15 Photos Of Perrie Edwards That Prove She's Stunning

Perrie Louise Edwards makes up one-quarter of the UK girl group Little Mix, who first burst onto the scene in 2012 after being crowned the winners of The X Factor. Every girl group has its leading lady and the one that gets the most press attention, and in her short time on the scene, Perrie has most certainly received that. The 23-year-old beauty is largely considered to be the strongest singer in the group, but she’s also been the one to hit the headlines most too.

By the time Little Mix dropped their first hit single Wings in 2012, Miss Edwards already had half the female population hating her when it had emerged she was dating Zayn Malik from the popular boyband One Direction. Jealous female fans of One Direction only became further outraged when Perrie and Zayn announced their engagement in 2013 and when Malik left the band to pursue a solo career, fans branded her the new Yoko Ono!

Despite all the hate she’s faced in her short time in the spotlight, the Little Mix stunner has shown that she’s well and truly above the rumors and over her now ex-fiancée Malik. In October last year, Perrie showed Zayn exactly what he was missing when Little Mix dropped the epic break-up track Shout Out To My Ex. With scathing lyrics like ‘Hope she ain’t faking it like I did, baby’ and ‘Not sure I loved you anyway’, Perrie kicked up quite a storm. To further show Zayn what he missed out on (and make the rest of us wish), here’s 15 pics of Perrie at her most stunning...

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15 Party Girl

via youtube.com

Perrie stepped out to paint the town red earlier this year in this sexy leather ensemble. If you got it, flaunt it and this black two piece definitely shows off Perrie’s enviable figure to perfection. The Little Mix hottie stepped out to enjoy a night of clubbing with close friends in London in matching leather pants and a bralet that more than highlights her killer cleavage.

Looking every inch the fearless party girl, Perrie completed the look with daring red lips and a glamorous clutch bag. If her ex Zayn Malik hadn’t already regretted breaking up with her, he certainly will have when these sexy pics emerged. The 23-year-old knockout is well and truly over her man and in the mood to let her hair down and club the night away. We just hope for Perrie’s sake that she didn’t party too hard - she almost looks set to pop out of her slinky black top.

14 Owning The Stage

via unilad.co.uk

Girl groups tend to go through the inevitable phase of changing their look from sweet and innocent to full-blown sex kittens and this was certainly apparent for Perrie and the Little Mix ladies when they put on a show in these racy matching leotards and thigh high boots. Perrie and her bandmates made their performance at last year's V Festival in the UK one to remember, as they strutted their stuff in figure-hugging mesh bodysuits and set pulses racing.

Dressed in her sexy leotard and blonde beach waves, Perrie seemed to be channeling Queen Bee herself here. Beyonce is well known for showing off her unbelievable curves in raunchy leotards, and while Perrie may be a lot younger, she is certainly able to pull of Beyonce’s fierce and sexy style. Weather conditions were apparently pretty rainy and miserable throughout the 2016 V festival, but we’re guessing this steamy performance by the Little Mix girls brightened things up a bit!

13 Over Her Ex

In a promotional pic from the music video for Shout Out To My Ex, Perrie looks bold and fierce in the wake of her breakup from fiancé Zayn Malik. The ex-One Direction star reportedly called off their engagement via text message after four years together. Seriously, is he blind? Look at her! Perrie responded in the style of most scorned female singers with an almighty ‘F*ck you’ song while making her ex eat his heart out.

Little Mix’s huge break-up anthem of last year topped the music charts for weeks, which probably made it even harder for Perrie’s ex Malik to ignore. The former One Direction singer may currently be dating drop-dead gorgeous fashion model, Gigi Hadid, but the lyrics from the hit Little Mix song had to sting a little (#Hope she ain’t faking it like I did#). It doesn’t help that Perrie looks all kinds of hot in the video. We especially love the little star tear drops under her eyes. Zayn didn’t deserve her and he knows it.

12 Girly And Innocent

via littlemix.wikia.com

The fresh-faced 19-year-old looks stunning here in a screen grab from her debut music video with Little Mix in 2012. Shortly after becoming the first girl group ever to win The X Factor, Perrie and her bandmates dropped the feisty girl power anthem Wings. Perrie has changed her look quite a bit since then, as you can see from her sweet and girly appearance here.

Perrie’s baby pink lips and wavy blonde locks put us in mind of Britney Spears when she was starting out, and we’re guessing this is what Perrie and the girls were going for on their first single – not girls, but not yet women. Her cutesy look here suggests butter wouldn’t melt, but her sassy attitude and powerful pipes on the band’s debut track tell a different story – these four young ladies were destined for big things and nothing was going to stand in their way. Go check out the video for Wings if you haven’t already!

