15 Photos Of Kylie Jenner's Transformation

When it comes to the Kardashian family, it seems that their half-sister, Kylie, has become the new “It” girl in regards to setting trends and causing controversy. While the world was once obsessed wit

When it comes to the Kardashian family, it seems that their half-sister, Kylie, has become the new “It” girl in regards to setting trends and causing controversy. While the world was once obsessed with whether or not Kim Kardashian has had butt implants or released her own sex tape, it seems like the new hot ticket item in the media has to do with Kylie and her romance troubles or her plethora of plastic surgery rumors. In fact, even other celebrities have started to weigh in on the incredible transformation Kylie has made over the years. Recognizing the conundrum that Kylie is in, Keke Palmer recently took to Instagram in defense of Kylie and her transformation. She posted a meme that had a before and after shot of Kylie and also had a few quotes taken by the media during those times in her life. Her younger photo had a reference to her being ugly and inability to look older, while her 2016 photo had a statement about how she looks fake. It seems that she can’t win no matter what she does and yet, it’s hard to deny that her transformation is absolutely astounding.

Audiences of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality series remember her looking a certain way when she was first introduced in the series but she is definitely not that same freckled face girl anymore. Check out our list of the 15 photos of Kylie Jenner’s transformation and see how her look and style has evolved over the years.

15 Similar To Punky Brewster

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In 2009, Kylie was photographed while she was just 12-years-old. Her freckled face look was strikingly similar to the pop culture favorite, Punky Brewster. She doesn’t seem to have any facial makeup at all and lets her freckles be the star of the show on her cute and unassuming face. Her lips don’t even have a hint of any gloss or hue and it even seems like she’s had to forego on any chapstick as well (which she could have probably used since her lips look a tad dry). However, she does appear to have some dark black eyeliner on and perhaps a few sweeps of mascara. Yet, it’s not overstated lashes like in her later years. However, it might be there but is obscured by her full bangs. She is seen wearing her hair in a center part and the bangs look a bit unkempt, yet she seems to be able to pull it off since she is super young in the photo.

14 Looking Like A Cute Tween

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In 2010, Kylie Jenner appeared at the premiere for the film, Easy A. She had just turned 13-years-old and she was still looking very much like the cute little girl audiences saw running around in the background during scenes on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. While she is seen wearing a bit of makeup, it seems pretty age appropriate. Her foundation isn’t heavy at all (if she’s even wearing any) and she seems to have just a pale lip gloss on her cute and thin lips. The result is the look of just a heavy dose of cherry chapstick rather than a full-on lipstick. She is accentuating her lashes and light brown eyes but it’s nothing that stirred up any controversy on the red carpet. Instead, she opted to bring out her rosy cheeks, which seemed perfectly fine for a girl her age. Her hairstyle is also quite whimsical, with a few braids in her center part to give a little detail to her naturally soft brown hair.

13 Heavy Eyes And Heavier On The Foundation

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When it comes to makeup, there is a rule of thumb in regards to certain areas of the face to highlight over others. While it can be tempting to create an ebony smoky eye to go with luscious red lips, the general rule is that only one facial feature should be accented at any given time. If a person tries to highlight each and every aspect of their face, the result is usually something akin to a clown. Kylie seemed to understand this rule when she stepped out in front of the cameras in 2011. Her lips have a pale pink color that looks only slightly darker than her natural lip color (probably just a clear pale gloss) and then she went extra heavy on the eyes. She lined both the upper and lower portion of the eye in a deep black tone and there is a smoky effect to bring added attention to her eyes. She received quite a bit of criticism for the heavy amount of foundation she was wearing at the tender age of just 14-years-old but it was a pretty subdued look compared to some of her future styles.

12 Still Trying To Come Into Her Own

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There is a tricky time in a girl’s life when she is trying to transition out of her childish look but isn’t quite yet a full-fledged adult. In 2013, Kylie Jenner appeared at the premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and she definitely didn’t look like a kid anymore. She chose a thick layer of top eyeliner, enhanced lashes, and a dark burgundy lip color. Early on, fans of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ series have known that Kylie has always loved a dark red lipstick. There was even an episode where she chose to don deep red lips while out with her family and Bruce was not at all happy about it (which is pretty ironic since Bruce now calls himself Caitlyn and wears a fair share of lipstick all the time now). In any case, Kylie looked quite fetching with her subtle ombre hair and deep red lips, even though she was heavily criticized due to the fact that the deep burgundy tone only further showed how very thin her lips are.

