15 Photos Of Noelle That Mick Foley Doesn't Want You To See

She's yet to appear as an active performer for the WWE, yet her popularity continues to skyrocket. Her girl next door-like features have endeared her to the WWE fans. Despite her minimal time on WWE p

She's yet to appear as an active performer for the WWE, yet her popularity continues to skyrocket. Her girl next door-like features have endeared her to the WWE fans. Despite her minimal time on WWE programming, she garnered an impressive following via Instagram of almost half a million followers. The future certainly seems brighter than ever for the daughter of the Hardcore Legend Mick Foley.

At the age of 23, Noelle finally seems to be transitioning into the WWE. She's currently appearing on the network show Holy Foley and appears to be training for a future career in the business. Whether it's an in-ring role or not, that remains to be seen, but surely, we'll be seeing her in some capacity in the near future.

Before we get to enjoy her on our television sets full-time, we’ll enjoy some of her current pictures that her father is probably not all that happy with. Coming from a prior career in the field of modelling, Noelle has a plethora of photos available online. Whether it be through a quick search or on her Instagram account, these pictures have surely made father Mick, cringe at the sight of them.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at these 15 photos of Noelle that Mick Foley doesn’t want you to see. Enjoy!

15 The Calvin Klein Picture


Without a doubt, Mick Foley cringed at the sight of this picture as his daughter shows off her magnificent curves and toned body while sporting some Calvin Klein wear. Without a doubt, such a photo is every father’s nightmare.

However, it is some type of consolation for Mick that his daughter was aspiring a career in the modelling business before joining the WWE. Noelle was actually spotted in New York by TMZ taking pictures for her portfolio. At the time, Noelle was pursuing a career in the industry. Despite her obvious beauty, Foley claimed most of the agencies are looking for slim figures with less curves. Whatever the case might have been, most of us definitely believe that Noelle is model-worthy and this pictures only justifies that to a tee. Despite joining the WWE, the 23 year old is still pursuing the career appearing in various photoshoots.

14 Breaking Instagram


Thanks to social media, Noelle’s popularity grew even before she stepped foot on the WWE scene. With her various social media accounts, fans were able to get to know Mick’s daughter before she made any type of public appearance.

On her Instagram account, Noelle has a massive following of almost half a million people watching her every move. We seriously hope father Mick isn’t aware of the content on her account which is littered with some of the more R rated pictures that would drive a father off the walls. This recently posted picture almost broke her account. The photo was a flashback taken from one of her trips and generated close to 30,000 likes. We seriously think if Mick found out that it generated that much interest, he’d probably jump off another cell voluntarily onto the commentary table. If you're unsure about Noelle’s beauty, taking a quick glance at her Instagram account will undoubtedly confirm her beauty.

13 Halloween Costume


For the men, Halloween is that time of the year meant to scare the living hell out of children. Ideally, the worse you look, the better it is. For women on the other hand, the standards are the exact opposite. Women use the occasion to look as sexy as they could by wearing some provocative outfits. If you’re a father and have a daughter, this day could go from being a joy to an absolute nightmare the older they get.

Father Mick is currently living the nightmare side of it with Noelle wearing some ten on ten outfits in the last couple of years. The one you see above is truly no exception with Noelle dressing as Princess Leia. Her take is truly different and quite revealing. Not only is the outfit revealing waist up, but it also has a cut waist down revealing more than what her father probably wants us to see!

12 Looking Patriotic


Before we get to the obvious cons a father might have, let’s take a look at the pros. One, she’s supporting her country and looking quite patriotic dawning the red, white and blue signifying her love for America. Now that should make any parent proud. In addition, she’s sporting a fabulous WrestleMania hat which should be pleasing to both WWE fans and her father Mick Foley for her love of the business.

Now for the cons, it’s pretty simple, she looks like an absolute bombshell while wearing all the things we just mentioned. The stars and stripes on her bikini have most people looking at something with else given the revealing nature of her top wear. Most people didn’t even realize she was wearing a WrestleMania hat cause they were probably too busy focusing on other things. Father Mick wouldn’t be very happy with you for doing so and quite frankly, he’d probably be happier if you never saw the pic altogether!

