15 Photos Of Natalie Dormer With Her Signature Smirk

Natalie Dormer became famous because of her memorable portrayal of Anne Boleyn alongside Jonathan Rhys Meyers in The Tudors. Since then, she has been introduced to an entirely different audience as Margaery Tyrell in the critically-acclaimed and very popular series, Game of Thrones.

Dormer has become known for her unique smile, something that has gained her just as much negative attention as positive, since many other stars seem to think that she isn't actually smiling; she is indeed smirking, which some believe gives off a smug vibe.

The actress herself has stated that she has a lopsided mouth and that she can't actually help the way her smile looks in images. She has said in numerous interviews that her publicist has told her a number of times not to do that smile on the red carpet, but it's her smile, and she doesn't know how to not do it. It is said to be a family trait since the Game of Thrones star has also mentioned that this is something that her sister does as well.

Despite the negative attention, Natalie has managed to turn it into her favour and has fondly become known as "The Queen of the Smirk" to many of her many adoring fans. We love her sultry and inviting smirk. Here are 15 of the most seductive pictures of Dormer, where she is showing off the smirk that she has become famous for.

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15 Eating An Apple Adorably

via: imgur.com

Natalie Dormer is now 35 years old and has more than a decade of acting experience. Being an English actress doesn't seem to have affected her when it comes to the roles that she has been able to bag over the past few years, including her debut role alongside Heath Ledger in Casanova back in 2005.

Natalie has managed to remain under the radar for much of her career, but when she was cast as Margaery Tyrell back in 2012, it seems to have opened her up to the media worldwide, which is why she is now gaining much more negative attention when it comes to her smirk than ever before. Whilst it is easy to see why it would be assumed that she is looking smug, this gif shows that this is simply her cute and playful smile. Her smile is one of her most loved physical attributes, so perhaps her critics should take a step back and see the beauty behind it.

14 Brunettes Have More Fun

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Acting is not considered to be a stable career, and Natalie has mentioned that being out of work for the first 12 months of her career was the best lesson she could ever learn. It has helped her throughout the last 10 years of her career.

As seen above, Natalie has changed her hair a number of times over the past few years, most notably when she shaved her head for her role in The Hunger Games but now it seems that she has also changed her hair colour and become the brunette that she was known for when she portrayed Margaery Tyrell in Game of Thrones. Natalie has become famous with her blonde hair over the past few years, but it seems that most of her best-known roles to date have seen her change her hair colour a number of times, which means Natalie always keeps fans guessing as to what she will look like next.

13  Queen Of The Smirk

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As mentioned earlier, Natalie has become known as The Queen of The Smirk by her adoring fans and as the above image shows, it is definitely a major part of her appeal. However, many people don't know that Natalie is in fact an incredible poker player.

Poker is a game that relies heavily on facial expressions, and much like Margaery Tyrell, Natalie has an eye for games that use strategy. She stated in an interview that many of the men who are in her poker circle are mathematicians so they are able to play the game based on probability. Natalie has said that she doesn't have that kind of brain, so instead, she is forced to gamble on her own instincts, which are obviously serving her well. She is thought to have quite an incredible poker face and even came second in PartyPoker.com's Women's World Open, which was held in London back in 2008.

12 Pool Time

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As you probably realized, judging from the number of times she has revealed a lot on Game of Thrones, Natalie is definitely not shy about her body. Natalie has done many risky scenes in The Tudors, as well as in The Scandalous Lady W, a made for TV film. In it, she portrayed Lady Seymour Worsley, a high-class woman from the 19th century who leaves her husband for his friend. As you can imagine, this movie had plenty of steamy scenes, and we aren't complaining.

Natalie has stated a number of times that she is all for female empowerment and the fact that it shouldn't be exclusively about s*xuality. Despite the fact that Natalie has now become known for revealing her body in films and TV shows, she is quite happy with her career. She is glad to have had the opportunity to play such strong-minded women. The above image shows just how comfortable Natalie is in her own skin.

11 Strike A Pose

via gq.com

After seeing Natalie portray a number of women on the big and small screen who are seen as royalty, it is easy to see why many of her fans see her the same way.

What isn't well known about Natalie is that, even though she was born in one of the richer cities in the United Kingdom and is well-educated, before she landed her first job in acting, she actually worked a number of regular jobs. Every star has to start somewhere and Natalie's first paying job was as a bartender, before she went on to be an usher, and even then worked as a temp for a number of years. So despite the fact that Natalie seems as though she is head and shoulders above the rest of the world right now, she was once another regular member of society, which makes her story quite inspirational.

10 Snuggled On The Couch

via: video.GQ.com

Magazine shoots are something that Natalie has become familiar with over the past few years, but her GQ Magazine shoot will always be the one that she is best remembered for.

One thing that isn't commonly known about Natalie is that she is quite an accomplished fencer. Despite being part of a number of historic projects, it is a shock that Natalie hasn't been able to show off her skills on-screen as of yet, but it is reported that she is quite skilled in the sport. Despite travelling the world for her job, Natalie still remains part of the London Fencing Club and this is one of the reasons she manages to stay so fit. It is a great form of exercise and could be the secret behind Natalie's incredible legs. This is a sport that more women could benefit from being part of, especially if we take Natalie's incredible physique as an example.

9 Rear View

via: the boredmind.com

Natalie is well-known for her career on the screen, but what about the number of stage shows that she has appeared in? Natalie has been part of a number of stage productions and is currently preparing for her role as Vanda Jordan in Venus In Fur on London's West End stage from October until December later this year.