11 Comparable To Model Sister Days

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While Kendall has always been thought of as the prettier sister, there was a time when they seemed to be very comparable in the looks department. Kylie was finally starting to shed the baby-faced look from her younger years and really starting to grow into her own adult look. This was before she decided to opt for a few facial enhancements, so this picture shows her with her naturally thinner lips. Yet, the look isn’t bad at all. In fact, the photo shows just how similar the two sisters look alike. With both of their heads cocked to the side, they definitely look like sisters. Kylie has a bit of a chubbier look to her cheeks and Kylie has a much slimmer angle to her jawline and cheek bones. However, there is a distinction about Kylie’s look that gives her a bit of an edge. This is made even better by the fact that she’s wearing a “Brat” hat, while Kendall’s hat says, “Angel.” This photo gives a great glimpse into what Kylie would have looked like if she didn’t opt to go in for a few too many lunchtime procedures.

10 Starting Her Trendsetting Ways

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Once it became blatantly clear that she would never reach the heights of beauty like her supermodel sister, Kendall, Kylie seemed to want to rebel from the typical norms of the beauty standard. Her version of rebelling took on the form of dying her hair to a deep turquoise ombre style transcending into an almost sea foam tone. This was during a time when other celebrities were already starting to experiment with their own hair colors, including pop stars like Katy Perry. The color was actually quite fetching on Kylie and definitely helped her to stand out from her Kardashian sisters. However, it caused a bit of a stir in her family, which played out on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Kim was in an uproar about her hair color change because she thought it would spoil wedding photos that showed her with the turquoise color. Thinking that it was just a fad hair color choice that wouldn’t stay relevant when looking back at wedding photos, it wasn’t met with overwhelming approval by her family. However, it did start to mark her transformation as a trendsetter for the rest of the world.

9 Starting To See A Hint Of Larger Lips

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There isn’t really a definitive answer as to why Kylie decided to enhance her lips since she denied claims that she had them surgically enhanced in the beginning. However, it definitely had to be difficult for her since she had such thin lips and was constantly being compared to either her supermodel sister or the three ultra glamorous Kardashian half-sisters. Whatever the case, when she finally decided to do something about her thin lips, it wasn’t as drastically noticeable as it is now. She claimed that they appeared larger for a number of reasons beyond plastic surgery. She said that she has grown older and matured and therefore, her lips have started to fill out. She claimed that she has become aware of some new makeup tricks to make them appear bigger and then she even said that she used a lip suction device to make them look more plump. While the media didn’t really buy into her excuses, some people did and many people actually started to buy lip suction devices to try and enhance their own lips. However, the result usually ended up being photos of girls with big red rings around their mouths from the suction tool rather than the flawlessly plump lips that Kylie Jenner seemed to acquire overnight.

8 Transitioning Into A Kardashian

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While Kylie seemed to be happy with the first baby steps she took in regards to her fuller lips, she didn’t seem finished by any means. In fact, this particular photo shows that she is definitely starting to look more like her Kardashian half-sisters than she is her full-sister, Kendall. Her lips look a tad more full, she has opted for a more revealing ensemble than Kendall and she has embraced the “Fake Side.” From the nails to the hair, there is a major contrast between her and Kendall in this photo. While Kendall looks fresh-faced and effortlessly beautiful, Kylie looks like she could be in her 30’s. She looks obviously intrigued by her new “unbe-weave-able” new hairstyle and can even be seen trying to draw further attention to her long locks in the photo. This marks the first cry for extra attention and it is perfectly captured in this photo.

7 Reaching Ultimate Kardashian Status

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This is the photo that depicts the point of no return for Kylie’s transformation. There is no more evidence of a “hint” towards lip enhancements since this photo speaks volumes. The lips are completely blown up to the point of non-recognition from her earlier years. She has also started to adopt the makeup regime of her older sister, Kim Kardashian, which can be seen in full-effect. From the eyebrows that look practically painted onto the fake eyelashes to the heavy ebony hair. Kylie is no longer giving the look of the fresh-faced younger sister and instead, seems to be trying to emulate her Kardashian half-sisters in every way possible. The jet-black hair is something that Kim and Kourtney have always seemed to master, with Khloe opting to lighten it up over the years. While there have been some hair tone changes within all of the sisters, the signature black-haired look is classic Kardashian at its best. This seems to be the look Kylie is going for in this photo and she definitely reached her goal.

