15 Photos Of Resident Evil Babe Milla Jovovich When She Was Young

Actress, supermodel, and Resident Evil superstar Milla Jovovich has been in the public eye since the young age of 12. Believe it or not that's when she signed her very first modelling contract after being discovered by a photographer. Obviously the guy has a good eye because she hasn't left the spot light since, and that was over 30 years ago.

Ukrainian born but American grown, Milla's photographs have been seen on over a hundred magazine covers to date. She's also appeared in over fifty films and is often dubbed the queen of science fiction movies. Not to bad for a girl who was often picked on at school when her family relocated to the United States. Good lord can you imagine being the boy that teased her as a child? That would be a secret I'd take to my grave with me that's for sure! The woman is simply badass. She's physically, aesthetically, and professionally untouchable.

The first time you remember seeing Milla may be in the cult classic movie Dazed and Confused or possibly it was the Fifth Element with Bruce Willis? Regardless, most every boy under the sun remembers the first time they started swooning over Milla Jovovich and for good reason. She's so fly when she wakes up she has to wipe the clouds out of her eyes. That's pretty damn fly, so she gets a list all of her own.


15 A Blast From The Past

Look at those mesmerizing blue eyes on a young Milla Jovovich in this photograph. You can see from a young age that this girl was going to grow up to be someone special. She looks like a model from the get-go, doesn't she? It may be difficult to imagine her carrying huge guns and killing every zombie in her path, but that's going to happen well in the future for this young Milla Jovovich. In this photo, she's just a child, but we all know exactly how she ended up once she got a little older. I wonder if she had any idea that by the time she reached her forties, she will have been featured on well over one-hundred magazine covers to date.

14 A Young Milla In Black And White


While surfing the internet looking for photos of Resident Evil babe Milla Jovovich when she was young, I happened across this great picture of her. Even though she's casually posing, peering deep into the camera, you can see that she's going to grow up to be quite beautiful. She's definitely young in this photo that casts her in a bright light. You can almost see the superstar peeking out from within her, can't you? Even though this picture of Milla is in black and white, it's not boring by any stretch of the imagination. It may be hard to believe, but Milla was teased in school after coming to the United States to live. Stupid boys, that's for sure!

13 Return To The Blue Lagoon

Here's a cool photo of a young Milla Jovovich from 1991. That's one hell of a long time ago isn't it? This photograph comes via the movie Return to the Blue Lagoon. I was never a huge fan of the film, and neither was Milla who openly admits it's the one movie she's the least proud of. Well, everyone has to get their start somewhere, don't they? She could have done much worse in all honesty. In this fantastic shot of her smiling big for the camera young Milla was just a little over 15 years old. I was shocked when I learned that piece of info because to me she looks older. I suppose girls do mature faster than us boys.

12 Milla Posing With A United States Flag


Kudos to the photographer that was lucky enough to capture this shot of a young Milla Jovovich wrapped up in an American flag. I can easily remember how popular rips in your jeans were when I was a kid. Hell, as a child we used to put tears in them just because we thought they looked cool. Unfortunately for us, we didn't look as good then as Milla did in this photo when she was a young girl. This shot is one of the many that helped propel Milla Jovovich's career into the stratosphere. We all know what's happened since then and the rest is most certainly history. She's one of the most famous supermodels to ever stand behind a camera.

11 Looking Like A School Girl With Raven Black Hair

Milla Jovovich even as a young girl had a various amount of hair styles. The life of an up-and-coming supermodel, actress, and fashion designer, huh? She's never been afraid to push the boundaries with her appearance, and as you can see by this photo, she appears to be wearing a school girl uniform with jet black hair. How times have changed. You can't even see her hair hit her black top; it just blends in. That's what we call raven black hair in my hood, and it almost always looks good on any girl with the gumption to wear it. As you soon will see though this isn't the wildest hairstyle the famous actress will have on this list.

10 Young And Naturally Stunning


Here sitting at number 10 on our list of photos of Resident Evil babe Milla Jovovich when she was young is the second shot of her from the movie Return To The Blue Lagoon. What many of her fans may not know is that Milla appeared in 4 movies (and 1 TV show) before she was cast for this lead role. Milla's first acting gig was on the Disney channel believe it or not. Looking back can you remember what movie it was? Time's up! I'll make it easy on you readers today and tell you her first appearance on the big screen was in the film called The Night Train to Kathmandu. Any of you who still have old VHS tapes may have that movie hiding somewhere near the bottom of the box.

9 What A Great Smile

The other physical characteristic that Milla has that stops the boys dead in their tracks (other than her amazing eyes) is her beaming smile. It's pretty awesome, isn't it? When scrolling through this list today of photos of Resident Evil babe Milla Jovovich when she was young, you'll be able to see that for yourself. Most of us guys at one point or another have seen a photo of her and thought "my goodness she must have dropped from heaven." This picture of Milla you see here is one of those shots that's simply fantastic. There isn't much to this photo other than her looking so damn cute as a youngster. It's no wonder she found her way into fame.