11 Sexy Siren

via uk.pinterest.com

Talk about a change from the last pic! The Little Mix beauty shows she’s growing up fast and she means business. In this sultry photoshoot for Look magazine in 2012, Perrie and her girls looked to be shedding their teen pop image once and for all, cutting a very womanly figure in this sexy sequinned number. Dressed in a cheeky pair of gold hot pants and sparkling leotard and jacket combo, Perrie looks ready to hit the gym and the club at the same time!

A lot of girl groups get criticized for exposing too much flesh, but judging by this photo shoot, the Little Mix girls strike the right balance when it comes to sexy over skanky style. Flashing her slim thighs and nothing extra, Perrie’s glam playsuit is a great example of less is more, as she keeps the rest of her figure covered up. We’d take this ‘sexy at the gym’ look any time over Miley Cyrus straddling a wrecking ball and licking sledgehammers in her birthday suit!

10 Cute Nose Ring

via standard.co.uk

Perrie likes to rock a lot of different styles from girly and glamorous to laid-back boho chic and this photo proves she can look just as hot in the latter style. She may be doing a radio interview in this pic, but she still looks dressed to stun. Her tousled beach waves and nose ring give Perrie a boho vibe that suggests this girl has a fun and cheeky edge to her – a pretty sexy trait for any girl to have.

Perrie also has a tragus piercing in her left ear and two small piercings at the nape of her elegant neck. There’s something pretty hot about a girl with piercings. Maybe it’s the carefree nature of it and the suggestion of a rebellious streak. Whichever reason Perrie has for her many body piercings, she certainly looks more sexy than scary and we think she definitely manages to look adorable with this nose ring.

9 Pink Hair, Don’t Care

via loopme.com

Katy Perry isn’t the only pop singer hottie who likes to switch up her hair color every now and then. Perrie Edwards has also experimented with a lot of different hair dyes, swapping between bright blonde, pink and neon purple locks throughout her time in the spotlight. Here she is sporting pretty pink highlights during the early days of Little Mix and looking drop-dead gorgeous with it too!

With her incredibly photogenic features and hot pink hair, Perrie kind of looks like a punk rock version of Barbie in this paparazzi pic (if you can imagine such a thing!). Like Katy Perry, the Little Mix stunner obviously likes to stay creative when it comes to her hair and her overall style. To be honest, even if she decided to go with lime green hair, she’d still rank pretty high on our list of hot female singers. This girl is beautiful!

8 Fairest Of Them All

via youtube.com

After her trademark brightly colored locks in the early days of Little Mix, the 23-year-old has mainly kept to her ash blonde hair in recent years and as you can tell from this picture, it seems to suit her pretty well. As well as standing out from the group as the strongest singer, Perrie has a pretty unique look compared with her other bandmates Jesy, Jade and Leigh-Anne. She is the blonde bombshell among three brunette beauties.

Perrie also stands out as having the palest complexion of the girls, which is kind of refreshing in an industry where layers of fake tan seem to be considered more acceptable and beautiful on girls than those with a naturally fair skin tone. It’s nice to see that Perrie has followed in the footsteps of girls like Taylor Swift and Nicola Roberts from (Girls Aloud) in embracing her beautiful and naturally pale complexion.

7 Little Minx

via uk.pinterest.com

The 23-year-old singer may only be dressed in a simple vest top and khaki shorts in this photo, but in our opinion, she couldn’t look hotter. Miss Edwards no doubt sent her fans crazy when she shared this simple yet sexy shot on her Instagram feed. Taken in what appears to be a hotel room while on holiday, Perrie looks every inch the girl next door hoping for a holiday romance.

The fact that the 23-year-old beauty went braless to snap this racy pic is sexy enough, but it also suggests that she may be about to head out for a spot of topless sunbathing by the pool. Plus, her sultry smoky eyeliner accents her striking blue eyes and makes this beach ready babe look as if she oozes confidence. This is the kind of girl we’d like to run into on the beach. Still stand by your decision to dump this stunner, Zayn?

6 Leggy Lady

via thesun.co.uk

Is this a magic carpet Perrie is sitting on? Because her body is so stunning here, it’s unreal. While chilling on holiday, Perrie decided to share this pic with her Instagram followers and make jaws drop at the sight of her fantastic pins. The 23-year-old’s beautifully toned legs seem to go on forever in this photo and her white beach dress looks especially gorgeous next to her sun-kissed skin.

