15 Photos Of Leighton Meester That Are Hot AF!

How can we not love Leighton Meester? She’s gorgeous, popular, and doing quite well in Hollywood. She became famous when she got one of the leads in the scandalously popular TV show Gossip Girl. Fans loved her manipulating character as Blair Waldorf because she just didn’t take crap from anyone. She was probably more popular than Serena Van Der Woodsen, which is saying a lot for how well she portrayed her character. Meester is one cool person as well; she was making waves in Hollywood long before Gossip Girl catapulted her to fame. She played Justine Chapin in Entourage, as well. These days, she's on the TV series Making History, she's been married to the O.C’s Adam Brody for the past seven years, and they share a daughter together.

Whether you were a fan of Gossip Girl or not, there’s no doubt that you can’t get enough of Meester either way. She’s a stunning actress who's multi-talented. When she played alongside Gwyneth Paltrow in Country Strong, she played a singer and sang her own songs. This hottie has done just as well on the big screen as she has in various TV series. This girl is heating up the screens wherever she goes. If you want to see more sexy photos of this actress, then stay tuned because we found some great ones. These photos prove that Leighton Meester is hot AF!


15 Beach Babe

Meester has such an amazing body that we can’t help but appreciate this bikini shot. She seems to be having a casual day on the beach, possibly while on vacation. In the barely-there bikini, she's looking as hot as ever. You might be surprised to find out that Meester is a natural blonde and that she’s had to dye her hair to be a brunette for most of her roles. It’s always surprising to us how many celebrities were bullied in high school. “High school for me was not all that fun. I think it's a lot more fun after when you realize that high school ends, and everything that's important at that time is sort of not important if people don't like your jeans or whatever. It doesn't matter.” Unfortunately, it’s an experience of many people, and it’s a problem in society that needs to end.

14 Leaning Into It


Sexy lingerie paired with some pretty hot high heels makes for one great outfit. There’s no doubt about it -- Meester looks great in lingerie. It was like she was born to model it, and we're grateful that she does. She's more than confident in this photo, totally owning the pose that she's in. We love Meester because she's aware of her sexuality, and she completely owns it. She may be confident, but she doesn’t make friends easily. That may be surprising, considering how popular and confident she seems. Who wouldn't want to be friends with her? But it’s a process for her, Leighton says. We can tell that she's thought these things through. After all, it’s never easy trusting anyone especially in the society that we now live in.

13 The Vixen

Meester played quite the Upper East Side vixen on Gossip Girl, and she wasn’t afraid of showcasing her sexuality, especially when it came to winning the heart of her soulmate, Chuck Bass. She's showing off all her best assets in this photo, and she looks exquisite. A great outfit for a girl that's hot AF! She's a sexy and talented actress whom we just can't get enough of. She was blessed to wear a lot of designer gear when she played Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl. “I've gotten to wear such beautiful clothes and had such a variety, and it's just been so nice because I feel like I've grown so much with my style and everything because I've been able to have fun with it. It's really fun for me.” She certainly looks amazing in this lingerie fashion; two thumbs up from us!

12 Pretty in Pink


Wow! This photo shows an amazing pose that has Meester at a great angle for everyone to see her great body. Lingerie and heels are always a great look for Meester; she can pull off any type of lingerie and look incredible in it. She's never been shy when it comes to showing off her incredible figure, and in the case of this outfit, pink and black is just right for her. She continues to surprise and delight us with how smart she is. “I love my parents very much, but people either continue or break the patterns of what their life should be, and I just want to completely break whatever patterns would lead me to the same life choices that they made.” She's already proven that she's not like her parents; she's someone else entirely.

11 The Dominatrix

Meester has all the power in this photo, and she’s not about to relinquish it. She knows what she wants, and she plans on getting it. Her powerful gaze mixed with that leather outfit proves that she's not only hot but also completely in control of her situation. We love the fact that Meester can play many different roles, like an innocent and naïve country music singer to a manipulative and powerful Upper East Side teenager. No matter her role, she pulls it off with shining colors. The girl can not only act but sing as well. “Singing really is acting. In a lot of ways, it's much more personal. I love music, and being able to work on that is amazing.” Being musically inclined makes her that much easier to cast in Hollywood because she's a double threat, and we love it.

10 A Girl Who Squats


Well, it’s pretty obvious that this girl spends some time in the gym. Her body is incredible, and we absolutely love this pose. It’s confident and sexy and just proves that Meester is a force to be reckoned with. We can’t help but love Meester because not only is she hot but she's one smart cookie, as well. She proves that every time that she speaks, it’s always eloquent and well thought out. “The way I become friends with somebody is a slow process. You can't just spill your guts and tell them everything about yourself and expect them to listen and understand you because you don't know them. It's the same thing with a relationship.” This quote just proves that she knows what she’s doing and that she's confident in the decisions that she makes. All in all, she’s the complete package.

9 Picture Perfect

There’s just something sexy about Meester’s wide-eyed innocence in this photo. She looks almost startled in this photo, and she's never looked sexier. This photo shows her in a dress, and the fact that it’s in black and white gives it a bit of glamor, as well. Meester has received a lot of flak over the years due to her tiny figure, but she doesn’t let it bother her. She says that sometimes, you just have to ignore the haters. "Even when people are so judgmental about what you wear or your weight, you just have to step away and be like, 'I'm a normal, fine human being.'” It’s a good way to be because holding that in can be really hard. That’s part of the problem with being in Hollywood: people will always judge you. It’s best to just ignore it.


