15 Photos Of Kim And Kylie We Want To See Over And Over Again

Recently it seems as though as time has marched on,  suddenly Kylie Jenner is starting to look an awful lot like her big sister, Kim. The Kardashian and Jenner clans are one of the most over-hyped families around (and yes, we are aware that we contribute to such). There are some positives when it comes to this group of beautiful women. Their looks are incredibly similar, despite having different fathers. The girls all seem to have dark features and the perfect blend of Middle Eastern flavor in their faces. They have varying "natural" body types with a variety of improvements and upgrades to balance out what they don't exactly like about themselves. They are loved and hated across the world and known for being famous for the sake of being famous.

It's funny to think back when the Internet was just becoming the Internet and Paris Hilton was dominating the news and the covers of magazines for "being famous for being famous." I can remember all the news cycles covering her every move- from when Paris stepped out of a nightclub to when she wore the most exotic outfits. Now, we have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to build off of the cycle of women selling their bodies and looks for free over the web in hopes of cannibalizing their self-pride while at the same time promoting the heck out their best assets; normally, their bodies. This is key in evolving a brand which allows these young women to sell more than their naked bodies; they sell products and sensationalize their lives into some crazy Latin soap that draws people in. Kim followed Paris, of course, and set the Internet on fire (and still does at times). Little sister Kylie has taken good notes and is well on her way to doing the same, becoming Kim 2.0. Let's take a look at the two sisters and see what they've got! Kim vs. Kylie: who has the hottest photos?


15 Kim Kardashian's Famous Rear

There are a variety of things that Kim Kardashian may be known for, but none are quite as famous as her rear end. The Internet and media are obsessed with Kim's backside. And of course, Kim advocates as many people as possible looking at her and her rear end. There are no shortages of Kardashian-influenced photos that display her "money maker." Whether it's on a beach or wearing a sexy outfit, Kim goes out of her way to show off whatever she's got. In this picture, she poses, somewhat casually, and the whole idea is to have the world focus on her bodacious rear end. And we do. If you are into butts with impressive curves then Kim Kardashian is the place to go. When she is fit and in workout mode, her rear end is definitely one of the best around.

14 Kylie's Backside Boogie


"Whatever you can do I can do better." That phrase has never had more meaning than with sibling rivalries. And although some rivalries aren't meant to be aggressive in nature, some are done out of fun. And as Kylie looks up at big sis, she can't help but try and emulate some of the greater successes KK has achieved. Here, Kylie confidently points a metaphorical gun with her fingers and she adds the allure of fishnet stockings for good measure. It appears that she is wearing black laced underwear and is pretty unapologetic about the world staring at her behind. She displays her own bodacious butt with confidence and clearly takes aim at big sis's rep in the process.

13 KK in the Early Years

Long before she ever appeared in an adult movie, Kim Kardashian was a young beautiful woman who had captivating physical characteristics. If anyone doubts that Kim Kardashian was a true beauty, you are quite incorrect. She may be overplayed in the Internet and media world, but she is beautiful, bar-none.  She was born in the shadow of Hollywood in Los Angeles, California. Her parents were Kris Jenner and attorney Robert Kardashian. Early on, Kim Kardashian was close friends with Paris Hilton. She was a stylist of Paris's and the two hung out regularly together. KK was always around the Hollywood elite, her father a successful attorney and friend to many celebrities. This two-piece bikini was just a sign of things to come for this true beauty.

12 Kylie's Splash


Unlike big sis, Kim, Kylie was a teen who grew up with social media surrounding every move of her life. In fact, the media was literally in her house every single day. While Kim had to work for more attention, Kylie was handed boatloads of it. All she had to do was roll out of bed and cameras could find her. She was in the rare position of being a child star without actually doing anything to earn her stardom. She quickly took note of the attention her older sisters were getting and started to become active with her social media. Taking cues from her siblings, Kylie was able to capitalize on a lot of the attention her family was getting and garner some of her own.