8 Remember "Married... With Children"?


I'm willing to wager most of you readers out there remember the ultra popular television show Married... with Children. The show itself ran from 1987-1997 and was probably the funniest television show of its time. Al, Peggy, Bud, and Kelly Bundy weren't so popular in every home I visited as a child. Married... with Children in my opinion was the first show of its kind and paved the way for even funnier TV shows today. Family Guy most certainly comes to mind. Milla made two separate appearances on the critically acclaimed series. Once in 1987 and again in 1989 as a French foreign exchange student. For those of you who remember Bud Bundy I bet you can imagine how he acted at the sight of Milla.

7 Dazed And Confused

I heart this photo of Milla Jovovich leaning against a vintage, hugger orange, Pontiac GTO. This photo of her comes via the movie Dazed and Confused. The movie was released in 1993 and if you haven't seen it, you should. The film is set in the 1970s and portrays a bunch of rowdy, wild, high school kids on their last day of school before summer break. Ben Affleck, Matthew McConaughey, and Milla Jovovich are famous names within the film industry today, and each had their role in the movie. That's a star-studded cast don't you think? Milla is a young teenager in this great photo of her as a young girl not even old enough to be smoking that cigarette in her hand.

6 Lounging Out And Looking Fabulous


Milla looks amazing as we make our way through the list of photos of Resident Evil babe Milla Jovovich when she was young, doesn't she? There's no doubt after looking at this shot of the famous actress, supermodel, and fashion designer that she landed herself in the right industry. No wonder she's considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. She's stunning no doubt! In this picture, she's wearing her hair extra long (for her) and red at that. The only thing bluer than her eyes in this photograph is the turquoise bracelet she's wearing. She looks to be lounging out on a patio chair, and it's obvious by looking at her just how beautiful she's going to grow up to be. On to the top 5!

5 A Supermodel In The Making

If you can't look at this photo of Resident Evil babe Milla Jovovich when she was young and see a supermodel in the making, then I'm not sure what to tell you. For those of you who can, I'm guessing you love this photo of her. Mesmerizing, seductive, engrossing, are a few words that come to mind right off the top of my head. Where does she get her killer looks from? Milla is half-Serbian and half-Russian. In my opinion, she must have gotten the best half of both worlds. Her mother who raised her on her own once her father went to prison was an actress as well. Looking fantastic in front of the camera must run in the family as far as I'm concerned.

4 The Fifth Element


At number 4 on our list today is Milla Jovovich in the movie The Fifth Element. It's a good film that's had many devoted fans rant and rave about its accolades over the years. Milla co-stared with Bruce Willis in the science fiction film that was released in 1997. She's pictured here in her early twenties with short, bright, fire orange hair. In the film, Milla is portrayed as the 'fifth element' and is seemingly a very powerful human being. According to the script, she's supposed to be a perfect person. Milla's the combination of earth, wind, fire, and water and by the end of the film, you just may agree that she really could be The Fifth Element.

3 Hippie Look

Some of us guys and gals love an undone, unfinished hippie look. No one makes that look come to life any better than Milla Jovovich does. After finding this photo from the movie Dazed and Confused floating around on the web I knew it had to be included on our list. My gosh, just look at that girl. It's not hard to understand why she was voted "one of the twenty most beautiful women of the decade" back in 2009 by Interview Magazine. They got it right that time around because she most definitely is one of those twenty women. I may have begun crushing on Milla after seeing her movie The Fifth Element, but that doesn't mean she looks any less attractive as a hippie.

2 Ultra Violet


We've made our way into the top 2 spots on our list of photos of Resident Evil babe Milla Jovovich when she was young. The last two photographs won't disappoint you I promise. This shot comes courtesy of a movie she was cast in called Ultra Violet. I personally haven't seen the film but after I'm done writing this article I'm booting up the old Playstation and going to the PS Store to see if they have it available for rental. Man, I hope that they do or I'll be pissed! The science fiction film directed by Kurt Wimmer was released in 2006 just over ten years ago. Here's to hoping it's awesome, right? If not at least it has Milla playing a role it.

1 Resident Evil

We couldn't put together a photo based list of the uber famous Milla Jovovich when she was young without including a shot of her in what is her most known movie role to date. Any of you video game junkies out there can tell that this shot of Milla comes from the movie Resident Evil. She's literally carried the Resident Evil franchise on her gorgeous shoulders since producers decided they wanted to turn the ridiculously popular video game into a movie. Someone, out there's a pretty smart individual. Milla admits the reason she accepted the role in the film was because her brother was such a fan of the video game. Well, thank god for that! We can't wait to see what she does next!


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