15 Photos Of Meghan Markle That Prince Harry Doesn't Want You To See

Meghan Markle is the greatest example of how one role can drastically change a person's life. Her life has changed for the better after she started appearing in Suits back in 2011. Let's be honest; nobody knew of Meghan before she became Rachel Zane in one of the most popular TV series of the last decade. I, myself, am not the biggest fan of Suits as it got boring somewhere in the third season, but boy did I love Meghan Markle. She's a woman that really has it all. For God's sake, she could literally become a princess if she ever wanted. Oh, wait...

Meghan Markle definitely has more than just the talent and stunning looks. I mean, if Prince Harry, the member of the British royal family, fell in love with her, there must be something more. However, it is very hard to predict if the relationship can evolve into something, or if it's just a fling. After all, Prince Harry is also just a man, and it is no surprise that he couldn't resist the magic touch of Meghan Markle. However, sooner or later the couple will have to face the harsh reality. Markle is a divorced actress and has a lot of controversial photos all over the internet. Prince Harry is a member of one of the most respected families in the world, which sticks to its traditions. I wish this couple all the best, but these pictures of Meghan Markle won't help to build a healthy relationship at all.

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15 Lost In The Moment

Meghan Markle is an actress, and she has to do everything that the directors tell, including acting in intimate scenes. Every one of us understands that all the emotions that Meghan Markle shows on set are fake and it is only her job, yet, it looks so real (that's a compliment). I mean, just look at her, all lost in the lustful moment with Patrick J. Adams in one of the best-known scenes from Suits. This photo is proof that Meghan could be a superstar in the 'other industry,' which is great news unless you are dating her.

I bet that Prince Harry is not happy at all about those intimate scenes. Of course, somewhere deep inside, he must be glad to know that Meghan is capable of miracles in the bedroom, but at the same time, it is one of those things that people don't want the rest of the world to know.

14 Meghan Markle Showing Off Her Flexibility

Meghan Markle is in love with yoga. If you scroll through Meghan's Instagram account, you will see a lot of pictures of her doing yoga all around the world. Don't get me wrong; it is a great and exemplary hobby, but... there is something about this picture that Prince Harry hates. On the one hand, it must be great to see that Meghan looks absolutely fantastic and can bend her body in ways that no man can expect. On the other hand, it must be awkward to know that the whole world can see Meghan's skills and forms. Yes, it is one of those things about Meghan Markle that Prince Harry would like to be proud of alone, behind closed doors. However, it is too late now, and Prince Harry will have to understand that Meghan Markle is a public person with an awful lot of awkward and provocative photos.

13 Meghan With Her Ex-Husband

Prince or no prince, seeing your girlfriend standing with her ex-husband is not flattering. I mean, we all know that our beloved ones had some exes in the past and it is fine as long as no one is bringing up that topic. Most of the time, it can only lead to trouble. We can pretend to be as open as we want, but knowing that another person once shared all the intimacy with your significant one is just not funny.

I imagine that Prince Harry would love if Meghan Markle were never married in the first place. However, even princes cannot turn back the hands of time. So, Prince Harry will have to learn how to cope with all the pictures of Meghan Markle and Trevor Engelson looking happy together. After all, if he loves Meghan, he must love her past as well.

12 Necklace From Prince Harry

Do you know that awkward moment when you start dating someone new, and everyone wants to find out who that person is? Most of the time, nobody wants to give away any information about new relationships before it gets serious. I mean, it is one of those things that people like to keep in privacy just to protect themselves from unnecessary pain. However, when you are someone like Prince Harry or Meghan Markle, it is barely possible to hide anything from the media. This photo is an excellent example of it.

To be honest, this necklace is a very lovely gift, and I bet that it impressed Meghan Markle a lot. However, how must the couple have felt when the whole world found about this gift, and it hit the headlines of every major magazine? In my humble opinion, it ruined all the intimacy.