The show has been described as er*tically charged and it seems that Natalie is ready for this kind of performance. Natalie will star alongside David Oakes in the production and has stated that she thinks the show will "grab the audience by the dog collar." It is easy to see why Natalie would audition for roles such as this, given the fact that she obviously looks quite comfortable in much less clothing than usual. She has also stated that she enjoys playing roles that align with her views on feminism.

8 Blonde Beauty

via: wallpaperpulse.com

Natalie's seen above once again as the blonde beauty that many fans have come to known her as, and always looks at her most natural when she's blonde.

Natalie has often talked about the women who inspire her as an actress, and even though it's already been mentioned that Natalie is a fan of classic films, she is also a huge fan of Cate Blanchett, who she lists as one of her biggest inspirations role models. Natalie may have been acting now for more than a decade, but she is still in the early years of her career and could go on to be part of much bigger projects in the future. Given the upbringing that she has had, Natalie seems grounded and level-headed which could allow her to stand out above many other women over the next few years of her career.

7 Cute And Coy

Via fanshare.com

Natalie seems to enjoy testing the boundaries of what she can wear when she's out in public, but since most of the world has already seen what it under her clothes, it's easy to understand why.

Despite always dressing quite riskily and looking incredible, you could be mistaken for thinking that Natalie was obviously still single. This isn't actually the case; Natalie met film director Anthony Byrne back in 2007 in Dublin while she was still filming scenes for The Tudors. The couple dated for a number of years before announcing that they were engaged in 2011. Obviously, it seems that Anthony is supportive of his fiancée. As he is in the industry himself, he must be aware of the things that Natalie has to do for many of the roles she lands. Natalie is slowly becoming well-known to the world because of these roles and it seems that Byrne fully supports that.

6 Lounging On The Floor

via: listal.com

Natalie's first role was as Victoria in Casanova, and it is reported that she landed this role merely six months after she graduated from drama school. Natalie got on well with director Lasse Hallstrom and he was so impressed with her comedy timing in the film that he had the scriptwriter expand her original part in the movie.

Even though she managed to impress the director and did an amazing job in her first feature film, Natalie revealed that she was still out of work for nine months after working on the movie. During this time, she earned money working as a waitress, bartender and even had a stint working in data entry while still going for many auditions. Natalie often speaks out about the fact that actors are not usually seen as real people, but they obviously are.

5 Low Cut Dress

via: pinterest.co.uk

The famous saying goes, "if you've got it, flaunt it" and it seems that this could be a phrase that Natalie lives by. Natalie has stated that even though she seems to be very confident right now, she was actually a victim of bullying when she was at school.

She said that she doesn't know why she was bullied, she just knows that she became a target. It could be connected to the fact that she was head girl, a first-class student, vice-captain of her school netball team and was able to travel the world with the public speaking team. Natalie later turned to dance and trained at school, before later attending The Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London. Natalie was even offered a place at Cambridge University but failed to achieve the grade she needed in history to be granted her place.

4 The Shaved Head Look

via: geekshizzle.com

After becoming well-known for taking her clothes off on-screen, Natalie decided to strip down for a shoot with GQ Magazine back in 2014. Natalie is sporting a different look in the images, due to the fact that she shaved her head for her role as Cressida in The Hunger Games.

Natalie stated that she would have had her whole head shaved if necessary because she was so desperate to land the part in the successful movie franchise. She said that having her head half shaved was liberating, which is perhaps why she decided to pose for GQ magazine while her hair was still growing back. It is a completely different look for her, and this is perhaps why Natalie was so desperate to land the role.

3 Beautiful In Black

via: pinterest.co.uk

Little black dresses are one of the best inventions that were ever made; every woman looks incredible in a little black dress. Most of the time they are the fallback plan when another outfit doesn't work, but it seems that Natalie has been able to make the "little black dress" look fantastic

Natalie has stated that she loves the classics when it comes to old movies. She idolizes women like Katherine Hepburn, Gene Tierney, and many others who were able to find a home on the big screen back in the 1940s. She said that these women have inspired her throughout her career, reminding her that people as a whole aren't always as original as they think they are. It seems that the classics have inspired her when it comes to fashion, as well, if the above picture is anything to go by.

2 Glamorous And Gorgeous

via: theboredmind.com

Obviously, the negative attention is one of the downfalls of becoming a famous actress, but there are also a number of positives to the job as well. One of the positives would be the insane amount of photoshoots that Natalie has been able to be part of, and the stunning clothes that she is allowed to wear.

Above is an image from one of these shoots where Natalie is wearing a stunning sequin dress, and showing off the body that has made her a household name. These are not the kind of clothes that most people wear on a regular basis, and the glamour and s*x appeal of the image comes from this form-fitting and sultry dress. Natalie may have been typecast for appearing in a number of costume dramas over the course of her career, but when she looks this good in a dress, why wouldn't she always want to be seen in one?

1 Prim And Proper

via: taringa.net

Natalie was born and raised in Berkshire, which means that she would be considered to be quite a posh person, especially considering that she is rumoured to have royal blood in her veins.

There was speculation that Natalie was actually related to historical lady-in-waiting Jane Dormer, who served Queen Mary I in the 16th century. It seems that Natalie herself has looked into these rumours and saw nothing connecting her with Lady Jane other than their name. If Natalie was related to someone of that era, it would make sense that she is so drawn to roles that are centred around historical figures. It seems that Natalie just feels at home in these kinds of roles and as the image above shows, even when she isn't being seen in a corset, she is always dressing quite elegantly and professionally, which proves that despite lacking the royal blood, she still has an air of royalty to her.

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