15 Photos Of Shakira That Piqué Doesn't Want You To See

When it comes to lovely ladies in entertainment, and super sexy singers and celebrities, Shakira fits the bill. The international Latin pop princess powerhouse is an enchantress and makes those watching her go wild. She is one of the hottest celebs out there, and at the same time, is one of the nicest. She mesmerizes people, not only with those iconic hips – those hips certainly don’t lie! – but with her beauty, charm, and that smile, oh that smile – it’s enough to make anyone putty in her hands.

Shakira has that effect on pretty much everyone who watches her videos or has seen her photoshoots. Being in the profession she’s in, a profession where being a pop star basically means you’ve got to have a whole lot of sex appeal, there have been plenty of racy, raunchy moments, which thankfully for her millions of adoring fans, have been captured for all to see. That’s awesome for her fans, and it’s probably what attracted Gerard Piqué to her, who was once a fan. Today he’s a bit more than just a fan. They’ve been together for seven years, and have added a couple of kids into their family dynamic. Therefore, like any protective spouse, there’d be certain things that Gerard would want people to forget about his GF, and pics he wouldn’t want people to see of Shakira.

It must be hard being with a woman who’s basically achieved fame and fortune because of her sex appeal, and her singing of course, knowing that there are millions of people who ogle at her pics. In the past few years, Shakira has revealed that Gerard is very territorial, and has actually banned her from partaking in sexy shoots and videos with guys. Look at it from his point of view, and many of you would understand why. Here are 15 photos that Gerard Piqué, for various reasons, doesn’t want you to see of Shakira.


15 Dodgy Hairstyle

Ok, so Gerard wouldn’t want you not to see this pic because he thinks you’ll be ogling at it, or anything like that. He won’t be thinking that you’ll be using this pic to fantasize about Shakira. It’s probably the other way around; he doesn’t want you setting eyes on this pic because it’s one of those “what were you thinking?” moments.

It’s a pic from her younger days, well before her and Gerard met, in 1999, and I’m sure you’ll all agree, as would Gerard and probably even Shakira herself, that it’s not one of her most glamorous pics. Back in those days she was in her early 20s, and as you can probably tell, liked to do a bit of experimenting with her look. But this is one experiment that certainly didn’t work out. What makes it even worse, even more embarrassing, is that she decided to sport that look at the 1999 ALMA Awards. It made a statement alright, but for all the wrong reasons.

14 Wyclef Knows Those Hips Don’t Lie


Like I said in the intro, Shakira has revealed that Gerard is a little territorial, and understandably so. They’re long-term partners, she’s the mom of his kids, so it’s sure to irk him a tad when he sees her getting up to such antics, even though it is part of her appeal, it’s essentially part of her job. Shakira has respected his wishes, and is no longer cozying up to men in her photoshoots and videos, but these pics from back in the day are still out there, and are still bound to make Gerard cringe. This pic was taken over a decade ago, in 2006, when Shakira was performing in New York at the MTV Awards. Boy was it a sexy performance. They decided to do a kind of Indian-Spanish mash up, and Wyclef Jean also got involved. Shakira’s showing everyone her flexibility, and Wyclef’s ogling from behind. It’s all innocent, all part of the show, but it’s got to make Gerard feel uneasy. It’s not a picture he’s going to frame and put up around the house!

13 Ripping Off Clothes

If you’ve got it, flaunt, especially on stage, right? Who wouldn’t want to show off their hot body to thousands of screaming fans, who are paying for precisely that? Shakira gave the crowd what they wanted, and can be seen here on stage, ripping off her clothes, to reveal a nude, strappy bikini top, while the audience were going crazy, howling for more. It was something of a strip tease, but unfortunately for the fans, Shakira didn’t go all the way, however they certainly got an eyeful.

One person who’s glad she didn’t reveal even more is Gerard. Not that he was with her at the time, but if he was, if that happened today, he’d probably have a heart attack. If he saw her ripping off her skimpy attire, it’d be enough to give him palpitations. Those at the concert in Madison Square Garden that night certainly got their money’s worth.

12 Chantaje: One Of Her Steamiest Vids


This is precisely the type of video that Gerard wanted to ban Shakira from appearing in, but she must have known that it was going to be a hit, so she did the video anyway. The problem Gerard has, is Shakira getting up close and personal with hot guys in videos and photoshoots. So, I wonder if he made a fuss about this video, or perhaps he doesn’t deem the guy in this video, Maluma, to be hot. One thing’s for sure, they certainly got close up to each other in this video.