11 Happy With Another Man

I can only imagine how strange must Meghan Markle feel dating Prince Harry. I mean, meeting the family of your significant other is awkward enough even if that is just a casual family. Now try to imagine that your lover's grandma is the Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand for 65 years and counting (I know, that's amazing). I would definitely pass out during the meeting.

Anyway, the fact itself that Meghan Markle is dating a prince puts a lot of responsibility on her shoulders as well. The things that she could carelessly do are not so acceptable anymore. That includes controversial photos of her with another man. Of course, this exact photo is nothing serious in everyday context, but the media is a genius when it comes to creating a hoax, especially, about the most influential people. If Meghan Markle wants to date Prince Harry, she must forget about any intimate photos with other men, or else it might backfire.

10 FedEx Girl

I am against labeling people by their profession or social status, but let's be honest here - if you want to marry a prince you must be a princess and not a FedEx girl. Of course, this picture is from Horrible Bosses, and Meghan Markle is not actually a FedEx girl. That said, I doubt that anyone in the British royal family cares where the hell this picture is coming from as long as Meghan Markle is dressed up as a FedEx girl. Once again, there is nothing wrong with this or any other decent job, but it just doesn't fit the image of Prince Harry and his whole family. I don't argue that it is very hypocritical, but it is the reality. I have a strange feeling that if Meghan Markle stays with Prince Harry, she won't be able to show up in movies as a FedEx girl. She should better start acting like a princess both on and off the set.

9 Young Meghan Markle

I love this photo. It shows us that Meghan Markle was a great and loving young girl before becoming a famous actress, and Prince Harry must be happy to see it if he thinks about the future with Meghan. However, there is one thing that is quite embarrassing about this exact shot. Just look at Meghan's haircut. And yes, probably all of us are 'guilty' for having a terrible haircut in our teenage years, which only looked cool back then. However, not all of us are dating members of the British royal family, right? If Meghan Markle wants to adapt to the new family, she will have to understand that extravagance and experiments with her looks are not acceptable. A princess must follow certain rules of sophistication, and this kind of haircut is not one of them. That said, Meghan Markle looked absolutely adorable when she was young, so it is not a surprise to see her so hot nowadays.

8 Way Too Simple For A Princess

Meghan Markle will have a hard time learning all the silly etiquette rules before she gets fully accepted into the British royal family. In my opinion, those rules shouldn't exist, and princesses should be able to walk and dress how they want to. However, reality has nothing to do with my opinion, and it is completely inappropriate for a girl who dates Prince Harry to show up in public dressed like a casual woman.

I bet that the British royal family is not happy to see this photo, which was taken after Meghan started dating Prince Harry. If I were Queen Elizabeth II, I would definitely tell my grandson to teach Meghan some style manners. Or even better, I would offer Prince Harry to introduce Meghan Markle to Kate Middleton. Kate already knows the rules of the royal game, and whenever she is in public, she acts like a sophisticated lady. Sorry, Meghan, but the baseball cap must go.

7 Unzipping Other Guy's Jeans

Let's get back to the famous scene from Suits for a while. To be honest, I think that this scene was the best romantic scene in Suits, hands down. It was clear that the passion between Rachel and Mike was real, and I could hardly tell if Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams were acting or if it was all natural. Of course, it is Meghan's job to convince people like us that everything we see on the screen is completely real. However, I don't think that Prince Harry appreciates Meghan Markle's talent to unzip Patrick J. Adams' jeans. I bet that Prince Harry would give a lot to see this whole scene deleted from Suits and people’s minds. Sadly, even the British royal family cannot do that much. And to make matters worse, this picture gives us a clear view of Meghan's beautiful body in her undies.

6 Meghan Smiling After Her Date With Prince Harry

I bet that celebs hate paparazzi with all their hearts. To be honest; there is a very good reason for that. For instance, some paparazzi took this photo of Meghan Markle right after her date with Prince Harry. The couple were only dating for a month back then, so it was perfectly understandable that they didn't want the world to know about their relationship. However, it is impossible to hide anything from the paparazzi.

