15 Photos Of Jennifer Lopez That Prove She’s Hotter Than Ever

As you're going to quickly learn with this list, Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to showing off her body, not that there is anything wrong with that. While she may be 48 years old in June, you may also agree that she may still be the sexiest woman in Hollywood.

Whether it's her showing off her long legs, the various times she's put her chest front and center or any other feature of Lopez's that may help her stand out among the competition we assure you we've included it below. While some of our photos jump back a few years to show off the timeless nature of her beauty, we also include several from this year that also solidifies Lopez as having one of the most sexually charged Instagram accounts out there.

Lopez has been outspoken in the past about her love of working out and it's clear that her efforts have left her with a body that is leaving everyone jealous of her new beau Alex Rodriguez.

It doesn't matter if you love or hate her music or other career accomplishments - you can't just forget Gigli after all, we're sure you'll love the 15 photos we have below.


15 Stepping In Front Of The Cameras For Maxim

When it comes to judging attractive women, perhaps no magazine has more experience than Maxim.

They have been putting together a list of the top 100 hottest women in Hollywood since 2000 and while Lopez has yet to win the title, we're sure you're still glad she's at least jumped on their radar.

Especially when you consider being included in the magazine comes with a sexy photo like the one we included above! While #36 out of 100 – where Lopez placed in 2014 – may not be as high as you'd place her, we're sure Lopez didn't take it too hard.

In case you're curious, that year the crown was taken home by professional model Candice Swanepoel.

14 Looking Great After Getting Her Sweat On


Jennifer Lopez has an outstanding figure that she is clearly comfortable putting on full display, but don't think that she doesn't work hard for it! Lopez is often seen heading to and from various fitness classes, you know when she isn't just using the machines that we're sure are in her and Alex Rodriguez's houses.

When talking about the value of working out, Lopez also made sure to highlight the mental impact it has on her life

"I am 100 per cent convinced that working out is part of what makes me so happy. Dance has always been a huge part of my life and taking the time to move my body and do something that's so good for me is key to my happiness."

Which means you probably can't expect her to stop working out anytime soon!

13 Showing Off Her Selfie Skills In Bed

If you'd love to get an insight of how Jennifer Lopez lives her life, what better way then to check out her Instagram. And even if you don't care for updates on her personal life, you can be assured she's not going to stop showing off her body on the platform anytime soon.

And while there are many celebrities out there who are known for their Selfie skills, it's clear from the above photo that Jennifer Lopez would be as strong a contender as any.

When you consider this is also not the only time Jennifer Lopez dons a swimsuit for our list (not that you'd mind if this entire list was her in a swimsuit!), you can bet she's ecstatic that the weather is getting hotter and giving her even more opportunities to show off some skin.

12 Looking Ravishing For GQ


You're going to get proof throughout this list that Jennifer Lopez looks amazing whenever a camera is nearby. She looks amazing when she takes photos of herself. She looks amazing on the red carpet, she looks amazing on the beach and you better believe she looks amazing whenever she steps in front of the camera for a publication.

This also isn't the only time you see Lopez wearing red on our list, so clearly she is aware that it is a color that makes her look even more ravishing.

The above photo was taken for GQ back in 2015 and they definitely know a thing or two about taking photos of beautiful women; not like she needed much help! It wasn't the first time the magazine had required the services of Lopez, and we're sure you aren't alone in hoping that it won't be the last time either!

11 Leaving Everyone Stunned For Her 46th Birthday

Jennifer Lopez knows she's going to turn heads whenever she steps out, and you better believe she expected it when she went out for her 46th birthday. Which may be why she elected to treat herself to perhaps her most jaw-dropping outfit on our entire list.

Lopez took in her celebrations in New York alongside her boyfriend at the time, Casper Smart.

Smart was in an off-on relationship with Lopez from 2011-2016, but now it's the services of former major league baseball player Alex Rodriguez that is keeping Lopez warm at night.

We're sure he'll be all in favor if Lopez decides to show off her body again this upcoming summer, especially when she turns 48 in June. Smart on the other hand probably would benefit from making sure he doesn't google whatever activities Rodriguez and Lopez find themselves having.

10 Her 2017 Valentine's Day Outfit


If you jump back to February, it's not Alex Rodriguez who you're jealous of for winning the affections of Lopez but Drake! While the two never officially locked it in, they were heavily rumored to be knocking boots including around Valentine's Day; so if anyone got some extra loving that night, it may have been him.

But whether she took the day in solo or with a man by her side, it's clear that Lopez took it as another opportunity to dress to impress.

Lopez shared the photo on February 15th along with the caption "About last night....Valentine's Day outfit #redofcourse #highponytails #hoops" and perhaps understandably, it has since received over 1.3 million views.

While there are several colors and outfits that look amazing on Lopez, perhaps you'd agree that there is never a more appropriate day to wear red than on Valentine's Day.

9 Loving The Lacy Look For The Latin Billboard Awards

Jennifer Lopez is proud of her Latin roots, so naturally, she knows when she attends the Latin Billboard Awards that she should dress to impress. Though it's not like Lopez showing off some major skin on the red carpet is anything new!

The above outfit - which you have to admit would create the world's most awkward tan lines - was worn back by Lopez back in April.