This video (and song itself) is also regarded to be Shakira’s sexiest. For those of you who aren’t aware of it, it’s probably because it was released recently, last year, and it’s a Spanish song. But the way Shakira looks in this vid is certainly worth checking out. In it she wears some of the sultriest attire she’s ever worn, pops some stunning moves, and the song’s quite catchy too, which of course, certainly helps.

11 Backup Dancers Taking Advantage

This pic has got to make Gerard go crazy. If he could, he would want to eliminate it from the Internet, banish it from the webosphere for good, and erase the memory from everyone’s minds. It’s a picture depicting a moment of Shakira doing her thing on stage, but this time one of her backup dancers got a little too friendly and a little too hands on. It looks like a pretty uncomfortable moment, even for Shakira. It appears as if the dancer took her by surprise, and she’s actually cringing and looks visibly uncomfortable with the situation as he goes about planting one on her cheek. If she was with Gerard at that point and he was in attendance, no doubt he would have leapt up on stage and socked him in front of everybody. It’s certainly not a picture that’s going to find a place in the Piqué family photo album.

10 A Little Too Much Skin For Piqué’s Liking


One thing’s for sure, Shakira’s not shy about flaunting her assets. She sizzles onscreen in her videos, but she sizzles on the red carpet too. This is Shakira, way back in 2001 at the age of 24, strutting her stuff in this superhero-like attire, striking a pose on the red carpet. She wasn’t a huge star at that point. She’d made her Latin breakthrough, but was still something of an unknown entity amongst English-speaking listeners. But, it was around the time her hit song "Whenever, Wherever" started to get picked up, a song that propelled her into the limelight, and made her achieve worldwide fame and become known to mainstream audiences.

Looking at this pic, Gerard would probably think that Shakira’s trying a bit too hard to stand out here. She’s on the red carpet in New York for the VMAs, and is showing a lot of skin, leaving little to the imagination, and is stealing the show. I guess she did it for popularity, but it’s certainly not something she needs to do nowadays.

9 Up Close And Personal With The Audience

Seeing the love of his life getting up close and personal with guys, seeing them touch her, put their hands on her body, is enough to make Gerard lose his mind. It would for a lot of people. But he’d probably find this just as bad. Seeing Shakira do things like this, although it’s all innocent, part of the act, will probably make Gerard clench his fists a little. In this pic, Shakira’s being touched by more than just one guy; she’s being handled by tons, even if they're her adoring fans.

You can imagine the crowd weren’t expecting Shakira to dive into them, and so when she did, quite a few probably saw it as an opportunity to get very handsy – some probably touched some things, certain assets, they weren’t meant to. Shakira though, looks like she’s having a whale of a time; one person who’s not when looking at this picture, is Gerard.


8 Oozing Sex Appeal


Now there are tons of hot pics of Shakira out there, she’s done a load of hot shoots over the years. This is one of them, and is ranked by many, to be one of her hottest. She posed in a number of racy pics for that shoot, but this one of Shakira in a red dress wearing very little underneath is certainly the one that stood out. Many people have said that she kind of looks like Beyoncé in this pic – make your own minds up.

You know by now how possessive Gerard can be. So, seeing this pic released in a magazine and online, where he known millions are going to be ogling at it, maybe even sticking it on their walls, wouldn’t fill him with joy.

7 A Garden Of Eden Situation

Pretty much everyone knows the story of Adam and Eve, even if you’re not a believer, and even if you’re not religious, chances are you’ve at least heard it. It’s believed, primarily in Christianity, that Adam and Eve were the ancestors of all humans. Eve was told to eat the apple from the tree of evil by Satan, and was therefore banished from the Garden of Eden, along with Adam. They learned the lesson of good and bad. Well, this is Shakira’s depiction of that situation, and boy what a picture it is.

There’s a Garden of Eden situation going on here, and Shakira’s wearing – well, she’s not wearing a thing, hence why Gerard wouldn’t want people to see it. But sorry Gerard, it’s out there, and people aren’t going to be forgetting this pic in a hurry. Shakira’s basically nude, seductively holding that apple; nobody would’ve been able to refuse that apple – even if it was from the tree of evil – if Shakira was there, looking like that, coaxing you into munching it!

6 That Guitar’s Having A Good Time


Shakira’s a multi-talented woman. Not only does she kill it when it comes to vocals, but she’s a pretty awesome guitar player too. She regularly strums along, writes the music to her own songs, and is seen with a guitar in hand. Her and her guitar, it’s safe to say they’ve had a very close bond over the years. If guitars could play songs without someone strumming them, this one in this pic would be going crazy with glee. It's not one of Shakira's steamiest shoots, but that's still one lucky guitar! Gerard would prefer himself to be in that guitar’s position, but he’s still bound to find it super sexy, but perhaps too sexy. She looks like a glamor model in this pic and is showing off all her ample assets, which Gerard would probably wish she kept under wraps, for his eyes only.

