15 Photos Of Nicki Minaj In Yoga Pants... Because Yoga Pants

There is a lot of discussion around a certain part of Nicki Minaj’s anatomy. Some say it is totally real. Some say she wears a cushion strapped behind her, or uses foam padding like drag queens. Some say she had injections of silicone to give her that larger size. But whatever the truth may be, there’s one thing that we just can’t deny: we’re all totally obsessed with what’s behind her.

With that in mind, and knowing that she has a brand to build, it’s probably no surprise that she spends a lot of time walking around in yoga pants. Despite all the money she makes from her music, Nicki still seems to prefer to buy the cheapest yoga pants around. The kind where the material ends up going totally sheer whenever she walks by a light. You know, a light like what you would find when a member of the paparazzi sets off the flashgun on their camera.

Well, all we can say is thank goodness for Nicki Minaj. Because of her penchant for tight clothing and cheap fabrics, we have a collection of 15 exceptional images to share with you today. 15 examples of the best and most memorable occasions in which Ms. Minaj managed to stuff all of the junk in her trunk into the thinnest and tightest material possible. 15 shots that you will want to cut out and keep. I know the suspense is hard to bear, so no more messing around– here’s your list!


15 Moschino Chic

via InformationNG

Here’s Nicki just coming out of the airport, working hard as usual. We could have shown you the front view of this photograph, but it kind of seemed like you would appreciate the view from behind a little more. She’s wearing a little Moschino crop top in black, and has matched it up with these almost sheer black yoga pants. You can see right through them to spot the lacy thong underneath! It’s always fun to get some insight into the whole look, not just what we can see on the outside. Not that we’d like to be in this photographer’s place per se– it looks as though Nicki has her stomping boots on! This outfit is probably pretty comfortable for travelling, though we hope both her take-off and her destination were in warm places. It’s not as though she has many layers to keep her temperature up here.

14 With Lil Wayne

via YouTube

Nicki really seems to understand how much her fans appreciate the rather large asset that she is best known for. That’s why she is always showing it off. In this shot, she was live on stage with Lil Wayne at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards. Magic was made when they performed High School together, and in this case we aren’t talking about the music. While Lil Wayne took a seat on the stage, Nicki donned a black crop top and tight black yoga pants (doesn’t that sound familiar?). She then started twerking right next to him and facing towards the crowd, leaving Lil Wayne with this expression on his face. You can’t help but agree with him. A good time was had by all, although he probably wishes he was in a private room rather than in front of half the world. Particularly when she moved on to the lap dance.

13 Christmas Outfit

via Idolator

Here’s what Nicki wears when she wants to dress up for Christmas, apparently. With her hair in a little bobbed wig, she took the black and red theme to the maximum. Mostly her outfit consists of a pair of Louboutins, sheer yoga pants paired with a matching top, and a little shoulder piece of riveted pieces of leather. What’s great about this outfit is that she has once again gone for that super thin and cheap material. You can see right through, and it looks like the top is actually part of a bodysuit. Not only that, but the tightness of these pants really accentuates the curvy shape. There’s no wonder that everyone in the crowd seems desperate to get a photo of her, and they can’t even see the back. Then again, in the front she was wearing a super low-cut neckline which ended somewhere just above her navel.

12 Beige Suit

via SexyGossip

On this occasion, Nicki stepped out in a matching pantsuit, for which the pants look suspiciously like those same old yoga pants we know and love. The only difference here is that they are a cool beige colour rather than black. It’s pretty cute that she wore them with a matching peplum top, which flares out around the waistline for a flattering effect. It seems she was at yet another airport for this shot, which just illustrates how busy this lady is. She really prefers to wear yoga pants when she is travelling, and who can blame her? There’s nothing like wearing something comfortable when you are flying for hours. Anyway, the great part is that the photographer managed to catch a perfect side shot, so we get a great booty profile here. You couldn’t have gotten a better shot if you were directing the photographer yourself, and that’s a fact.

