15 Photos Of Lindsay Lohan That Are Surprisingly Not Trashy

We've known actress Lindsay Lohan since she was just a young girl making her start in Hollywood. She was talented beyond her years, was cute and innocent, and had the world before her. Like many other child stars, Lohan grew up in the glare of the limelight and went on to have a career in the entertainment biz. But also like many child stars, her path to and through adulthood has seen many setbacks, both personally and professionally. She's also made many public appearances where she was seemingly less than responsible, causing herself shame and embarrassment, making her out-of-control antics the perfect fodder for trashy celeb gossip rags and not-so-newsy TV.

Whatever you may think of Ms. Lohan is your prerogative, but one thing most would agree on is that she can look pretty darn hot when she gets her act together. Yes, we've seen plenty of unflattering pics of the starlet stumbling drunk out of clubs and off curbs, making out in public with her “flavor of the week,” and a handful of oops-worthy “wardrobe malfunctions.” Those images may be good for a chuckle at her expense, but if you're seeking something far steamier, these 15 super sultry photos are aimed to please.

Lohan may have never won the “America’s Sweetheart” crown, and she probably never will, but she doesn't need a title to be totally titillating. Peruse these 15 luscious Lohan pics, and you'll soon forget all the wackiness you've witnessed from the often loony Lohan over the years.


15 Those Legs

The alluring actress Lindsay Lohan is all legs in this picture. Her long red wavy hair is as hot as fire, and her captivating pose is the perfect one to show off her sexy and fit figure. The lovely Lohan is showing off her body confidence and comfort in her own skin, making the photographer’s job all the easier. Not that they were complaining! She doesn’t need a stitch of fancy clothing to look as sexy as can be. Simplicity equals sex appeal for the amazing actress who lets her lean legs do the talking when they're not doing the walking. Wouldn’t you just love to run your fingers through that silky hair?

14 Bedroom Bliss


Someone looks all “hot and bothered,” and who would've thought the damsel in the heat of desire would be none other than actress Lindsay Lohan? As she poses ever so seductively on the edge of the hotel bed, it's quite hard to resist wondering what she must be thinking about -- and if there's anyone else there in the room with her. Lucky them. Wearing only white lace lingerie, we see Lohan’s rib tattoos and many freckles, and she seems to be feeling super sexy and ultra seductive. Can’t ya tell? Maybe she's just sleeping, but if that's the case, Lohan must be having one heck of a steamy dream. After seeing this perfect pic, what will you be dreaming about tonight? Too bad dreams don’t always come true.

13 Babe on Ice

While Lindsay Lohan may be feeling ice cold as she sits upon a block of ice, the rest of us are steaming up over this cool blue photo of the popular star. She may be icy on the surface, but surely, Lohan is warm at heart. She looks like a cool million in this ice blue ensemble and matching high-heel shoes. With a body to die for, Lohan is surely not shy about showing off her assets and does so with the perfection of a supermodel. While the backdrop of this shot may be all blue, we're certainly not feeling the blues after being fortunate enough to see this gorgeous pic of Lohan. Let’s hope for her sake they got the best shot quickly; sitting on a giant ice cube has got to be uncomfortable!

12 Poolside Perfection


The only thing brighter than the hot summer sunshine is actress Lindsay Lohan in her colorful wrap-around bikini. She certainly has her sultry pose nailed to a tee, and her figure looks fit and fab as she reveals her svelte middle in her interesting swimwear fashion choice. Those bright and bold colors play off her fair skin and red hair, and those mirrored sunglasses add a layer of chicness to the overall summertime look. Who knows if the lovely Lohan will be taking a dip or just wants to flaunt her body by the pool? But she's giving the camera a hefty dose of swimmingly good sex appeal. Hopefully, the actress was sun-smart and remembered to apply a thick layer of sunscreen – we certainly wouldn't want her to burn!

11 Sexy on the Sand

There's nothing much more relaxing than spreading out a soft and fluffy beach towel on the island sand and drifting off into dreamland on a warm summer day. Actress Lindsay Lohan knows this all too well and has found the perfect spot on the beach to take a short nap and let the stress of the day leave her body. Her classic black bikini is simple, yet sexy, and her designer sunglasses give us that reminder that she's a celebrity with an air of mystique she must maintain. While the summer sun may be steaming hot, Lohan looks super cool and completely comfortable as she relaxes on the beach without a care in the world. It must be nice to live like the rich and famous! Life is, indeed, a beach.

10 See-Through Swimwear


Well, this isn't the type of swimsuit one sees every day! But then again, actress Lindsay Lohan isn't your average woman. Leave it to the confident actress to sit poolside in a see-through number that would certainly make quite the splash if it were to get wet in the pool or ocean. It looks like Lohan will remain in her beach chair all day, but that's A-OK by us! The sheer look of this sexy white bathing suit is alluring and interesting, and although it comes up high by the neck, the see-through mesh gives a glimpse as to what's underneath. Lohan’s pretty pose allows us to get a nice view of her choice in swimwear, and it fits her like a glove. But this is summer, so who really needs gloves?

9 Fringe Benefits

What a sultry gaze! Actress Lindsay Lohan surely knows how to play things up for the camera, and she looks as hot as a model in her chic fringed vest and super short denim shorts. Here, the actress is a blonde rather than her usual red, but the lighter hair looks fresh and amazing. Wavy and long, her hair is looking sexier than ever, which is a must when paired with this super cool and totally hot ensemble. Lohan’s laidback pose shows off her lean legs and gives us a hint of bare midriff, and her cool shoes finish the look with even more sex appeal. Lohan’s smoky black eye makeup adds mystery and seduction to the photo (as if we needed any more). Talk about the fine flair of fabulous fringe!


