15 Photos Of Monica Raymund That Are Hot AF!

If you're a fan of the popular hit TV show Chicago Fire, then you're already well acquainted with the beautiful Monica Raymund. The Chicago Fire star isn’t just beautiful; she’s actually pretty interesting, too. Big surprise there, as it becomes pretty obvious from the get-go that this girl is intelligent. She's one of those "takes no prisoners" girls that is determined to rise to the top. It’s hard to get past her looks, however, to see all that because she's one of the hottest actresses on TV these days. She can’t fault us for that, though. She plays Gabriela Dawson, and she's now been a veteran on the show for five years. Born in Florida, this red-hot actress has been gracing Chicago Fire for a while and making a name for herself in Hollywood in the meantime. Prior to Chicago Fire, she was on the TV series The Good Wife as well as Blue Bloods but has not had the opportunity to break into movies. The 30-year-old actress has been on the scene since 2004 but has still been progressing slowly with her career. She came from a small-town family in St. Petersburg where her Jewish parents reside, and she went to Juilliard before breaking out into Hollywood.

If you think that you've seen it all when it comes to Monica Raymund, you couldn’t be more wrong. Check out these hot photos that prove that Monica Raymund is one hot cookie!


15 A Night Out

Monica Raymund often takes to Twitter and posts some smoking hot pictures. In this case, she looks as if she's getting ready for a night on the town. I love her hair curled that way; it’s outstanding. She looks amazing in that red-hot number, and it’s the kind of outfit that draws the eye. It’s not surprising that she looks incredible no matter what she wears. Not only is she very opinionated, but she’s also the kind of girl that doesn’t just go with the flow. She won’t believe something just because someone says it’s true. She'll research and find answers for herself if something doesn’t ring true. She made that clear when she said this: “If you tell me that the sky is red, I will look up.” It’s certainly a respectable way to live because there are too many people out there just going with the flow.

14 Twitter Love


This black-and-white photo shows Monica dressed and ready for her day. She has her hair pulled back into a slick bun, which shows off her beautiful face. She has striking features that can be attributed to her Latina background. Her beauty shows off in every aspect of her. When it comes to lying, she seems to think that it’s okay because it can be seen as a means of survival. Although lying at times is necessary for life, I’m not sure that it should be something that we all just accept as a real-life thing. Shouldn’t we be striving for honesty at all costs? Monica has spoken about lying on more than one occasion, and she’s at it again with this quote: “Lying is not only a defense mechanism; it's also a coping mechanism and a survival technique.”

13 Selfie Moments

A casual moment at home for the Chicago Fire star. As she sends out a kiss to her fans, you're struck by her best assets: those eyes and those pouty lips. The girl is a stunner even on her casual days when she’s at home getting ready for a night out. She has her hair pulled back away from her face, and it shows off her flawless skin. This beauty is also big into politics, and when it came time to vote for the new President, she went out and started talking to the people who supported Trump. Her goal was to engage in a unity campaign and to talk to Trump supporters in a non-violent way. Before Trump was elected, she sat across from the Trump Building in a chair and invited people to sit down and talk with her. "My goal is to remind people that what we have in common are nonviolent forms of expression -- that hate and bigotry are nonpartisan issues," she said.

12 Sexy Siren


She's sitting casually in a chair but looking so seductive. We just can’t get enough of this girl. Many people gave her a hard time when she came out as bisexual on Twitter, but it turned out that the actress has been out for a while. She just wasn’t the type to shout it from the rooftops. She made a comment on Twitter about another woman and then claimed that she was “proud to be bisexual.” There was a firestorm of comments to which Monica replied, “Nope I didn’t just come out -- you just late to the party. But I have drinks for all y’all. #BiAndProud#10YearsOut&Proud Cheers, Family!” She's one actress that's definitely very vocal about the LGBT community and has no problem speaking her mind. She believes that everyone should unite together and stand strong and proud for one another.

11 Gaga Time

Here's Monica with Lady Gaga on the set of Chicago Fire. The two look ravishing in a photo posted on Instagram by Gaga.

All actors and actresses have famous people that they hope to work with along with directors that they aspire to work under. They dream of these things because it’s these kinds of moments that could make a career that much better than it already is. In the case of Monica, she already knows what directors she would love to work with if given a chance. “Obviously, I would love to work with all these great directors like the Coen Brothers, Tarantino. Robert Rodriguez is a dream director of mine.” I think everyone would love to work with Tarantino if given a chance.

10 Dressed in White


Dressed in white, this gorgeous woman looks casual but oh-so-sexy! It doesn’t seem to matter what she's wearing; she's absolutely stunning. Her hair is left down, and she has a serious expression on her face, much like her character in Chicago Fire. She’s not that serious in real life, though. You might be surprised to find out that she was once married to Neil Patrick Stewart in 2011. She also claimed that she was bisexual during this time, and when they separated in 2013, the news of the impending divorce was kept under the radar for the most part. They were eventually divorced a year after the separation, and her ex-husband seems to only have good things to say about her. Theses days, the actress has a girlfriend and has never been happier as is evidenced by her Twitter account.

9 A Sultry Look

This photo shows that she has a sultry and classy side. There's just something about the look in her eyes that calls to you. The girl is definitely a hottie; there's no doubt about it. Her dress is black and tight, and she's never looked better. Race and sexuality are a big deal to the actress as she's very vocal about both. She doesn’t bow down to the norm and generally walks around with her head held high. “Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender teens are bullied and ostracized in epidemic proportions. It's disgusting, and it must change.” She also made a comment in the media about how she feels about race in our generation. “Race, to me, is a very blurry thing.” She’s definitely an actress that doesn’t back down when it comes to speaking her mind publicly.


