15 Photos Of Incidents That Resulted In Celebs Being Sued By The Paparrazi

Celebrities and the paparazzi just don't mix. If you are an A-list star in Hollywood, chances are, there will be a camera in your face no matter where you are. Whether you're getting off a plane at LAX or drunk and getting out of a busy nightclub, flashes of lights will surround you, and you're going to just have to deal with it.

There are plenty of celebrities in Hollywood that can handle the paparazzi pretty well. These celebs go about their business and just act like the gigantic cameras don't exist. What else can they do? Paparazzi have a job to do too, and the better shots they get, the better they get paid out. They don't care who they have to snap and how long they have to wait outside a restaurant or nightclub to get their shot, they will do it.

However, there are also those stars whose anger problems just get the best of them. Stars like Kanye West and Justin Bieber have a huge following, so we're not surprised that paparazzi are literally swarming them wherever they go. We can't blame them when they give the finger to the cameras sometimes, but to lose your cool and actually hit or even beat up a member of the paparazzi, is just not cool. These two celebs are just among the thirteen more of this list of 15 Photos Of Incidents That Resulted In Celebs Being Sued By The Paparazzi, and they prove that even stars have their breaking point. From stealing cameras to even getting arrested for throwing punches, the stars on this list do not like cameras in their faces one bit!

15 Kanye West - Lawsuit Pending For Rapper Who Apparently Put Paparazoo In Crutches

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Rapper Kanye West got into a huge brawl outside LAX airport with paparazzo Daniel Ramos, and things definitely got ugly. Apparently, West wasn't having a great day and took it out on Ramos, trying to grab his expensive camera and even wrestle Ramos down to the ground! After the incident, West was charged with felony assault and attempted robbery, but those charges turned into a misdemeanor. However, Ramos was not satisfied and is pursuing to sue West, claiming that the rapper put him in crutches, and he is now forced to walk with a cane. West has spoken out about the brawl and has stated that he was only acting in self-defense. The case is still pending.

14 Justin Timberlake & Cameron Diaz - Actress Steals Camera While JT Gets Getaway Car Ready

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While Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake were together, their hatred for the paparazzi only got worse. The paparazzi sued both stars over an incident that made headlines in 2003. The former couple was outside a Los Angeles hotel where paparazzi were stationed and waiting to get a good shot of them. However, Cameron and Justin had other plans in mind, and the actress was pictured grabbing a paparazzo's camera and running towards the car Justin was driving. The couple didn't get very far, and cops pulled them over on the side of the road. Cameron claimed she gave the camera to the police with intent on finding out the pap's identity. Paparazzi sued the couple, but it was settled in 2005.

13 Justin Bieber - Had Bodyguards Choke And Pull Gun At Paparazzo

Photo Via: people.com

It's surprising that Justin Bieber still hasn't learned his lesson when it comes to the paparazzi. He is undoubtedly the number one celeb to get ambushed by the paps no matter where he is. However, JB did lose his cool a few times and most recently, he was sued for an incident at a recording studio in Miami where his bodyguards were the ones attacking the paparazzi. According to paparazzo Jeffery Binion, Bieber's bodyguards choked him and took his camera's memory card at gunpoint in 2013. Other than that scary situation, Bieber was apparently not a huge fan of paparazzi trying to photograph him when he was with Selena Gomez.

12 Lindsay Lohan - Drove Over Pap's Foot After Trying To Make Quick Getaway

Photo Via: nydailynews.com

When you're a famous star, just trying to get into your car can be a hassle, especially with the paparazzi all over you. That's what likely happened to Lindsay Lohan, who got sued by photographer Greg Baylan, who alleged that the actress ran over his foot with her car. Lohan was apparently trying to make a quick getaway from a nightclub one night, and it just so happened that Baylan was standing a little too close to her vehicle at the time. As sketchy as this lawsuit all sounds, Lohan was still fined $1000 for failing to attend dispositions.

11 Lamar Odom - Who Would Ever Invade The Space Of A 6'10" Basketball Player?

Photo Via: thecelebrityauction.co

We give props to anyone trying to get into a situation with a 6'10" basketball player. That was the case for a paparazzo and ex-basketball star Lamar Odom. Photographer Stefan Saad continued to antagonize Odom one day and things got a little messy. For a rather tall and athletic man dealing with a drug problem and a terrible marriage with Khloe Kardashian, we think Saad should have just stayed away. According to reports, Odom assaulted the paparazzo, hit his car with a metal rod, took his camera, smashed it on the ground, and drove off. Saad is reportedly seeking a whopping $565,000 in damages.

10 Mike Tyson - Paparazzo Asked For A Whopping $25 Million

Photo Via: extra.com

Getting into a fist fight with former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson? Not a good idea. Paparazzo Antonio Echavarria got into a very nasty fight with Tyson at LAX airport in November of 2009, and it ended up resulting in the arrest of both men. Echavarria was taking snaps of Tyson when the boxer reportedly punched him so hard he sustained severe injuries to his head, brain, neck, spine, and other areas. The paparazzo filed a lawsuit with claims of assault and battery, negligence, emotional distress, false imprisonment, and false arrest. And to top it all off, he was asking for an insane $25 million from Tyson. However, both men never filed, and the case was rejected.