8 Badass Girl


This picture shows Meester’s badass side, which is compelling because you can still see the innocence of her style shining through. She truly is a badass actress. The photo is mysterious because of the color, but we see her beauty showing through. Her hair is loose, and she's dressed casually, but she's also never looked hotter. The reason why we love Meester so much is that she's brutally honest and speaks her truth, whatever that is. “You can take what's handed to you and use it as an excuse to mess up. But I've always handled what was given to me by life. I consider myself lucky. I was never lied to. And I was loved.” She's definitely a truth seeker, and it’s the way that we should all handle the things that go wrong in our lives.

7 Seductive Gaze

Obviously, she’s got us captivated with this look. Just look at this gorgeous woman. She's sexy and alluring all wrapped in together. She's not messing around with a look like this. She looks like she's just lying in bed waiting for her special man to arrive. It just makes you wish that you were there with her. Meester has admitted that she’s just like the rest of us -- she's addicted to texting; she can’t get enough of it. “It's wonderful to be in love. And it's definitely wonderful to cuddle and have sex and get to experience life with somebody. But it's OK if you don't find him and you're 24. You can find it someday.” We couldn’t agree more, and it’s okay to be alone and just love yourself because, at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

6 A Class Act


Meester has more than proven that she can play the role of a wealthy Upper East Sider. These are the kinds of clothes that a socialite would wear. She's hot AF in this picture because she's dressed to the nines in a classy and elegant outfit. We love that her hair is pulled up in such an elegant way and that she has a demure expression. Combine that with her intense sex appeal, and we may have found the perfect woman in this photo. Not only is she an actress and a singer, but she's also a published poet. She enjoys creative writing, and she's fluent in French. Maybe we’ll have to consider her a triple threat after all. “I don't know if it'd be anytime soon, but I'd really like to work on a collaboration with somebody -- I always have ideas for stuff like that.”

5 Winning Smile

Meester’s whole face lights up in this photo; it’s because of her winning smile. It pretty much lights up her whole face. She's doing a pool shoot here with a sexy bathing suit paired with heels, and she's a serious stunner in this photo. Meester has a bit of a shady past; she was born while her mother was serving time in jail. Talk about an original Cinderella story. Apparently, her mother was involved in a drug ring that blew up, and she was sentenced to time in prison. Meester doesn’t have any involvement with her mother these days, which is probably a good thing. “I'm so accustomed to being alone.” That might be because her mother spent some time in jail while she was being raised by someone else. She does, however, still love her mother and actually looks up to her. “I look up to my mom. She's a beautiful woman.”

4 Sexy Stare


She's wearing a cleavage-baring dress that's beyond scary. It really doesn’t matter what Meester wears; she's always looking gorgeous. It’s a great dress that fits her body perfectly. She's a gorgeous girl with a lot of talent. She has a sexy stare that gives you a small taste of the seductiveness that is totally Meester. She was actually afraid that her past getting out would ruin her career. It’s pretty hardcore that her mother was involved in a drug ring, so she tried to keep it secret. Nothing, of course, stays secret in Hollywood, and when it came out, Meester was worried that no one would cast her in anything. She proved herself wrong, however, and, in the end, made a great career for herself. “Sometimes you're a little too close for comfort, and I think anybody can relate to that, whether you're in college or just moving out on your own.”

3 Casual Beauty

Even as she sits there casually reading a book, she's one hot tamale. Dressed in heels with her hair pulled back, she's incredibly gorgeous. There's that smile that we can’t get enough of because she's a force to be reckoned with. As if she weren’t perfect enough, Meester has one solitary tattoo on her body, and it’s in the form of a flower on her wrist. It’s blue with a yellow center, and it’s just as elegant as she is. Her character in Gossip Girl had a strong love for Paris, and Meester feels the same way. Although she loves Paris, she's always said that New York is her favorite place in the world to be. We don’t blame her; both cities are exquisite, especially if you're someone who's interested in fashion. There's a hotel in New York that actually has Gossip Girl-inspired drinks.

2 Dreamy Beauty


Just when we think this girl couldn't get any more beautiful, she manages to prove us wrong. She’s a stunning example of someone who can appear hot as hell and elegant all at the same time. She’s lying here in a gorgeous dress looking polished and perfect. Her hair is loose, and she has a dreamy expression that pulls us right in, making us long for more. “I remember looking through magazines or watching movies even just a couple of years ago and being like, 'I really want to be part of that,' but not realizing what that was.” She had the same feeling when it came to getting into acting. It was more of a random decision. “I watched a lot of TV, and it clicked one day that these people were acting. It sounded like the most fun thing ever.”

1 Smoky Eyes

Just look at those eyes! We can’t get enough of this beauty and her stunning eyes staring right back at us. This is just a headshot, but that’s all we need to prove that Meester is hot AF! Her tantalizing gaze is drawing us into her, and we're mesmerized by her beauty. She looks amazing with her smoky eyes as well as her hair casually being pulled up. Before she started acting, she began modeling for companies like Ralph Lauren and Limited Too. She's spent a lot of her time in expensive designer clothing. What a life! We can see why she was able to model for so long; she's gorgeous and has the perfect figure to be a model. “I didn't really like modeling; it was fun, but I always wanted acting.” We're so glad that she decided to make the switch.

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