The only positive thing about this picture is the fact that Meghan Markle was smiling and looking in love. I mean, isn't that the most important thing after all? I sometimes think that we tend to forget that celebs are humans. I mean, Meghan Markle is a girl, who just wants to be loved, and she would be heartbroken if her relationship with Prince Harry was destroyed because of the paparazzi.

5 Looking In Love... With Another Guy

I understand why Prince Harry fell in love with Meghan Markle. She is one of the hottest Hollywood actresses and from what I see, she is also a very smart and funny woman. Prince Harry must be happy about his choice in general, but he is definitely ashamed of a couple of things, including this picture, in which Meghan Markle is giving Patrick J. Adams 'the look of love.' I would not be surprised to find out that Prince Harry was sad to see this scene in Suits. I mean, any man would tell you that he would hate to see his lover looking at other people the way that Meghan Markle looks at Patric J. Adams. Needless to say, the fact that Meghan was acting and it was only her character Rachel, who loved Mike, makes things somewhat better. That said, Prince Harry will want to see Meghan playing more conservative roles in the future.

4 Showing Off Way Too Much

I bet that nobody of us ever complained about celebs showing off their private parts to the world. It is a guilty pleasure which we all share, and well, there is no shame in that. I mean, just look at Meghan Markle and tell me how could anyone be disappointed to see her showing too much flesh?

Ok, there is probably one prince in the world who is not happy about it. After all, Prince Harry can probably see Meghan Markle in her birthday suit whenever he wants, so it makes sense that he doesn't want to share it with the whole world. And I am pretty sure that if Meghan Markle and Prince Harry stay together, there will be fewer and fewer pictures of Meghan showing off her hot body. That said, her fans must be happy that it is impossible to delete old photos from the internet.

3 Seconds After The Fun

This particular picture must embarrass the whole British royal family a lot. Actually, it would embarrass any other family as well. Let's be honest; none of us would like to see our significant other laying naked in bed with another person. Of course, it is only a scene from TV series, and people see the characters Rachel and Mike in bed, and not Meghan and Patrick. Sadly, it is still Meghan's and Patrick's bodies in the picture. It is still them who had to passionately kiss in front of millions of viewers. And whenever Prince Harry watches Suits, he will see his future princess laughing after a long and sleepless night in bed with another man. Of course, we don't expect Prince Harry to admit that he hates it, but it is pretty obvious.

2 Meghan Markle Has Never Been More Naked

Meghan Markle is one of those celebs who doesn't really like to take pictures in her birthday suit. She has been in the industry long enough, and I am sure that she had a lot of exciting offers from the biggest men's magazines in the world. I mean, who wouldn't want to have Meghan Markle as a cover girl? That said, Meghan's role as Rachel Zane in Suits is the most important in her career, so she already had to cross her moral barriers once or twice to keep the job.

This scene, in which Meghan Markle is naked and wrapped around Patrick J. Adams, must cause nightmares for Prince Harry. Not only is she showing her privates to the world, but she is also sharing an intimate moment with another man. On top of that, it is clear that some of her privates are touching Patrick J. Adams' body, which is not what Prince Harry would love to fantasize about when watching Suits.

1 The Final Kiss

Rachel Zane and Mike Ross shared a beautiful love story in Suits. This story, along with many other factors, made both actors, who played Rachel and Mike, famous. If Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams were nothing in Hollywood before 2011, now they get a lot of different acting opportunities. On top of that, Meghan Markle got some attention from one of the most desirable bachelors in the world, Prince Harry. However, that same Prince Harry who fell in love with Meghan Markle and her acting must be pissed to see her kissing on screen.

This photo is definitely the worst from the perspective of Prince Harry. I mean, I believe that Prince Harry could have ignored some of the previous photos on this list, but it is impossible that he was cool with this one. Acting or not acting, the world will forever remember how Meghan Markle kissed another guy.

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