11 The Video

Okay. Let's talk about the elephant in the room, or in this case, the naked Kardashian going ALL out during a sexcapade on camera. Kim Kardashian's official Internet "coming out party" was, without a doubt, the emergence of a sex tape that got leaked online. This tape was categorized as "accidental" in nature. However, it didn't take long for KK to jump on this and grab opportunity by the with both hands, if you know what we mean. The tape emerged in 2003 and featured Kim and her boyfriend, Ray J getting it on...and on. The tape was pretty much an open book on Kim's body and made her a celebrity overnight. The tape netted Kardashian over $5 million. But the reality is, that tape is worth over $100 million to her and her family. It literally made them stars.

10 Kylie's Selfies


Whereas big sister Kim had a sex tape dropped on the Internet, Kylie started to pound out the selfies. As she turned 18, Kylie's physique was starting to become uncanny in its similarities to her big sister. What was more interesting was Kylie's relentless self-promotion of her figure. In this selfie, she makes no qualms about taking a snapshot keying in on her "goods." She wants the world to see her chest and her midriff. She wants everyone to look at her tiny two-piece with her impressive curves. Kylie's intention was to get attention, and it has worked. With every picture she posts, she focuses on her body with the express purpose of getting people to stare at her. And it has most certainly worked.

9 Let's Talk Chests

Hard to argue with these bad girls! Kim Kardashian has the most impressive chest of all the ladies in the family. Nobody can touch her natural "lady parts." She was born with a hefty chest. Now, certainly, lifts could be in order and other surgical enhancements over the years, but Kim started out with the goods. Make no mistake about it, she has a couple of natural doozies growing up there and has showcased them in a variety of photos over the years. She may have some work done, but you gotta give credit where credit is due. And much like her backside, Kim often displays her breasts for all to see. She wears a variety of low-cut outfits, and here, she wears a dress as tight as possible- just to let everyone know how truly blessed she is.


8 Kylie's Goods


Just like her big sister, Kylie focuses the camera as much on her cleavage as possible to clearly sell the photo. Sure, you can say that the family seems like they post selfies in the same way strippers take off their clothes. Both do so in order to enhance their pocket books. And you would be right. Kylie isn't sharing a fancy bathing suit with friends online- she is selling her body for all to see. And with that attention, she hopes to stay relevant and further her own brand as she attempts to rise with, and away from, the Kardashian brand. There is one important fact at play here, though. It has been widely reported that Kylie's goods aren't the same "natural" quality as her big sister's. And we would agree. Kylie clearly had a boob enhancement unless she skyrocketed from a full B to a full D cup size overnight. Kylie's rear was growing, but her boobs weren't following suit. She went the medical route to even everything out. Now, she is almost a carbon copy of her big sis.

7 Kim Hangin' On The Beach

There are no shortages of sexy shots of Kim Kardashian on the beach. She has hit the sand with a variety of her beaus as well. A little known fact is that from 2000-2004, Kim was actually married to Damon Thomas. Once her old sex tape with Ray J. went public though, it would be too much for their marriage to survive. She quietly got divorced and shortly after her legend began to grow like the celebrity Kardashian cancer we have today. After Thomas, Kim went dipping into another favorite Kardashian well, the NBA. There she grabbed Kris Humphries in 2011 in one of the most awkward celebrity marriages (if we can call it that) of all time. Humphries accused Kim of simply getting married to boost her television show. The Kardashian clan leaked rumors that Humphries may have been gay or bisexual. Awesome honeymoon guys!

6 Kylie Rockin' A Beach Bikini


This one is just getting started. To date, Kylie has enjoyed showing off her young adult figure in many ways. She has displayed her body in whatever light she could share and went the extra mile to bend over and display her plump rear end again and again. It's a rear end that her boyfriend, Tyga, certainly seems to enjoy. The two of them have been seen together repeatedly out on beaches across the world. What is going to be more telling is what is about to happen over the course of the next few months. Kylie is going to take her new set of boobs and go nuts on Instagram as the weather turns. We can only imagine the photo barrage we are all about to get from her. Stay tuned on that as I'm sure many will enjoy the views.