6 Back To The Turquoise Hair

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Kylie has dabbled in different hair colors when she was younger, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she would resort back to this style after her dramatic facial transformation. While the dark ebony hair helped to give her a resemblance to her Kardashian sisters, she still seemed to want to stand out amongst the pack. In this particular photo, she opted for an ombre look and kept her roots jet black. The bottom portion of her hair transcends into the deep turquoise tone from her past. While the color definitely does help her to stand out, the heavy makeup she dons doesn’t really mean that she needs any extra help to stand out. Her lips are heavily painted on, her cheeks have a heavy amount of deep blush and her eyes are nothing short of astounding with the fake lashes reaching practically to her eyebrows. While she once used to stick to the guidelines that makeup should only highlight one portion of the face, this photo proves that she has opted to adhere to her own set of rules.

5 Channeling Bettie Page

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At the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, Kylie showed up in a nude ensemble with intricately tied knots. This was an ensemble that was more than just a tad unique and seemed to resemble something that Lady Gaga would wear, rather than someone like Kylie Jenner. Yet, Kylie has never been known for having stellar fashion sense, so it doesn’t seem like she was trying to make a statement with the ensemble. Instead, it looks more like she was trying to channel some sort of old school pinup or bondage look. She reverted to the bangs look she had when she was 12-years-old, only this time she looked like a Bettie Page lookalike rather than Punky Brewster. She donned a nude, matte lip color and paired it with a sweeping cat eye look that only furthered her pinup look. One look at her on the red carpet and people began commenting on the heavy foundation and contouring she donned when she arrived. This seems to be how Kylie approached giving a new adult look on the red carpet but it was met with a fair amount of criticism.

4 Blue-Eyed Babe

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In this social media obsessed world, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Kylie has taken to her Instagram and Twitter pages to help promote herself to all of her followers. She seems to be taking a page from her big sister Kim in this respect because her posts are constant and she has no shame in taking numerous selfies to continue to promote herself. In one social media post, it’s difficult to tell her apart from her sister, Kim. Yet, there are other aspects of the photo that have made people start talking about possible plastic surgery aspects she has indulged in besides her obvious lip fillers. Dr. Alessi, a renowned plastic surgeon, gave an interview with OK! magazine and made a few comments about how her nose looks like it has had obvious signs of modification. He stated, “The tip is thinner and she had at least a tip rhinoplasty modifying the lower lateral cartilages.” Perhaps this is why she chose to don blue-colored contacts in the photo since it would help take the attention away from her obvious nose job.

3 Brand New Kardashian Butt

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In various social media posts, Kylie has shown off a waist trainer, which has become highly controversial since it can be quite damaging to the human body. She has praised these products for making her waist look slimmer and her hips look nice and curvy. However, she posted a photo to her social media showing a side profile shot and people were dropping their jaws at what a difference there seemed to be in her derriere. Since she has been a reality star figure since she was a child, it’s not like audiences haven’t seen what her butt looks like from a profile view in the past. When comparing photos side by side, it is obvious that she has done something major in regards to plastic surgery to her backside. It isn’t clear whether it is actual buttock implants or fat grafting but whatever the case, the photo definitely makes it clear that something drastic has been done to her once very small pancake butt.

2 Sea Foam Blonde Hair

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While Kylie has opted to dye her hair in the past, she typically stayed towards a darker tone. In fact, she usually had an ombre look that maintained that the majority of her hair remained true to her jet black hairstyle. However, she’s also known for being a trendsetter and that can’t happen without attempting styles that are outside of the norm. In this case, she has bleached out her hair and put in a sea foam tone that let some of the blonde shine through. Yet, the real story behind this photo is the fact that her breasts look utterly enhanced. It looks like she went from a small B cup to a major D cup. Perhaps she had a breast augmentation awhile back and no one seemed to know because she was usually pretty covered up when it came to cleavage. However, they have seemed to settle into place and this photo shows that she is ready to let them have their time in the limelight.

1 Blonde And Beautiful

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The Kardashian sisters have been known to go blonde every now and again but it is not always met with favorable critiques. In fact, when Kim Kardashian went fully blonde, there was a major uproar over how she had killed her signature look and it did not look right on her. While Khloe seems to have been able to pull off the look with ease, she has still maintained the dark roots to have a somewhat ombre style. Proving that she is officially the hottest of all of the sisters, Kylie has gone completely blonde and people are really seeming to love her new look. Her latest endeavor features a 2017 calendar that was shot by the famed photographer, Terry Richardson. Richardson has been known for shooting some of the hottest celebrities in the world and he’s also known for being a tad risqué in the way he chooses to shoot his subjects. The calendar has received a huge amount of attention and people are buzzing at how well she has done for herself as a newly blonde bombshell.

Sources: Bustle, Beauty Editor, HypeBeast

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