15 Photos Of Johnny Galecki With Women Way Out Of His League

Johnny Galecki really wasn’t all that well known before 2007. He was in the acting field since the 80s, but only playing small roles in both film and television. TV ended up becoming his ticket to fame as in 2007, his life changed forever. Being cast as Leonard on The Big Bang Theory, Galecki played the nerdy, underdog role to perfection. It made him a huge fan favorite and the series is still ongoing at this point with season 11 being booked by CBS.

His love affair with Penny made the show what it is. We believe in his role as the underdog and the same can be said for his real life swagger. Galecki has been seen on a few occasions with smoking hot women, some that he dated, and others, that he shared a friendship with. In this article, we celebrate Galecki’s role as the loveable underdog as we pay homage to these epic photos that show Johnny swinging the bat with females who are way out of his league.

Sit back, relax, and watch the real Leonard do his thing with some beautiful females. Here are 15 pictures of Johnny Galecki with women who are way out of his league. Be sure to share the article with a buddy and leave a comment on our Facebook page! Galecki engage!


15 With Ariella Nicole

With a net worth of over $40 million, one can imagine just how much more desirable the Big Bang star currently is among the crop of females. The chick that appears to be dating the celebrity nowadays is Ariella Nicole. Again, she’s a female that appears to be out of Johnny’s league; she’s quite the looker. The couple has a slew of pictures online as they haven’t shied away from showing public displays of affection. Good for you Johnny, don’t let the paparazzi ruin your life!

Rocking some beach wear, the photo clearly shows the differences between the two, as Ariella proudly shows off her curvaceous body, while Galecki prefers to keep his shirt on as the two hold hands. Johnny appears to be an overachiever, and we applaud him for it!

14 A Candid With Kelli


Johnny hasn’t had the lengthiest relationships, but his longest came with actress Kelli Garner. Like Galecki, Kelli is an actress appearing in several TV shows and films. The two really hit it off with one another, and they made headlines on various occasions due to their constant PDA affairs. The relationship actually lasted a couple of years, starting in 2012. The paparazzi had a field day with the two, and you’ll see various pictures of their relationship throughout this article. Despite the fact that they ended up separating in 2014, they remained on amicable terms nonetheless. Well played Johnny, keep that door open.

As for the picture, we give the Big Bang star a high score for going in for the kill and even taking off his shirt this time around. Galecki’s a little more aggressive in terms of his approach, but again, we applaud the effort and the confidence.

13 Big Bang Romance

Leonard Hofstadter in The Big Bang Theory is the role rose Johnny to superstardom. He’s perfected the role of the shy, nerdy type, that seems to score points with the females from time to time despite his awkward demeanor. Fans of the show love his relationship with Penny, however, he’s had some other romantic links on the show with females that were pretty much out of his league.

One of those girlfriends happened to be Aarti Mann (aka Priya). She appeared on the show as Galecki’s love interest during seasons four and five. It was yet another case of Johnny shooting above his class, but if anything, it made the viewers like him even more.

For those of you wondering what’s going on with his former love interest on the show Priya, she’s still working the acting scene taking on some minor roles in TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy and NCIS: New Orleans.

12 At A Screening With Ashley Greene


Stop yelling at your computer screen or digital device, this is not a real life love interest of Galecki. Though, it’s yet another photo of Johnny with a female who is way out of his league. The two had ties with one another during the making of the film CBGB. Ashely Greene had a prominent role in the film playing Lisa Kristal. Galecki was also credited in the movie, playing the role of Terry Ork. Yes folks, he’s more than just some one dimensional TV star.

As a matter of fact, Johnny’s film resume began all that way back in 1987, if you can believe it, playing the role of Matt Kowalski in the film Time Out for Dad. It was his first big gig which took place in his teens. He’d later make the jump to television during the 90s.