5 Caged - She’s A She Wolf Alright!

Released in 2009, this song took the world by storm, and not just the song, but the video too. There have rarely been hotter music videos; it was a vid that only had Shakira in it, but it certainly didn’t need anyone else. Those moves, those provocative poses, just oozed sex appeal. But one thing that did it for a lot of people was Shakira in that cage.

Shakira, the she-wolf, was all caged up like a wild animal. But the cage didn’t really tame her. She just amped up the raunchiness when in that cage, did some gymnastics, showed off her flexibility, and showed us all some more sultry poses. Also, what she was wearing when in that cage showed off a hell of a lot, something Gerard couldn’t have been too happy with. You have to look pretty carefully to notice that Shakira’s wearing anything at all. What little she’s wearing basically matches her complexion, so to a lot of people, upon first glance, she appeared to be nude, which means when she’s testing out her flexibility, she’s revealing – what appears to be – a hell of a lot, which would make Gerard cringe in his seat a little.

4 Assets In Full View


Shakira might as well have been nude in this pic. It’s seriously sexy shoot, and is one that millions around the world are sure to find titillating.

Beach pics are always great, but in this beach photoshoot, it’s not the beach that people are interested in. It's Shakira, the sun beaming down on her face, illuminating certain parts of her body, that draws people’s attention. And by certain parts of her body, I am of course talking about her not so PG assets, her hot set of twins. Those puppies are barely concealed under that blue dress, giving everyone a full view of what she possesses. No prizes for guessing why Gerard wouldn’t want people setting eyes on this pic. He’s a man himself, and he knows what guys will be thinking after setting eyes on this pic of his other half.

3 In A Bit Of A Tangle

Here’s a pic of Shakira, again, basically nude, leaving very little to the imagination. She’s posing in a sultry shoot, wearing a very skimpy black outfit. Well, she’s not really wearing it, it’s just there to cover up her assets. She really does look stunning in it, and seems to have gotten a bit tangled, which just makes it all the more seductive. It’s simple, yet effective, and sticks in the mind, and I guess that’s what the photographers and Shakira herself wanted out of the shoot.

It would’ve certainly stuck in the mind of Shakira’s other half too. It’s probably one of Gerard’s favorite pics, but knowing millions of others around the globe have seen it, many of whom probably have it stuck up on their bedroom walls, makes it a little awkward. Nevertheless, it’s one steamy, seductive, suggestive pic.

2 Getting Hot And Steamy With Bad Gal RiRi


Ok, so now, every guy out there has probably fanaticized about two hot women getting it on, staring seductively into each other’s eyes, hands all over each other. It’s like a man’s ultimate fantasy. And if you were to choose two celebs, any two female celebs in the world who’d look great doing just that, Shakira and Rihanna are bound to be at the top of your lists. Rihanna’s known for being kinky, for pushing the boundaries with that kind of stuff. Shakira, not so much. But for the music video "Can't Remember to Forget You," Bad Gal RiRi must have had a word in Shakira’s ear, enticed her to amp it up a bit. The outcome was one of the most memorable music videos of all time.

Gerard would’ve probably been cringing when he saw this vid, but loving it at the same time. There’s not a man in the world who wouldn’t be at least a little turned on by some of the scenes shot in this music video. But Shakira and Rihanna did get slammed for that vid, and got a lot of heat from religious groups – and a lot of prudes – who said they were promoting lesbianism and immortality. In hindsight, Gerard may have been wishing they’d dialled it down a bit.

Gerard has banned her from doing such things with sexy men, but hasn’t said anything about doing shoots like that with women, so Shakira can do as she pleases. We’re all hoping she does just that.

1 Cozying Up To Rafa

Released in 2010, around the time Shakira began cozying up to Gerard, her video "Gypsy" proved to be a super-duper hit. The song itself wasn’t that bad, but it gained tons of views, got plenty of people interested, simply because the video featured none other than Rafael Nadal, who at the time was already regarded to be one of the greatest tennis players on the scene.

No one’s arguing with the fact that Rafa has a great body, as does Shakira. They were just sizzling together, the perfect combination. It also led to many rumors that they were dating, something they both categorically denied. Her reason for choosing Rafa was that they both have the same mindset and are both obsessed with their craft, so they were going on the same kind of journey. Although it was all strictly business, Gerard was probably watching that video, setting eyes on image stills of that vid, with utter jealousy. Since then, he’s been spotted watching Rafa play tennis, but what they got up to in that video those many years ago must still linger on in his mind.

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