8 Sexy Smile


All girls become 100% sexier when they smile; it’s just a fact. Monica Raymund is no different, and this photo proves it. You can’t do better than this amazing look. She shows off a bit of shoulder as well with this off-the-shoulder shirt. When it comes to lying, Monica believes that telling little white lies is completely normal -- just something that happens in life, but it’s not meant to harm anyone. “Little white lies are part of everyday life. If you’re in court being charged with a felony, you’re probably going to be tempted to lie. Or if your girlfriend asks you if the sweater she is wearing makes her look fat, you’re going to lie because you love that person. There are different reasons and justifications to lie; it's human nature.” What do you think? I would have to say that I’m on the fence about it myself.

7 The Boss

Dressed in her office best, this actress screams of success and a little badassery. She looks like she can take complete control of a room in this outfit, and she probably could, with her strong opinions. She's smart and savvy and looking like a hot cookie in this photo. While growing up, the actress struggled with who she was as a Latina. She tried to embrace it and may have gone to the extreme as she tried to adjust to being in an all-white school. “Sometimes, growing up, I tried to be very Latina; I would change my voice... experiment with my hair a lot, trying to figure out who I was in a primarily white school.” I think we all struggled with our identities as we were growing up, the struggle likely involving our race, sexuality, or just the hell that is puberty.

6 Intimidating Stare


Monica Raymund is all business in this photo. She's a force to be reckoned with, and judging by the look on her face, she means business, and she’s taking no prisoners. I love the photo because it’s sexy without trying and it shows a strong woman who still allows the beauty to show despite the fact that she’s not to be messed with. This budding actress has a strong love for people who work in theater. “The love, support, and respect the members of the theater community have for one another is unparalleled. Say what you want about us wacky drama-types, but one thing that makes our business special is our loyalty, our fierce commitment to one another, and our mutual respect.” If we all had colleagues we respected that way, the world would be a nicer place.

5 Red-Carpet Ready

She certainly looks red-carpet ready in this black number that shows off her beautiful assets nicely. She's the kind of girl that looks amazing in either jeans or a dress for an event. She's all class, though, and never goes too far with her outfits. So many actresses think that they need to show off a lot of skin to get attention, but that's not the case with Monica. When it comes to working in the arts, it can be a struggle because you constantly face rejection, and that can be tough. When it comes to being an artist, you typically get ripped apart in all the magazines and newspapers. Monica believes that is that much worse when it comes to being an actor. “Actors are no strangers to self-doubt, fear, and rejection.”

4 The Look of Lace


Another red carpet look that screams of sex appeal. I love this halter outfit that's all lace and luxury. She looks incredible as she walks the red carpet. She's been on Chicago Fire for a few years now and hasn’t really branched out in her career. Many people believe it’s because she can’t go beyond her character in the TV show. Only time will tell, I suppose. When it comes to speaking in the media, one needs to be careful because what you say never goes away, and your words can often be shoved back into your mouth. In the case of Monica, she spoke about how she was not gay a few years back, and whether she was in denial or not, it's kind of funny now considering that she has a girlfriend these days. “I read that a lot of people think I’m gay. I don’t care. My boyfriend and I are not really phased by what people say.”

3 Stealing the Show

This black-and-white photo looks like a classic, and oh, that hair! It’s divine! I love the fact that she curls it the way that she does because it’s sexy with a retro vibe. She’s a beautiful woman, and she’s clearly stealing the show in this picture. She’s wearing a classy dress that doesn’t show off much, but she's still stunning. This girl is all about class and elegance. Monica has a love for music, and she's even classically trained in piano. I love when artists have more than one passion in their lives, and that’s usually the case with artists. “I was always involved in the arts from a young age. I started studying classical piano at age four as a student of the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music.” I wonder if she still plays these days or if that dropped away after her childhood ended.

2 Lady in White


When Monica gets ready for the red carpet, she pulls out all the stops and ends up looking gorgeous. This beautiful white dress really makes her tanned skin pop and allows her Latina beauty to shine. She’s a true stunner. I love her sense of style and the fact that it’s very carefree. Whether her hair is left up or down, she always pulls off the perfect look for the red carpet. She's always thinking ahead when it comes to her future. She's an intelligent girl, and she’s aware that maximizing her options is the best way to get the life that she's always dreamed of. She received that amazing advice from her parents, and it’s totally true. If you want to make the most of your life and career then follow Monica’s advice: “One thing my parents always taught me was to maximize my options.”

1 The Floral Style

Who doesn’t love a great cleavage shot? This picture certainly shows off her best assets. I love the red dress; it’s free flowing and wonderful for the red carpet. This girl always knows how to dress in order to show off how beautiful she really is. We can’t get enough of that smile, too; it completely lights up her face. She has beautiful lips and eyes that smile without even trying, the mark of a true beauty. Although her career hasn’t progressed to the level that she wants at this point, Monica Raymund is still worth an estimated $4 million. She's still progressing in her career, and she's one to watch to see where this vixen will end up. She certainly has the beauty and brains to go far. “I want to prove to the world and to the audience that women firefighters can kick just as much ass as men firefighters, so that’s kind of really important to me, and we’ll start to see Dawson and Casey dealing with some problems at home. They’re starting to fight a bit more; things get in the way a little bit more. I want to make sure that Dawson acts out of what she believes in, not what she may think is right,” she says about her Chicago Fire character.


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