11 With The Beautiful Zoe Lister

Another beautiful female face next to Galecki, don’t be too alarmed, this is another instance of Johnny supporting a film and a friend. There really aren't any romantic ties as far as we know. As documented throughout this article, Johnny has an abundance of female friends out of his league. This photo was taken during the debut screening of Breaking Upwards, the film was premiered in 2009 at various festivals. For those of you that don’t know, Zoe Lister-Jones is an actress, screenwriter and even a singer. The two have ties working for CBS, as Galecki of course acts on The Big Bang Theory, while Lister appears on the sitcom Life in Pieces.

Again, it’s another picture of Galecki showing up at a movie screening. We mostly know the Big Bang star for his TV roles, however, he remains active in film as well, recently appearing as an actor/producer in the 2016 film, The Master Cleanse.

10 The Entourage Cameo


Seeing Galecki in three episodes of Entourage was pretty different for the fact that he was playing the role of himself. He came across as rather arrogant and uninterested, spending time with the lovely Sloan (aka Emmanuelle Chriqui). Emmanuelle made it clear the two were just friends, although, it appeared like Galecki wanted a little bit more. It was pretty funny to see some heat between Johnny and “E”, as the two diminutive hot heads really got at one another during the episodes. One thing the cameo clearly portrayed was the fact that once again, Johnny was shooting way out of his league going after such a stunning beauty in Sloan.

Following the three episodes, we wouldn’t see the Big Bang star any longer on the HBO show. He didn’t appear in the film either, but that might be a blessing considering how bad the reviews were. Was I the only one who liked the Entourage film?

9 Ari Graynor Romance

Galecki had another love interest back in 2006 and that was Ari Graynor. The two crossed paths long before but embarked in a relationship during the 2000s. They were separated pretty early on and things just didn’t work out.

Graynor is another ex-girlfriend that worked with CBS at one point in time. She appeared on the failed sitcom Bad Teacher which was eventually cancelled in 2014 after one season and 13 episodes. Maybe she should have attempted to hustle Galecki into an appearance on the show? Nonetheless, she’s still only in her mid 30s, and has lots more acting gigs to go. She recently appeared in two films as of 2017, The Disaster Artist and I’m Dying Up Here. Her resume may not be as thrilling as Johnny’s but we still applaud her consistent work from the last couple of years.


8 More PDA With Kelli


We here at The Richest love to keep our promises, and that’s exactly what we’re doing showing you another picture of Galecki engaged in some PDA alongside his former girlfriend Kelli Garner. Looking at all the pictures at our disposal online, it seems rather evident that this was Galecki’s steamiest romance. Thank you paparazzi for snapping all of these pictures; yes, they totally invaded Galecki’s privacy but hey, at least it gives the Average Joes of the world some hope that they too could score someone like the beautiful Garner. You sir, Mr. Galecki, are an inspiration.

Again, we promise at least one more candid shot of the two in this article. Candid photos are the absolute worst for celebrities as they generally invade their privacy but as the viewer, aren’t we all suckers for that type of photo!?

7 One Of His First Romances

It seems like Galecki’s been romantically swinging the bat out his league for quite some time now. The photo you see above is of Galecki with Laura Harris, the beauty Johnny dated back in the 90s, hooking up in 1996. At the time, Johnny was still relatively new to the business trying to put his foot in the door with various minor film roles. The couple would end up separating a couple of years later in 1998. We have reason to believe that Galecki got over one of his first publicly known relationship judging by all the women he’s been linked to ever since.

As for the Canadian actress Laura Harris, she was last seen in films and TV shows as of 2014. Hey Galecki, get her a cameo on Big Bang or one of your movie projects!

6 Make Out With Mayim


It was an epic visual when the cast of Big Bang visited Conan. During the interview, O’Brien brought up a revealing piece of information that not many knew about. During their days as teens, both Galecki and Big Bang star Mayim Bialik, shared their first on-screen kiss ever during the TV show Blossom. It was a first for both at the time. Of course, the two recreated the scene and it caused quite the moment as fans went absolutely nuts.