11 All Natural & Curves


What has made Noelle so popular amongst the masses is her look, along with the personality she carries around. Noelle is like that dream girl next door that just radiates with absolute natural beauty. Along with her stunning good looks, Noelle has a heck of a character as she's extremely down to earth and just loves to have a good laugh. She labels herself as a geek and is attracted to like minded people.

Although that all seems great, the fact remains that hoards of fans have gravitated towards her causing her dad to probably scratch his head in anger in a couple of instances. Although she looks beautiful and natural in the pic above, she still gives us a sneak peek into her fantastic curves with a sneaky backside shot. Most daughters wouldn’t show their dads, but with such a following, Mick has probably stumbled across these types of pictures more times than not!

10 Christmas Outfit


For those of you that have followed Mick throughout his career, you probably know that he's one weird dude. One of his weird pastimes entails his love for the Christmas season. What makes things even weirder, is the fact that he celebrates his love for it all year round. Not only has Mick appeared on numerous Christmas documentaries throughout his career but he also has his very own Christmas room in his house decorated from head-to-toe with some of the finest Santa Claus decorations there are. Mick uses the room to find his happy place and to blow off some steam.

As you probably might expect, Noelle has taken into her father's enthusiasm and she also goes all out when it comes to the holidays. This picture however, might show that she's a little too eager sporting a revealing outfit of an elf for the holiday season. We wonder how father Mick felt about the ensemble!

9 The Bday Outfit


For a father, a daughter's birthday is a proud moment especially when they're younger. Seeing a smile on your little girl's face is truly priceless and without a doubt, Mick enjoyed many of those moments during Noelle's youth.

Though, things change and that same beloved daughter changes her priorities around throughout her upbringing. Before you know it, her main concern is going out for a drink while posting a seductive picture online. This is exactly what poor Mick is currently undergoing.

The picture shows a birthday cake that reads, 'bring on the birthday cake'. However, most of her male fans probably didn't even see the writing given her fantastic outfit which highlights her chest area a little more than any father would like. The comment section is also filled with some inappropriate comments that Noelle just doesn’t care enough to delete. Cringeworthy for poor father, Mick!

8 With CM Punk

There truly is a multitude of reasons as to why Mick Foley doesn’t want you to see this picture. The obvious one, is the fact that Foley is now employed with the WWE and that the company wants to avoid anything CM Punk related. For that, it's best that this picture continues to fly under the radar even if it was taken many moons ago.

The other reason is simply the fact that CM Punk is one of the biggest players in pro wrestling history. Seriously, the guy hooked up with a variety of women during his time with the WWE. The list includes Beth Phoenix, Maria Kanellis, Lita and his current wife AJ Lee, just to name a few. With all that information in mind, we best believe that Foley wanted his daughter as far as possible from Punk. He's got nothing to worry about nowadays though, as the Illinois native has moved on from the WWE and likely won't return anytime soon.

7 Dating A Clown.... Literally


Mick hasn’t admitted to it yet, but surely, his blood boils at the sight of his prized possession Noelle, dating a guy who has a full time job as a clown. It surely isn’t every father's dream for their child to date a clown even if Mick is as wacky as he is.

Surprisingly, Noelle had to catch Frank's attention. According to Foley's daughter, she was attracted by his weirdness instantly. This caused Noelle to make a move on Frank and well, the rest is pretty much history. The two are still and item, and Frank is also featured on the new WWE Network show Holy Foley. Like the rest of the family, Frank does at least share a passion for the WWE claiming to be a fan since the age of six. He did manage to make headlines at one point posting an open letter that bashed the WWE's current product. If he planned on working there, it looks like that went out the window!

6 Alongside Paige

It truly isn’t all that surprising that Noelle gravitated towards Paige. Although Paige seems like she's been in the business forever, she's still quite young at the age of 24. Given the fact that Noelle is 23 years old, it's not hard to realize the potential these two can have blossoming a friendship once Paige returns and Noelle actively starts participating on WWE live shows.