11 Her Own Designs

via The Coli

Here’s an on-stage shot which is really exciting. Nicki is wearing a matching outfit here of yoga pants and a little cropped sweatshirt, which was a big trend back when this was taken. It was all designed by the singer herself for K-Mart, which you can tell by the famous chain print– although Chanel is kind of better known for it. Anyway, what we really like about this shot is the dance move that she is undertaking. That squat down takes some serious leg power, so we know that Nicki has to work out. Especially when wearing heels that high! It’s like we get to see how she sits on a chair, but there’s no chair. Just booty. This was her performance at Power 105.1 Powerhouse 2013, by the way.

10 Pink Lamborghini

via Answers From Men

Of course, what Nicki is showing off here is the pink Lamborghini. After all, it is pretty impressive to own one of these. If I had a pink Lamborghini, I’d probably show it off all of the time. But that’s not what your eye was drawn to, and you know it. No, it was drawn to the fact that Nicki has once again stepped out in her favourite combination: a cropped top that shows a little slice of midriff and a pair of black yoga pants. You can see from the shine that she is packed in tightly to these, and it’s a bit of a relief that she’s chosen a more durable fabric this time. If she hadn’t, these might just have popped open. It’s also kind of distracting how her hair colour matches her heels, but we won’t go into that– Nicki isn’t exactly known for her quiet tastes as it is.

9 The Shade

via Pinterest

Nicki is definitely throwing some serious shade in this shot. The hand on the hip, the sideways glance, that lip– we can only thank our lucky stars that we weren’t on the receiving end of this look. Meanwhile, let’s get back to those yoga pants. They are studded down each side, with a mesh panel or two to flash a bit of her legs. Definitely a bit more of a glamorous look than her usual pairs, but still as tight as ever. She’s managed to match up her top with the same material as she so often does, and topped it all off with a fierce leather jacket and blonde wig. There were plenty of shots of her out and about all night wearing this outfit, so it stands up to a bit of wear and tear for sure. All we know is we wouldn’t mess with Ms. Minaj when she has a look in her eyes like this one!


8 Snake Print

via StyleBistro

Here’s another one of those full frontal shots that gives you a lot more to appreciate about Nicki. She is squeezed tightly into these snake print yoga pants, which appear to have a grey contrast trim and lining. It harks back to her Anaconda hit and video, all of which we enjoyed very much. Here’s an ironic fact– although half of the video is set in a yoga studio, she isn’t actually wearing yoga pants in it. Probably because she quite rapidly strips down to her underwear, but still. It’s a little ironic that you can’t get her out of them wherever she goes except for the one place they were designed to be worn. Anyway, it’s the top of this outfit that really pulls it all together– or does it pull it up? If you’ve made it this far in the list you probably couldn’t tear your eyes away for long enough to answer.

7 Cute and Quirky

via ImNotObsessed

If there’s one thing you can say about Nicki, it’s that she has a thousand faces. She can be a badass that you would never want to mess with, she can be a perfect Barbie doll, and she can also be a cute little lady. This shot definitely falls into the last category, as she performs a faux gasp for the audience. Her blonde ringlets complete the character perfectly, but it’s her outfit we are interested in here. She’s wearing what looks to be a blue bodysuit, judging by the way it forms a slight line across her hip, with go-faster stripes down the side. The stripes carry on down onto the beige yoga pants that she is wearing over the top. You really can see every curve of her body in this outfit. It’s a great treat for fans, and surely all those wielding cameras and phones will have taken shots that they will cherish for a long time to come.