Lopez had plenty of reasons to be smiling as she was nominated for 3 separate awards, winning two of them. One for Social Artist of the Year and the Telemundo Star Award. It was her first nomination at the awards since 2013 which we're sure made her success all the more exciting.


8 Looking Wicked In White For The iHeart Festival


Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to performing in Vegas. It was during the performance at the iHeart music festival back in 2015 – which is held in Vegas – that she announced that's where fans can expect to see her for the foreseeable future.

Lopez started her residency in January 2016 and is scheduled to wrap it up in June 2017. Entitled "All I Have", Lopez described the show as

"The show is going to be a multifaceted, high-energy 'Jenny from the Block' party, mixing all aspects of what my fans and I love," and runs for roughly 2 hours while featuring over 20 songs.

While there are plenty of things to see in Vegas, we're sure you wouldn't regret making Lopez one of those things.

7 Showing Off Her Legs Backstage At Seth Meyers

As unbelievable as these celebrities look whenever they attend talk shows, the above photo may help make a strong argument that they look even better when they're just sitting around backstage!

Lopez clearly elected decided that covering your legs was totally overrated earlier this year when she was going to attend the Seth Meyers show.

While talking to Meyers, Lopez also revealed that she isn't the only lucky one in her family. Her mother took home $2.4 million in 2004 by playing the slot machines. Lopez also revealed that her mother takes gambling seriously, including having her own specific methods she does to help better her odds.

But I mean after winning literally millions, not like many people are going to argue with her!

6 Laying A Beatdown In Underwear For Shades Of Blue


Jennifer Lopez has shown to the world that she is talented in several different areas. One that she is proving on a regular basis that perhaps may be surprising, is her talent in front of the television screen.

The drama Shades of Blue which stars Lopez and Ray Liotta - who you may best recognize from some classic gangster movies like Goodfellas - has run for 26 episodes over 2 seasons and was recently renewed for a 3rd one.

Lopez plays detective Harlee Santos who understandably needs to be physically tough. No problem there for Lopez! And just in case you have any doubt, the image of her getting ready to pummel a guy while straddling him may quickly change your mind.

5 Taking In The Sun In Rio

Jennifer Lopez was all smiles for the above photo which was taken aboard a yacht in Rio de Janeiro.

Though to be fair, it's probably a pretty hard to have a bad time while hanging out on a yacht. The photos may be taken back in 2012, but Lopez also wears a swimsuit in a more recent picture also on our list; so the consensus should really be that she's always enjoyed the sun!

The photo may be taken back in 2012, but Lopez also wears a swimsuit in a more recent picture also on our list; so the consensus should really be that she's always enjoyed the sun!

Lopez at the time had also recently appeared in an advertisement for Brahma which flew her to Brazil to help celebrate Carnival.

4 Adjusting Her Earrings For A Racy Photoshoot


Jennifer Lopez looks amazing with all the various accessories that she wears out on the town, but rarely do you get a glimpse of the woman putting them on! Thus was the decision with the above professional photo that was taken of Lopez that shows her adjusting her earrings.

We're sure the bankroll makes her a lot less worried, but can you imagine how much money it would cost if she accidentally lost one? At least the large necklace around her neck has a much higher chance of making it home.

While we're sure it wasn't herself that applied it, Lopez also deserves some credit for having makeup in the photo that beautifully compliments her skin.

3 Showing Off Her Legs On The Bed

Jennifer Lopez has plenty of features that she shows off on a regular basis. But if one of your favorites is her long legs, then subscribing to her Instagram is probably something that you want to pencil into your day.

After all, with over 65 million people following her Lopez definitely knows she has to keep her fans entertained! And even if you aren't looking for photos of her showing off her body, Lopez also posts inspirational quotes such as "If you work really hard and are kind, amazing things will happen."

Though you may also agree that she's put in plenty of positions where her hard work is going to lead to millions of dollars in income; which probably isn't the position you're in.

2 Selfie After Her Vegas Show


Of every single photo on our list, none is more recent than the one you're looking at above. Lopez posted the photo to her Instagram at the end of May, quickly prompting over 1.2 million people to like the photo in under 1 week. Granted when you have over 65 million people following you though, we're sure that's something that you just get used to!

The photo appears to be taken in Lola's Cocktail Lounge and was captioned #aftershow #AllIhave #Vegas which indicates that Lopez had just finished performing for 2 hours at her Las Vegas residency show which we also cover.

While Lopez didn't post a picture of the selfie that she was taking at the time, we're sure if she did it would easily earn its own spot on this list.

1 Looking Scary Sexy For Halloween

If you're considering nights of the year where women are perhaps looking their best, Halloween needs to be a strong contender. While many people use it to completely camouflage who they are as a person, others use it as a chance to show off their body and call it a costume.

As you can tell by the photo that we have selected; Jennifer Lopez falls into the secondary category. The above outfit was worn a few years ago when Lopez attended Heidi Klum's annual party.

We suppose if you're attending a Halloween party that is hosted by one of the sexiest models of all time, that you really would want to dress to impress! But something tells us that even when surrounded by some of the most beautiful people in the world, that Lopez still managed to capture the attention of everyone in attendance.

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