It’s no accident that Perrie Edward’s is the owner of such fabulous pins. The Little Mix girls are known for their incredibly energetic live performances and fun choreography in their music videos. It certainly seems to have paid off here - tireless dance moves on and off the stage have helped Perrie maintain her gorgeous trim figure. The bronzed beach beauty appears to be writing something in the sand in this pic - could it be ‘sex on legs’? Yowza!

5 Sexy Slumber Party

via standard.co.uk

Ah, to be a fly on the wall in this house! In a screen grab from their music video for Hair, the Little Mix ladies are on a mission to trash their exes, eat pizza and have pillow fights while looking super cute in their sexy PJ’s. I think it’s fair to say that it’s every guy’s fantasy to crash a girl’s slumber party - especially if the girls happen to look like this!

Perrie looks particularly stunning in her bedtime attire (even with the fluffy pom pom earrings). At one point in the Hair video, the gorgeous girls can be seen singing into their hairbrushes and dancing in their bras and silky PJ shorts. Hair may be the kind of music video we’ve all seen before from girl groups singing about their exes, but we’re not about to complain. Hair is a pretty catchy song from Little Mix too - go check it out and join the party!

4 Natural Beauty

via youtube.com

Snapping this very chilled and make-up free selfie on her Instagram, the Little Mix beauty reveals that she is a very naturally pretty young woman. Compared to her bold looks in music videos and on stage, Perrie looks almost unrecognizable here but she’s still beautiful, if not more so. She looks instantly more youthful with make-up-free skin too - in fact, it’s clear she doesn’t really need it at all.

Judging by her wet locks in the right picture, Perrie has come straight from a swim on the beach to take this photo and looks effortlessly stunning in her cute crop top and high-waisted bikini briefs. We wish we could still look this good after a dip in the ocean! A lot of celebrity bathroom selfies have girls appearing in their birthday suits to get attention (or using Photoshop to enhance their assets), but Perrie doesn’t have to do either - she’s a sophisticated natural beauty.

3 Beach Booty

via missopen.com

It’s no exaggeration to say that Miss Edwards broke her Instagram feed with these particular holiday snaps – particularly the one showing off her perky butt in a tiny white bikini on the right. She may not be showing as much flesh as Kim Kardashian in that immortal internet-breaking pic, but for Little Mix fans, this snap of Perrie’s well-toned derrière is not something that her followers were exactly used to before.

Little Mix mainly has a young female fan base in the UK and US, but pics of Perrie’s hot bikini bod got pulses racing online and it appears to have seen their fan base change from largely female to an audience of young drooling guys. One Direction is known for having their ‘Beatle mania’ type fangirls and now it looks as if Little Mix have adopted a loyal following of pre-pubescent boys. Perrie’s bandmate, Jesy Nelson insists this isn’t a problem, though “We get a few wolf whistles, but that’s about it!” Not for long, Jesy!

2 Doing The 'Girl Power'

via twitter.com

Proving that she’s no shrinking violet when it comes to flaunting her hot bikini body, Perrie delighted her fans with yet another pic of her flawless figure in this beautiful beach ready pose. (She also seems to be doing the Spice Girls 'Girl Power' sign too). We wonder what Little Mix’s former mentor and head of their record label, Simon Cowell would think of these racy bikini shots? No doubt about it, the Little Mix girls are growing up and making the most of being young and cute.

This picture of the blonde beauty in shades and a white mesh bikini was taken on a family vacay in Barcelona last summer. (From the looks of things, her dad definitely wasn’t the one to take this hot snap!). Perrie’s fans quickly took to Instagram to praise her curves and model-like figure. Some even suggested that these beautiful bikini shots might be enough to have her ex Zayn Malik come crawling back. Get in line, buddy.

1 Aim To Tease

via youtube.com

They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but the heartbroken Perrie only seemed to turn up the heat in the wake of her breakup from Zayn Malik. Months after being dumped by the ex-One Direction singer, Perrie wasn’t wallowing in self-pity, eating Ben n Jerry’s in bed - she was filling her Instagram with steamy NSFW photos like this. To show Zayn just what he was missing, Perrie bared her boobs in this sexy mesh top, using tiny emoji stars to cover her modesty.

This pouty black and white pic of the Little Mix beauty must have worked, because ex Zayn was quick to throw shade on Perrie and her fellow bandmates on Twitter, saying “Love how people feel liberated naked...Read a book liberate your brain.”Seems like the gentleman doth protest too much. If he were happy with new girlfriend Gigi Hadid, why pay so much attention to the way your ex chooses to dress? Not to mention the girl you broke up with. Zayn Malik is one jealous douche.

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