Mayim continues her epic run on Big Bang as a popular cast member. She was even recently featured on MasterChef Junior as a guest judge on one of the episodes. As for her romantic life, Mayim was married for almost a decade to Michael Stone as the couple was married in 2003, only to file for divorce in 2012 during her Big Bang success.

5 Brief Relationship

As of 2007, Galecki’s life was rapidly changing. Not only was he dating the beauty above in Kelsey Harper, but the show The Big Bang Theory was also making its debut on CBS in September of 2007. It might not be too shocking to realize that the two broke up the very same year. Now we're only speculating, but maybe, just maybe, Galecki wanted to open up the door with some romance alongside his co-star, the beautiful Kaley Cuoco. We’ll have more on that situation a little later.

In 2007, Galecki’s life certainly changed for the better as the show kicked some serious butt in the ratings department. After ten seasons and 231 episodes, the show continues on as the most popular sitcom in all of North America. However, the rumor mill is indicating that Galecki might take a hiatus from the show. Don’t leave us Johnny!

4 Romance With Sara Gilbert


Oh, the irony of this one. That familiar face next to Galecki is Big Bang star Sara Gilbert. The two actually dated long before the show took place, becoming a couple back in 1992. Who the heck could have predicted that they’d once again meet up on the popular sitcom; truly surreal!

A lot has changed for Gilbert’s love life since the relationship between the two Big Bang stars. After keeping her personal life private for years, Sara finally announced that she was a lesbian back in 2010 on her show, The Talk. In April of 2013, Gilbert would announce her engagement to Linda Perry, a music producer, songwriter and former frontwoman. The couple was married in March of 2014, and Gilbert would even give birth to the couple’s first child, a boy, in February of 2015.

3 One More Garner Picture

We promised one more Kelli Garner photo and there you have it, folks. As stated earlier, the couple dated in 2012 till 2014. This candid shot is truly epic as Galecki tries his best to hold all those darn pieces of wood while he follows his lovely ex-girlfriend. It seems like the couple was in for quite the “fiery” night. Excuse the pun.

Some fun facts for you all: Galecki is actually born in Bree, Belgium and not the United States. His father was part of the Air Force so he did a lot of moving around as a youngster. Galecki is actually part Polish, Irish and even Italian. Johnny would live the bulk of his youth back in the great United States though, residing out of Oak Park, Illinois.

2 Big Bang Love


For most people out there, the first sign of Galecki scoring with females out of his league took place on television with The Big Bang Theory. His relationship with the Cheesecake  Factory waitress suckered us all in. Without the Penny/Leonard relationship, there simply wouldn’t be a show. Leonard’s underdog status on the series provided us with quite the plots and one that we couldn’t keep away from. Thanks in large part to the relationship, the show is still ongoing after ten seasons and over 200 episodes. Wow.

The two have been compensated pretty nicely as well, rising to immense stardom. Johnny has a net worth of $40 million (which is quite ridiculous when you especially consider his only major success came from the TV series). As for his love interest, Kaley Cuoco, she’s no slouch either with an immense net worth of approximately $50 million.

1 The Real Life Love

We end this article with one of the most unlikely relationships in the life of Johnny Galecki. Not only was he dating the ever so desirable Kaley Cuoco on-screen, but the two were even an item away from the camera in 2009. They dated both on and off screen at one point which was extremely risky, especially for the state of the show. After two years, the couple amicably broke up and thankfully, remained on great terms ever since. The two are still playful in pictures which has led to speculation of a possible ongoing romance. However, Cuoco is happily dating Karl Cook nowadays, following her recent failed marriage to Ryan Sweeting which was finalized in 2016.

For now, fans can only dream of the two getting back together. However, it’s still rather shocking that they even dated to begin with. Once again a theme in this article: well done Galecki, well done.

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