With that in mind, father Mick surely wants what's best for Noelle and Paige might not be that, given her current status with the company. After a blazing start and becoming the youngest Divas Champion ever, Paige has lost her way turning into the wild child of the WWE. Looking at all those facts, chances are, Mick doesn’t want you to see anything in relation to Paige and Noelle together. It remains to be seen what the future holds for both, especially Paige who remains on thin ice with the company.

5 Backyard Beauty

We truly feel for Mick, especially with such photos. Seriously, just imagine that was your daughter flaunting her insane looks, chances are, you wouldn’t be all that thrilled even if it was for a modelling career or a simple Instagram post.

This picture, which was probably viewed by several men more than once, shows Noelle living life happily in a backyard surrounded by hammocks (those damn lucky hammocks). Her ensemble, is, well, there just truly is no words. She's wearing a black bikini along with some matching black converse shoes. Without a doubt, father Mick wouldn't be too thrilled about seeing this picture especially when he starts to think of the demographic that probably enjoyed the picture more than they should have. Regardless of the context of this picture, without a doubt, Mick would rather you never saw it to begin with. Thanks to us here on The Richest, Foley's cries fall to no avail. Sorry Mick!

4 Seth Getting A Little Too "Handsie"

Both are smiling a little too much for Mick's liking. Seth is another WWE player who was caught in quite the love triangle when his ex-fiancé posted revealing pics of Rollins flaunting his stuff to former WWE employee Zahra Schreiber. This picture also shows Seth getting a little too handsie getting his hand up there near Noelle's chesticle area. Whatever they’re doing, they both seem to like it with smiles from ear to ear.

Mick shouldn’t be all that worried however, according to Noelle she only had a crush on one wrestler when she was younger which was Randy Orton. Noelle recalls his shirt smelling fruits. Don't jump to conclusions, Noelle picked the shirt off the floor after Randy dropped and told her that she could have it as a souvenir during a live show. Pictures of the two have surfaced online, and one of them shows Noelle backing into a poster of Randy Orton with her rear end. Mick's got nothing to worry about however, as The Viper's happily married today with his new wife.

3 Beach Bum

Although Noelle can't seem to break into the modelling industry because of her curves, we the normal fans, are instead very grateful for the fact that she's been blessed with such fantastic genes which includes a curvaceous backside that has men drooling for a couple of minutes.

This is yet another cringeworthy pic for father Mick to digest which features his daughter's magnificent behind on a warm summer day. Like a plethora of her other Instagram pictures, it's pretty obvious that Noelle's a beach bum as she loves to just chill in the sun all day long. Nowadays, that's a little harder as she resides out of the cold New York area which isn’t too pleasant in the winter time. Hoards of fans seriously hope she takes another trip and posts similar pictures in the near future. Mick on the other hand, probably wishes the exact opposite of that!

2 More Boyfriend Pictures


We needed to add another Noelle-Frank picture to the list. If you thought the Clown picture was bad enough, this one is probably worse and one we seriously hope Noelle's father never got the displeasure to see.

In what appears to be a night out on the town, a stunning Noelle places her boyfriend's head gently on her wonderful breasts. Noelle looks incredible, sporting a tightly fitted low-cut white shirt which seems to be very pleasing right around the chest area. Frank certainly doesn’t oppose the picture and seems to be getting some well needed rest on the pillows after a long night out. The sad part about this picture is so many men around the world wish they were Frank for that very moment. Father Mick instead wishes this picture wasn’t taken altogether. Sorry Mick, but it was, it truly was.

1 A Young Noelle

Growing up with a father that's in the professional wrestling industry can seem like a dream to the casual fan but in reality, it can also be quite stressful particularly if your father's the hardcore legend Mick Foley.

For those of you that aren't aware, Mick usually wrestled a brutal style which included the use of weaponry along with loads of barbaric blood during his matches. Throughout the 90s, you feared for Mick's safety as he was rag-dolled on most nights. This picture attests to that and shows Foley along with his kids following a barbaric in-ring encounter. Foley is covered in blood while his daughter Noelle, fearfully watches on. As a proud father, Mick surely wants you to forget about this haunting picture of himself all bloodied up next to his daughter. Mick is still feeling the effects of those injuries today seeking a hip replacement in the near future.


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