15 Photos Of Melanie Iglesias That Are Hot AF!

You may not know a lot about the stunning Melanie Iglesias, but that’s all about to change. She’s creating a great career for herself by dabbling in many different avenues that are just increasing her

You may not know a lot about the stunning Melanie Iglesias, but that’s all about to change. She’s creating a great career for herself by dabbling in many different avenues that are just increasing her popularity with fans. She’s more than a triple threat at this point- she seems to do it all. Not only is she an actress but she’s also a comedian, model, and TV host. There’s no doubt as to why she has a huge following; this girl is a force to be reckoned with. You won't find a sexier or more accomplished girl than Melanie Iglesias. She seems to have it all, so who can compete against her? When it comes to Instagram, she has millions of fans following her, and that's just the beginning. She has made quite the name for herself in Hollywood and her future looks brighter than the sun.

If you haven’t tuned into MTV’s new show called Girl Code, you are definitely going to want to check it out. It’s a show about how women navigate their relationships and also about falling in love. She’s making a splash in Hollywood, and it all started from a Maxim article that picked her as Maxim’s "Hometown Hottie." From there, her career just exploded, and we can definitely see why. This girl is not only talented, but she’s smoking hot as well. This Latin beauty is just getting started. Whether you know a little about this star or a lot, take some time to check out these photos that prove that Melanie Iglesias is hot AF!

15 Just Add Plaid

Put some lingerie together with a plaid shirt, and you create some serious sexiness. This outfit is beyond sexy, and it reminds me of how sexy a girl can be when she wears her boyfriend's button down shirts. With her hair pulled back and curled she really can’t get sexier than this shot. Surprise, surprise, she loves hair on her men as well. She finds it incredibly sexy when men have hair, so no need to groom around this beauty. “A big grooming mistake that guys make is probably getting rid of all their body hair. I think that most girls do like it and find it sexy, and when it grows back, it’s kind of itchy if you’re going to cuddle with them.” I would have to agree; no girl likes to cuddle against a guy that feels prickly all the time.

14 Mesh Swimsuit

I’m partial to bikinis myself, but even I have to admit this full piece bathing suit is scorching hot. The mesh allows you to see all the skin that you want, and she has some serious cleavage that seems to go on forever. It’s an amazing picture of a girl with some serious natural beauty. This Latin beauty loves music, and we can totally see why. Her own father is a musician, and that’s where she developed her great love for music. They would spend a lot of time together writing songs, and she’s even dreamed of having a music career of her own. So maybe one day we will see an album out, making this girl even more powerful than she already is. She likes to channel Janet Jackson sometimes and will play her albums on repeat when she’s in the mood.

13 Hot Bikini Model

This red hot bikini is something we can’t take our eyes off. This Latin model has an amazing body, and those eyes are just so mesmerizing. She’s been a model for many years and has a huge following on Instagram because of it. She seems to have the perfect figure. Considering she is now a very popular model, it's funny that she was actually kicked off of the modeling show, America’s Next Top Model. Melanie has said about the experience: “Tyra said she thought I wanted to do music more than modeling, which was completely untrue! I thought I was too short to be a model until I got the opportunity to be on the show. When I arrived in L.A., filming wasn’t what I thought it would be. I was stressed and wasn’t feeling the idea anymore, so I didn’t ‘bring it.’ I told some of the crew I’d be more excited if I saw a hot dog and I ended up getting booted. I still love Tyra, though. She’s crazy beautiful.”

12 For The Love Of The Game

How cute is this girl in that jersey? She’s amazing, and you can see her fun and playful side with this shot. There are some amazing shots you can do with a girl in panties and a sports jersey. Talk about a fun girl with a great career ahead of her. If you have ever wondered what turns this girl on and off, then here’s the answer to the question you desire to ask. When it comes to her turn-on’s, it’s pretty simple, it's “a guy who is confident and who knows what he’s talking about, who is intelligent and who is eager to be the best person he can be. Somebody who recognizes that he has potential and wants to go and do something for himself and make something of his life. That’s a huge turn-on.” I imagine that her turn-off would be a guy that was insecure and not confident.

