Even though her green, patterned trousers might not be the height of fashion, they help her to look amazing. What’s more, we wouldn’t mind swapping hands with her for a bit if we get to put it there.

11 What’s That Behind Me?

via ChinaTimes

This shot has to make you chuckle a little. Because of the way that she is bending so far backwards, it looks a little like Shakira is checking to see what she has behind her. The answer, of course, is a lot of junk in the trunk. There is a photographer over on the other side of her too, but we think he lost out when it came to getting the better shot. The main reason for this is the tight gold outfit that Shakira is wearing, made out of big sequins sewn all over both the trousers and the bra top. Though you can’t see it here, you can definitely imagine that they make a great effect when she shakes and dances her body around the stage. There’s no wonder that even she can’t take her eyes off her greatest asset. Can you really blame her when it looks like that?

10 There's A Pole In This Shot?

via Youtube

This screenshot is taken from one of her music videos, and it’s possibly one of the best. Before making this video Shakira must have been working like crazy to ensure that her body was perfect, because it definitely is here. She has never been shy about showing off her assets, but not usually quite to this extent. The skimpy black lingerie that she is wearing leaves little to the imagination– in fact, only just enough to make it safe for viewing. You can get a real sense of that perfect shape here, with nothing in the way to spoil your view. This is the kind of outfit that we would like her to wear more often in videos from now on– after all, it went down a storm this time, so why not try it again? Please?

9 Hotter Than Flames

via ElAntro

It says something that the fire isn’t the hottest thing in this photo. This is another shot taken on stage, where Shakira is performing one of her songs. This is the part where the music plays without any need for her to sing, so she is free to dance more energetically. She is taking that opportunity to heart, with a great dance move that you can recognize even in a still frame. Again, she looks like she is really having a good time, which is great to see. It’s pretty amazing that she can pull herself into jeans this tight and still be able to dance around as much as she likes. They must be fairly stretchy, because she is just giving it everything. The photographer was perfectly positioned to get the right angle on this shot, giving you all of the information that you could possibly need.

8 The White Stripes

It might seem a bit odd that there is a lot of empty space on this black and white striped bed sheet. However, there is a reason for this, as you will see later on in another one of the entries of this list. For now, let’s appreciate what we can see before us. Shakira rolls around on the bed, so we can see her in all her glory. She also happens to be wearing nothing more than a black swimsuit, which covers only the smallest possible portion of her body. This gives us another one of those unspoiled views that we were talking about earlier. Her Latin curves really stand out in this shot, as well as the level of fitness that she has maintained. This clip is taken from the ‘Remember to Forget You’ video, if you wanted to check it out a bit further. You’re welcome.

7 Digging For Treasure

via Hot Celebs Club

This shot is a little different to the others because it’s not a part of her performance. In fact, this wasn’t meant to be seen by anyone at all– it was a moment on the beach with her family which was captured by members of the press there. One thing this photograph really highlights is that Shakira is perfect all of the time, and not only when she knows there is a camera being pointed at her. Spare a thought for her husband, just for a moment. Can you imagine being married to a woman with a body like this, and ever being able to keep your hands off her? That man must have will of steel. Apparently at this moment they were looking after their young child, who is between his legs and in front of Shakira. She doesn’t look like any mothers that we met when we were growing up!

6 Caged Wolf

via Twitter

This is a screenshot from perhaps Shakira’s most well-known video. ‘She-Wolf’ is a song all about female empowerment, and about the wild animal who lurks inside every woman, just waiting to get out. In the video she embodies that by being stuck inside a cage and wanting to get out, while acting wild herself. She is the she-wolf, and she chose to bring this idea to life with a nude bodysuit from head to toe. Are we glad that some stylist brought that option to the set that day! Shakira’s body looks absolutely stunning, and she does nothing but gyrate, grind, and swing it around throughout the whole video. She manages to contort into some pretty impressive positions, but we’ve chosen this one because of how it really shows off our favourite asset. Pointing it up towards the sky, she gives us an excellent view– the kind that you don’t tend to forget in a hurry. We understand if you have to go watch the video in a new tab before you can carry on.

5 Two Girls, One Bed

via IrishMirror

This is the second part of that stripy bed we were looking at earlier. Oh yes– did we forget to mention that the song was a duet between Shakira and Rihanna? They both share the bed in this part of the video, which has to be one of our favourite scenes ever. They sit in similarly skimpy and revealing swimsuits, looking just about ready to dive into the pool. One thing is clear, however, and that is that no one here has any intention of going for a swim. We would give just about anything to trade places with Rihanna just at this moment in the video. She possessively places a hand on Shakira’s bum, while Shakira reaches over to return the favour. With the kind of look that they are sharing, it seems like anything could happen next.

4 Wild Thing

via OjoesdeShakira

In this shot, Shakira is showing off her wild side. She almost looks like she could be auditioning to be a Wildling in Game of Thrones, except that she is far too glamorous! This is one of those perfect publicity shots that you could get lost in for hours. Even though that impressive asset of hers is not the main feature here, we think it makes enough of an impact to be included on the list. A lot of the time you have to sacrifice a good view of her face in order to see everything else, but this shot allows you to also appreciate how beautiful she is. She really does have it all– have we mentioned how lucky her husband is yet?! There are a lot of people out there who would give just about anything to be in his place. We’d settle for being that fur rug she is laying on!

3 She-Wolf, Part Two

via Whassup

You didn’t think we were going to let the best video of all time slide by with just one screenshot, did you? No, we made sure to bring you another, because you deserve the best of the best. The acrobatics that she is pulling off here really do make the mind boggle. Imagine being so hungry and desperate to get out of a cage that you are rolling around like this! On our part, we’re pretty happy that she wanted to portray that idea. This is the kind of shot that lends itself to endless imagination. Her whole body looks amazing here, and the position that she has put herself into is pretty amazing too. We like to have the fantasy that she stays like this for a good long time, so the screenshot is better than the video itself in our book. We will gladly accept your thanks for that mental image in the comments section.

2 Walk Of Fame

via Yahoo

It’s obvious to all and sundry that Shakira is a massive star, but in case you had any doubts at all, here she is having her star put on to the Walk of Fame. She is able to trace a large part of her fame to her looks, so it’s no surprise that she decided to showcase them here. She has the kind of body that just can’t be hidden– even in a pair of jeans she looks amazing. She has previously spoken publicly about the fact that she is very proud of her body. As well she should be– not everyone is born with a body this great, and she has had to work hard to keep it that way. Then there’s the fact that she has also had a baby and then maintained her figure afterwards, which is always an impressive feat. We would be proud too!

1 Looking Nasty

via Storify

Sometimes you might see the odd shot in a gossip mag or the Daily Mail of a celebrity not looking their best. Normally it will be a woman who has chosen to leave the house in a vest and sweatpants rather than a glamorous dress. The way those publications talk about it, you would think it was the biggest sin in the world to go out without stilettos. But here’s Shakira once again, proving them all wrong. Even when she is wearing an outfit that looks kind of cheap and nasty, she can still bring the goods in a big way. The way that she looks back over her shoulder, you just know that she planned for this kind of shot. This is one woman who knows exactly how to impress her crowd, and she delivers every time. That’s real fan service! There are a lot of people who would kill to look this good in such a simple outfit.


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