15 Photos Of Jennifer Love Hewitt We Can't Forget

Besides being a talented actress, Jennifer Love Hewitt is well known for her great looks. Something that we're about to make abundantly clear...

Jennifer Love Hewitt is an American actress who was what you could call a born performer. She started performing when she was only 3 years old by singing at a local livestock show in Texas where she was raised by her mother. At the age of 5, she started taking different dancing classes, such a ballet, tap dancing, jazz etc., and she joined Texas Show Team. When she was 10 years old, she moved with her family to Los Angeles, California, which was an important step for her acting career because it led to different gigs in commercials, as well as her first role in Kids Incorporated in 1984. After that, her career started growing with more and more significant roles both in movies and in TV series.

Besides being a talented actress, Jennifer Love Hewitt is well known for her great looks. With her buxom, curvaceous figure, dark brown hair, brown doe eyes, and lovely smile, she soon became known as one of Hollywood’s hottest actresses out there. This sexy lady really has a lot to show and she is not afraid to show it. Here are 15 steamy photos of Jennifer Love Hewitt you definitely need to see.

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15 Cover Girl

This is a picture from Maxim magazine and it seems that they really love Jennifer Love Hewitt. Many gorgeous women have appeared on the cover of this magazine once or twice but our girl Jennifer was featured on the cover, wait for it… For four times! Maxim readers also named her the hottest cover girl of all times! She really is a stunner and when you think about it, it almost seems like she never takes a bad picture. Not everybody could pull off a sequin golden blazer like the one at the picture but somehow, she did it again! The best part about the blazer in question is that it is unbuttoned so you can see Jennifer’s smashing figure. And what about that black underwear? Wowza! It’s as hot as it gets!

14 Little Black Dress

Some time ago, a famous fashion designer Coco Chanel stated that a woman can never go wrong with a little black dress. Well, in this case, she was definitely right. In this picture, we can see Jennifer Love Hewitt wearing a little black dress that really shows off her lovely back all the way down, almost to her tailbone. No need to say that this particular look works pretty great for a woman with such a hot body as Jennifer’s. She is sitting on an edge of what appears to be a bathtub, which makes this photo even more sensual since it appears as if she was just about to slip out of her sexy little dress. She is wearing really soft makeup but her big brown eyes still really stand out.

13 Smokin'

This is one of those pictures that simply make your jaw drop straight to the floor. Jennifer looks stunning in this little piece of fabric barely covering all that there is to cover there. The girl is simply smoking hot and she is always in such a great shape it’s almost unfair to the rest of the girls out there. When asked about some diet tips that work really well for her, she stated that it is important to “put your fridge on a diet” because if your fridge is always filled with your favorite food, it will be really hard not to pay it a visit more often than you really should. She prefers to go shopping for food every two days instead of piling up food at home. Well, it obviously works for her!

12 Back To The ‘90s

This picture is, in fact, a great way to prove that Jennifer Love Hewitt looks great even while wearing a truly terrible outfit. She is wearing something that could be either a really weird bikini or an even worse underwear set. Let’s say it was a bikini since there is what appears to be a beach in the background of this pic. Well, it is official - Jennifer could pull off even the worst bikini out there and still look smoking hot! She looks like a shy girl in the ‘90s who had just moved from Texas to LA and she is not even aware of how gorgeous she actually is. If there was ever a picture that captured just how cute Jennifer really is, this would definitely be the one.

11 A Romantic Beauty

There is something really romantic about this picture. It might be the soft sunlight or the nature in the background but whatever it is, it really makes this picture hot in a romantic and sensual way. Jennifer, of course, looks as perfect as always. When asked how she does that, she replied that a good, healthy image of yourself is the best way to feel and look beautiful. She tries to think of five things she finds pretty or sexy about herself every night before she goes to sleep. That way she falls asleep feeling beautiful. She believes that the way we feel about ourselves has a real impact on the way we look on the outside. Positive thinking is a great first step to let your real beauty thrive.

10 Busty Vixen

Brace yourself, Jennifer Love Hewitt fans! A sexy, black, lace bra is here and it looks awesome on her! This picture is as hot as it gets. A pair of jeans, unbuttoned shirt with nothing but a bra underneath it, long hair falling in soft curls on Jennifer’s shoulders… Altogether, it looks almost like a cowgirl-inspired look. It makes sense since Jennifer Love Hewitt is originally from Texas. It is easy to imagine her walking around in a pair of cowboy boots and a big cowboy hat looking pretty damn hot! However, this look is not taking the cowgirl style over the top, it actually looks more like cowgirl meeting a sexy vampire. Well, it doesn’t matter what it is because it really works, especially with that smoking hot expression of her face.

9 Lovely In White

In this steamy picture, you can see Jennifer Love Hewitt dresses in nothing more than a light white shirt and small white panties, laying on her white sheets in a bed. The combination of the white sheets and white clothes, and her lovely dark, slightly messy hair and dark eyes really makes her natural beauty stand out. She is wearing really light makeup which works great for her since she has a naturally gorgeous face that doesn’t need a lot of work to look awesome on camera. You can also see her toned abs and a hot figure in general, which is what makes this photo super sexy without being over the top vulgar. There is a certain elegance to her looks even while she is just casually laying in her bed.