11 Bedroom Eyes


There’s no doubt about it; you wouldn’t want to leave the bedroom ever if this bombshell was laying there in bed with you. It doesn’t seem to matter what she’s wearing- you can’t take your eyes off of her. She’s considered to be quite the eye candy these days, and in 2012 she was featured as a bombshell in Vibe Magazine’s "30 Sexiest Celebrities Under 30." The article was all about “bringing sexy back.” She was one of 30 celebrities that were featured, and we couldn’t agree more with Vibe’s choice. Maxim also loves her; when she was featured as their "Hometown Hottie" she was chosen from over 7,000 eligible females. She was featured in another Maxim shoot for their "Hot 100," and that magazine stayed on the shelves for three months! It’s no big surprise- Melanie is very sexy, and she has no problem showing off that amazing body of hers.

10 Lights, Camera, Action!

How can you not love this picture? It’s a great picture that shows some serious strength in the power of this girl's eyes. She’s amazing and sexy all rolled into one. I ask again, how can you not love this sexy siren? So you might be surprised to find that this girl is very normal and laid back. A sexy siren can be intimidating to approach at times, but there is no need to be intimidated by a girl like this. Many fans have even admitted that they were shocked to find out how normal she really is: “They’re always surprised to see how 'normal' I am. When I’m pushing a laundry cart to the Laundromat, and I’m doing everything myself, they’re like, “Oh, why are you doing this?” I’m like, “Because… I enjoy it? I’m human, and my clothes are dirty! What do you mean why am I doing this?” [laughs] She's just so down to earth- we love it!

9 Those Eyes

Those eyes are bound to draw anyone in, and you may not be able to get out at the end of the day. But who says that you want to go after being so close to Melanie? Well, all it takes is just one look from those eyes, and you will be hooked for life. She has made quite an impact on social media, and she knows how to get to viewers in just the right way. She made a YouTube video of her and her friend Lisa Ramos doing a dance called the "Cat Daddy." It’s certainly a sight to be seen, and it turned out to be her most popular video online. There is no doubt about it; she knows how to create a sensation on social media. One can become famous on social media with very little effort these days. She wouldn’t be the first celebrity that got their big break by breaking out online.

8 SuperGirl

This pose is a perfect example of how a girl can take on the world with just one look. It’s an amazing stance, and she’s wearing some seriously sexy lingerie. Melanie is not letting anyone mess with her, and that look is proof of it. She’s considered to be a force to be reckoned with, and she was featured in what is known as the “hottest video on the internet.” She loves to produce Flip Book videos that show off her sexy side and the more she posts, the more her fans go nuts for more videos. In one of her videos, she pretends to strip while playing dress up. Now you can understand why she has such a huge fan base and why guys can’t get enough of her. She knows how to heat things up without going too far. She’s sexy and has a brain to boot. What’s not to love?

7 A Girl Who Can Laugh

Everyone loves a girl who can laugh at anything, even herself. Why take life so seriously when you can look at things with a positive outlook? This picture shows the joking side of Melanie, and she looks like she would be a lot of fun to be with. I love her pink glasses that match her lipstick. It’s not just about having a sense of humor; this girl is actually a comedian. She has been doing stand-up comedy for some time now, and you can actually catch her doing a few gigs in Los Angeles. She once posted on Twitter that stand-up comedy excited her: “Ahhhh I just did standup for the first time tonight, and I loved it. I think I found my new addiction.” She’s been in various comedy shows as well such as Guy Code, Guy Court, and Abnormal Attraction.

6 Seriously Fit

Can you see those abs? This girl has one hell of a body, and we can’t get over those insane abs. She has an amazing body, and she looks great in lingerie with some knee- high socks. It’s impossible to even take your eyes off this girl. Apparently this fun-loving female just loves watching courtroom TV, of all things. One of her favorite shows is Judge Judy, and she sort of has an obsession with it. She can’t stop watching it. Recently she spoke out about that obsession, saying “What the hell? My TV has seven thousand channels, and not one is dedicated to courtroom TV shows.” Poor thing, maybe she should look into the android box because she should not be denied her guilty pleasure. I have to admit that I was once hooked on Judge Judy as well- that woman can be vicious! You just can’t take your eyes off of her assaults.