6 Happy 4th of July

via Twitter

This shot is one that Nicki actually posted to her own Twitter page, so you won’t find it anywhere else. She posted this one as a gift to all of her followers to celebrate the 4th of July. To mark the occasion, she is dressed up in a pair of yoga pants printed with the U.S. flag. Matching red heels and a little bandeau top complete the whole of this patriotic outfit. She definitely knows how to please the camera, facing her back towards us and then turning to look over her shoulder so that we can check out the goods. This pose is a real tease, and she is well aware of that! It’s a great way to celebrate a national holiday, and one that a lot of her fans really appreciated. We think it’s a holiday tradition that she should celebrate every single year.

5 Green In France

via Celebuzz

Here’s a photo of Nicki really letting her hair down– even if it is tied up! She reportedly went wild all night in this club, and we would really love to have been a fly on the wall. As always she managed to match up a full outfit, with her green yoga pants teamed with a green jacket tied up around her waist and a very, very short cropped turtleneck. So short in fact that it doesn’t really cover all of the bits that it's supposed to! The photographer was probably a bit cheeky to get down to this level, but then again Nicki was dancing around for a long while quite happily. No matter what you think about Nicki’s style, it takes a serious body to hold up a shirt like that without any support. There are very few photos where her behind isn’t the main thing you want to focus on, but this is one of them!

4 Blue and Spiky

via Glam Radar

Wow– it’s angles like this seemingly innocuous one that help you to appreciate exactly how much junk Nicki is packing. It’s pretty incredible, especially given how in shape she is. These leggings are something special– nothing like the plain and boring black that we started this list with. The pale blue colour is a great contrast against her skin, but what really catches the eye are the tatters of shiny fabric jutting out down the sides. They make for a really striking look, especially paired up with her bondage top. There’s also no wonder she needs a bit of a hand to walk around when you consider those ginormous heels. This is one of her more princess-style looks, which would probably look great on a Barbie doll too. It’s all about pretty pink curls and a gentlemanly figure where this outfit is concerned. It’s softer but still as enjoyable as her on-stage looks.

3 Leather Look

via Pinterest

When Nicki really wants to look badass, she still has one more trick up her sleeve. Going for the leather look head to toe is a daring move, but she definitely pulls it off here. With her red jacket, black yoga pants, and black curls, you might consider this a bit of an homage to Michael Jackson. This outfit was served up during the 2015 Hot 97 Summer Jam set that she played. She looks so happy to be performing that you just have to love this shot. It’s a really strong combo and it’s interesting to see her try yoga pants in another material than the normal half-sheer fabric. They don’t quite give you as much cling as the real thing, but hey, variety is the spice of life. This is also another of those side shots that gives you a sense of depth and perspective that you just can’t fully grasp when you see her from behind.

2 Pink Fridays

via The Rundown

This shot is from the front for a change, but you can probably guess why we decided to include it anyway. There’s a lot more going on with Nicki’s outfits than just the yoga pants, and she always flashes plenty of flesh up top as well. You have a great combo here: there’s the bared stomach combined with the very tight and low-cut bralet, with the cute little pink blazer added right on top. The blue and white yoga pants are a nice touch too. This was a promotional event for Macy’s, as you can no doubt guess from the background. Nicki brought her signature style to the photocall, which is often described as badass meets Barbie. It’s easy to see why when you check out an ensemble like this one. We have to say, the authoritarian look with that peaked cap definitely suits Ms. Minaj. She looks used to being in control!

1 Pretty in Pink

via Lavish Rebellion

This is another one of those looks that really shows you Nicki’s signature style. Let’s start from the top, with the pink mesh baseball cap balanced precariously on her head– right on the long, platinum blonde wig she is wearing. She has a cropped jacket with black and pink patches next to denim, over a bright pink vest and a white top under that. Then she has the signature yoga pants, which happen to have bright pink splotches this time rather than the usual solid black. Finally there are her crazy space-goth boots, which look like they could kick you into next week. And of course the bright pink purse clutched in one hand. We don’t know whether to be scared or to love it, so we’re going to go with love it. It’s not like anyone would ever be able to mess with Nicki anyway– just look at her entourage!

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