9 Sean Penn - Kicking And Punching Resulted In 300 Hours Of Community Service

Photo Via: CNN.com

Academy Award winner Sean Penn was in no mood for the paparazzi back in 2009, and it ended up causing him to do a little bit of community service and months of probation. Penn had a violent outburst when he kicked photog Jordan Jawes before breaking his camera and threatening to kill him. Jawes ended up filing a lawsuit a year later, stating that Penn's outburst caused a knee injury that required surgery. Penn was charged with battery and misdemeanor vandalism. In addition, he received 36 months of probation and 300 hours of community service.

8 Keanu Reeves - Pap Lied About Injury To Get Actor's Money

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Actor Keanu Reeves was on set for the film The Day the Earth Stood Still when paparazzo Alison Silva claimed he was hit and knocked down by the star's Porsche. Silva filed a lawsuit claiming that his left wrist was permanently damaged and was asking $700,000 in damages, lost wages, and medical bills. Over a year later, it was confirmed that Silva faked his wrist injury and tripped on his own feet. His injury was also proven to be fake when he was seen scaling a fence to take a photo of Britney Spears. Yikes!

7 Rob Kardashian - Got Angry When Paparazzo Starting Taking Snaps At The Gym

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The Kardashians have always been easy targets when it comes to the paparazzi. Everyone wants to know what the famous family is doing at all times, and it's surprising how well they've put up with the photographers over the years. However, it seems that Rob Kardashian couldn't take the constant flashing lights and allegedly took the memory card out of paparazzo Andra Viak's camera after he spotted her taking some pictures of him shirtless at the gym. She filed a lawsuit in 2013, but charges were dropped and Rob paid for the stolen memory card.

6 Chris Brown - Bodyguard Beat Pap, Causing Extreme Physical Damage

Photo Via: nydailynews.com

Paparazzo Robert Rosen filed a lawsuit against none other than Chris Brown for battery and assault charges after he claimed that Brown's bodyguard chased him at a gym with the help of an employee, after being caught taking some photos of the famous rapper. According to the pap's reports, the bodyguard did do some damage. Rosen reportedly fell down a flight of stairs after the bodyguard beat him, and it resulted in extreme physical injury. The two ended up reaching an undisclosed settlement in 2010.

5 Brian Austin Green & Megan Fox - Threw Pap's iPhone Into The Ocean

Photo Via: etonline.com

No one wants to be bothered while vacationing, that is why it's called a vacation, hello! However, it can be quite tricky for celebrities, who have to try and dodge the paparazzi no matter where they are. Vacation or not. In early 2012, while vacationing in Hawaii, a pap claimed that Brian Austin Green verbally assaulted him, with Megan Fox supporting her husband, and threw his iPhone into the ocean. Things didn't really work out well for the paparazzo who had to actually pay $620 towards Green and Fox's legal fees.

4 Pierce Brosnan - Same Pap That Messed With Chris Brown Goes At It Again

Photo Via: YouTube.com

The same photographer who heckled Chris Brown also messed with Pierce Brosnan (yes, 007) and things were not pretty (when will these guys ever learn not to mess with certain celebs?). Paparazzo Robert Rosen claimed that Brosnan hit him in the chest in a parking lot, which caused Rosen to sustain physical and emotional injuries, as well as damage to his ribs. Rosan filed a lawsuit claiming that Brosnan assaulted him, but the two were apparently able to reach a settlement in court, and the charges against the actor were dismissed.

3 David Beckham - Took Matters Into His Own Hands After Pap Wouldn't Stop Following Him And His Wife

Photo Via: scmp.com

Sometimes the paparazzi go too far, like following soccer superstar David Beckham and his wife, Victoria Beckham, for some time, resulting in the only thing Beckham could do to protect his wife and himself. Back in January of 2009, a paparazzo filed a lawsuit against the soccer player and his bodyguard under assault, battery charges, and emotional distress. The pap claimed that Beckham and his bodyguard attacked him and then threw his camera in the trash. An eyewitness said that the pap was following the Beckhams for a while before the star eventually took matters into his own hands.

2 Woody Harrelson - Counter-Sued Pap Who Wanted $2.5 Million

Photo Via: au.complex.com

Paparazzo Josh Levine sued actor Woody Harrelson for a whopping $2.5 million after he claimed that the star attacked him, choked him, and broke his camera before ordering his bodyguard to continue attacking him. In Levine's claims, he stated that he sustained physical, mental, and emotional pain. Harrelson didn't let Levine get away with it though, and counter-sued, claiming that the photographer was invading his privacy. The two reached a settlement and charges were reportedly dropped a few years ago in 2010.

1 Britney Spears - Had A Line In Her Song Written About Frustrating Paparazoo

Photo Via: usmagazine.com

Britney Spears has had plenty of photos taken of her. She does hold the title of the Princess of Pop, so why wouldn't cameras be surrounding her? However, in 2007, TMZ paparazzo Ricardo Mendoza claimed that the star ran over his foot and tried to sue her in 2009 for $220,000 in damages and medical bills. Mendoza insisted that Spears ran over his foot intentionally despite letting the incident slide and even putting his sock that he wore that night up on auction. The case was settled later that year, and Spears might have even mentioned him in her song "Piece of Me" where there is a line that goes, "the paparazzi who's ripping me off."

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