8 Black Is The New Black

One could never go wrong with a sexy black outfit. Add a little bit of see-through material or a lace to it, and there you have it! A winning combination for a smashing hot look! Jennifer Love Hewitt seems to know all there is to know about looking sexy on camera. Everything from her facial expression to her body pose looks sensual in some way. She once stated that she would love to be referred simply as “sexy” sometimes because people always think of her as the cute one. Well, with more steamy photos like this one, that shouldn’t be a problem. And while she might be cute, no one can deny that Jennifer is one sexy vixen with both a beautiful face and an incredible body, especially while dressed like this.

7 No Need To Strike A Pose

This picture is a real proof that Jennifer Love Hewitt doesn’t need to strike some kind of a sexy pose in order to look hot. It really shows off her great looking legs, as well as that famous cleavage of hers. It is easy to look smashing hot with a body like that. It also helps that the color of the dress really looks awesome with her complexion while her hair, on the other hand, looks perfect as always. She might be one of the celebrities with the best hair in the whole Hollywood, not to mention the best natural cleavage. It might be hard to notice all that hair with those other sexy features that could easily occupy one’s attention. All in all, she once again managed to look just about perfect!

6 Rocking A Bikini

In this picture, we can see Jennifer with a slightly lighter hair than we are used to and it works really great for her! With such a lovely face, she could probably pull off almost every hair color imaginable. But the thing that really shows off in this pic is her sexy, toned body in a tiny yellow bikini. With her hourglass shaped figure, she has what many men out there (and some women too) would call a smoking hot body. She really has nothing to be ashamed of while showing so much skin because she is really rocking this whole bikini look. It would definitely be an interesting experience to meet her out there somewhere at a beach, just casually walking on a soft sand, wearing nothing but a tiny little bikini.

5 Black & White

This picture really has sort of an artistic touch to it. Not only because it’s captured in black & white but also because of its overall style. Jennifer Love Hewitt is wearing a lovely and really tight black dress which shows off her gorgeous figure, especially if you take into consideration a sexy pose she struck for the purpose of this pic. And look at all that hair! When you have a beautiful hair like that, you almost don’t need any extra accessories because the hair does all of the work itself. Altogether, the photo is sexy yet really elegant but such a beauty like Jennifer would probably look awesome in any picture. The camera really loves her and people love looking at her in front of one. She really is a natural when it comes to that.

4 Wallpaper

It is so easy to imagine a photo like this being a desktop wallpaper on computers all around the globe. Who wouldn’t want this to be the first thing they see when they turn on their laptop, computer, or cellphone? Jennifer Love Hewitt most definitely looks great in that tiny, silky dress that really shows off all the right features this curvaceous lady has. Actually, she was ranked 7th in Sexiest Girls of 2002 by FHM and 11th in 102 Sexiest Women in the World that same year in Stuff magazine. Not everybody can compete with a sex bomb like this. Whether captured in sexy dresses, small bikinis, or even in baggy sportswear, this lovely lady somehow always manages to pull it off. There is no wonder she found her way on the lists of the hottest women around the globe.

3 Charming

If a sexy cleavage is what you like to see, this photo is a great one to take a closer look at. Jennifer Love Hewitt is a hot and buxom lady and she is not afraid to show off her hottest features by choosing clothes that really agree with her figure and show a little bit of skin. Thanks to her lovely smile, she is also incredibly charming and altogether simply irresistible. In Playboy interview, when asked about her breasts, she stated that she thinks about them as a good accessory that complements every outfit she wears. Well, she might be just about right with that one. The cleavage on this pic is a great proof of that! It would almost be a shame to cover such a great “accessory” with clothes.

2 Fantasy Soccer Mom

There is something about this picture that makes Jennifer look like a soccer mom living next door but in the best way possible. Maybe it’s the beige and pink color of her clothes, maybe it’s the shorter hair, or maybe it is something third, but there is something about the overall styling that makes her look like someone who turns heads while walking down the neighborhood, picking kids up from school. But one thing we know for sure and that is that this particular look really agrees with Jennifer and even the beige doesn’t appear beige at all while she is wearing it. Plus, the smile and the look on her face really looks like she has some kind of a secret, which makes the whole thing even more interesting.

1 Silky Dream

Beautiful Jennifer in that lovely silky dress on a dark background looks almost as if she was a part of someone’s dream. And who knows? Maybe she really was appearing in dreams of all the people around the world whose hearts she has stolen with her gorgeous figure, beautiful eyes, amazing hair, and cute voice on top of all of that. There is just some kind of a spark about her, something that makes her special and beautiful without her trying too hard. She seems almost effortlessly lovely with a great charisma on top, which is the reason why she looks great in almost every picture of her that has ever been taken. It is easy to look great with a ton of makeup or while wearing perfect clothes, but this kind of natural beauty is something that not everybody possesses.

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15 Photos Of Jennifer Love Hewitt We Can't Forget