5 Kim Chillin' In The Pool


Kim Kardashian is a master at taking photographs. She knows how to play the camera, a true professional model. Kim has become a polished model over the years, getting used to the thousands of photos snapped of her every month. She also has been extremely wise with her self-promotion. She has snapped some impressive poolside photos of herself and published them through her Instagram. Whether she is wearing a see-through white tank top with black bikini bottoms at a hotel pool (that happened with perfect calculation for the photogs to get their nipple shots) or she is doing a glamour spread, one thing is for certain, Kim knows how to sell herself. She has successfully made her entire family wealthy by her exploits and they all are feeding off of her body which is sold and resold, again and again.

4 Kylie Casually Bending Over By The Pool


Whereas Kim is the polished "Godmother" of self-exploitation over the Internet, Kylie Jenner is the raw young adult exuberance of not giving an "F" about what she posts. Kylie regularly displays provocative photos of herself, and has been since she was 16. She is unapologetic in her displays, making certain everyone knows every inch of her body. Here in this photo, she blasts out another picture of her rear end in a tight black bikini bottom her butt is swallowing whole. She too knows how to play the game and is learning every day how to try and one-up her sisters. The family battle of showcasing their bodies (yes, even mama bear Kris Jenner) emerges on a near daily basis. Naturally, we all eat it up and further their exploitation by joining in. I will say on a personal note, though, the pictures sure are fun to look at!

3 Kim's Instagram

This is where Kim Kardashian has shown the world exactly what power is. She is a self-made millionaire. You can't argue with her calculated moves- from posing for Playboy on "her terms" to sharing her photos with the world. Here, she is lying on her bed with her patented beautiful stare as she casually wears sexy lingerie. Yes, this is someone basically just taking pictures of themselves in underwear for attention. But we do like the photo and her Instagram has helped build her fortune and keep the entire Kardashian family relevant. Kim sports a healthy 90.5 million followers. That's right...freakin' 90.5 million people follow her all around the world for posting a sex tape of herself, posting half-naked photos of herself, and being in a partially scripted- fake television show about her family. That is nothing less than brilliant folks.

2 Kylie's Instagram


While Kim was giving her underwear photos the polished look she calculates, Kylie pretty much just sets it up and lets em rip! Kylie gives a strange expression here as if she were a possessed doll as she stares into her own image on her phone. She snaps the shot with a messy closet behind her and a tight tank-top and tiny black underwear bottoms on. The rawness of Kylie's look is exactly why so many people flock to her photos and she, in some circles, is deemed more sexy than her big sis. There is a lot of attention being given to Kylie and the photos she posts on her Instagram page. It is absolutely remarkable that this young woman has 83.9 million followers. That is insane being that she is only 19-years-old! And although Kylie has done some modeling and is working on some business branding with her sister, Kendall, she honestly hasn't done anything but post pictures of herself online. She is branded and at just 19, well ahead of her big sister's fame arc.

1 Big Sis Sets The Bar

Kim Kardashian broke the mold for this family. She is the reason they are wealthy and relevant. Nobody would know who any of these people were if not for her extraordinary and nothing less than meteoric rise to success through Internet branding. Many have tried to follow suit since, but KK has amassed well over $50 million in cash over the years and has a brand that continues to churn in money every single day. Younger sister Kylie is definitely coming on. Without the benefit of big modeling ads and a sex tape (at least not yet), it is terribly impressive that little sis Kylie has nearly 84 million people following her daily moves. That insane following is going to grow this summer when she displays her new, medically enhanced body- just watch the Internet go nuts. Will she pass big sis, Kim, this summer in the Instagram race? We're pretty you don't care and neither do we. But we do care about hot photos and enjoy spending a few mindless minutes look at them. And that's what the Kardashians do best.

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