5 Ice Cream Dreams

This insane picture is probably one that could fit in every guy’s fantasy. You don’t get a much sexier picture than one of a gal like Melanie licking an ice cream cone. It’s hot as hell, and we know you can’t help but imagine what it’s like to be that ice cream. She has already done pretty well for herself in modeling, but she still wants more. She plans on taking acting by storm, and that’s what she’s been focusing on the most these days. Currently, she has a reported net worth of $200,000, and that will only continue to grow as she becomes more popular. It seems that this girl has all the talent in the world. She’s doing songwriting, acting, modeling, and taking over social media. Considering that she came from nothing and got her big break based on a Maxim article, she’s doing quite well for herself. We love that she goes into Hollywood completely fearless.

4 Showing Off Her Midriff

We can’t get over this sexy picture that shows off a pretty figure and an amazing midriff. I love the sparkling top that she is wearing because it really showcases her incredible figure. She is not only sexy, but she has many hidden talents. You may be surprised to know that these talents are a little unusual. Or maybe that’s exactly what you’re looking for. We already know that Melanie likes to laugh and refuses to take anything seriously. It’s a great way to live for anyone. If you are a fan of Mad TV, then you might love the fact that she does a really great impression of Ms. Swan. It’s actually kind of scary-good if you ever get the chance to see it. She can also play poker really well and can talk with her mouth closed like a ventriloquist. Strange? You bet it is. But we love it.

3 Crazy Sexy

We can see why Maxim magazine can’t get enough of her. For this Maxim shoot, she is sporting a bathing suit that hugs her in all the right ways. This outfit is crazy sexy, and after this spread, you can see why she’s the apple of every man’s eyes. This girl has some New York roots, and she’s very proud of where she came from. The Latin beauty hails from Brooklyn, where she was born and raised. But these days she is spending her time in Manhattan. She’s only 25-years-old and yet she has already accomplished so much. She has Filipino, Italian, and Puerto Rican roots, so we can now finally understand where she gets those exotic good looks from. It looks like this beauty is going places and she’s not afraid to get there as quickly as possible. Keep an eye on this one because she’s bound to be a big star.

2 Barely There

This photo represents all the social media videos she has done to promote her career. She looks amazing wearing nothing but a movie prop. She’s cute as a button, and it’s no wonder her popularity is growing by the day. She’s very vocal when she discusses dating. When asked whether she would date a guy that made less than her she responded with: “I absolutely would date a guy who doesn't make a lot of money, as long as he has ambitions and he's looking for something else. I think everybody is given a talent, and once you find out what that is, that talent will make money for you. So if the guy's not making a lot of money, it just means he hasn't figured out what he's good at yet. So I would be willing to help him figure out what it is that he's good at — help him maximize how much money he's making.” We would love to be "maximized" by Melanie!

1 Blue Beauty

Blue is definitely Melanie’s color as she looks fantastic all dressed up for an event. This dress hugs her in all the right places and gives her some serious cleavage. Melanie always looks her best when she goes out on the town; she’s basically a walking advertisement for herself. Melanie believes that you should be proud of whatever your man does, even if he drives a terrible vehicle: “I'm actually a really fun girl, and I like to try out different things. If anyone gets embarrassed by the kind of car her guy is driving, then she's not the girl for him. There's someone out there for everybody, and that just won't ever be a good match. I don't care about that kind of stuff. I'm from Brooklyn, NY, and I've been in hoopties and all those different kinds of cars, and it doesn't matter. We just like to get from point A to point B. I don't even have a car!” But we're pretty sure she could get a ride anytime.

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15 Photos Of Melanie Iglesias That Are Hot AF!