8 Covergirl


GQ magazine knows a thing or two about what and who is smokin’ hot, so actress Lindsay Lohan on the cover shows that she's a real scorcher. Not many women could pull off this look as well as Lohan did in this shoot, making her a cover model with an appeal that can’t be beaten. Her black swimsuit is barely there, and those tiny red shorts are not for the faint of heart. She has a little tattoo on her lower back, and her bright and bold red lipstick is classic, yet modern at the same time. Here, Lohan’s hair is a darker hue, but it plays well with the overall sultriness of the look. Who would want to open this magazine when the best part is right there on the cover?

7 Tying One On

A man’s necktie has never looked better than it does when it's loosely tied around the neck of the stunning actress Lindsay Lohan. When perfectly paired with a plain button-down shirt that's barely buttoned at all, a bland and relatively boring tie suddenly becomes the most exciting thing we've seen in a while. Lohan’s mostly white look paired with this dark tie and adorable brimmed hat makes for a hot photo that's hard to take your eyes off. Her hair is silky, shiny, and bouncy and her pose for the camera is just perfect. The next time your girlfriend or wife buys you a tie for your birthday or Christmas, don't be disappointed. Take a not-so-subtle cue from Ms. Lohan, and dress your sweetie up just like this!

6 Sweet Treat


That juicy slice of ripe watermelon sure looks good but not as great as actress Lindsay Lohan does as she enjoys the sticky sweet summertime fruit. What could be more refreshing than a thick slice of fresh watermelon on a hot and sultry summer day? We can’t think of anything either. Lohan seems to be having a great time as she sits poolside enjoying this healthy and mouthwatering treat. With the wind in her hair and the sun shining down on her luminous skin, Lohan captures the joy and essence of summer in one perfect photo moment. The bright blue water brings out the color of the actress’s clear blue eyes, and that white and red swimsuit is as lovely as she is. Aren’t you in the mood for some watermelon, too?

5 Wow

She's looking as hot as can be in her push-up bikini top and ravishing red nails and lips, and her bleached blonde hair is a throwback to old Hollywood style. We see that Lohan has some words tattooed on her inner forearm, and she gives the peace sign for the camera. They say that blondes have more fun, and that's just what it looks like Lohan is doing. If you replace this guy’s face with yours, you can have a new Facebook profile pic that will be sure to get lots of “likes.”

4 Showing Her Stripes


We've all heard of the “little black dress,” but actress Lindsay Lohan has taken “little” a little too far. Not that anyone is complaining one bit! With an extremely low-cut plunge and a super skin-tight fit, the lovely Lohan looks like a true Hollywood star who's more than ready to rock the star-studded red carpet with tons of sex appeal oozing from every pore. Her perfect hourglass figure is well highlighted in this snatched-in black dress, making her waist look super slim and her curves ever so voluptuous. With a sexy side-swept low ponytail and simple understated jewelry, Lohan's letting her amazing body and gorgeous dress have center stage. Her pretty eyes shine and her no-nonsense pose is firm and powerful. She's dressed to impress, and that we are!

3 Daisy Duke Darling

“Daisy Duke” shorts are sexy as is, but actress Lindsay Lohan takes the sex appeal up another notch by leaving them unbuttoned and slung low on her hips. She shows off her tanned tummy and belly button ring by pairing her itty-bitty denim shorts with a white string bikini top. It's evident that Lohan's proud of her body and isn’t afraid to show off her assets to everyone in eyeshot. Those red-rimmed sunglasses add a summery touch, and her honey blonde hair is the perfect pairing to this casual, yet sizzling hot look. Lohan is never shy around the paparazzi, so she feels like herself as she makes her way through the crowd around her. Who wears short shorts? Why, Lindsay Lohan does, better than anyone else can!

2 Ridin’ The Waves


Actress Lindsay Lohan looks like a natural as she rides the waves on her piece of high-powered machinery. With a confident stance, a cool vest, a sexy black string bikini, and her signature summer shades, Lohan is ready to rev up her engine and make a big splash as she speeds through the cool ocean water. Lohan has never been one to sit on the sidelines, so seeing her up and about in the sunshine riding the waves is no surprise to anyone. She looks like she's done this before and loves the thrill and adventure her beach outing will be sure to bring. It's relaxing to sunbathe poolside, cocktail in hand, but sometimes, a gal needs some activity. Look out, sea creatures! Ms. Lohan is coming for a visit!

1 Glamour Girl

Here we see the gorgeous actress Lindsay Lohan dressed to impress in a slinky black mini dress that hugs all her curves in all the right places. Her luxurious red hair is ravishing and radiant, and that sultry look she's giving the camera is alluring as can be. Those long golden earrings frame the actress’ beautiful face, and her lovely bright eyes glimmer like fancy gemstones. Lohan always knows how to pose with perfection for the camera with elegance and sex appeal, and she knows her best angles to show off her facial structure to its fullest. With such a hot photo, it's easy to forget that Lohan is an actress and not a model. Her tempting gaze into the lens is oh-so captivating, and her “come hither” look is intoxicating. Lohan is a looker who deserves your attention!


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